The Noblewoman Choose Your Own Adventure

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The person Frey is speaking to is...

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  1. A Mino (Bull man) of a height of 274CM (Leads to giant penis paizuri)

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  2. Shady man (leads into a longer stay in the city, and non penetrative sexual stimulation)

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  3. Dirt covered boy( No Shota, leads into a stuck in a hole scenario, and sex with multiple men)

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  1. MarianaTrencher

    Oct 9, 2016
    The family had been ruined by it's inner disputes of power. An event unavoidable through the passing of the head. But as the 25 brothers and sisters battled and plotted against the other, the 26th child had escaped with just a little of her fortune.

    Frey Cordorva, the woman turned of age just the night before she left her estate.
    She was cold, uncaring, and spoiled rotten. Not a moment would go by when her needs weren't met and her wishes granted. Not a moment went by when she cared for anything other then herself. The passing of her father affected her not, as if she had been told a stranger had left this world.

    It mattered little to her, but she knew the dangers of staying near her family for to long. So she fled, away to the border of her country with a bag of gold coins.

    She passed through the gates of Ragnavole, the border city to the East. A city unknown to her, housing the most vile and despicable of people.
    She knew nothing of the world outside the estate, but to her, it was all simply a matter of asking and receiving. After all, she was a woman born under the star of the goddess of beauty, love, and fertility., Titanal, who would dare cross her?

    To her left she spots someone gazing at her in an alleyway, she scoffs, not surprised someone would notice her presence instantly. But why did he not approach? Of course, it must be because he isn't aware of her greatness...yet something nags at her.
    Needless worry, it was simply a matter of awe, seeing a noble woman as beautiful and as bright as the stars.
    She approaches the person, deep within the alleyways were no one could spot the two of them.
    She stops in front of them, her magnificent breasts still wobbling as she states with confidence.

    "You there, mongrel, escort me to the finest resting area in town, and I shall reward you with a golden coin. I've heard just a single coin can feed an entire house of peasants for a whole month. Lead the way, I've not the patients to dally among you dirty lower class citizens."

    She's also 5'2ft, likes doing what she wants, and hates being tricked.
    However, she is very, very easily tricked, and she is also very very dumb.
    If she wasn't a lot of these scenario's wouldn't really...happen :/

    Just a little thing I want to do at my own pace, thought it'd be fun to have people vote on what happens next with the character instead of me just doing whatever. Though the choices still represent my tastes lol.
  2. MarianaTrencher

    Oct 9, 2016
    Dirt Covered Boy wins! I'll figure out how it all goes during the week.