Satyromania #1

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    Ugh this is annoying, mornings are just the worst. Every day is repetitive, over and over, scanning tax documents, filing, writing reports is not what you had pictured yourself in your high school days. Just standing there at the printer watching the buzzing ring in your head, photo scanner zipping across your eyes like a darting mosquito that just doesn’t stop bothering you. You scratch yourself at an itch you just can’t seem to scratch, sound of your co-workers bickering about clients, the fluttering of annoying topics over whose tie looks better, gabbing on the news of who got merged into whose company. It’s all the same to you, just another drone in this waste dump. Fax machines don’t work for shit, phones calls just seem to annoy you at times when the call machine isn’t really ringing. As unflattering as it is, it’s still just a job to you, not like you’re cutout for anything else.

    You sit at your desk in your generic dress pants and whites with the usual conservative red tie hanging just off your neck, you might as well have been singing the Russian national anthem by how your supervisor, Serena Gomez, sways about the office in her Gucci blazer serving work release forms to the next poor slop to hit the road. Secretly pulling out a cigarette from your pocket, you light it up with a box of matches you keep in the bottom cabinet of you cubical, you know that this building is just another stuffy tender box just waiting to burn down. Maybe you can do yourself a favor by finishing the job. Smoke detectors couldn’t detect a trial of overrated perfume coming off of Dorce’s stupid ass as Gomez walks around, trying to get her attention. The nerve of some people working here.

    You here the power going out, AC rattling behind an inch thick wall again, AC is fixing to go out for the third time this month. Power goes, lights cutoff, computers shutdown, your work on the latest finance report for the Monolith Studios requisitions just fades into black after spending twelve hours on it last night to get it filed, acquired and finalized. Your mind goes blank with the power outage as you sit there smoking on the Marlboro Lights you snagged from Jenna’s desk drawer on her way back from lunch break. Not a moment too soon does the air get stale and the light kick back in from the generator we keep in the storage facility next door to the AC. Surprised that hasn’t set ablaze last year’s paperwork, wouldn’t be doing you any favors though.

    It’s Saturday, Dorce’s wearing his baby blue dress shirt again, must be in a light mood or someone finally told him his cologne started another plaque. Nah, that can’t be it.

    - Dorce: “Power went out again”

    Mindlessly, you continued typing away at the computer as the safety mode kicks in, pretending the reports aren’t gone. Words just slip through your mouth without a thought into response like every day.

    - You: “Yep”
    - Dorce: “Gomez finally got rid of Rodriguez today”
    - You: “Yeah”
    - Dorce: “I know right? Crazy to think he was here when he switched offices. Been here ten years”
    - You: “You don’t say”
    - Dorce: “Guy’s terrible at his job, did you know he filed a closed case for all his active cases?”
    - You: “Hm-hm”
    - Dorce: “Don’t know what upper management was thinking hiring him here.”
    Serena walks by my cubical, my center of my world and stares at Dorce while holding a bundle of release forms. She gives him a light smile, reluctant as ever.
    - Dorce: “Good morning, Serena”
    - Serena: “Good morning, Dorce, and that’s Gomez”
    - Dorce: “Right, sorry, Ms. Gomez”
    - Serena: “Dennis”
    - You: “Yeah”
    - Serena: “Did you finalize the report?”
    - You: “Yes”
    - Serena: “Good, then you can get started on mister Musica’s finance records”
    - You: “You got it”
    - Serena: “You know that’s the safety mode, right?”
    - You: “Um-hm”
    - Dorce: “Serena, you are looking very pleasant this morning”
    - Serena: “Why thank you, Dorce, and I told you – it’s Ms. Gomez”
    - Dorce: “Sorry, uh, did you talk to the director about the raise?”
    - Serena: “I told him, he said he’ll take into consideration at the next budget meeting”
    - Dorce: “Thank you, so much”

    Kiss ass. We know fully well he doesn’t take raises into ‘consideration’. Last time he took any consideration for anything was to turn the compliant box and turn it into a slot for the incinerator to cut the costs of heating bills and useless feedback. And Serena is just another one of those people that rubs me the wrong way just listening to her talk. Dabbing the cigarette tip into the ashtray, the pile of ashes start to pile up in your makeshift ashtray of broken bottle bits you got from home put together with superglue. Serena looks to you with a scowl on her face when she sees you with a lit cigarette in one hand and a pile of files sitting next to you.

    - Serena: “And what in the hell is this?!”
    - You: “Paperwork”
    - Serena: “And … are you smoking in here?!”
    - You: “Yep”
    - Serena: “Dennis! You can’t be smoking in here, take it outside!”

    You turn to her and idly drop the bud in the ashtray as it was still lit. The computer goes back to the Start page while the files you were working on were sitting on the Desktop amongst the other case loads they seem to pile up on you.

