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Magic Ted

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Aug 26, 2015
Sup, it's yo forum god Ted, CAW.

Here's the low down on things; post well. Post in English, post content. Do not white noise post, don't trash post, you can get away with some sass and ribbing on other users if you don't take it too far and don't shitpost to do it. Post subjects in their relevant sub-forums; whatever threads in general, lewd-games in adult games, etc. If you have some thread about both CoC and TiTs and don't know where to put it, well, shove that shit in adult games.

Don't "necromance" threads, which means posting in them and bringing them back to the fore of discussion and activity weeks or months after the most recent post. This is okay, to a degree, if you have something actually pertaining to the subject at hand.

Cool it on your funny jokes/community "memes" or Savin will literally foam at the mouth and murder someone because they're all pointed at him and his content jesus christ guys settle the fuck down.

Further more, don't talk about the following submission-banned content; Vore, Under-aged content, Scat unrelated to dem sweet tunes, and gore. Cool it on your rampant murder boner, too, that won't happen either. Because bestiality always stirs up an argument about what it actually means and whether or not it's in Fen-games you can bring it up, though only in a fictional sense. Still won't get in the games.

What do you mean by English?

Capitalization, grammar, punctuation. The former and the latter are the more important elements here, but you're on a big literacy game forum fucking type English you vapid shitposter.

But English isn't my first language-

Bullshit. Re: literacy game, but more importantly people with secondary languages are usually more accurate then native speakers with it because they aren't familiar enough to, you know, start fucking shit up while still having it parse sensically

What if I break one of your vague rules?

You get warning points. They drop various punishments on you as they go up, maxing out at 100 which means a permanent ban. They'll never go away.

I'm scared to post now!

Settle down you cheeky fucker most of the people who get warned aren't even going to look at this thread. Post well, post content. If you go in with a post and you don't think anyone will respond to it or acknowledge it, it's probably either you being self-deprecating like any other person on the internet or it's a shitty post. Figure out which.

I have questions!

Well, alright. Feel free to PM Savin or Myself. Fenoxo and Gedan are not to be contacted over forum matters, while Alder only has dominion over his project and you probably won't need contact him for this sort of thing.

As a last reminder... you don't actually have any obligation to be able to post here, even if you're a backer for TiTs! So behave and keep your ego at the door. Unless you have ban powers, I guess we keep our ego in full.
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