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    - Dennis: “shhh, you’ll be okay”
    - Celina: “I can’t do this”
    - Dennis: “Yes you can, you’ve been alone for so long. Let me be with you”
    - Celina: “Dennis”
    - Dennis: “Celina, I want you”
    - Voice: “As do I”
    - Celina: “Gabriel?”
    - Gabriel: “Celina”
    - Dennis: “We can be together, let us take you”
    - Celina: “I never done this before”
    - Gabriel: “We will be gentle”

    The music playing on the stereo Thievery Corporation’s “Beautiful Drug” resonates in the background of the room, Dennis’s tie loosens around his neck while you’re hands rubs down his soft chest. Your eyes are fixated on him as he presses his lips against yours, your body weakens as you melt away into his arms falling onto the bed on top of him. Gabriel starts to undress himself at his own pace, resting his clothes on the chair behind him. Your mouth instinctively lolls open taking his into yours, a heated exchange of your kiss pulling away to look into his eyes feeling your heart pounding away seeing the man laying beneath your suckling mammeries pressing his dress shirt and undone tie. You pant in his face then collapse onto him feeling his arms weave themselves around the backside of your ass. The tightening of your panties starts to dabble below your inner thighs, your eyes glazed by the intensity of your exchange. You raise your butt up to ease the flow of your panties sliding off the back of your bum. Your tongue rolls through his sweet lips unfolding on top of his, yours twisting to his worming inside your mouth the back into his. His hand caresses and kneads in his fingertips and you feel another set of hands placing themselves on your shoulders. Feeling those hands touching your ass turns you on, you feel hot, uncontrolled by the feeling of holding yourself back, letting these two men ravage you this way. You’re okay with them warming themselves against you, the heat of your bodies touching is intoxicating. Lips press against your neck as the hands work from your shoulder to sliding the straps of your bra off to the sides. The slang of you bra hangs, you feel the weight of your bust sink falling for the temptation. You gasp softly as your two lovers undo your bra from the back, letting it fall where it may on top of the one below you.

    The fabric of constricting dress cloths disturbs you, nerve raking in fact, but feeling this way with another man is like … you’re falling in love. Their hands massaging your breasts, kisses along your neck and mouth is too much to bare but you can’t seem to focus with this annoyance with these pants on! You need this! You grabbed Dennis by the hem of his pant and undo his belt, unzipping his fly to pull him out of this monstrous get-up! Lifting your body up, you rear end is taken by Gabriel, pulling off your panties without hesitation and plants his face to your trimmed pussy. You stop the instant you pull out Dennis’s lengthy cock from his drawers to lace between your fingers, you turn back to see him straddling you by the sides of your ass to prod away at your entrance. Oh god this feels wrong! But you can’t help but feel turned on by this, his fingers touching your pussy is melting you. You want this dick inside you, tugging away on his manhood while being teased by your second lover appraising your folds with his fingers is pure torture!

    You groan when Gabriel sticks his index finger into you, the soft touch rubbing through your love hole makes you twitch, prodded by fingers. Dennis grabs your face and presses his mouth against yours to remind you that you are his. Swaying your hips to the music, rubbing your moisten pussy against the face of another man while your breast knead against your lover’s chest, making them sensitive. Dennis’s cock peels back the layers from his sheath to grow beneath your lower body, he wants feel the urge circulating through him as much as you are. You lower yourself on top of Dennis’s waist brushing your pussy against his cock shaft using your folds to guide it. Oh my, you’re loving his cock touching your clit with his cockhead rubbing so gently, you’re absolutely hard form it! Your sweet moaning whispering to him appetites his taste for you, as does Gabriel. Gabriel rubs the outside of your thighs as your rock your body against his friend’s cock. He presses his lips against your thigh and works up to your ass, feel the heat of his touching lips stir a deeper part of you.

    Your hands rest on the man beneath you, breaking away the kiss, you held his face to your breasts letting his suckle at your breasts. Your areoles are played with, his finger touching them, tongue passing from one to the other each time non-stop. You just keep breaking away the barriers you had, the standards you’ve kept hidden for years, coming down to nothing. You don’t care anymore, the heat of the moment is unbearable. You’ve plastered Dennis’s cock with your cum it’s time to take it further. Dennis feels that you’re ready for him as does Gabriel. Dennis’s throbbing erecting vibrates between you aching to break through to you but you just don’t know if you should do this.

    Your body reacts to the stimulus of the throbbing by taking the hand between your legs and pulling back the foreskin of his shaft and redirect the tip of his head to you. Your lips touch his cockhead moisten its and you feel the urge to take it. You have to take it, you want to take it!

