Slow stat gain doesn't work properly when a stat altering implant from Sabrae is installed


Dec 16, 2021
I have 49/50 physical, plus some fraction of a point which prevents me from just spending a level up point to reach level 50. (That's probably a bug as well, since that issue never happened in the flash version.) So I decided to work out at the Ten Ton Gym to get that last point. Currently I have the implant that reduces phys by 5 and increases aim by 10, so my effective phys is 44/45. After I worked out, my phys was no longer 44, but it wasn't 45 either. It had dropped to 40. I doubt this is intentional, since there wasn't any additional message commenting on it. I've attached my save file in case it helps.


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Aug 26, 2015
I've fixed fractional stats stopping you from maxing the value out during level up.

The stat impacts I'm waiting to hear back from Fen; this isn't a JS specific issue, the code for the implant bonuses and penalties are as-is from Flash.

Essentially, stat values have two components, the raw underlying value and a modified, bonused value. When the implants were implemented they were done such that they reduce the raw max value, which means the reduced cap applies to any stat gains or losses - anything that causes a stat value to update would then be subject to the reduced max, which is how we get an initial drop from 50 to 45.

We have a second set of methods used to actually get the bonused stats, applying things like consumable bonuses and such. Which we then take the implant penalty from again. Which is how we get down to an effective stat value of 40.

Personally I think the intention was to reduce the effective max value and not the raw value, allowing you to gain and lose a "hidden" portion of your stat behind the scenes, and then just applying a transient penalty only to the effective values. The minute you unplug the implant the penalty would undo any losses to your raw stat as well.