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    When good heist go bad

    The sun shined brightly in the sky and the day looked like one of the nicest despite how bad the weather was the past week, the clouds weren't too dark as well, the streets of New Washington were somewhat void of people at the moment despite it being the middle of the day, including the bank.

    I soaked up the sunshine from across the street on a bench, next to me was my gym bag filled to the brim with all of my gear, I reclined into the bench as a curvy ausar woman strutted by in a tight black dress. I attempted to get a look at her butt as she started to cross the street to the bank, but her fluffy dog tail was the only thing catching my eye.

    Soon my codex began ringing, after quickly fishing it out of my jacket, my favorite ausar's voice hit my ears." You having fun staring at the asses of cat girls and ausar Gaz?" She asked.

    "It's not my fault if New Washington has a bunch of kaithrit women and curvy dog women scattered around the place." I chuckled.

    " Just don't forget what you're doing."

    " Yeah, Yeah." I told her." It's my plan anyways Ven."

    Suddenly the last thing I wanted to happen, happened. I heard a gunshot, not over on Ven's end, but from inside the bank. I quickly unzipped my gym bag and came face to face with my mask. It was a simple mouth gas mask with bright neon lights over the filters. I quickly donned the mask and slung my bag over my shoulder.

    I dashed for the front doors and threw my hood over my head, as passed the threshold to the bank I witnessed a guard fall over a balcony and hit one of the teller's desk.

    I've always said the word "Fuck" many times, but right now I needed to scream it loud, but like everyone else, I stayed silent waiting for the first scream to happen, the calm before the shit storm. I dragged my Liberator shotgun from my gym bag before a Kaithrit woman screamed and her two cat tails curled up.

    Just before the customers could attempt to make a run for it, I fired a shell into the ceiling making them all stop in their tracks and giving my team enough time to make it to the atrium. The first one to make it was oddly Ash, she smacked a thin ausar woman with the butt of her light machine gun.

    Ash, unlike the others, came in heavy battle armor that showed off her scarlet chitin plates and to complete her ensemble she wore a helmet with a visor and holes bore into the top of it revealing her mouth and antenna to people.

    While she started to cable tie the civilians and bank tellers, another member of my team arrived. He leaped off the second-floor balcony and landed onto the hard marble floor. Like me, he wore a mouth mask, but it wasn't a gas mask, it was a simple mouth mask with Japanese characters on it, he wore some casual clothes over a simple battle vest. He armed himself with an old meteor shower pump action shotgun with anime girls on the butt stock." Black-sama." He called out to me.

    " Bates fired the first shot, man." He told me.

    " Damn it." I sighed." Help Gyne with the ties Weeb."

    I jumped up onto the teller's desk and looked down on everyone." Listen up!" I yelled "This is a robbery, wanted to harm no one. We're after the bank's money, not your's! Your money is insured by the Galatic Confederacy! So you won't lose a single credit! So keep your faces, tails, and tentacles down think of your loved ones or lovers and this will be over in no time."

    As the planet side police force began to surround the building, their hover car sirens wailing and screeching I finished off with "Please don't be a hero, we got enough of them coming for us."

    While Ash and Weeb began moving the hostages from the atrium, I sighed wondering how Bates ruined my plan, But before my thinking could get too far into my thoughts, Ven called me on my codex, probably wanting to tell me my plan went wrong. But once I put the device to my ear she surprised me on what she greeted me with.

    " I'm connecting with the hostage negator as we speak Gaz, I think you brought Bates along for the wrong ride."

    My only response was a sigh.

    " Told ya this job was gonna be go hot with a guy like him. Head to the manager's office, and I hope the plan b isn't just shooting everyone on the way to the escape car."

    Rushed to the set of steps, telling the ausar " Whenever I have a plan b it's always sweet."
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    The Assault

    The entire "Job." was turning into an entire shit show after the first shot."We're going to the Manager's office!" I shouted. The weeb lord, Akira, Lead the small group of hostages up the stairs of the bank and into the first room he saw. Once he kicked in the door in, he rushed in aiming his Meteor shower shotgun at who I can assume is the manager, once I pushed everyone inside, I took out of my Hammer pistols scanning the room.

    Once I laid eyes on the manager, I noticed it was a Gryvain woman, probably a Herm. The dragon woman just raised her clawed hands to the ceiling." Stand!" I yelled at her closing the gap between us and then I heard it. A constant sucking sound, followed by slurping, it didn't take a genius to tell what was happening under the desk," Pull ya damn pants up. No, wait, I'mma zip tie your hands to the back of the fucking chair."

    I went stepped around the desk grabbing one of the dragon woman's hands before tying her wrist together. I moved her back and pointed my pistol at the slut under the desk only to be surprised that it was one of my crew, our very peppy cat girl, and safe cracker, she popped up from under the desk with dragon slime on her cheek.

    "GA-Black!" She yelled nearly saying my name." I lost where Bates went, I know were supposed to be bank robbing buddies. But I'm in heat, and it took over, and I couldn't control myself." She gave me excuses before wiping off the dragon slime from the corner of her mouth.

    " She didn't do a half-bad job compared to my secretary." The bank manager interjected.

    " Oh shut up." I told her." And you, mask up. Then pull up her pants and make her decent."

    I set my shotgun down on the boss's table and watched Akira open a small windowless closet he began shoving the hostages into the closet and once the manager was inside. I took my mask off and took a breath of fresh air. " Kat," I called her over. Looking at her again, I noticed the petite catgirl was wearing a simple tight leather jacket and leather pants she had her sleeves rolled up to show her bright purple fur to the world.

    I looked into the eye sockets of her metal mask and looked into her innocent cat eyes." Listen, Noi, go and find the vault and do what you're best at." She stood up straight like a soldier with even her purple tail sticking up straight as well." Got it Gazi." Once she began running to the door. I called her once again stopping her." And don't go off blowing people, focus on the safe and the money."

    " Got it!" She gave me a thumbs up before disappearing from my sight, Akira set his shotgun down before taking off his mask and running a gloved hand through his spiky hair." So, you think that she will get 2 feet of the vault before attempting to blow a knocked out guard?" He asked.

    I chuckled, before pressing a button on the manager's desk and dimming the windows." Probably, I told him, I believe she'll get there and do the job before needing some of her meds." I tossed my codex onto the desk and hit one if it's many buttons to bring up a hologram of Ven's head." Hey, Okami with Blue fur, where's Yan and Bates."

    " Bringing up a feed now, Black." Suddenly her hologram changed into two screens, one showing Yan sleeping in the getaway Van, the second screen showing a guy with a blue fleece stabbing a guard in the chest after flipping him onto his back. I looked back over to Akira." Ya sure that it was the Batesmen who fired a shot?" I asked my Weeb friend.

    " I'm pretty sure that it had to be him, or it could have been a guard that got a shot off on him. I know for sure it wasn't me." Akira covered his own ass.

    Before I could say anything, I heard shooting outside the room, the sound of the caliber had to be from a heavy machine gun." Damn it. Ash is firing on the police." I spoke aloud. I put my gas mask back on and slipped on some goggles." You're on babysitting duty." I told him before rushing out the room with my Hammer pistol. I headed over to the balcony overlooking the atrium to get a better view of the situation Ash was crouched down inside of the bank's indoor fountain the red myr woman was firing a hail of bullets out the front door.