    Your hips struggle to press it in, as the bit of your virgin hymen hurts. It hurts and yet it doesn’t, the pain is subsided by the pleasure it feel to have this hot prick inside you. Pressing it deeper, you hold as you brace yourself for one of the most painful feelings. Dennis bucks his hips up forcing the break of your hymen. Your eyes water as the pain shocks you, the piercing of your hymen and the feeling of hot blood coursing out of you, you can’t imagine how painful it is to feel it tear. But the pain is brief and it is taking its course. Dennis holds you face when he see the painful expression of your face and you open your eyes to see his sincerity glowing on his.

    - Dennis: “Does it hurt?”
    - Celina: “It does”
    - Dennis: “Shhh, the hard part is over. Are you ready?”
    - Celina: “Yes”
    You fall and let your cum and blood lather his shaft and trickle behind you. Gabriel steps back.
    - Gabriel: “Want me to fetch something for you?”
    - Celina: “It’s fine. I want to be here. With you”
    - Dennis: “Let’s take this slow before you join in”
    - Gabriel: “Okay”

    Gabriel takes a seat on the chair and crosses his leg over the other and pulls out a cigarette, flicking open his zipo, letting the flame light the end, inhales and exhales the lung of smoke through his mouth. Watching you is also nerve raking, this is getting to be too much. You’ve never felt this close to someone to share a moment with someone else watching. Ah! His cock! Its filling your pussy, this sensation is remarkable! You open instinctively drops, your body moving on its own letting him take you along for the ride. Shlunk! Your pussy cringes, your muscle tightening against the shaft inside you. You grind your folds against his base feeling his bush rake against yours. Eyes dimmed by the bliss of the experience, the heat of his cock throbbing inside you, you moan by the touching of your clit against his hilt. Holding him deep into your bosom not letting go as you thrust more of his length inside you working his shaft using the bit of strength to grip his thickness. Your ass comes up and slowly drives your wet cunt down onto him picking up momentum to go faster and deeper. The ecstasy of his dick digging away the passageway to your cervix, you feel dirty with the amount of cum dripping out of you from just this one occurrence.

    Dennis grunts as you take him by surprise, leading his cock deeper inside of you, hips finding their right pace and motion to rock his world. The pace is stable and you feel light enough to straighten up you back. He sits up and wraps his arms around you resting the side of his face between your mounds of flesh between his face. Grunting, panting, so hot you’re sweating from the heat you two have. The friction of your body rubbing against his makes you want to never stop this moment. You can’t stop this sweating of yours from moistening the two of you. Feeling tired from the repetitive motion, Dennis shifts his weight and holds you to where he turns you onto your back and him on top of you. You breast flopping, distributing off to the sides and face turning away from him. You open your eyes to him taking your legs over his shoulders and thrusts his cum and blood soaked cock back into you. Sounding in shrieking sound of moaning and gasping, you grip the sheets of the bed as he assaults your virgin pussy with such control you’re weathering away in the pool of you own sweat, tears and hot sex. His course fine brown locks on his head, his manly musk fuming around you, breathless panting, his face expression love and content. You shy away from him seeing him this way.

    Dennis drops your legs when he loses his grip from the sweating and drops down to you with arms collapsing over your shoulders, his thick cock pistoning freely with your lubed up folds. This feeling of him on top of you brought you to the peak of orgasm, your legs weave behind his back and lock him in, preventing him from pulling out. His cockhead feels like he’s dilating inside you. You don’t want to have his sperm, you urge him to not cum inside you. He refuses. Your mind is swimming in bliss that you can’t seem to express your words enough for him to pull out. You mutter “no” every few thrust but he picks up the pace as he plunges deeper. Your body rocks to the force of his body slamming against you, you break free of your legs locking as he moves forwards to lift you up, bringing your waist forward towards you. His arching is causing some discomfort but what worries you is if he cums!

    - Celina: “Pull out!”
    - Dennis: “What?”
    - Celina: “Don’t cum inside me”
    - Dennis: “We’re so close to-“
    - Celina: “Don’t cum, Dennis!”
    - Dennis: “A bit late for that”
    - Celina: “wait, no!”

    Dennis goes faster until you feel his dick plunge to the brink of climax, you pant quickly as he fucks your pussy with so much force you feel it’s almost too late to pull out now. You let out a blistering cry. The surging of his loins, urethra dilating, his balls churning out ounces of seed into you, his cock throbbing as the spunk boils into of you. The walls of your pussy are slab in thick white, the moist milky sperm filling your insides while more thrusting in short bursts of force forces more of his jizz to spray more ropes of spunk into you. Your eyes widen to the realization you’ll get pregnant with his sperm swarming inside you. But it feels some hot, so warm swimming inside you, the thick spraying of sperm coating your tunnel of body fluids, your muscles firmly locking up on you, you arch you back in response to his heavy load bursting inside you. The exhaustion of both your energies is taking your words out from you, you can’t utter your disgust and horror by what happened.