    - You: “Finished”
    - Serena: “Do you want to get fired?”
    Please do it, it would save me from the misogyny of your sadistic cunt and Dorce’s nauseas piss ridden aftershave, Jenna’s boner killer face and this fucking cubical. Please let me fuck the face of yours with something just as worthless and pathetic as you are, maybe then I could find something worth looking forward too.
    - Dorce: “Ms. Gomez, if I may. Dennis is a valuable member of this company, without him we wouldn’t be able to pick up the slack in the rest of the departments. Besides, the director requested him specifically for this job, I doubt he would give him up so easily.”
    Nothing seems to escape you, old man, I guess there is one thing worth knowing. A year ago you caught Celina with Serena at a business meeting with the board and later saw them fucking each other in the storage room. Instead of playing that off, the old man simply keeps that nugget under his pillow along with everyone else’s dirty laundry for a rainy day. You can say what you will about him, old man’s got his hands in everything.
    - Serena: “You bring up a good point, Fink doesn’t mess around when it comes with his employees. Especially the ones you hires personally. Don’t let it happen again”
    Hardass. Dorce looks to you as she clears the corner of your cubical.
    - Dorce: “Are you trying to get kicked out of here?”
    - You: “Not like I’m better off here”
    - Dorce: “What’s up, man?”
    - You: “Nothin’ I don’t want to talk about it”
    - Dorce: “Fine, man, you don’t wanna talk about it. That’s fine with me, but you know – not everyone is as bad you may think”
    This should be good.
    - You: “Do tell”
    - Dorce: “You know that girl in accounting?”
    - You: “Celina”
    - Dorce: “Right, she’s been having some complicated issues with the boss lady. Maybe you can put that charm of yours on her.”
    - You: “Not interested in the Latina nor her bulldog”
    - Dorce: “Hey, the two aren’t bad lookin’. I don’t see you hang out with a girl after work, maybe that’s something you should get into”
    - You: “You surprise me, Dorce, you’re really turning into quite a private eye”
    - Dorce: “It’s all about listening, my man, especially when it comes into the know”
    - You: “Nothing slips by you”
    He laughs. That mouth of his is going to get him into more trouble than Rodriquez ever will if they get wind of what he says.
    - Dorce: “You know what they say, all seeing is all knowing.”
    - You: “Maybe you should get a girl outside of work that isn’t giving you the finger when she passes by”
    - Dorce: “My heart is set on one woman”
    - You: “She’s gay, Dorce, no way she’s going to fall for you”
    - Dorce: “Here’s hoping”
    - You: “I got a lot of work to do”
    - Dorce: “Sure, sure, man, any time you wanna talk-“
    - You: “You be here.”

    Dorce walks away back to his cubical like the walking joke he is.
    The computer is back online, you finish up after hours on this two-bit deal, time for your break. The door of the back entrance to the cargo loading area swings open and the pooling of ashes in drainage muck rests beneath the array of cigarettes buds and tossed up dirt from the pavement. You lean up against the wall taking out another cigarette from your 100’s pack, light the end with a match book then inhale the addicting burn.

    I hate this place, nothing like the fresh air to remind you of the days you had in high school. Things were a lot simpler back then, you only had to worry about getting laid again by someone with much more to offer than a weak hand job or wearing a cheerleader’s outfit. Then again, it wasn’t as easy back then neither. Sure the football team and buff fucks got their ways, but you seem to have more charm just imitating people from sitcoms. Actors pale in comparison to the way you handle yourself, hollow on the outside, sick and demented on the inside.

    High school was just a proving ground for what you do in your spare time. For days, you use to spend time fucking, playing with people, messing with their heads, it was more enjoyable than watching Jerry Springer. Only you don’t have to have tv or tickets to see a show like reality. In hindsight, reality is funnier when it has people to make things turn around. For instance, Gabriel, a really good friend of yours wanted to show off his skills at tennis and made a wager that you couldn’t beat him three to one. Well the stakes got more interesting when you beat him at his own game, as a bonus for the Winner Take All, he antes-up whoever wins the losers becomes the other’s bitch for a month.

    After a long game, I end up victorious. Gabriel became my bitch and I never made him think twice about it. So, at first I wanted to see how far the man was willing to go to keep that promise, gave him my homework, got him to beat up some of the guys from school bothering me, and even got him to get me food whenever I asked on school grounds or after school. Then I get this crazy idea, he’s not that bad looking. Tall 5’9, rounded, athletic, blond hair, dark skin, almost a sunbake potato with yellow spikes coming out of it, he’s about as firm as an athlete can get when he’s national champion for the school. On the off chance we got after school, brought him over to my place and asked him to fuck me.

