The Incident at Saint Mary's Catholic Hospital [Zombie RP] [ORE] [OOC/Signup]


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Aug 22, 2019
Saint Mary's Catholic Hospital 10:15 PM

A panic had hit the hospital, which only half an hour ago had been calm-staff were escorting patients out from the building, police cars pulled into the parking garage, news helicopters flew in to record what was happening, and the blare of sirens filled the area. A fire truck had pulled up in front of the building, with a stair way leading up to the third floor, where the situation was said to have begun.

You are a member of this team of first responders, and it is your duty to save as many lives as possible. Hopefully, you won't be too late.
Hey! So, I will be using the One-Roll Engine for this game. That is to say, a system where you determine outcomes by rolling a set of 10-sided die and looking for matching sets. These matching sets have two important qualities to them: height (the number on the die) and width (the number of dice.) The minimum dice you roll is 2, and the maximum is 10.

Some basic rules:
-This is a "post when your available" sort of thing rather than acting on a strict time.
-Message me if there is anything you are uncertain about and need clarification on.
-Squishing and stretching (exchanging width for height and vice versa) is allowed.
-This reference sheet is helpful. It won't give you everything and includes a lot of stuff that only applies to Wild Talents (superpowers), but it will explain a lot.
-You may use up to 125 points to create your character. You cannot use Hard die or Wiggle die.

Character Sheet
Appearance (may use image or text):
Loyalty (A cause, organization, or person you are committed to): (Invest at least 1 point of Base Will in)
Passion (A strongly held desire which motivates you to action): (Invest at least 1 point of Base Will in)
Base Will (Base of Charm+Command, 3 points to increase):
Willpower (equal to Base Will at start):
Stats (die cost 5 points, max 5d)
Body: 1d
Coordination: 1d
Sense: 1d
Mind: 1d
Charm: 1d
Command: 1d
Occupation (Type): 1d
Skills (die costs 2 points, max 5d)
AthleticsDodgeEmpathyFirst AidLieInterrogation
BlockDriving (Type)PerceptionKnowledge (Type)Performance (Type)Intimidation
BrawlingLockpickingScrutinyLanguage (Type)PersuasionLeadership
Melee Weapon (Type)Ranged Weapon (Type)Navigation
Security Systems

Hit LocationBody PartWound BoxesArmor
10Head[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
7-9Torso[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
5-6Right Arm[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
3-4Left Arm[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
2Right Leg[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
1Left Leg[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

-Melee weapon
-Ranged weapon
-Helmet: 1 HAR or 1 LAR with a Gasmask for Head
-Body Armor: 2 LAR Torso or 1 HAR Torso
-Occupation-related tools