The Noblewoman Choose Your Own Adventure Part 2

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  1. MarianaTrencher

    Oct 9, 2016
    The boy was a head and a quarter shorter then Frey, his attire consisted of worn out slacks and a shirt with short sleeves, his feet protected by brown leather boots, and his figure covered by a hooded cloak.

    He stared in surprise at the noblewoman's brazen behavior, to so casually stroll around this city with such a haughty demeanor mean't she knew nothing of this place. To flash that purse of gold as if it were a bag of low worth, truly this woman was a fool, and truly this woman was of noble blood for sure, even a child of 8 years could understand that much.

    No horns mean't she was indeed a human woman, but a body like hers could only be found among the Mine(min-eh), the females of the Minos people. Even in comparison her breasts were the biggest the boy's seen, even more so then the Mine in the red light districts, but a whole 2 heads shorter then them.

    "Runt, If you've nothing to say then I will be off, perhaps you don't understand me correctly? It seems you people can't write, you can't read, now you can't speak? A sad bunch you are, hmph!"

    A mouth like hers, generated no sympathy from the boy, even losing this strange, heated feeling generating around his hip area. He cleared his throat, holding out his hand as he kept a neutral, but irritated stare at the woman.

    "Ay, I can speak as well as any. Coin is life here, so I'm going to have to ask m'lady if she can let me see a gold piece, just to see if it was real."

    She smirked, taking a gold coin from her purse and lightly placing it on the boys hand. He grasped the coin and her hand at once, slowly pulling back and staggering the woman slightly as she pulled her hand away with a good amount of her might.

    She glared daggers at the boy, the audacity of him to grab her hand like that! But the boy only stared in surprise, the test of strength...she was weaker then himself!

    He wanted to laugh, but he kept his cool, the boy has done this many times after all.

    "Forgive me m'lady! The dirt soils the price of gold you see, I just wanted to make sure it didn't fall between our fingers."

    Her glare quickly disappeared.

    "Well why didn't you say so you stupid boy."

    He studied her expression, glancing at the coin and playing with the weight, already sure the gold was real. She was impatient, irritated, but...there was a hint of doubt, as if she was forgetting if what the boy held was truly gold or not.

    He kept the pace going, and soon the look turned to a very slight worry.

    "That...Is there something wrong with the gold?"

    Another test, and this one would seal the deal.

    "M'lady, this does indeed feel like gold, but I can't be to sure unless I can take a look inside that purse of yours."

    Silence, her eyes stayed steady and clear. Did the boy go to far? Shit, He should have played it safe and gone with a more reliable approach.

    "Foolish runt, I can't believe you."

    Damn, she was a fool, but of course she wasn't that much of a-

    "Why didn't you say so from the start!" She tosses the purse to the boy, who quickly grabs it in shock.
    "Wasting my time like this, check it fast! I grow weary from standing here in this disgusting place."

    He stood...dumbfounded. But he smirks, taking a small step back, watching Frey's expression as she raises a brow in confusion, he takes another step, and her confused look only grows. It wasn't until he was slow walking backwards that the woman finally understood what was going on, and started giving chase to the boy.

    It was less a chase, and more of a casual backwards stride as the boy watched the woman's giant udders bounce as she tried "running" after him. At first she spouted profanity after profanity, words unfit for a lady of her stature. Soon however, she could only pant and breathe heavily as her energy was quickly leaving her. The boy spotted a house with a hole in the wall, just big enough to let the boy in, looking to the woman behind him, he made sure she spotted him climb into the hole and inside the house.

    Three men inside the home, two of them towered over the boy greatly, while one was near the height of the woman.

    "Boy I just sent you out! You're fast but not-" The boy flashes the gold coins in the purse at the lean one who stood near the doorway opposite of the hole. He stared in bewilder at the boy.
    "...That fast..."

    The lean one motions the tall muscular man, and the short muscular man to prepare to grab and attack the pursuer the moment they come through the door, just before they made their motion, the boy spoke.

    "Wait...just relax"

    The men stood confused...not quite sure what the boy was planning, and before any of them could speak.

    "Hmph! Argh! Hmmmmm!!!"

    The men slowly turned towards the sound of a woman grunting...astounded at the blonde, twin-tailed woman pushing her head and shoulder through the hole.