    Suddenly several cans of smoke grenades were lobbed at the front doors and released a cloud of smoke at the entrance. The heavily armored woman released the trigger and waited for whatever was on the other side of the smoke to come charging through, unlike us crooks, Ash was a real warrior, a woman made for stuff like this, and her ass looked great soaking wet, for an ant woman.
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    The Push back

    The time for gazing at ant women wasn't now the time right now was for action, I leaped from the balcony to the first floor, then dove into the fountain soaking myself and crawling up next to Ash. As soon as I caught my breath, I asked the red myr." The fuck are you doing?!" She responded by giving me a long almost awkward stare and slamming down a magazine box on the rim of the fountain, she then spoke." Peacekeepers arrived on the scene, sniper tried to take me out, and a group of shields attempted to move in." She spoke as she casually knocked off the emptied magazine box from her LMG, then pointed to the dent in her helmet." Also, Bates is right behind you."

    I quickly spun around nearly smacking my head against the fountain's rim to be greeted by the sight of our serial killer and bank robber. He was wearing his only set of clothes, a navy fleece jacket, a pair of jeans, and black running shoes his mask was unlike any other though. The mask was a pair of eyes with no mouth, just six small holes in the mouth's place. Bates stared off into the smoke before telling me." We need to charge through it when they do. Confuse them."

    I looked at him before taking out my second hammer pistol telling him." What?!" I flicked the safety off the pistol with my thumb before he just sighed and said." Fine, I'll handle it then." Bates vaulted over the rim then charged out into cloud without any hesitation and disappeared into it, not long after it the both of us heard more than enough shots to put him down, as I slowly rose up, Ash grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.

    As the smoke cleared, I was surprised seeing Bates on his own two feet and more than several Peacekeepers dead in the street or horribly injured, but my focus soon shifted from Bates over to a UGC officer. It was Leithan woman, standing tall with a horse like lower body and six legs, even though I've seen only a few, they still weird me out, it's like a centaur crossed with a lizard, but with odd horns for ears. The big thick centauresque lizard woman wore a modified version of the UGC uniform, beret and all. Next to her was a small army of PeaceKeepers of different alien races, once they caught a glimpse of Bates they started firing everything at him from the police barricade, Plasma, Lasers, and bullets.

    Surprisingly, Bates began heading back towards us, luckily ducking a laser beam but sadly getting hit in the back with a bolt of plasma. The serial killer threw himself back over the fountain's rim and instead of asking if he was okay. Ash thought out loud." That Leithan officer has some big tits."

    Suppressing my chuckle, I checked on Bate's back." You okay there big dude?"

    Bates rose up like some horror movie monster and got to his knees." I'll be fine." he grunted as the plasma sizzled on his back, he then began laying in the fountain's water hoping that it would be cool enough to stop the burning. Before I could tell the two to retreat, back up to the manger's office, the Leithan Peacekeeper grabbed a megaphone.

    "I am Captain Jereos of the UGC in this sector of the galaxy, lay down your weapons and come out with your hands up." The centaur woman announced.

    "I could take her out right now, I got a good shot," Ash whispered as she pulled the lever back on her light machinegun. I put a hand over her iron sights before leaping out of the fountain, I strutted forwards towards the doors of the bank and stopped at the frame, I glimpsed up at a sniper training their sights on me.

    " I have over a dozen hostages!" I yelled out." If I see one blue beret or one P.K badge in here, I'll Kill one hostage here in the lobby!"

    Then like a badass, I turned around and began walking towards the manager's office as I passed the fountain I beckoned for the two to follow me back up into the office with Akihiko. The second the three of us got back inside, the first thing I noticed was the weeb Lord with his feet kicked up chilling like he owned the place.

    Instead of walking over to the desk and throwing down his feet, I made my way over to the tinted windows to see the UGC gunship's lights through the tint. I turned my back to the window just to see Bates take off his mask and smear blood on his face before cursing and wiping off his face with his jacket sleeve, I chuckled then got serious." Ash go and check on the hostages, then berate Akira for looking too comfortable."

    "Hey!" He jumped up to his feet," I did my job, it just wasn't that hard man."

    I ignored him then pointed over to Bates." B-man, I want you to make sure nobody comes into the Lobby or upstairs, cut'em down if you see'em, but don't kill them."

    Then I went back to the door." I'm checking on my pet cat and the safe, if we're lucky, she's got it half way open by now." I told them before heading off. As I took off down the hallways heading deeper into the bank my gut began telling me that it was time to bolt, PeaceKeepers weren't a part of the plan and sticking around too long would just make things worse.
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    Cashing out

    Once I made it to the vault area, I half expected to see the security guards nude below the waist, but Noi listened and followed directions. After going around a corner and stepping over a zip tied knocked out a security guard, I spotted my pet cat girl and noticed that she was wearing her roller blades, she was going in a circle as a massive drill burrowed into the bank vault's lock. The second her innocent gold eyes spotted me the purple-furred cat girl attempted to pounce on me, only to fall short and eat marble flooring face first, even after face slamming the ground the Noi managed to scramble up to her feet with a toothy brace-filled smile."Gaz!Gaz!Gaz!" She shouted." I listened good and found the safe then I didn't blow anyone because you told me to."

    I nodded agreeing with Noi before petting her on the head." Yeah, yeah." I sounded like nonchalant." Maybe now I'll let you sit at the table with that dumb ass cat bowl."

    Suddenly Noi began pouting and glaring at me." Meanie!" She yelled before she could meow more insults at me, the drill began to sound off with a high pitch click then the grinding of metel on metel sound and it's laser switched off, out of nowhere a small blue holographic image of the Steele Tech logo appeared above the drill, then a female voice announced that its drilling was complete. Noi leaped onto the drill and yanked it off vault door before attempting to pull open the safe, only to fail due to her lack of muscles, after watching the catgirl yank on the door handle and get a sweat going, I figured that I should help her before she hurts herself.

    Knowing that this was a Gryvain bank, or at least owned by one, I decided to take the opposite approach and simply pushed the heavy door instead, after moving the million ton door and Noi's motivational cheers. I laid my eyes on the one thing we came here for, the fruits of my planning and waiting, the planet side cash, stacked at the end of the vault, it was too much for all of us to carry out, but it was beautiful still and the only thing I could do is just stare at the massive blocks of bills. Then Noi rushed in and dove into the money head first, like a cat version of Scrouge McDuck." First I'mma buy a bunch of Rush from my dealer, then I'mma get a new collar and get a tattoo." She began listing off all the things she'd do with the money, as she poked her head out the top of the pile.

    I strolled over and chucked an old gym back next to the pile of money and told her." First get your braces removed." I grabbed one of her fangs that had a noticeable metal bracket with my pinkie finger. The second I let it go, her ears drooped, it looked as if I smashed her dreams in a single sentence." Well, your cut is your money Noi, you don't have to get your teeth fixed." Her ears perked up and a smile formed on her face." But we first will need to convert everything over to credits and chill out before partying with it."