    Dennis pulls out with his cock soaking in cum and you spurting out the sperm filled hole, folds closing up behind it, you force out the cum before it has time to set in. You dig your fingers into you pussy to fish out the sperm inside of you, sitting up to let it all out. You panic a bit from the sex to gather a bit of yourself and take a breath. You look at Dennis looking at your jizz covered fingers.

    - Celina: “You came inside of me!”
    - Dennis: “Told you it was a bit late for that”
    - Celina: “You asshole!”
    - Dennis: “Relax, I came prepared”
    Dennis goes through his pant laying on the ground, pulling out of his pockets a small box of Plan B pills.
    - Celina: “What is that?”
    - Gabriel: “Plan B, helps you with impregnating. Flushes out the system of your unwanted unmentionables. You can take it within 48 hours after sex without worrying if you get pregnant”
    - Celina: “And when were you going to tell me?”
    - Dennis: “Afterwards, we didn’t think you’d flip out if we didn’t have a plan”
    - Celina: “You two planned this?”
    - Dennis: “I always carry a box just in case we have something like this happen.”
    - Gabriel: “It works, just relax and take a breath”
    - Celina: “Jesus, you gave me a heart attack!”
    - Dennis: “We’re not irresponsible people, we want to have sex and didn’t want to worry you. We would have told you eventually after we both had time together.”
    - Gabriel: “But you have to take it immediately after we’re done otherwise it won’t do you any good.”
    - Celina: “So … I just take this pill?”
    - Dennis: “Abortion drugs, helps if you don’t have condoms.”
    - Celina: “Give it to me”

    You grab the pills from Dennis and look at the box, tucking the hair behind you ear as you read the directions. After reading, what they said is confirmed by the information stated. You open it and find a few pills in a pop tab case and took one for yourself. Swallowing the pill, you let the large thing to take its course to process. Gabriel and Dennis look to you as you sit on the cum soaked sheets waiting to hear from you.

    - Dennis: “Okay?”
    - Celina: “I worry, okay? I don’t want to get pregnant”
    - Gabriel: “Neither do we, I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news if that ever happened.”
    - Celina: “You sure this will work?”
    - Gabriel: “I use it a lot, don’t worry, you’ll be fine. If it happens, we’ll take care of it”
    - Celina: “Let me know in advance if you try that again”
    - Dennis: “So are we good?”
    - Celina: “I’m just reeling from the shock. Give me a minute to cope”
    - Gabriel: “Sure thing, we’ll uh … just give you a minute.”

    You don’t know if this stuff will work but here’s hoping. To think what this will do to you. But feeling his sperm inside you is a wonderful feeling but you weren’t sure if you were ready to commit to something like motherhood. Having to collect your thoughts, you feel a bit better to know they’re looking out for you like they did. You almost feel like you can trust them with this, though reluctant to hear they had this before you started down this road without telling you. Dennis walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him and you sit there continuing to collect your thoughts.