    The lean one spoke first.

    "She's a...small one isn't she."

    The boy's expression stayed neutral.

    "Wait for it."

    Upon getting her shoulders through, she notices the boy and men.

    "You will return my gold! Or I swear to you I will destroy your entire reputation in this town!"


    She said at the same time her breasts slip and slide past through the hole; her top not following her chest, exposing her giant, puffy nipples for all to see.

    "What the fuck?"
    "A hornless Mine!? God er tits are the biggest I've eva seen!

    The muscular ones said, the lean one quickly staring at the boy, who in turn takes three gold coins out the purse to put in his own pocket, tossing the man the rest.

    "There's about 52 gold pieces in there, and that woman is an absolute idiot, but she's a noble, and a virgin, at least that's my guess with how pampered and haughty she acts. She's also pathetically weak, so whatever you do to her while she's stuck, bring her and take her along to fuck for a week or two, and maybe sell her to the whorehouses. A human with a body like that...even if she's used goods she could probably sell for a very very high price, maybe about half of what's in that bag."

    The man stared at the woman, who continued to glare at the man with gritted teeth.

    "Boy...this is the biggest haul you've even given me...hell this is... this is gonna keep me and those two brothers well fed for...well...for at least 3 good years...and that's if we don't make any money from today onward."

    The lean man smiles, taking two more coins out the purse and tossing them to the boy.

    "Five coins can keep you and that pretty sister of yours fed for a good year if you manage it right, and knowing you you'll probably be able to do a lot more with that. I'd tell you to scram...but you want first dibs? the first feeling of blow from a woman is absolute heaven boy! Haha!"


    "...I'd rather my first time be with someone I'll live a long life with."

    The man laughs.

    "Great answer! Great answer indeed boy! Then off with you, find your way with those five gold pieces! This may be the last we see each other, so live! The thieving I've taught you should serve you well."

    With that, they smirk at each other, the boy leaving through the front door as the three men fix their attention to the noblewoman.

    The tall, muscular brother begins to undo his trousers.

    "Wait!" The two brothers turn towards their boss.
    "I get the top, you two go out back and take the bottom."

    The two sigh in disapproval, but slowly make their way out the door. The man and Frey were the only ones in the interior, and the man slowly approached the woman with a smile on his face.

    "You don't need to know my name, just call me 'big daddy'"

    "Release me you buffoon! I've had a long day, and I would love nothing more then to rest myself on a bed in a place far away from you lot!"

    "Boy was right, you are an idiot."

    He flicks her left tit, a loud moan escapes before she grits her teeth as she loses herself for a split moment before returning to her senses.

    "H-how dare you..." She said under puffed breathes.

    "You look like you enjoyed that! Don't complain to me when your body's only being honest with me!"

    Frey curses under her breath.

    "It's this...curses fault! If only I weren't born under the blood moon and Titanal's Star! I could feel discomfort instead of reacting like this!"

    The man whistles.

    "Damn, that's real unlucky woman. Titanal's star appears every 8 years, and Naraka's Blood Moon every 9 years. they don't appear at the same time under normal circumstances. the fact you were born under that happenstance occasion, well, lucky for us your destiny's becoming very similar to Titanal's herself. Not every day a human woman like you appears, like a one in a million chance. Normally you'd just be fairly busty, but with that curse of yours, you've been given a body as ridiculous and slutty as that."


    From the other side of the wall, the sound of a palm slamming into the bottom of the woman resounded as loud as a rifle shot. The pain that might have inflicted on someone would've been enormous.

    "By the gods it's huge!"
    "It's still foucking jigglin! And she's squirtin! What a foucking perv!"

    The man chuckles.

    "I'd ask you if you could still maintain a semblance of your pride after that. But that'd be formality at this point."

    Her eyes were rolled back, her teeth clenched as saliva dripped and spilled. She tried, she tried suppressing her moans of pleasure but her ragged breathing and high voice could do nothing but empathize how much she loved it.

    Her mind was strong, her pride strong enough to not lose to the curse of pleasure, any normal mortal would have succumbed from the tit flick, any normal mortal would have came and yelled and moaned with wild disregard from the slap.

