The Noblewoman Choose Your Own Adventure Part 3

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Does Frey Decide To Answer Kuroyasha's Request

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  1. Yes (May Result In THICC Kuroyasha)

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  2. No (May Result In Little To No interaction With Kuroyasha In The Future)

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  1. MarianaTrencher

    Oct 9, 2016
    She retreated from the man's member, and with all the will and power she could muster...she spoke.

    "I'd rather...kill myself then to submit to your foolish debauchery!"

    The man whistled, impressed at her self restraint. It took a special kind of person to resist the effects of a curse, let alone one of the same power as Naraka's. Yet this woman could so with just the power of her pride alone.

    "Right then, as big of an idiot that you are, you really are a special kind of lady...despite your faults."

    Despite his praise however, he pressed his member back into her face without warning, and just as quickly did her pride rise up, no sooner did it begin to crumble. She bit her lip, drawing blood as she tried with everything to prevent herself from slobbering over the giant meat slab in front of her, despite rubbing her cheeks against it with absolute vigor.

    Despite her pride and will, she still could not best the curse of her own volition, and the man knew that very well. This was simply a stall, a game to see how long she 'll last before she would eventually succumb to being his personal whore. Even through her own low intelligence, she understood that much.

    But just as she felt the last of her will leave her, and the feeling of various fingers began to do more then rub her two untainted holes. The sound of cracking bone echoed throughout the area, and Frey snapped out of her daze as the man retreated in confusion.

    "What the fuck was that?" Panic could be heard on the other side of the wall, and the terrified ramblings of what could be deduced is the younger muscular brother could give speculation as to what had just happened on their side.

    "I-i-i-is" No sooner did he finish his word that another sound of cracking bones and splattering flesh echoed again.

    Soon there was silence, nothing but a particular chill running through and surrounding the home. Frey's desires soon faded as the curse died down it's effects but what replaced it was unease and fear at what was currently hovering behind her on the other side of the wall.

    But to her surprise, gentle, warm hands helped pull her panties back in place, and through the walls she heard a soft, diva like voice.

    "My dear, it seems fate has willed me to save this woman's honor... how interesting the gods are, fufufu~" Her laugh was soft, and elegant, but there was something off putting about it...cold...inhuman.

    The man was paralyzed in fear, recognizing that voice in an instant. He pulled his trousers up and began running towards the door out.

    "Stop." The voice reverberated in the building, and it was that moment the man knew there was no escape.

    "It must be quite the shock that I would appear before you here of all places, no? Usually I'm traversing the grand halls of my home, yet here I am in the slums of the city."

    Footsteps could be heard traversing around the structure, the sound of multiple pairs of feet slowly making their way around to the entrance, a slow, rhythmic pace, akin to the beat of a steady heart.

    "O-oh...m-m-my lady...I...I've admit you've c-c-caught me at the wrong-"

    "The maggot was not told to speak."

    The door broke apart, and the stone near it seemed to distort. Fear struck the eyes of the man, and no sooner did the sight of the lady appear that Frey could only stare with a mix of awe, and amazement.

    The man couldn't even mutter a sound, as the small girl flicked the gathering miasma towards him, the ball seemed to absorb the man into it, his entire body gone in seconds.

    The girl had this constant smile, her expression unchanging as she watched the shadow ball grow in size, and slowly dissolve into nothing before her. Then she locked her eyes towards Frey.

    Fear was evident in the noblewoman's eyes, but it did not stem from the power which she displayed. it was something akin to staring into a dark, oblivion, as if she were staring at a being which did not belong in the realm of man.

    It was as if she were face to face with a genuine demon.

    "Child," The girl approached her, a lightness to her step, as if she were a cloud gently floating through the building. "You smell of Naraka, but a strange sweet smell also lingers, reminds me of...yes, yes I see."

    She stops in front of Frey, not even needing to bend down to face the woman eye to eye, she gently touches her face, examing her facial features as she turns her head side to side.

    "Very beautiful, the fragrance is that of Titanal...and the face is very pleasing, for sure you were born under her star."

    With a flick of her other hand, the entire building disappeared in a blink, as if it were never there. Frey slowly drifted down to her knees, now looking up at the little girl.

    "Oh do not worry child, I will not harm you." Her smile remained unchanged, and as the fear soon became unbearable for Frey, she slowly lost consciousness as a shadow engulfed her body.


    She awoke in a startle, waking from the nightmare she had just experienced, Frey cupped her face, closing her eyes as she pinched herself to make sure she was alive.

    She slowly examined the area around her, she was sleeping on a lavish, giant bed, easily capable of fitting four people. the room itself was plain, devoid of any furniture and decorations, but it was large, enough to warrant the size of a home in the slums, and to her side.