    - Gabriel: “You want me to do what?!”
    - You: “Fuck me; my cock, in your mouth”
    - Gabriel: “I’m not doing it”
    - You: “I still got about a week out of you, and I plan to enjoy what little time I have out of you”
    - Gabriel: “And you want me to fuck you”
    - You: “Why not? You masturbate in the guy’s locker room and play on the tennis team”
    - Gabriel: “Just because I play on the tennis team, makes me gay?”
    - You: Oh come on, nobody is THAT happy to swing a stick at a fast moving ball”
    - Gabriel: “What makes you think for one second that I would agree to that?”
    - You: “Because you are MY BITCH, you can bitch and moan all you like, but in the end you belong to me until the month is over. Preferably at the end of me or behind me.”
    - Gabriel: “You are fucking nuts, man”
    - You: “Hey, you agreed to the terms and I won you fair and square. Now you aren’t gonna break the deal, are you?”
    - Gabriel: “I fought for you, I do your work, I feed you and now you want me to have sex with you. That’s fucked up!”
    - You: “Isn’t that how you typically take a woman out?”
    - Gabriel: “YOU AREN’T A GIRL!!”
    - You: “Whether you like or not, you already signed your life over to me. Everyone knows you’d do anything for me. You might as well be gay, let’s make it official.”
    - Gabriel: “No way, I’m out of here”

    Gabriel tries to leave your living room and out the front door. You walked into the hallway and stood on the wooden frame of the arch just watching him stand there holding onto the knob of the door with it open to the outside. You don’t smile, you don’t think about how messed up your proposal is, in effect, you hope he does stay there with you. Gripping the knob, he pants heavily.

    - You: “Close the door”
    Gabriel just stands there, for a few more moments, you let your words sink into him and gave him time to think about it. He lifts his head and speaks.
    - Gabriel: “Not a word to anyone else about this”
    - You: “Promise”
    - Gabriel: “And I get to lead”

    That’s … certainly … a surprise. You didn’t actually think he’d do it! But you’ll soon find out how true this is. The two of you walk up to your bedroom.

    Inside of your room hang posters of success, inspirational messages from sitcoms, movies you enjoyed watching, books on a shelf at the foot of your twin size bed all nice and neat. Dresser resting against the wall to your bathroom with a mirror holding pictures of your father, mother and sister having a blast at a picnic. Happier times, but this isn’t the time to think about it. Gabriel walks towards the bed and sits on it while you lock the door behind you and turn on the lamp on your desk, closing the laptop with the lens down and not recording anything. The window from the roof is closed and the blinds are also closed, nobody is watching you two and its all clear.

    To be honest, he would be a first if there ever was a time to recall. Not that you had guys before, but if it were to be anyone, it’d certainly be him. That tight firm ass, those strong steel calves, the gripping on his hands, his chest is bulking up from the rough time you’ve been giving him with handling the bullies at school. For now it seems he’s getting use to the idea, but then again he’s never done this neither. Like the deal, he knows he can’t back down after all he’s done for you. It’s actually quite flattering to have a guy like this doing things for you, fighting for you, treating you like a king. This must be what it’s like for a woman at times.
    But without further ado, you start unbuckling your pants, unzipping the fly and pulling over your shirt to reveal your masculine fair complexion, average build, a few blemishes on your chest and some hair, grabbed a shower before he came over. Your backside is a bit thick and you have some muscle bulk in your thighs and calves, not from playing tennis of course – having sex is surely a sport of its own. Your package is also average with baseball size balls and a six inch cock that’s been rode on by many and seen more sun light to give it a good tanning. Smooth as the day you were born, your crotch doesn’t has a single bristle to speak of after a good shave, and nobody likes hairy guys after all. You stand in your briefs, looking at your bitch with a contented smile.

    - You: “Waiting on you, big guy”
    - Gabriel: “Don’t say another word”
    He stands up and starts disrobing as well, and my god! Just when you think you saw it all, this entire time you’ve been talking, he’s been free balling with no underwear, socks, and is thick everywhere else. Even his chest is so burly, he’s got chest hair that would put Ron Jeremy to shame. But the biggest surprise is not his frame but what he’s packing an erected nine inch cock flopping between his legs and pulsating with more veins than the ones on his biceps.
    - You: “That’s, uh, wow”
    His cock is flaring right at me and dangling like he’s wearing it like a belt! He walks you to you and stands within your personal comfort zone and stares directly down at you. He puts his hand on your head and smiles.
    - Gabriel: “Nervous?”
    - You: “You’re erect”
    - Gabriel: “I know”
    - You: “and throbbing”
    - Gabriel: “you talk too much”

    You picks you up like a newlywed and walks you over to the bed and sets you down gently. Knee planted between your legs, his tall muscular body hovering over yours, towering over you like a beast ready to pounce on you. His hands planted on either side of your head, he keeps staring at you like a TV program looking in one eye then the other. Just when you think you had him figured, you felt his lips pressing up on to yours. You blush red and eyes dilate to the fact he’s indeed kissing you! Breaking the kiss, he smiles.

    - Gabriel: “I never would have took you as gay, Den”
    - You: “Likewise”
    - Gabriel: “I guess we’re both full of surprises”
    - You: “Not like what’s sitting on me”
    - Gabriel: “I’m too heavy on you?”
    - You: “Your cock, genius”
    - Gabriel: “Oh, yeah, it is pretty big”

    He grabs your briefs and starts pulling them off towards your knees and lifts your legs over his shoulders to one side to where he can carry both and guide his cock up to your rear end. Your flaccid cock plops to the side as your legs fly up into the air and balls resting soundly between your legs, your ass raise up to his waist and staring directly at him. He looks at your ass and sees how you’ve shaved everything, not even a hair in place.

