Sorry stupid question


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Jul 5, 2020
Sorry for asking such a stupid question, but how do i get into Rigard? I know you need a pass, and i think you can get one from Gwendy. But whenever i ask her she says to ask tomorrow morning, again, and again. so how do i get in the city?


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Aug 30, 2015
Getting A Pass
  • Option 1 - Help Gwendy deliver and sell goods to Rigard. [Need to befriend her/talk about it and then turn up Very early at the farm]
  • Option 2 - Go on a date with Miranda. [What exactly are you willing to do for a pass]
  • Option 3 - Build Reputation with Outlaws. [personally never done this one find outlaw camp/build rep/ the get a mission from Zenith]

Here is a walk thru


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Aug 26, 2015
On a side note: The way the game logic works, none of these three options are available until you have actually approached Rigard and spoken with Miranda. Before that, it's not possible to find Gwendy's farm or encounter the Outlaws in the forest. This is some lazy coding to avoid having to write a bunch of content variations.

As noted for Gwendy in particular, there's two triggers: you need to have high enough Rel with her (talk/work to increase it), and you need to approach her during a certain time window (early morning).