Text Based RPG suggestions?


Sep 9, 2017
I love all of Fen's projects not just because of the romance or smut, but because they are genuinely very well-made text-based RPGs with interesting main stories (TiTs especially). Are there any other good sfw or nsfw text-based RPGs that you guys can recommend that scratch the same sort of itch?


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May 20, 2023
I haven't come up anything that comes even close for TiTS or CoCs. There have been some with potential, but they are generally under even worse states of unfinishedness.

But, if you don't mind more linear stories, there's CYOAs or Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games? books? gamebooks? Basically just a books with choises, some have more RPG in them than others. And some even have, if not steamy, at least somewhat moist sex scenes.

They are not free, though there's usually demo of first few chapters, all are published by Choise of Games and can be bought from their site/app or Steam.

My personal favourites:

Choice of Games (written by "in-house" authors)
  • Heart of the House
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Night Road
V:TM is probably most RPG of these

Hosted Games ("quest writers")
  • Blood Moon
  • Evertree Inn
  • Sordwin: The Evertree Saga
Evertree Saga has also a third book (Lux, City of Secrets), just not as good as first two and whole saga is unfinished
  • Ghost Simulator
  • I, the Forgotten One
  • Temple of the Endless Night
  • The Vampire Regent
  • Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 1-3
Wayhaven Chronicles is supposed to be at least five books long series. First two are really good, but third stumbles a bit

Heart's Choice games (less actiony, "more romantic" stories)
  • Belle-de-Nuit
  • Scandal Notes
  • Their Majesties' Pleasure