    - Gabriel: “Are you feeling up to round two?”
    - Celina: “I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet”
    - Gabriel: “It’ll take some time before the pills to take in. As long as you take one after each time you have sex, you won’t get pregnant.”
    - Celina: “Yeah, I get it. I just would like to know if they work.”
    - Gabriel: “It’s natural to be scared, we done this a couple of time with other like this. They work for sure, even tried it on one of my ex’s, good thing too. Condoms break and sometimes these pills help keep the unwanted stuff from entering the uterus and fertilizing the eggs.”
    - Celina: “How often do you have sex?”
    - Gabriel: “A few time in the last … three months? But this would be the first with a partner and a woman at the same time.”
    - Celina: “So you’ve had experiences like this before?”
    - Gabriel: “Sure have, not proud of it. I don’t like scaring people, so I always carry at least the pills with me when it happens, clinical abortions are getting expensive. One girl said after taking them she gets cramps and passes it before her next period, been happier to know she wasn’t taking placebos or sugar pills.”
    - Celina: “What?!”
    - Gabriel: “Oh yeah, some companies test out drugs for the market to determine effectiveness and control groups. But this one has been on the market for years and FDA approves of its use but within a limited time only. Sometime the pills have to be used immediately because of their effectiveness after expiration dates. That’s when you have to worry”
    - Celina: “You know your stuff”
    - Gabriel: “You have to, otherwise you’d get stupid people to do dumb stuff like not reading what they take or thinking about just their dicks. It helps to be around good people that know their stuff.”
    Dennis opens the bathroom door with himself cleaned up. Gabriel puts out the cigarette in the ashtray and sits forward, flaccid cock dangling between his legs and looks to you.
    - Gabriel: “Feel better now that you don’t have to worry about it?”
    - Celina: “Yeah, thank you for that. I’m glad you had them”
    - Dennis: “I’m a bit worn out from that, mind if I get one?”
    - Gabriel: “Sure”
    Gabriel hands Dennis the pack of Marlboro and zipo for him to smoke and turns to him.
    - Gabriel: “How was she?”
    - Dennis: “Beautiful, she’s as tight as a noose”
    - Celina: “I’ll take that as a compliment”
    - Dennis: “I take it you two had a good chat?”
    - Gabriel: “Just assuring her there’s nothing to worry about”
    - Dennis: “Takes good … should of said something but I got a bit carried away in the moment”
    - Gabriel: “We all did, but its good now”
    - Celina: “I still feel numb down there”
    - Dennis: “Also natural, after all, you just got you hymen torn.”
    - Celina: “Never thought it would hurt so much”
    - Gabriel: “Well a pretty thing like you can be a mesmerizing sight to watch”
    - Dennis: “We’ve noticed”
    - Celina: “I think I can go another round”
    - Gabriel: “You sure about this?”
    - Celina: “Yeah, it’s the nerves”
    - Gabriel: “Alright, how about you get a drink of water before we do. We’re going to try a few more positions that you’ll want to try and brace yourself.”
    - Celina: “Okay, I’ll just be a minute”

    You get up from the bed and walk out towards the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Reaching for a glass from the cabinet, you pull a drinking glass and approach the sink to fill the glass up half way. Stepping out of the kitchen you see a purse sitting on the counter that doesn’t belong to you, you get a better look and see the purse belongs to Serena. You look around the apartment to find that she isn’t here, walking towards the front door to check the lock and saw that its top lock was turned. Maybe she forgot to pick up her purse on her way back to work, brushing it off as a coincidence, you return to the bedroom to find Gabriel and Dennis resting on the bed talking to each other waiting for you to return with glass in hand. You don’t enter the room but listen in on their conversation.

    - Dennis: “its fine, she won’t freak out. We’re just doing a few positions and we’ll be out before her friend shows up.”
    - Gabriel: “I’d hate for her to show up and sees us here. Last thing I want is the supervisor to get on to me about this”
    - Dennis: “its fine, it’s not like they’re – you know – together. Actually, that would be kinda hot”
    - Gabriel: “I wouldn’t push it, it’s unlikely to happen”
    - Dennis: “Look you want to be here, right? That’s all that matters, you can do this. It’s like the time you and me were together, only difference is with Celina”
    - Gabriel: “You’re an ass”
    - Dennis: “Well this ass got you laid and in bed with a co-worker. Be thankful, man, it’s not every day you get to spend time with a girl like that.”
    - Gabriel: “Felt bad that we scared her like that”
    - Dennis: “You worry about it too much”
    You open the door when the glass in hand and drink from it. They turn to you and see you standing in the doorway. With a smile on your face:
    - Celina: “so what did you guys have in mind?”

    Few minutes pass, you are placed on top of Gabriel, feeling his half-mast poking the entrance of your folds while Dennis gropes your breasts and pulls back your hair rubbing some massage oil on her shoulders and lubing up your back. Trickling oil running down your back gave you the chills with the AC running throughout the place. Gabriel extends his cock head upward and lowers you waist while Dennis bend you forwards to raise your as towards him, using the oil to put his fingers on the back door of you hole and rimming it gently. Taking Gabriel’s dick into you is about as big as Dennis was but bigger! You feel it stretching your walls and filling you entirely to the cervix like you’re accustomed to his dick specifically. Acclimating to Gabriel, you felt the presence of Dennis’s finger forcing themselves into your asshole and then felt a throbbing rod poking it next. OH GOD! His dick is filling your ass!

    You go numb from him forcing his cockhead through a small entry, you felt more pain than pleasure with him cramming it so deep like he is. Tears run down your face as you take two dicks into you fully without realizing how much pressure they have inside of you. You can barely move this way, but with that in mind, they didn’t bother waiting for you to adjust. Hiking you up on all fours, Dennis stands on the bed crouching over you while Gabriel arches up to force his cock into you causing you to jolt up in response to their intense pressure. You grunt and pant, the pain of having this much cock is hurting you, even with the lube.
    Dennis paces himself first while you rest on top of Gabriel until you gotten use to the force fucking in you hole. Gabriel waits to see you looking at him before he moves. Turning towards him, he smiles and dimmed eyes looking at you.