    - Gabriel: “I was expecting to see more than this”
    - You: “More? You wanted this?!”
    - Gabriel: “Of course, you’d think I’d do this for some stupid deal we had. I just wasn’t sure if you were serious.”
    - You: “Way to lay it thick, buddy”

    Then you felt it. Three inches of lengthy hard cock slides into your anal ring and up into your rectum, you release a staggering gasp as you felt your asshole stretch beyond stretching capacity to take such a thick meaty cock. Your own cockhead pokes out of your sheath in response to the hard breaching of your sphincter, you hand grabs your cock and coax it out from the foreskin. You squint as he plows deeper into your ass, feeling your tension, he removes your underwear and splits your legs apart to bring them apart to relieve some of the tension. This is oddly relaxing and painful, nothing like a dildo strap-on at all! The cringing of your asshole tightens its grip on Gabriel’s cock to where he’s forcing more of it inside of you whether you like it or not. He can see he wants this as badly as you do, he grits his teeth and staring back at you, you continue to breathe deeply as the cock buried inside your love hole is piercing the bridge between you and your sanity. Trying to relax he smooth’s out the amount of length he force feeds you, you groan as the cock burrows inside you and he gets closer towards touching his hilt to your ass. You stroke you cock until it’s firmly soaked in pre in your hands. You pant, until you hear his dick plop into you and you felt his entire mast throbbing inside you. You had to grab him by the shoulders and roll your eyes in the back of your head.

    More so, he starts backing his cock out of you taking much of the suction inside of you with him. You stomach swells, the numbness of your pelvis, the intensity of your cheeks clenching together to hold him in. He gets half way out of you then slowly pushes it back in, this time your anal lube secretion is making it easier for him to get freely in and out of you. But going in is a much more satisfying pleasure, you can’t help but enjoy how hot his cock is going inside of you. He thrusts his hips into you forcing his weight on top of you, you grunt hard, jerking twice as fast with each throbbing push into you he can get. Slow thrusting and plunges, he works up a sweat increasing his pace faster and stronger. He mounts the bed and shifts your position to where you’re on all fours. Your faces goes into the pillow while you are on your knees with your ass hiked up to him for Gabriel to ravish you more easily. Slapping you on the ass cheeks really got you turned on, you turn to him.

    - You: “Slap me harder!”

    He obliges your request, he begins slapping you on both cheeks every third plunge into you. His hand reaches over you to grab both shoulders and your hand grab the headrest and felt the bed move with you. You moan and your dick feeling let down but achingly painful to be ignore. You had to jack off, you reach down in between your legs to get your balls and rub them, squeeze them and then dug your fingers in between your taint, feeling your veins feed blood to your crotch. The ecstasy of having your asshole churning out by a nine inch beast and massage yourself like a hermaphrodite is nothing more than an orgasmic bliss. You felt yourself cumming, you slam your ass against Gabriel’s cock and arch you back to stroke feverishly, moaning and panting quickly to get the lead out. Your balls had this coming, AH! Your spunk bursts, your sperm shooting across your bed sheets, hitting the headrest and pillow, you hold yourself up with one hand on the headrest and the other hand still coaxing more spunk from yourself. Head dangles seeing your cock flaring and you felt your own spunk fly up and smack you in the face.

    Just when you think you had enough, he continues fucking your ass with a remarkable pacing. Tears of joy run down your face as you tear washes the cumshot off your face and chest is buried in tears, sweat and cum. You felt the inside of you colon lather up in pre so you can sense he’s reaching his peak soon. You muster some of your own strength to coax his balls and hope for a messier climax. Folding yourself you reach for Gabriel’s balls and grip around the base and stroke the spacing between his ass and ball. The surging of energy he’s mustering up was going towards the end game. His finger dig into your cheeks, you buckle down for the final climax and you felt it coming for a while.

    His cock slamming against your sphincter, his balls crashing down into your cheek, going balls deep into you. You listen to Gabriel crying out in absolute bliss when he’s cumming. Pushing for more cock into to you, he gets his wish and yours for a messy climax. His manhood swells tremendously with sperm, you’d assume he was a walking fucking factory made of nothing but semen, he just keep pumping more and more sperm into you. You clench your sphincter hard to delay the flow of cum into your ass but he won’t let you! He keeps burying more of his cock deeper pushing his sperm into you like a whore. You burst into another erection and a gleeful smile appear on your face. His sigh of relief is contagious as he continues fucking you even after being spent the first round.

    Your asshole is lather is spermy goodness, anal lube and you wonder how he manages to keep going. He stirs up a few more thrusts and finally the second round of pumping forced more spunk to coat your inside with a richer white coat of paint. Your belly rumbles with the amount of sperm flowing inside you, you feel a belly ache coming on with him forcing so much into you. Then your time came again when you are fixing to cum! You arch your legs up after he let you down to allow you arch your back up and fire off a few round of your sperm into the air and let it all rain on top of you and finally collapse in the pool of all of your fluids. Gabriel retracts his cock from you, his sperm pops from your hole, leaking all over the sheets and it continues to flow out in thick oozy sludge.