    Noi looked bored and annoyed by the fact that she would have to wait before using the money, as I began filling up the gym bag and preparing to open another one, my codex sprung to life ringing off the hook, once I answered Ven sounded panicked and rambled too fast for me to even understand her, after telling the ausar to calm down, she took a breath." There's a Federation Ranger in the bank!" She screamed into my ear. As my ear recovered from the screaming, I asked Ven " Just what the hell is a Ranger? Like a power ranger or something?" There was a long sigh on the dog girl's end." No, they aren't like those lame asses. The Federation Rangers are like bounty hunters trained in non-lethal fighting and are forbidden to use guns besides Arc casters."

    After being given the shock notes from Ven, I asked her why would one of them be here." They're here for Bates, they are trying to bring him in, or at least one of them is trying to." She told me. I looked down to the bags Noi filled up and put one on my back before picking up two of them." Ven ready the ship I told her over the codex." As my pet catgirl began putting a bag on her back." Come on Noi we're leaving."

    As we entered the lobby and began heading back to the Manager's office, I felt an impending feeling of danger, and true to my feeling a cloud of smoke exploded at my feet engulfing the both of us before I could check on Noi, an armored figure in all black almost fell on me from the ceiling fist first. The person landed only inches away from my face and knocked away most of the smoke he used to make a cool entrance, once he stood up straight the black armored guy told us." I'm ending this withdraw, and I'm taking that serial killer back to my sector of the galaxy."

    I chuckled before dropping the money bags on the floor." Man, you walked straight out of a comic strip." I then drew both my Eagle handguns in a flash then cracked a smile under my mask." But sadly this is my comic buddy, not yours." I fired off two shots as he rushed me, with both rounds bouncing off his armor before he roundhouse kicked both of the guns from my hands and knocked both of them into Noi's head.

    The second he disarmed me, I froze where I was standing, just shocked that he knocked my weapons out my hand and then used them to knock out Noi. My mind was going back to what Ven told me earlier, but before I could think too hard about it, the other side of the man's leg connected with my head and knocked me over the balcony railing. I narrowly avoided breaking my neck hitting the ground in the lobby."Damn, I didn't think Batman existed in the galaxy." I thought out loud. I slowly pulled myself up off the floor only to be greeted by the sight of the Ranger.

    Feeling angry and fucked up by the fall, I took my knife out ready to do my best Bates impersonation then I just charged him without thinking only to have my knife kicked away and nearly gave his leg another smooch, but in the split second of nearly being hit, I dodged the best I could and dived away from the Ranger." This Bonnie and Cyde stunt is over, I may not know who you are, but I believe you can change yourself, do something better than comitt crimes." He held out one of his hands." You just have to be willing to take the first steps."

    I glared at the dark armored man offering me a second chance, I stood up and stared him in the eye." Ranger, you barely know who you're talking too, I'm not a guy rejected by society. I'm not someone who's down on his luck on his shittest day. I'm a man that was locked away because I was hope." He didn't need to take a helmet off for me to tell he was squinting at me and wondering what I meant, but before the rare moment could go on. Bate's cleaver struck the ground, and soon it's Owner arrived." Black, I got this one." Bates leaped in between the two of us and ripped his cleaver out the ground.
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    Clean getaway

    In just a couple seconds Bates began swinging at the Ranger, his blade only making near misses with each swipe."Give it up Bates, you're coming back with me, to the Federation." The boy scout threatened him. Then out of nowhere, Bates tackled the Ranger to the floor and held the man down,"Black go, get the others escape or help me, I don't care!" He grunted.

    As I began running back up the steps, I knew not to leave the guy behind, I went back up to the second floor and found Noi still out cold and drooling all over herself. I quickly grabbed one of my Eagle handguns and went over to the railing just in the nick of time to see Bates get thrown by the Ranger, seeing my chance to strike. I fired several shots at the dark armored man, only for my bullets to 'ping' off his armor, but before I could empty my mags into him, he threw a smoke bomb and disappeared like a ninja. Feeling as if he would pounce any second, I slapped Noi with a stack of bills to wake her up, and luckily, one was enough, she smelled her furry forearms before picking up the bags a second time, and soon Bates regrouped with us.

    When the three of us kicked in the door to the manager's office, Ash greeted us with the barrel of her LMG I threw both her a bag then the Weeblord a bag, once everyone was ready with their share, I pulled out my codex and locked the door to the outside. I called up Ven, who instantly picked up the video phone." G, I got the ship, where I'm taking it?" She asked me, but before I could give her the order. The Gryvain manager broke down the door to the small closet, then dove to my four barreled shotgun, the dragon woman grabbed the weapon by it's handle then aimed it directly at me, putting a clawed finger into the trigger guard.

    In any other situation, I'd probably be a bit scared, probably on edge, maybe even shocked, but right here and now, I was everything but the before mentioned." Alright. All of you are gonna lay down your weapons and return all of my money." She ordered. The others began slowly putting their guns down, instead of me, the dragon woman seeing me disobey her orders, she aimed it at me." All of you means you too boy." She told me.

    I looked over to her with a smile growing under my mask before telling her." Lady, you're holding my gun, and knowing my gun, I know how many shots I've fired, right now all I gotta ask is, do you feel lucky?" I leaned closer to the woman." Well, do ya?" Feeling the doubt I planted in her mind, the woman looked down at the gun before actually looking down its barrel." I know there's ammo, I can see it." She told me before pointing the gun at me again." But you can't shoot me tho." I told her. Wanting to prove me wrong she pulled the trigger, and the shotgun made the dreaded click noise.

    I quickly kicked the barrel of the gun into the dragon woman's face, then took the gun from her scaled hands, once back in my hands, I turned off the safety as the lady dragon held her now bloodied nose." Every firearm owner knows that you're unkillable when your enemy has the safety on." I told her. Once the ordeal was over, Ash decked the dragon woman in the face before she zip-tied her and threw her into the closet once again, I put my codex back up to my ear to finish the conversation with Ven telling her about what happened,

    "Ven I want you to come in hot, smash in through the lobby with the cargo bay open. Once we're off the planet, we're heading to the warp gate." After the Ausar woman gave me her okay I pocketed the device, I the shotgun under one of my arms." Okay, I just talked with our ride, they're coming in the lobby, we might have to deal with the Ranger as well."

    The second all of us rushed out of the manager's office, the first thing I noticed was a Peacekeeper shield wall charging into the lobby of the bank. "Ash!" I yelled out." Light'em up!"

    The Red Ant woman opened fire on the charging phalanx of shields causing some of them to tumble over from the sheer impact of the bullets, out of nowhere Ven slammed my ship into the bank and threw the Peacekeepers across the lobby, luckily the light freighter was small enough to get into the building."Everybody to the ship!" I shouted. Bullets, plasma, lasers, and every other type of ammunition began flying into the bank attempting to stop us from boarding the ship.

    Next to all of us made it onto the ship with Bates slow dragging behind us, then before we knew it, the Ranger showed up once again with the same motive, to capture Bates. He attempted to tackle the killer, only failing and grabbing the bag of cash on his back and pulling him out of the cargo bay. In the heat of the moment, Bates slipped the bag off his back and grabbed the other end and attempted to kick the Ranger off his share of the money.

