Steele custom weapon (For fun)


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A pair of pistols of her own design, with four fire modes:
  • A standard laser shot, dealing Burning damage
  • An electric jolt that works much like the Arc Thrower and Arc Caster from Mass Effect: a laser (actually a lower-powered form of the previous fire mode) ionising the air in its path to make way for a blast of electricity to follow, dealing Electric damage
  • Erogenising radiation, which was reverse-engineered from the Bimboleum Emitter, dealing Tease damage
  • A psionic beam based partially on the Slut Ray series of weapons, dealing Psionic damage
They can also be overcharged. The first two modes become lethal, but Isabel generally doesn't use them like that; in the unlikely scenario she wants someone dead, she already has a ZK Rifle. The latter two become much more powerful, becoming capable of stunning enemies for a few seconds on particularly good shots, but it's a massive drain on their batteries, so she only uses it in emergencies.
The pistols themselves are rather bulky due to how much tech is packed inside them, which is slightly mitigated by the fact that Isabel is a bit larger than average and the fact that they have a rather sleek aesthetic.


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Aug 26, 2015
Something like the Trick Bracer, but featuring hardlight shields and psionics.