    "...You know, the lore behind Titanal and Naraka was always interesting to me, a story frequently told in the red light districts of all towns. Titanal, goddess of beauty, love, fertility, and safe childbirth. She was kind and humble, the most forgiving of the gods. Naraka, a demon associated with debauchery and pride, he lusted after that goddess for as long as they've existed."

    He begins to undo his trousers.

    "One day Naraka brainwashed the pure goddess, and stole her away from the heavens. The nitty gritty comes down to him fucking her brains out everyday for an entire millennia. Those who hate beast-men, say that he fucked her in various forms, horse, pig, dog, tiger, lizard, saying that beast-men were spawned from a union of rape and crime. Others say that all life was born from this union, which speaks volumes on why humans act like they do, considering what I'm doing right now."

    He lets his pants down, letting his member grow slowly and slowly as he rubbed Frey's delicate, smooth, blissful face.

    "After the millennia was over, she was saved by her father, the god of war, but Naraka escaped to the depths of his home, an endless sea of demonic black water. After the ordeal, Titanal was free from his evil clutches, but when her star and the blood moon align, Naraka steals her away for the duration, fucking her and birthing many more dangerous demons and monsters hiding in the shadows. Or...some say that Titanal actually loved every. single. moment. She loved being fucked, she loved being used for pleasure, she loved being degraded into a simple divine whore, birthing and mothering monsters, and humans, and elves and demons. It's not Naraka stealing her away, it's Titanal rushing to his cock, so she can throw away the facade of a divine holy mother, and return to her true nature, The Whore Of Naraka."

    It grew , and grew, and Frey's eyes could do nothing but look, she didn't want to look, but she wanted to look, she wanted to fear it, she wanted to desperately feel as though this was the worst moment of her life, like she was being subjected to the worst possible punishment imaginable. But the only thing she could feel, was the growing excitement of having a dick that large and thick, stretching her lips and slamming into the back of her throat.

    "Titanal's star grants various physical benefits without the curse, women are born busty and beautiful, men are born strong and handsome." He smiles, letting his member sit against her face.


    Frey's tongue flicks out, as if she were waiting for this moment her entire life, her eyes stay wide open, wanting to see her tongue and saliva slide up and down this gigantic member.

    "Luckily I'm a grower, else walking around with this thing would be literally impossible for me to do what I do. Don't mean to brag princess, but the Mine ladies say that I'm even bigger then most Mino's!"

    Every sound she hears is drowned out, the sound of her moaning and her lips suckling the side of his cock is the only sound she's capable of hearing. The feeling of hands on the other side of the wall, slowly massaging her ass, their fingers making their way past the crevice of her cheeks and the pure, hairless asshole and pussy she's kept cleaned and washed everyday; she's never been....

    No... no this isn't...this isn't what she wanted. Even now she was fighting against her destiny, even now she was fighting against the whims of the gods, spiting at her curses and 'blessings' with all her might in her mind.

    The man pulls away, and her tongue and neck stretched as far as they could just to reach the very tip , just barely a centimeter away from taste.

    "No no, you want it, you ask for it. 'give it to me big daddy,' say it..."
    The putrid smell of his dick invaded her mind like a disgusting perfume of lust. She hated it.

    She hated it. She loved it. She hated it. She loved it. She hate, hate, hate, hate, love, love, love, HAAAAAAAATE... LOOOOOOOOVE...

    She retreated her mouth and with all her might...she spoke.!numbers=1&low=1&high=13&unique=true&start=false

    A/N: YEP! I'm doing this... use the number generator, and depending on the numbers you get we proceed with two different sides of the story.

    This turned out a hell of a lot longer then I originally planned. But this was fun, and what happens next all depends on you lot and your RNG.

    This is acting like a...stat check of sorts, since this is ALL gonna be an adventure with a lot of variables, you guys choose where and what happens...but RNG decides whether or not she falls...or she fucks...

    She's an asshole...but she was born with a if any guilt remains...leave it to RNG.

    Rules to this are. you are allowed 3 rerolls if you don't like the number, landing on 7 does not count as a reroll.

    See you guys in 3 days! will announce what wins here!
  2. MarianaTrencher

    Oct 9, 2016
    Looks like the higher numbers won! Which means the next part of the adventure is....

    A surprise! Tune in next week on Thursday to find out what happens next to the spoiled noblewoman.