    From then on, Gabriel and you were friends AND lovers until … well … he started working with you.
    Gabriel walks out of the finance department and stands next to you have a smoke and looks frustrated. After high school, Gabriel went on to pursue a sports career as a professional tennis player but when he tore his ACL on a marathon run, he couldn’t play anymore. So then he came to me looking for a job he could get and here we are now after all these years.

    - Gabriel: “So, what were you thinkin’ about?”
    - You: “You know me, can’t take my mind off shit”
    - Gabriel: “Heard Gomez was scolding you earlier, did you get a release?”
    - You: “Hell no, though sometimes I wish she did. Bitch”
    - Gabriel: “Notice you don’t like it here considering you’re good at what you do”
    - You: “I know, but I keep thinking, you know? I can do so much more”
    - Gabriel: “What’s stopping you”
    - You: “First job, doesn’t feel right to leave no matter how much I hate it”
    - Gabriel: “I know the feeling, after tearing my ACL, I didn’t want to lose my sponsorships or the career I had. Things change, a lot”
    - You: “I really just want money to come my way without me doing a lot of work, like nothing.”
    - Gabriel: “Good luck with that, hardly see you as a CEO or and Executive like Oleg Hopkins”
    - You: “Who?”
    - Gabriel: “Hopkins, runs the Microsoft corporate branch in Tampa. Sits on his ass and lets his secretaries do all the work, gets paid the big bucks. Once sponsored an event for the tri-state tournament few years back.”
    - You: “Pff, be nice”

    You had other things on your mind, since Dorce brought up Celina, you can’t stop thinking about that sexy body of hers in a corset and lacey underwear. She’d look good in red lace ware, push-up corset, strap-on? No, that would be more up Gomez’s department. Hot Latina, early 20’s about as tall as you are, doesn’t speak that much to you or anyone else for that matter but you see her at the printer from time to time. Keeps her hair straight and in a ponytail with a blossom hairclip and dark stockings, gave you some ideas about what she might look like without. You get a boner just thinking about her, taking her in the storage room, slap those cheeks with a thick file and some leg warming gift to spice things up on top of the filing cabinet. Gabriel waves his hand in front of you.

    - Gabriel: “Yo, earth to Dennis!”
    - You: “What!”
    - Voice: “Hey”
    You turn to face Celina who was standing beside you when you dazed out of it, thinking of her got you hard. Standing up against the wall didn’t help hide the massive boner you have sticking out from your dress pants. Celina leans up against the railing and looks down at your package then looks at to you.
    - Celina: “Hello”
    You stare blankly at her, ignoring the fact you’re standing at attention.
    - You: “Hey, what’s up?”
    - Gabriel: “You’re downstairs, bro”
    - You: “Yes, it’s a cock. Just like the one you have”
    - Gabriel: “Not quite as big”
    - Celina: “Ach-hem”
    - You: “sorry, you wanted something?”
    - Gabriel: “Hehe, nice recovery”
    - Celina: “I was going to ask if you’ve were doing something tomorrow night”
    Celina is asking YOU for a hook-up? She doesn’t talk to you for three years and she’s just now getting the courage to ask you out. This outta be good, wonder if this has something to do with Gomez and her fighting. Maybe Dorce put in a good word with her about you. You come to your senses before you daze out again.
    - You: “Noooo, why do you ask?”
    - Celina: “I don’t have many people to hang out with so I figure you’d want to swing by my place and we can go for some drinks. Get to know each other.”
    Drinks? Her place? Why do you get the feeling this is too good to be true.
    - You: “What’s the catch?”
    - Celina: “Excuse me?”
    - You: “Catch, you know, draw back, silver lining?”
    - Celina: “No catch, just thought I get to know you. You seem nice and we don’t talk that often. Pretty much get tired of talking to the same people from Accounting”
    - You: “Sure, was going to hit up a bar with Gabe here anyways after work so”
    - Celina: “Great, we all can go after work”
    - Gabriel: “Awesome, some company for a change”
    - You: “And what am I, huh?!”
    - Gabriel: “A stray cat that needs to be spaded”
    Celina giggles at the joke. She has a nice smile when she laughs. But sadly your boner fades away when she does. Gabriel flicks his cigarette bud into the garbage filled water and heads back inside. Now it’s just the two of you together, alone.
    - You: “So, three years, may I ask why now?”
    She shrugs her shoulders
    - Celina: “Bored, I guess. Serena isn’t talking to me and I don’t want to be alone so I think a new change in friends is in order.”
    - You: “I can respect that. Gabe can be an ass, gets on my nerves so this changes things a bit for us”
    - Celina: “About that, I heard he used to be a pro athlete”
    - You: “Yep, went to high school with him and became close friends after we graduated. He tore something doing a charity event, kept in contact through Facebook and I got him a job working here pushing papers.”
    - Celina: “Sounds like it. Heard he broke the fax machine”
    - You: “Wouldn’t know, guess that’s why he was pissed earlier”
    - Celina: “He doesn’t seem like the type to get so worked up”
    - You: “You’d be surprised”
    - Celina: “What brought you to Carol City?”
    - You: “Home, grew up in Fort Lauderdale and went to school in Opa-locka. Grew up around people like Columbians, Cubans, Haitian and Jamaicans so I picked up a few habits and started working with people. Had a knack for being a ‘people person’ if talking down a gunfight or brawl is considered a skill”
    - Celina: “You did that?”
    - You: “Sure did, right here in fact. Two Cubans were fighting over a disabilities check and then a Haitian mugger had them in a stick-up. Bad time to grab a bite to eat, came out, one of them was beaten and the other was staring at the bottom of a gun. Saw that it was a fake airsoft gun spray painted and did a very cocky thing, fought the guy and played chicken. Was hoping my luck would run out and it turned out it was, guy took off before getting their fix, the two ended up thanking and left.”
    - Celina: “Wow, that’s crazy. What were you think! You could have gotten yourself killed”
    - You: “Had worse, so now I work here and figure working here was better than running drugs from a trailer.”
    - Celina: “Nice, I’m glad you didn’t”
    - You: “My turn, what’s the deal with you and Gomez?”
    - Celina: “Oh, she’s a family friend. She helped raise me when my mother died, I live with her to get out of my auntie’s place in Hialeah and she’s been helping me get out on my own ever since.”
    - You: “Wait, you LIVE with Gomez?”
    - Celina: “Yeah, I thought you knew.”
    - You: “No, I mean words gets around but nothing to really stick. Dorce said you two were, you know, together.”
    - Celina: “Well ….”
    Her pause. She was with her, bet the fight had something to do with it. You figure the rumors were bullshit since most of them were Rodriquez’s and Dorce’s gossip at break.
    - Celina: “It’s complicated”
    - You: “Say no more, I’ve been there too.”
    - Celina: “I doubt that”
    - You: “Try me”
    - Celina: Maybe later, when we have drinks”
    She smiles and walks away.