    But holding on tightly, the dark armored soldier only kicked back, when Noi, Ash, and Akira rushed to the heister's aid, the Ranger threw a set of boomerang-like knives that bounced off of Ash's helmet with a ping noise, and dropped both Akira and Noi quickly. Thinking quickly, I grabbed a detached laser turret from the outside of the ship and told Bates."Yo! Get the hell out the way!" Bates let go of the bag as I fired the turret into his chest and flung the Ranger into one of the bank's walls, still holding the bag of cash.

    Thinking he was going to get the bag, Bate's surprised me by throwing both Akira and Noi into the ship's cargo bay and leaving the cash behind." Let's go!" He yelled.

    The bay doors slowly closed and a wave of relaxation came over me, I took my gas mask off and took a breath before checking on Noi and Akira, the both of them had light injuries from the boomerang like knives he threw. Ash, on the other hand, was just sitting on a crate now, helmet off and silent, before I could do anymore, I realized I left the dog flying my ship. "Hey Ash double check to make sure Noi and Akira aren't dead, I gotta fly my ship," I told her as I ran down the narrow corridors.

    Our ship was a light freighter with teeth, teeth being put in at the moment, it was a modified smuggler ship made for speed and eluding PeaceKeepers. As I stepped into the cockpit, Ven had already taken off, and we were being chased, by PeaceKeeper gunships." Mr Orange, hop out the driver's seat and let me fly my ship."

    "Stop calling me that, I'm not an undercover cop Gaz!" She barked back at me with her Dog ears narrowing, Yan sitting in the co-pilot's seat chimed in," Probably be smart to listen to your boss there Ven, could effect your payment today." The giant told her.

    The Ausar girl took the ship through a narrow section of buildings and the second when we came out and started flying over water she quickly hopped out the seat, I dropped my bag and jumped into pilot's seat. Ven stationed herself next to the navigation screen and radar," We got a couple behind us, the rest must be helping with the situation at the bank." She alerted us.

    "Yan get ready, I'm about to pull some slick shit before I take us outta here, charge the forward guns." He just nodded, before flicking one of the switches on his side of the board, the front guns hummed to life." Don't kill'em just scare'em." I told him.

    I quickly pulled the up and turned it back around to the gunships still chasing us back in the city. Once the gap between us began to closing, I yelled out."Fire!" Yan blasted two shots from the front cannon, making the Peacekeeper ships scatter or crash in attempts to dodge the shots, Once we flew past them again. I took the ship straight off the planet and made a beeline for the warp gate, the second we launched out of the system I cheered and couldn't believe it.

    "Holy crap did we just do that?" The ausar asked."We just got away with that. Oh my god how?" She asked herself.

    The dog girl held back cheering as she began digging through my bag of cash." Jesus, with all of this or just a small bit I won't have to keep my shitty job anymore." The ausar girl's eyes lit up." I could buy way out of my contract at the stupid burger joint."

    As we entered the warp tunnel, the rest of the gang made their way up to the cockpit, Noi collapsed on the floor along with Akira attempting to slump against a wall, while Ash and Bates just leaned on a set of consoles. I spun my chair around to everyone pulling my hood down and cracking my neck." Guys got good news, bad news and in between news." I told them all." I'll let Yan here tell the bad news first."

    The big guy just looked back to the group."First off the money here will need to be laundered, and the process will likely take a long time. Then, the money will need to be changed over into credits which will be costly, but also take even longer, sadly we won't have a million credits in our accounts, but we will become richer over time."

    Ash looked over at me with her black eyes and asked." So then what's the good news?"

    " Easy, while our Benji's are processing, I figured we get actual credits through the Darknet, they won't all be bank jobs, some might be things that are a little fucked up." I told them, I let the idea sink before I continued." If any of you want your cash and to go your own way after this, I'll be willing to drop you off anywhere as long as you don't sell us out."

    Akira managed to stand himself up and rubbed his head saying." Well Gaz me, and you go way back, and I can't do anything besides this. I'm with ya."

    Noi looked up to me with her gold eyes saying." Gazi, you still own my contract from Mishka and that other mean lady from Tarvos. I gotta do what you say anyways." She spoke as if she was okay with being in a debt contract.

    Ash shrugged before crossing her arms." I'm okay for it Gaz it's not like I won't see anything I haven't seen already."

    Bates was admiring his meat cleaver as he just simply said." I'm fine with it."

    Ven looked up from the cash before sighing and saying." I'm in, if not I'm stuck flipping burgers and listing to stupid people ask me every ingredient to a cheeseburger."

    I clapped my hand saying "Sweet." Then remembered the in between news." Oh yeah, the in-between news is that we won't have to worry about the UGC because Darknet jobs mostly are us fucking with pirates and other criminals."
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    Visiting Hours

    The two of us stuck around till the police arrived, for a number of reasons, one of which was because the gooey orange Rahn store owner was afraid that the robbers would attempt to run off or continue robbing the place before the cops would arrive. As I polished off my, I looked down at the many bags of cookies that I've eaten, my fourteenth bag of cookies, it felt odd waiting for the same people that we shot at almost two weeks ago, once I finished off my last bag and dropped it onto the floor Gaz chimed in to mess with me,"Jesus why don't you just eat out the whole store while your at it Ash."

    I rolled my inky black eyes, sighing at his comment as the paddy wagon showed up and gathered up the criminals in the store. As me and Gaz tried to walk away from the scene, one of the Lady cops, who was oddly enough a pig humanoid, stopped us." Hold up." She ordered us, doing his best to resist calling her bacon Gaz rubbed the back of his snowy white hair along with me." Yes, miss officer." He answered her.

    The pig cop snorted before saying."We need to know what happened here, from what the Clerk told us, you two handled the situation and you pulled a gun boy. Do you have a license for that firearm?" She asked.

    Gaz crossed his arms before simply telling her." We're planet rushers, just came back home from one of the newest planets out there, last one we came back from was a planet with worms that try to crawl into your ass." He bullshitted her while taking out an I.D. After she looked it over from back to front, she handed it back to him before looking to me." What about you?"

    I patted my jeans realizing I had nothing in my pockets, nor did I have any real form of identification on me, seeing me hesitate Gaz threw his arm around my shoulder before saying." Sorry miss, my gal Ash just tossed some clothes on, doubt she really got her id on her, she didn't really expect to help take down a robbery with me today and be a hero." He then kept true to his bluff and gave me a kiss on the lips before looking back to the pig cop.

    The swine grabbed the tip of her police cap and said an extended "Well." She turned from the two of us saying."I'd hate to ruin a nice couple and run you in M'am, but please carry your identification around with you in the future."

    Once the cops were off and the Rahn began cleaning up her store, I was still frozen there surprised by the silver tongued devil and how far he went with that bluff, once he hopped back onto his bike, Gaz padded the sidecar's seat." Come on Ash, it's kind of a long ride to the hospital and that fucking robbery cut off a lot of time."