    "AHHH!" She shrieked in horror, sitting to her side, casually eating a sliced apple, was the girl in her nightmares, only dressed in a casual gown.

    "My my, you scare as easily as my pets, fufufu~" She giggles, her smile exactly the same.

    The child held out an apple slice, patiently waiting as Frey hesitantly took it for herself to eat.

    "O-of course...with that terrifying, demonic power, h-how could I not be afraid of you, you demon."
    "Oh!" She laughed aloud, almost enthused at the comment.
    "To be called a demon, my my, your manners are so very poor, but I like you."

    She continued laughing, and soon Frey's fear turned into irritation.

    "I feel like I'm being mocked, child and fearsome you may be, but I shall not stand by-"

    "Oh?" Her fear quickly returned.
    The child's laugh stopped instantly, but her unreadable smile returned.
    "Your pride is very great child, but remember that this lady Kuroyasha holds your life under her fingers."

    Silence took hold of the room, and soon Frey's eyes were downcast towards the sheets. When nothing else could be said, Frey noticed her attire had changed.

    "These clothes...are quite well made." She spoke what was on her mind, comfortable gown which hugged her skin.

    With a glance to her side, Frey had noticed the girl's expression had changed slightly, it was still a smile, almost the same in every way...but something was warmer, more gentle about it.

    "My my, despite your stupidity, you can still appreciate fine clothing, my husband would blush if he heard you say that."

    Frey tilted her head, eyebrows furrowed.

    "You're married?" Another laugh, but her question stemmed more from curiosity then a mocking gesture, this much Kuroyasha could tell.

    "Why yes you silly child, I may look like this, but I could easily match the age of your father or mother, maybe more so depending on how quickly they rushed to have you, fufufu~"

    Obvious shock went through her mind, this child looking woman? Was she perhaps cursed?

    "I was born under Mahelkuju's star," As if reading her thoughts, Kuroyasha answered.
    "This childish appearance is just a result of my star, though it's the only downside to an otherwise unmatched power."

    Mahelkuju, the Goddess of death, knowledge, and longevity. Worshiped as the mother of magecraft and ingenuity, she bestowed the gift of learning to life. Being born under her star can bestow someone gifts of unimaginable powers, but the cost is a low rate of survival past the first year of life. Her gifts are great, yet the potential of death has led to only 1 person every 400 years being able to live into adulthood if blessed with this star.

    "I was the daughter of a powerful family of mages, so imagine their surprise and fear when I was born under this circumstance. I was very sickly from birth, so of course the people assumed the worst...but my mother and father were firm believers that I would survive, and become someone very great."

    Kuroyasha leaned into the bed, propping her chin to rest on her palms.

    "As you can tell, this beautiful woman made it through, I was sickly in my early years, but my abilities were extraordinary, by the age of nine , I was more powerful then anyone in the country. But after a certain point, my power became to great...and soon this Kuroyasha awoke to the empty fields of where her home and family used to be."

    She paused, examining Frey's eyes. There was still interest there...but not she could spot a hit of sorrow.

    "I deduced my abilities were the cause, and in my panic I secluded myself from the world, meditating and learning to control this power of mine. Soon I found myself in this city, the city of debauchery and crime, and it was here, not even a month after I left the mountains, where I killed for the first time while aware."

    The fear slightly returned in Frey's expression, though she could not notice, The child giggled, enjoying the dance of emotions the young lady before had.

    "One kill after the other, one show of display and brutality after the other...soon my fame grew, and soon I was capable of taking anything I wanted. This great estate in the center of the city, the fear which lingers around me like an aura masking my presence. For years I had the city in the palm of my hands...yet I did nothing with it."

    The light sound of knocking interrupted her story, and emerged from the door, was a handsome young man with lightly colored hair tied to a short tail.

    "Kuro? Goodness you're still here with the madam?" He approached the two of them, nodding at Frey with a slight smile.

    He put his hands on the girls shoulders, lightly massaging them as they both conversed with each other over something Frey didn't really care about learning.

    This man held no fear, held no restraint, but more then anything, this man felt familiar to her...she knows she's never seen him, but his presence made her feel safe.

    "Titanal..." She whispered, and the two of them glanced back at her. The man seemed surprised, but Kuroyasha only chuckled her same chuckle.

    "Oh husband is the reason why I said you smelled so sweet. Like you, he was born under Titnal's star, same one as yours."

    Frey's eyes went wide in shock.

    "Wh-what!? What sort of curse has befallen you?"

    The man chuckles, looking at his wife, she nods her head towards Frey.

    "Well...well I'm not really sure honestly, haha..." He rubs the back of his head, and Frey could only stare dumbfounded at him.


    Upon grabbing another chair to sit next to his wife, he begins summary of his story.