    After work, you, Gabe and Celina went down to Opa-Locka to the Lagoon Cantina on 47th Ave and 27th to grab drinks. The three of you sit at the bar listening to reggae in the background play while the tiki-bar served up drinks for all the customers at the other end of the party as part of some celebration of the Summer. Neon lights, straw hut setting, laser light show and the DJ playing soundtracks, barely able to speak anywhere near the dancing area but easier behind the bar where the noise bounces off the dividers. Celina orders a Mojito, Gabe drinks the usual Ice Tea before hitting the hard stuff later, and you grab yourself a bit of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum on the rocks. The three of you sit yourselves on the corner watching the people walking pass you still wearing your uniforms, nice place to relax after a mind-numbing day like this. You’ve spent a good hour talking with Gabe about the soccer game between the UK and Brazil teams, more drinks were put on you tabs and got into politics, like every night, and manage to talk yourselves into a drinking contest to see who can drink the most Bacardi rum. Contest ended when both of you passed out and ended up waking up in a booth with Celina still sitting at the bar by herself.

    You drag yourself up from the puddle of drool on the table, you see Gabe still laying down in the seats with the bottles rolling around on the table with the bill sitting in the pouch. You’ll leave it for him to deal with this time. You grab a seat next to Celina after your wild evening. The night has died down a bit since you two got in and few people are around to make too much noise. You think it was a good time to ask her what’s been eating at her this whole time. You can see she isn’t having as much funs as you two were, resting her face in her palm, circling the rim of her whiskey glass with a straw, you belch quietly then turn to your head towards the bar to watch the dancers.

    - You: “Sorry about that. We get carried away with our nights like these”
    - Celina: “No, no, it’s nice to see you’re having fun. I have a lot of things on my mind”
    - You: “Wanna talk about it?”
    She struggles to open her mouth. You can tell she wants to tell you by the way she moves, can’t sit still, legs crossed, finger tapping on her glass.
    - You: “its fine, it’s not like this is the place to talk about this sort of thing anyways. We’re here to have some fun and forget all our problems.”
    - Celina: “I know, it just this place reminds me of the time me and Serena use to go out to. I don’t know what’s got into her lately.”
    - You: “Who know, everyone has their problems and sometimes you can’t control them. She shouldn’t take it out on you, so don’t beat yourself over it”
    - Celina: “It’s not that she’s yelling at me, or were having problems, it’s her. She just doesn’t want to listen and I don’t think she ever will”
    - You: “That’s typical of her, she’s about as thick headed as Gabe on Tuesday’s after a Pulverizer and two whiskey shots.”
    - Celina: “Yeah”

    You can tell she won’t get over it. You could leave to think about it, but you want to get inside her head and her pants. She won’t open up a bit to relax then you’ll have to force it open. Normally this is the part where you’d leave her to dwell on it and go grab a coffee at Denny’s or Duncan Donuts to sober up for the morning shift but this time seems different. For three years, she’s worked up the nerve to ask you out for the night, the curiosity behind is what has you most puzzled more than the fight itself. She dwells on it like those two were lovers going through a cheating phase, but she doesn’t seem like the type to cheat on a girl like Serena so, what is it about them that has you so stumped? Nevermind, now you’re getting into it. Shaking the thought from your head, you felt like doing something stupid to breaking the tension. Grabbing Celina by the hand you pulled her from her self-pity and dwelling to take her down to the dance floor for some action amongst the crowd.