    I hopped into the sidecar and like a bat out of hell, Gaz had us take off heading to the hospital, I tried to push back him kissing me to the back of my head as he sped through the streets and narrowly ran through yellow lights and just caught green lights, at one point he even drove up onto the sidewalk to get past a line of traffic, he whizzed by people on the street and a couple kids before we dropped back into the street and made it to the hospital's parking lot, Gaz drifted into a parking spot, leaving skid marks on the asphalt.

    The whole ride here, the thought of who we might be visiting peaked my curiosity as he took the keys out his bike and started heading off into the hospital, I did my best to keep up with him, but all I could manage was getting to the doors before I began huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. When I finally caught up to Gaz at the front desk, I caught the ending of the conversation between Gaz and the Leithian secratary,"Yes she's in room 101 Sir, and visiting hours aren't over yet, they end at 9pm. Take the elevator up one level and go down the end of the hall."

    Thanking her looking back to me Gaz took it slowly as we walked to the elevator, once inside, he began speaking the second he hit the button." The person I know here, she's been through a lot really." The elevator trip was short and the doors opened quickly letting us out, as we continued down to the room he kept speaking." I had the chance to stop what happened to her and even could've saved her parents, but at the time I was a fucking selfish asshole." He stopped at the door and I nearly bumped into him as he reached for the door." But I let Mishka get her hands on them."

    When Gaz mentioned that name my mind when back to when we first met, it wasn't a great moment of my life and I almost made the biggest mistake in my life, all because of that woman. My memory of Mishka was of a large dark amazon woman standing taller than both me and Gaz, with bright white hair in a ponytail, when I fought Mishka, it was like fighting a robot that showed no pain, remorse, or even signs of slowing down, she was a living horror movie monster that would always come back to hear her name just puts me on edge.

    As Gaz opened the door, we both were greeted with the sight of a young woman covered in bandages from head to toe, she was laying in bed and quickly turned to us before getting up and wobbly walking towards us with her arms out. Her form and walking style reminded me of the old movie we all watched the other night, a horror movie about a human wrapped up in bandages and shuffle stepping toward their enemies, when the mummy closed the distance instead of biting Gaz and eating him, she instead grabbed him and did their best to hug him with their skinny arms.

    Acting a bit different for once, Gaz picked up the mummy and put them back into bed, he turned to me and introduced me," Ash this here is Rika. Rika, this is Ash." He introduced her to me. Then, before anything else he clapped his hands together before saying." Now that you two ladies know each other, I'm going to. Go and take care of something."

    Once Gaz disappeared, I stood over the bandaged girl and bluntly asked what happened to her, but I didn't get a response from her, but she put out one of her wrapped up hands and waved it around as if she was trying to act it out, then closed one of her hands into a fist and extended all of her fingers and understanding it, I asked out loud." An Explosion?" She shook her head and waved her hand back and forth and soon I started to understand." A fire, right?"

    The mummy girl nodded, then she put her hand on her arm and rubbed it up and down and I understood." Mishka burned you." I thought out loud. Her tired purple eyes widened in alertness once she heard the name before nodding a second time." Damn, I knew Mishka was a monster, didn't know she would just do stuff like this." I sighed, before either one of us could make the situation more morbid Gaz popped back into the room with a wheelchair." Surprise Motherfuckers!" He yelled before noticing the somber mood." Damn I wasn't expecting to come back and see you guys looking all down."

    He brought the chair next to Rika's bed saying." Alright Rika we're going on a little field trip, and let's make it quick because I beat the shit out some cripple dude to steal his chair." Without fighting Rika plopped down into the wheelchair before we began heading back to the elevator, he hit the lobby button, once the doors to the elevator opened we headed out to the hospital's outdoor courtyard and took the two of us to start of a long track.

    "Okay Rika, I got a present for you, hell, maybe even two of them, but you have to work for them." He let go of the chair." You have to beat my muddy Ash in a foot race."

    "Wait, what?" I asked him.

    He ignored me." I know the odds may seem against you, waking up from a coma and all, but I'm gonna give you an edge to get back on your feet." He pulled out a medipen." This stuff is some old school drugs that will give you your motor skills back in a matter of moments, only down side or upside is that it will increase your libido and make your breast grow up a cup size." Gaz spun the medipen in his hand before asking." So you want to get the surprise? Or not?"

    The moment she nodded, Gaz injected her with the medipen in a way that wouldn't get others staring at us, then he pointed to the end of the long track." Alright, Go!" He yelled out and I took off running. I wasn't running that fast, but I was moving, when I looked back to Rika and Gaz she was struggling to stand up and when she got out the wheelchair she fell on her face. Not wanting to feel like an asshole and being a cripple in a foot race, I stopped and took a breath, but the second I did Rika was getting off the ground with Gaz's help, she began taking her time, one step at a time to catch up, then she looked as if she took a deep breath and began moving faster and soon she was catching up to me on the track.

    Before I knew it, the mummy was running once she got close enough to nearly pass by me, I went into a jog before sprinting trying to stay ahead of her and in mere seconds my lungs began feeling like they were in a vice, my stomach started twisting into knots, my muscles began to burn, and it felt like my veins were pumping battery acid. Then to add to all my problems at the moment the mummy girl passed right by me and reached the end just as I made it to the end of the track.

    I held back my need to vomit before we walked back, sweat flowed down from my brow into my clothes and almost soaked them completely, I collapsed at Gaz's feet and nearly fell into the wheelchair before saying." I'm out of shape." In between huffs.

    "You don't say?" Gaz stood over me answering, he took what looked like some type of bulky codex device from his hoodie, but it was covered in odd switches and buttons," What is that?" I managed to ask.

    Gaz handed the device to Rika, before saying."It's an old school tape recorder, an ancient device used to record audio nearby."

    "Correct." The device played a feminine voice after Rika hit it's play button.

    The white haired human, turned away from Rika saying." I couldn't save your house in Silicon valley, nor could I save your parent's money, but I managed to save this from the fire Mishka set."
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    Sep 16, 2015

    Gaz and Rika got me a bottle of water to help cool down, and once the 3 of us were back in her hospital room, Gaz made sure the nurse wasn't around and closed the door before he leaned on the wall asking Rika." So, Rika. You know who did this to you right? You can remember the person right?" He asked her. The mummy nodded before hitting a button on their tape recorder saying." No, my name is." She quickly hit the stop button, rewind button before hitting play once more." Yes." Gaz crossed his arms and looked towards the window before looking back to the mummy." Alright, Me and Ash are members of a... A real estate firm that makes bank surveying buildings, and our "firm" could use someone such as yourself, would you be willing to join us?"

    The mummy thumbed the play button to her recorder saying."What?"

    Gaz sighed before closing in on her, and putting his hands on the skinny mummy's shoulders." I know you want revenge for what Mishka's done, I have a badass team, including Ash and myself, and like you Mishka has fucked me up as well." He told her.

    Rika put one of her bandaged hands onto Gaz's shoulder before hitting a button on her recorder." Please raise arms and assume the position." She played the wrong line before hitting the buttons and playing something else." Thinking, time needed." They told him before hitting fast forwards." Sleeping is a vital part of health, driving while tired is not recommended."