    "Well...see when I was born under the blood moon, I was bed ridden most of my life. One day when I felt pretty good, I foolishly went out of my home in this city, only to collapse on the streets. My father was in panic, but Kuro came and took me and my father to this estate, where her and her maids helped nurse me during my stay... one thing led to another, and we both slowly fell in love, but with my curse I couldn't provide her with the same kind of fulfillment a healthy person could, and the fear of death lingered everyday."

    "So with that I found a way to travel to Naraka's domain, and forced him into lift my husband's curse."

    Silence filled the air...and Frey's jaw could only hang agape at the sudden piece of the story Kuroyasha had just shoved in.

    "Tell me you can't be serious."
    "Well...I'd call foul on that part as well...if only the demon himself didn't appear before me alongside my wife."

    "Wha....wha..." Frey was indeed flabbergasted, and Kuroyasha laughed with her heart.

    "Yes...well my wife had journeyed across the world, and found a portal into the demons domain...though she didn't make him submit in combat, what she did do was wreak havoc within his domain. My wife say the least...very passionate about living the rest of her days with me."

    The man blushes, but smiles as she squeezes onto Kuroyasha's hands.

    "Galan here still thinks I would've lost to that slimy little imp. If anything the poor child was nearly in tears begging me to just leave his domain, fufufu~"

    Galan chuckled, but continued his story.

    "Well...long story short he lifted my curse, on the condition that Kuro never return to his home again, and after that day I recovered, and for the first time in my life I was healthy."

    "We confirmed it very thoroughly, let me tell you dear, all the pent up energy, you'd think he was just waiting to ravish me , fufufu~"

    Galan blushed deeply, lightly scolding his wife as she playfully continued her teasing.

    Though the only thing Frey could think of, was the fact the woman sitting before her right now was, more then anything....absurd in every bit of the meaning.

    Perhaps she shall watch her tone after all...

    Galan yawned, getting up as he slowly slipped his fingers away, letting their wedding bands tap together before parting their touch.

    "I'll retire to the room, I only woke up because of the shriek, and had dreaded the poor madam had a panic attack. Be back soon dear, it is getting quite late."

    With that he took a quick bow towards Frey, leaving the two alone once more.

    When Kuro's eyes turned towards Frey, she saw a abundance of emotions and questions just waiting to escape her lips.

    "Sadly child, I cannot do the same for you, as I did for my husband."

    Just as quickly did her emotions well up, did they sink to the bottom of her heart.

    "The deal with Naraka was I never enter his domain again, I will honor that promise till I meet my own end, so I must apologize. The only thing I can offer is residency in my home for as long as you wish."

    Though dejected, Frey could feel a bit of light being cast upon her. Living in the same home as, most likely, the most powerful person in the world? Of course that offer would be perfect...fear be damned!

    "On one condition." The fear came back.

    "They say Titanal's breast milk was capable of doing many things, from curing incurable sickness...or even helping a child grow a body that is strong and healthy."

    Kuroyasha raised a finger, poiting it towards Frey.

    "The breast milk born from Titanal's star, and cursed by Naraka's blood moon...I wonder effects they would have on the body of a woman, cursed with a child's body."

    "...Why?" The first thing that escaped Frey's lips.
    "Your husband seems content with being with you, I see no reason why you should change yourself."

    "Oh no, my husband loves me dearly, he has no complaints whatsoever with my body. Honestly this is more of a gift for him then anything else."

    She leaned into Frey, her smile, now turned into a sly grin.

    "The married men I've known have told me that the sight of their wife, their members lovingly caressed by their breasts as the wife stares longingly into their eyes...pure bliss. The wives themselves like to add some bounce to their step, glancing back at their husband as they know their gaze is fixated on their round bottoms."

    Kuroyasha stands, a hand to her chest.

    "Sadly, I can do no such thing for my husband, I'm as flat as an athletic boy, and my ass could very well be a replacement for a table."

    She points at Frey with enthusiasm, a sparkle in her eyes.

    "But with you! I could gain a body that'll put my husband in constant desire! I'd wear low tops, pretending not to notice his eyes as I lean in for something in front of him. I would adjust my lower garments while he's behind me, watching the mirror to my side as his eyes follow the jiggle of my ass! My goodness the fun that'll be had in this estate of mine! fufufu~"

    Frey could only sink in her bed, brow raised at the woman's silly desire.

    "I would be forever in your debt, even for just trying and playing along with my whims. What do you say madam? Will you not aid this married woman's quest to gain a killer body for her dearest husband?"

    The sparkle in her eyes shined brighter.

    Being in favor of the most powerful woman in the world, though terrifying in power, and eccentric, she seemed kind, and seemed willing to allow her to stay in her home. If she said no, she'll be kicked out of the estate, and she'll be back on the streets once gold to her name.

    Frey sighed, and as she raised herself to a more proper posture, she said.


    Something that'll be revealed next week on thursday! :D
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