    - Celina: “Nooo, I can’t dance”
    - You: “Neither can I”
    - Celina: “Should you be doing this with all the drinks you just had?”
    - You: “If it kills the mood, yeah”

    Celina’s shy around all these people. You keep pulling her closer into the mosh pit to get in the thick of the crowd and start swinging to the music mimicking the other dancers. Music vibrating off the walls and echoing around every corner of the street, people screaming and cheering to raise the music, stereos bursting with sound. You got close to Celina and held her hips to sway her back in forth to get her mood flowin’ she blushes to be this close to someone and on the dance floor. You two take it slow for a bit before separating to pair off with other dancers, the lighting flashing before your eyes and lyrics cracking your eardrums, you felt a headache coming on after a good hours and a half dancing with Celina on the dance floor. Shuffling through the crowd, you grab a seat at the booth where Gabe was sitting holding his head up after the long night with a few bottled water opened and emptied beside him. Celina slides through the seat with an exhausted smile and you exhaling your breath of equally tiring sighs.

    - Gabriel: “You two are tuckered out. Have fun?”
    - Celina: “Yes! I had so much fun”
    - You: “Ugh … glad you did”
    Gabe hands you a bottled water for you to hold it up to your head. Celina looks to you and rubs your shoulders.
    - Celina: “You okay? You don’t look so good.”
    - You: “I’m fine, just feeling a headache coming on”
    - Gabriel: “Guess it’s about that time then. I’ll grab the bill and we can head home”
    - Celina: “Can you drop me off at my place? I think I have something to help with the hangovers”
    - Gabriel: “Sounds like a plan, maybe we can sober up before we get back on the road again”

    Gabriel picks up the checkbook and pulls out his wallet, tossing down a few twenties down in the book and leaves it on the table, he helps you up out of the booth, leg dragging behind you shifting your weight to your right after dancing for so long. The three of you leave the Cantina, circling around the corner away from the bar into a deserted parking lot where you parked a junk Ford Gran Torino. Gabe leaves you leaning up against the bricked-up building while he fishes out keys to the car, Celina holds you up beside you, and you chuckle at the song lyrics in your head.

    - Gabriel: “You okay man? Look like you’re going to be sick.”
    - You: “I said I’m f-“
    - Celina: “Oh no”
    You turn away from Celina to paint the side of the wall. The two turned away trying their hardest to not see you, even worse you retch up a heavy chuck that it hit the ground in chunks.
    - Gabriel: “Jesus Christ”
    - Celina: “That’s so wrong”
    - You: “Much better”
    Gabriel laughs.
    - Gabriel: “Wooo, I bet it does. Wow does it stick!”
    - Celina: “I want to go home now if that’s alright”
    - Gabriel: “Sure thing, I’ll see you in the car while I finish up with sleeping beauty here.”
    Celina walks over to the car while Gabe tends to you, patting you on the back while you hold yourself up to finish emptying out your stomach. He pulls out a pocket full of napkins and hands them to you to wipe your face off, you spit out the last of it and wiped off the drool and fell into Gabe’s arms.
    - You: “You got some nerve calling me a pussy”
    - Gabriel: “You had it coming, didn’t think you’d fall for it twice”
    - You: “Shut up, bitch”
    - Gabriel: “Uh-huh, you’ll be thanking me when the night is over I was nice enough to get you home in one piece”
    - You: “Well the rest of me is on that wall, so you aren’t doing a very good job, buddy”
    - Gabriel: “Smartass”
    - You: “I try”

    Gabriel drags you over to the car and pulls up the seat a bit to let you into the back with Celina. You lower your head but hit it when he forces you in. He gets a kick out of it before you collapse inside, pushing the seat back, Gabe sits in and ignites the engine, giving it some gas before you three drive off. About ten minutes out, you guys are sitting at a red light in traffic of all times with the radio playing College Rock set on a low volume, You rest your head on the window staring off into the sights flying by you, starts to drizzle a bit which makes it a worse night to be drunk on. Celina lays her head back sprawling out in her navy blue blazer and skirt, shirt’s top button is open revealing her perky C-cup breasts which catch your eye. She doesn’t seem to be awake at the moment, meanwhile, Gabe is huffing at the long wait on the light to turn green resting on his hand gripping the steering wheel at the 11 o’clock position.

