The Purple Infinity Elevator Pitch

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    Sep 26, 2018

    This is a show run by interdimensional purple aliens who are trying to entertain eternal beings who exist in all matter. Seems like a huge concept, right? Except it’s not because we’re only following one starlet and one producer, let’s call them Ana and Essi respectively because those are their names.

    The thing about Ana is she’s sexy, more than a little slutty, and too clever for her own good. The thing about Essi is if she fucks this one up, she’s fired.

    Essi picks an unlikely heroine to follow, a trans cam girl from Las Vegas still smarting from a brutal breakup. Convincing her to join an interdimensional, intergalactic television show isn’t difficult considering all the perks, but keeping her in check once she’s gotten a taste of all the fun the multi-verse has to offer will be.

    Call it a non-stop sexcapade romp, combining the best parts of Interdimensional Cable from Rick & Morty, with the kinkiest fun of Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS), and giving a coating of cult classic/pulp science fiction comics, books, and movies of yore…and we call it The Purple Infinity!

    (This is going to be a serialized set of stories set up to mimic a television show that might be airing on any random view screen in the TiTS universe)
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