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Jan 1, 2020
Regarding the new changes that will be made shortly in the main story, I wanted to redo this section.

Please note that the characters have been edited to have powers and perks that you could not legally have, such as the orc (Frenzy) and the minotaur (By The Horns) to better fit their roles.

Orc Barbarian (berserker) Fun Risk Reward Perks Frenzy y Killing Spree

Minotaur Noble (Paladin) Good skills like Protect

Succubus arcanist (Black magician)

Fox-moprh arcanist (illusionist and pyromancer) She is not a Kitsune but she tries to emulate it

Cat-boy slumrat ninja

Human Alchemist (only abilities that suggest the use of items) Power of Money and cunning

Vesperan Bimbo Be (Power of beee)


Warnings: attention call

* Taxonomy: Succubus and Minotaur have their respective weaknesses and strengths, add fox-morph has -50 to frost just like Kitsunes

* It is recommended not to change classes because the game can automatically eliminate some perks

* Please note that some powers will not be able to be equipped until you level up.

* Some items like the witch outfit were obtained legally so if you decide to throw it away keep in mind that you won't be able to get another



* Is recommended to play on a high difficulty and don't change race for better immersion (By the horns) It won't sound so good when you're a Hornless Dryad.

* Check the Storage if your current team is not convinced and discard everything you don't want

* Minnotaur has Imposing and Second Sight which increases your HP and accuracy based on your Willpower without having to invest in Agiliy

* Barbarian Orc It is recommended to use light armor and learn Intuition or Equanimity to have the authentic berserker experience.

* If you are looking for flexibility fox can be a dps attacker, a support unit, even someone who debuffs your enemies

* Alchemist is the most difficult if you want to challenge yourself just using a few skills and the use of items like Iris or Leananstone

Points made

* He has not gone further than old Forest, you go sleep to activate the mission of Garret

* Berwyn and Arona about to recruit if you want to be a sub just raze the orc camp and lose to Arora in their duel

* The male characters have Kiyoko Max Kids still trapped, it will be your decision to release her or not.

* Kinu neutral punctuation you will only have to activate an event of its decisions to get the version of Kinu you want

* Daycare to the fullest

* Maps of the main areas unlocked

In addition I will also leave a folder of portraits


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Jun 28, 2019
I re-uploaded the main file to touch up some nuances and now I will upload this one called Perks that also added some Perks that will combine with the role of the already established characters
bro you have some save file in Trials in Tainted Space?