    Your daze is clearing up, you felt turned on by her exposing cleavage boasting up like that. Her legs layering on each other with on heels on, stockings disguising her legs attractively, the black lacing on her upper thighs are more appealing to you. You felt your hands quiver at the sight of her, your dick seems to get the picture more so than yourself. Not wanting to wake her, you think you’d better savor this moment to seize it while you can. Reaching into your pants, you unbuckle you front slowly and loosen it a bit for you to allow your left hand to slip through, your fingers reach into your briefs to wrap them around the base of your cock, stroking the flaccid member from its bundled state to raise it stiffly to the side. Stroking your manhood gently to avoid tipping off Gabe and not to awake Celina, you slouch down in your seat to get a good position to spread out your legs. You watched Celina sleeping in the spreading position for a few moments before the light turns green and the car turns slightly shifting her position to where she’s not exposing her chest but her back side. She cuddles in the corner while she enjoys the car ride, you can’t get off on just the back only but you do admire the way she curves this way. You reach out your hand to feel her up, resting your right hand on her side, rubbing her back getting a sigh of relief and a satisfying moan out of her. Drifting from a simple back rub transitioned to you grabbing her left ass cheek, groping the tender soft flesh coated in the polyester fabric, so soft you can grasp the heat she’s giving off from just touching her.

    Gabriel turns another corner, your hand gets caught under Celina’s shifted weight and you’re caught in a very awkward position. She doesn’t seem to wake up but hops up briefly thinking she might be sitting on a seatbelt buckle. No, this is perfect. Now your hand sitting directly between her legs and she’s not awake to say anything, this feels so good right now. Stroking your member, you coax yourself to the brink but felt tight jerking off inside your pants with your cockhead coiling over your hand like this. You have to make do with this for now. You reached into her skirt from below to claw your way in between her legs. You rub the backside of your hand up against her lacey stocks touching a strap or two while you were going toe sip your two fingers into her snatch. Her body slumps down further when you get closer into her legs, you cringe at the thought if you get caught but easily dismiss it when you grip your cock harder to remind you of your urges.

    Your middle finger and ring finger reach their destination. Your middle finger touches the top of Celina’s panties, cotton fabric from the pattern flow, you work your way down with your ring finger doing the guiding when your middle finger shimmies slowly down to her clit, the folds between her hood means you’ve hit the jackpot! You prod her clit to wake it up, your ring finger prods her lover curtains through the fabric and gently brush her clit to stir her from her position. She lets out a light groan before settles into a deeply woken moan. Oh jeez, this is getting tense, your heart’s racing and hands are getting stiff just being in this position for too long.

    Celina wakes up when the car stops and a speeding car zips on by the side. She awaken to you laying on your side and hand in the side of your pants. Your arm extended right under her, she puts two and two together. Just when she’s fixing to say something, you removed your left hand from your pants to cover her mouth. You shush her quietly and then emphasize you point by prod her once more. She muffled a bit in protests but then she breathes in the musk stench of your crotch on your fingers. You felt her tongue worming through your fingers, she sucks your middle finger into her mouth, and your boner just got even harder! She sucks on your finger like she would on your cock and you oblige her lusty request by relinquishing yourself from her underside to unzip yourself to expose your prick. She looks at your cock to see the pre seeping from your urethra, cockhead slowly pulsing in hand, she leans into your crotch and put her lips together to make a ring. Her lips cupped to you, tongue forcing itself around your shaft and you shift your hips upward to give her your full attention. She puts both legs up on the seat with her skirt folding off to the side and theirs is where you now have a better angle on her.

    You reach over her, hand gropes her inner thigh, pulling her panties off to the side, you plunge your two fingers into her while her tongue works your urethra, flicking it around in her mouth, folding her tongue to form a sleeve to bob down on your shaft. You were already on the brink of cumming and will soon cum. You can coax the seed in your baseballs flowing into your urethra seeping in with all the blood rushing in to fill that pretty mouth of hers. Her lips are just flustered with her cringing and throbbing below, you fold the skirt over her so you can get in between her yourself. You pull away from her when you lean up on top of her while you dig your face into her snatch while the car is in motion. Knee on the side of her face, you arch over her with your head in between her legs. Your tongue lathering her curtains tasting the velvet of her pussy, her clit touching the back of your palette, throbbing, the moist wet cunt permeates your face with her stench. Your face turns red when you continue engorging yourself in her pussy cum. Your top presses her muff while your tongue digs in deeper inside her pussy. Celina clamps down on your cock when you go deeper, you feel then hint of teeth but you don’t want that. You cock goes into the back of her mouth, deep throating her to prevent her from being able to get her teeth around you. She wiggles around then you pull back to give her a recovery before she grabs you cock with her hand and gives you a rimjob. You spurt ropes of cum into her face while you eat pussy and some of her cum. She strokes you base then licks your head to clean you off as you did the same for her. The two of you quickly sit back up, adjusting your clothes accordingly. Celina straightens out her skirt taking her to wipe off the cumshot from her lips, cheek and eyebrows, you zip up your pants and sweep your face of hair, saliva and cum smeared across your face. You pull a long hair from your tongue and held it up, Celina giggles in response. Gabriel adjusts his front mirror to see you two awake and smiles.

    - Gabriel: “So the two of you woke up. Was wondering what you two were up to, damn Miami drivers can’t slow the fuck down.”
    - You: “Could have done a better job around the corners, ended up on her”
    - Gabriel: “oh yeah? Sorry about that, should have buckled up then”
    - Celina: “It’s alright, I don’t mind”
    - You: “I’m sure you didn’t”
    - Gabriel: “Huh?”
    - Celina & You: “Nothing”
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