    The white haired human cocked his head to the side before getting what the recorder spouted." Ah, I get it, I'll be back." Gaz turned to me as I took a long drink from my water bottle, he tipped the bottom of it up higher and made me spill the water all over my breast and top, I wiped the water off my breast before slapping Gaz for messing with me, his only reaction was a smile. As we left the hospital and headed to Gaz's bike in the parking garage, I heard someone's footsteps behind us, I stopped to look behind us to see nobody, I grabbed Gaz's shoulder and stopped him." We're being followed?" I told him while still looking behind us.

    " Shit, you think it's one of Mishka's people?" He asked.

    " I don't know." I told him, I let him go before calling out to them." Whoever you are, I know you're there. Show yourself." My antennae twitched as a woman in a black coat walked from behind a pillar. The woman had long black hair that framed her pale face well, she looked somewhat closer to a slender curvy super model, with bright red eyes, she wore long dark heeled boots that came up to her thighs and sticking up from over her shoulder was the handle of a sword.

    She walked out to the middle section of the overhead parking lot before bowing politely." I am Rin Amon apprentice assassin, of the Amon clan, I am here to collect the bounty that is on Mr. Gaz's head." The assassin then stood up straight before taking her sword off her back and holding it in front of her." I would be grateful if you would please stand out of my way miss Myr."

    Gaz turned around slowly to see the assassin and blurted out." The Amon clan is real?!" Before the apprentice assassin could attack us, a large black hover van drove down from one of the higher levels and stopped on the other side of us, the doors to the Van slid open and a masked man held up one of his hands with a gun in the other yelling." Stop right there, he's ours assassin! We were here first!"

    I sighed, but the moment I wanted to say it, Gaz said it for the both of us."Ah fuck!"

    It was almost lighting fast, the female assassin threw her sword on her back before removing a bright silver looking pistol from her coat, the hit squad began to open fire on the assassin with laser rifles and plasma rifles. The two of us hit the deck before a stray bullet hit either of us, and we began crawling towards the bike, but midway into it, I looked over to the Assassin to see her dodge and move around the lasers as if she was dancing around them and the plasma, she flipped towards the hit squad and spun in midair firing her pistol at them hitting their bulletproof before shooting them in the head one by one before she even touched the ground.

    I stared wide eyed as the two survivors chose to throw away their guns and run away instead of facing her in single combat on their own. Suddenly I heard the roar of Gaz's motorcycle and threw myself into the sidecar, Gaz hit the throttle and we drove off up the parking complex instead of out, as we took off the assassin held her gloved hand out yelling." Wait!" as if we were supposed to stay and die.

    When I noticed that we were heading up, I started asking Gaz where the hell we could possibly be going." Don't know, up?" He told me urgently before we hit the roof of the complex, he looked around as if there was another place to go, before seeing a small hover car parked at one of the corners. He throttled the bike towards the small hover car, and I nearly had the idea to throw myself out of the sidecar, but Gaz ramped the bike off the front of the tiny car and launched us off the side of the complex and into the street with us nearly landing on a moving hover car.

    " See?! Nothing to worry about, I know what I'm doing. I at least feel as if I know what I'm doing." He muttered the last part.

    " So much for keeping a low profile. Who the hell was that chick in the parking lot?"

    Gaz Shrugged, then made a sharp right turn," Hell if I know, some assassin from the Amon assassins."

    "Amon assassins?"

    "Yeah, you know Japanese people who kill other people for money. The use the Darknet to get contracts and I guess I have a contract on my head." He said before driving us down an Alleyway. Suddenly rock music began playing as if it was one of those escape scenes from a movie, Gaz stopped the bike on the sidewalk and reached into his coat." Of all times I gotta get a phone call damn it."

    He pulled out his Codex device and answered the call." Yeah, who is it?" He answered while looking around." Yeah, I kinda know that some people want me Dead Ven, thanks for telling me on your break you're very kind."

    I noticed two black cars ride past us before turning around in front of traffic," Ah fuck!" Gaz started up the bike as he tossed me the device and began speeding down the street as the cars started chasing us, I put the Codex to one of my pointed ears before hearing Ven's concerned whispers." Ven it's me Ash, can you do anything about this?" I asked her.

    "I could, but there's a problem." She whispered

    " What is it?" I asked, getting pissed.

    "Thing is I'm not at my apartment or at the hideout, I'm at work right now and would need my computer to do anything."

    I groaned while Gaz drove us through someone's backyard and knocked over a grill." Your an Aoosar right? Your people are supposed to be smart, can't you just do it from your Codex? You went to college to do smart stuff right?"

    Ven almost seemed to forget that she was at work before overreacting."Okay, one Ash that was kind racist and an insult to my intelligence, plus I majored in engineering to modify weapons, not computers." In the background the sound of a gruff man telling Ven her break was over and after hearing a growl she hung up.

    "So we got good news? Bad news? Or in between news?" Gaz asked me as we drove around in what seemed like circles in a mall parking lot." In between news, Ven says she could do something, but we probably should get out of this parking lot."

    " Alright then." Gaz began heading towards the Mall's doors and slipped into the mall past a couple humans leaving, sticking to us like glue the two hover cars slammed through the doors staying on our tail.
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    Sep 16, 2015
    The Heat
    As we drove past people scrambling for cover with their kids, family members, or lovers, I noticed Gaz' large smile on his face." Man! I always wanted to do this!" He yelled as we drove threw a store, with one of the cars behind us attempting to do the same but smashing into the walls of the store and crashing. The second hover car lowered it's passenger window and a long laser rifle leaned out the window and started firing at us, with one of the shots hitting the joints holding the sidecar.

    The smell of burning metal hit my nose before I ended up turning off away from Gaz and tumbled off on my own, I slid across the ground before jumping from the death trap as it spun and flipped into a kiosk, I landed on my chest and as slowly pulled myself from the floor I held my breast holding back a swear as Gaz doubled back and stopped next to me." Quit playing with yourself, now's not the time!" He yelled before a bright red beam of light narrowly dodged his head.

    I jumped on the back of the bike and held onto his waist as we sped off, as we past a giant fountain in the mall, I felt a burning feeling in my lower back and tightened my grip on Gaz, one of their shots hit me in the back. Right now I was really wishing I had my suit of burly armor, while I was bear hugging Gaz's guts out of him, he looked back to me groaning." Hey Ash, why don't you grab my gun from my jacket and shoot them back?"

    Digging through his hoodie, I felt the handle of the pistol and quickly yanked it out of his holster, I turned my body back to the driver and the shooter, the sensitive trigger on the gun made me fire my first shot without aiming properly and cracking the front windshield, I fired a couple more rounds at the windshield, hitting the driver and making the car crash into a computer kiosk." Alright let's get the hell out of here before the cops come." I told him.

    After Gaz drove us through a set of glass doors and got us back out onto the street, I felt something vibrate and music began playing out of nowhere, then I remembered Gaz' Codex, I took the odd looking device from my back pocket and the moment I tried to answer it, Gaz took it from me and answered it at a red light." Hello who is it?" He asked.