    - Gabriel: “Alright?”
    - Celina: “*Grunts* I feel strange”
    - Gabriel: “good strange”
    - Celina: “oddly”

    You dangle you head over him until Dennis pulls your hair back by the bundle holding you back, pants and stressed relief, you squint your eyes feeling the aching throb of his cock slapping inside of you asshole sphincter clenching tightly around his base. You can’t help but hold on tightly to the sheets beside you. You let out a loud grunt and heavy breathing. Gabriel notices you are having a hard time with it.
    - Gabriel: “Ease up on the back”
    - Dennis: “Yeah”
    Dennis slows down the pace and pulls out a bit to half-mast easing the pain a bit and the calming feeling of relief subsides on top of it. You can’t help but laugh at how painful of an experience this is, you wonder how people can do this on a regular basis. You look to Gabriel, you smile.
    - Gabriel: “Better?”
    You don’t bother answering and just nodded you head agreeability.
    - Gabriel: “It helps if you relax your sphincter, let yourself get used to it before you seize up.”
    - Celina: “Easier said than done”
    - Gabriel: “Take a deep breath and pretend you’re letting out, then exhale deeply when he comes in.”

    Following his advice, you take a deep breath and relieve yourself a bit as Dennis pulls out and exhale as he comes back in. You imagine you’re in the bathroom doing this only with a cock up your ass than something else that’s less pleasant to think about. You mind goes blank when you felt the tense pain fade from you and you’re now actually enjoying the anal sex. The nice pacing and stead depth has put you to ease and that’s when Gabriel decides to move his body in tune with Dennis’s pace. One cock entering, the next comes out, then back in the other and the next comes out.

    The two cocks burrowing inside your holes coincide with each other, rubbing each other with such force your mixing the carnal pleasure of both dicks. Gabriel slams into your pussy to get as much of his cock inside of you as possible before pulling half way. This pattern occurs repeatedly until you had to switch. Gabriel helps you to the other side of your body and the two exchange places, he held the hinge joints of your legs while Dennis stick his pre soaked cock into your pussy while Gabriel sticks you erect cock into your back door. You didn’t mind that they were switching about as much as how you were positioned to take them both once again. Being in this position is murder on you back and the blood rushing from your legs is mind numbing difficult.

    Once they’ve reached inside of you, you mind is taken off the position and focused on the ease of how much feeling them working together to running their dicks inside you like clockwork. Like two object rubbing your taint and seems of your pussy and ass tightly causes you to loll you tongue out. You express love and joy with the cocks throbbing away like buzzing viberators that you’ve never dreamed of having fit inside you like this.

    The moment of climax comes when you felt their pricks dilate at the same time they hit the base of their shaves. So warm, so thick, the amount of cum you received from before feels like nothing compared to the hot flashes surging through you now. Gasping quickly and moaning to the thrusting, you felt you were cumming as well. Dennis screams hard as he forces his sperm to shoot out of your pussy and all over your crotch. Gabriel kept moving you in tune with his rhythm, still going at it longer than Dennis. Dennis pulls away and puts his hand on his cock, jerking his manhood to muster out the remainder of his seed onto your breasts. He collapses on the bed and rolls on his back while you and Gabriel continue to fuck you senseless. You wrap your arms behind you and grit your teeth as you clamp down on hi cock with your anal ring massaging tightly around his shaft. The flushed expression on his face is priceless to see after feeling the control you have over his cock buried inside your asshole. You bite your bottom lip and gave him a few hard thrusts down on him and put the squeeze on him for being dirty. His moment come when you have your way with him and he grabs you by the breast and squeezes hard onto them clamping you down onto his cock as he forces bursts of spunk into you anus. You gasp hard with the feeling of pumping, his cock throbs with a pumping sound like he’s a machine meant to fill you up to the brim. He seizes up from the hard cumming, you stick your fingers into your pussy, pulling your hood back to caress you clit to get the last peak of your climax before he pulls out. You spurt femcum out on top of the bed as he pulls his fingers out of your tits and collapses on the bed.

    You sit there on top of Gabriel who passes out on the bed from the exhaustion beside Dennis and you lick your fingers tasting the salty taste of your cum and looking back at Gabriel who chuckles a bit at the sight of you tasting yourself.
    - Gabriel: “Wow, that’s – wow”
    - Dennis: “Told you”
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