    I leaned in close to Gaz to hear the conversation." This is Gaz right?" An apathetic voice asked.

    " No, I'm John Mclane and I'm trapped in a high rise, Of course I'm Gaz." He answered." Who are you? How'd you get my Net-link code?"

    " I'm Simo, we both have a mutual friend, your grandmother or Granny really, she gave me the code. Listen the contract placed on you is a fake, it's too high to actually be real, and if it was you'd probably be dead before waking up this morning."

    As the light changed green and traffic began passing us, Gaz asked him another question." So you're telling me it's just a prank bro?"

    " I guess if that's what you're gonna call it, listen survive the day and I'll look into this to help you out, I'd hate to lose a chance to get some good work Gaz."

    When the conversation ended Gaz placed the Codex back into his jacket, he sighed before we took off from the scene as a trail of police cars began heading past us and to the mall." So are we heading back to the hideout?" I asked him.

    " Nope, and we can't take the Intercepter to get off planet either, if we go back to the hideout then the place is compromised and we'll have to move everything probably during a long gun fight." He sighed." We can't take the Intercept because it will get ID'ed before we even get into space and have a trail of Peace Keepers on us. Fuck!"

    As we drove into a neighborhood, I began noticing some streets blocked off with hard light beam barriers, and even the small one way streets were blocked off, with nobody in the street doing anything or anyone on the sidewalks, walking by, I slowly began to see that we were riding into a trap and the moment I tried to tell Gaz, he told me."I know, but is it for us or them?"

    We were guided by the blocked off streets, right into a large hover truck parked blocking both sides of the street, we stopped in the middle of the street and the moment we turned around we were surrounded by a trio of Robots. They had oddly shaped round heads, their bodies were sleek but also somewhat bulky looking, the one in the center had a cobalt trim to his paint job, while the other two had a dim gray looking color." Hmm. Observation: The Meat bag has trapped himself with a cohort. A Myr female, height sixty seven inches, weight... Overweight."

    I flipped off the robot before it began speaking a second time." Query: Meat bags, did you corner yourselves in a failed attempt to fight us face to face? It would be foolish." It raised a an energy rifle I've never seen before in my life.

    I put my chin on Gaz's shoulder asking him who these robots were as the trio, suddenly began talking with one another." These are assassin robots, they only kill who their target they are programmed to kill, they are armed with some badass black light laser rifles, stuff that would cook us alive before killing us." Gaz revved the engine on the bike and the assassin robot aimed his rifle at him.

    "Threaten: Do not move Meat bag!" It ordered, it's head moved from side to side before it blurted out." Threat detected, several armed organics in the area, scans say they are hos-"

    The Assassin robot could barely finish as a beam of heated plasma slammed into its chest, and threw it onto the ground, out of nowhere another trio of fully armored warriors flew over the truck with Jet packs strapped onto the back of their armor, with one of them holding the smoking gun, their armor was similar to the Ranger's from the bank heist we did a while back, but theirs was gray color, and everyone one of them had a small cape sticking out the shoulder pad of their armor.

    "Damn, I'm really split down the middle here, either fulfill the contract or see how well these robots handle an Outlaw throw down, what do you guys think?" He asked his teammates.

    " I've been looking for a fight ever since we got off the ship, these bots will do." A female one answered.

    " Never fought against a droid that went against the robotic laws, I wanna see how I do. We can always catch up to the mark."

    I was puzzled to see how quickly, the new group of bounty hunters went from hunting Gaz to fighting against the droids in an odd way."Even when they aren't in the military, these guys still thrive for a tough battle, never thought that would save my ass." Gaz breathed out loud.

    The bounty hunter standing in the center of the group looked back to us, the glass of his visor glowing a golden color." Well, I'd take our choice to be a good chance to run mark, wouldn't want to catch a stray bullet or some plasma right?" He cackled under his helmet.

    Gaz took us right past them and the assassin robots, with one of them trying to grab at us, only to get its hand shot by one of the bounty hunters, the two of us ducked under a hard light barrier and rounded a corner. In the split second we rounded it, there was a silver haired Cat woman, she was wearing a jet blue duster with lightning bolts on it, aside from her coat, she looked like she could be someone's mother with curves like hers.

    The Kaithrit woman drew an odd looking a bulky looking gun from her hip and blasted both of us before Gaz could turn away, the gun didn't fire a bullet or a laser at us, but it fired a long stream of electricity at the two of us, I felt the tingling of the electricity and ended up pulling Gaz off the motorcycle as we both tumbled into the street rolled nearly face first into a curb.
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    Sep 16, 2015
    The Coming Gauntlet
    My vision was a daze from the fall and my lower back felt like I just lifted up the front end of a car, I started to make out the form that shocked Gaz and caused us to crash, it was a tall woman, one Gaz would probably call a Milf, once I laid eyes on those cat ears sticking up from her head I could tell she was the same race as Noi, a kaithrit, but instead of the two tails they usually had, she had an odd green reptile tail.

    I could see Gaz laying next to his motorcycle, but after taking a laser blast to my back and falling off a motorcycle, I couldn't force myself up to help fend off the cat bounty hunter." Well, just my luck, I caught you right after you escaped from the others." She taunted the wounded Gaz. I only wished I had the energy to pull myself up to my feet and fight the woman, but all I could do was lay on the cold asphalt and hope that Gaz could pull something out of his sleeve.

    "Isn't that just my luck?" A gruff voice spoke aloud.

    I felt the worst was about to come as another bounty hunter was coming to claim Gaz's bounty, but when I craned my head over to the person, I was surprised by who it was. It was Yan, he was wearing his gym clothes, a sweat soaked simple T-shirt and some sweat pants. I sighed, feeling a bit of relief come over me as Yan dropped his gym bag." Sorry ma'am, but I won't allow you to do what it is you wish to do with my friend." He stared her down with his glowing blue irises.

    "Miss I wouldn't want to hurt-" Before the bodybuilder could finish the kaithrit woman tried to fire her electric gun at Yan, but the electricity from the weapon crackled and fizzled around Yan instead of hitting him, he patted a small block on his hip saying."I always come prepared miss, I really wish this didn't come to this."

    The burly took on a defensive stance, keeping his hands in front of him, the cat woman, giving Yan a chance put away her Arc caster before closing the distance with him. The two traded blows before both of their shields went down, the second Yan noticed her shield was down, he stunned the alien woman with a jab, in a swift motion he put his foot behind her leg and knocked her off balance, he then grabbed her by her by the collar of her duster and flipped her onto the ground back first.

    Yan looked down to the Kaithrit woman saying."You're pretty good. But your experience doesn't beat my people's instinct, thanks." The giant threw me over his shoulder like one of his 'buddies' Then collected Gaz under his arm. He treated us like we were his toys before he began taking us to where ever it is he was taking us. I couldn't help but letting the tiredness of today take me, my eyelids began to feel heavy and slowly I felt the fatigue come over me.

    The moment I awoke, I nearly jumped to my feet, wondering where Yan took us only to find me and Gaz in what looked like a cramped store room. On several shelves there were bottles of what looked like different kinds of alcohol, next to me there were a couple stacks of odd mead in short bottles, close by there was a door leading outside. After I took in my surroundings, I felt a warm feeling on my lap, I looked down to see Noi napping on my lap, I shook my chitin coated legs to wake her up." Get off me Noi!" I yelled at her.

    The cat girl rose off my legs with drool trailing down the side of her face, she stared her big gold eyes at me before telling me."But mom! I wanna have five more minutes." She meowed before putting her face right into my breast and go right back to sleep. As I was about to shake the cat girl awake, I heard something or someone coming, they were walking towards the door at a casual pace, and once they opened the door, I was greeted by the sight of a well dressed albino man, but he had green eyes and a ponytail.

    He walked in grabbing a couple bottles and casually told me." Please be quiet, there are customers that I'm hiding you from." He then left with an arm full of bottles and closed the door behind him. Soon Gaz began waking up, he tried to get up and noticed Noi just lying on top of me." I guess either Noi found us and got some people to help drag us here, or someone else came to save the day."

    "It was Yan." I told him." He came from the gym to help us, he stopped that woman that made us crash."

    Gaz leaned on the wall swearing after hearing we crashed, the human stepped over me and Noi and peeked out the door and closed it." Shit." He whispered." We're in The Den, and it's filled with fucking bounty hunters and assassins right now, fuck."

    I could imagine The Den being filled with killers and pirates right now, they were here for Gaz or to get their favorite drink before heading off, Gaz sat down across from me and pulled Noi by her collar into his arms and held her, he then petted her head and told me."She's from Hardy, my pet cat here."

    "Hardy?" I asked." Why are you telling me this?"

    Gaz played with one of her ears as she snored in her sleep." Well, we might be here for a while and I felt like sharing, plus Noi would be too drugged up to focus on one thing unless you put a candy on her nose."

    " If she's that bad, why keep her?"

    " Easy, because Noi can crack any safe on this side of the galaxy given enough time, she doesn't even need a drill either, unlike that last job." He told me." Plus, I bought her contract for dirt cheap, she was first owned by some brothel then one of Mishka's badass kids used her as a living punching bag daily."

    As Looked at the cat girl, I started to see Noi differently, I always just thought that she was just some cat girl with a bad rush addiction and incredibly stupid, but now I could see she was just someone with a bad history.

    "Like I said she's from Hardy, a shitty poor town filled with Kaithrit people, it's on a backwater planet between H Federation space and Confederacy space. The kaithrit there are so fucking desperate to get food and drink that they drink the old starship fuel that was mined there years ago." He told me.

    I stared at him wondering to say before just asking."Why, why are you telling me this?"

    Gaz flicked one of Noi's earring studs before saying."If I don't survive today, at least someone will know Noi's past besides just me." He chuckled before saying." After all, I did for her, I can't think of her as nothing but an annoying little sister sometimes."

    Suddenly a commotion was starting up on the other side of the door, Gaz pushed Noi back up onto me and told me,"Ash get Noi's gun." He got near the door." We're probably gonna need to shoot our way out." As I tried to check Noi's shirt for a weapon, Gaz sighed before saying." Grab her ass."

    I groped the cat girl's butt, then felt the barrel of her gun, I grabbed the handle and took out a black revolver, I got up and was ready to take on whatever could be on the other side of the door, gunshots began going off before Gaz opened the door.
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  10. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Rapid Transit

    A month passed after our first heist and despite the amount we pulled in from the bank we had a decent amount of cash to play with, hell we even could afford shield generators, more ammunition, and even some body armor. Once I felt we were getting a little bored, I found a new job for us to do, it was gonna be loud and probably tougher than the bank was.

    I had most of the team in Yan's hover van, even if my bike wasn't trashed I doubt that I'd want it with me on this one, I pulled the van up to a nearby gas station, I let Yan fill up the thing with gas as I went into the store and bought some simple snacks. As I returned I saw our target cruise by, it was a large armored semi truck, riding behind the giant truck was a convoy of military-esque jeeps, I almost felt a little turned off by the jeeps feeling as if they'd be too much for us, then I decided to make an executive choice and slapped Yan on the back." Hurry up big guy, our loot is on the move."

    I didn't waste rushing to the driver's seat and waited for Yan to finish gassing her up, I stomped the petal and chased after the convoy." Alright guys, this one will be a hard one, we're going up against Nova securities, from here on in we're using our code names." I told them.

    Ven poked her head from the back of the Van looking both surprised and scared." What!? Nova?" She barked." They have small armies of mercenaries, Black! If the police come or even the Peace Keepers then we'll be fucked!"

    I tried to calm her down by patting her on the furry head." Calm down pup, they aren't taking a major road so we can drop them away from public view, the only thing we'd get is more of them."

    Out of nowhere Noi appeared under Ven with the cat girl's head in between the dog girl's breast." Oh, Black what we stealing? Money? Safes? Guns? Virginity?" The brace faced cat girl asked me rapidly.

    " To be one hundred percent with you, I have no real clue, but knowing a whole convoy has to escort it, and Nova are the ones holding it, it must be something either very important or it must be something incredibly expensive."

    " You should've done more research before we just moved to hit this thing, we could just be hitting an empty truck." I heard Ash's voice from the back.

    She was right, but I didn't respond as we came up on the convoy, they turned off into an exit and onto a road absent of any hover or even ground cars, once we were alone with them on the road I masked up along with everyone else." Alright! Little hand, says it's time to rock and roll!"

    I sped the van up to the convoy before opening the window and checking my body armor under my hoodie, I was starting to second guess the armor before I told Yan to take the wheel. I climbed out of the Van onto the roof, the convoy's jeeps began to spread out and I drew both my hammer pistols and fired for two of the Jeep's gas tanks only for my bullets to ricochet off the jeeps, I then aimed for the windows and all I succeeded in doing was cracking them slightly.

    Feeling like I would need to get closer to do more damage, I crouched down and leaped from the Van hoping to whatever space god above that I didn't miss where I was jumping and ate asphalt, luckily whoever they were they read my thought and gave me a chance. I head butted one of the tinted windows before getting a hold of one of the door handles with a couple fingers, while pulling myself up, one of the tinted passenger windows rolled down and an odd colored baseball bat began trying to knock me off, I suddenly began hearing the sound of laser rifles being shot off and noticed the jeeps opening fire on the Van.

    I fired some rounds off into the open window, hoping to hit whoever was trying to push me off and the second I noticed the baseball bat fall, I entered the window and crawled onto the laps of two aliens, the first was chocolate skinned Dzaan with pointy ears holding a nasty wound, next to her was four armed golden Myr. I got close to the Dzaan nearly butting my head into hers."Hey, you mind telling me what I'm stealing?" I asked.

    Her only reaction was to punch me in the head saying."Blow me!" The Gold Myr next to her began trying to stab me with a knife in one of her four hands, quickly dodging one of her stabs, the brightly chested ant woman stabbed the Dzaan in the other arm right as she was trying to punch me a second time." Shit! I'm sorry!" She apologized in a sweet voice. I began to push to the front seats quickly shooting the passenger and pressing my feet into the two women in the back in a bad attempt to restrain them."Driver! Please tell me what is in the big truck." I asked him.

    Like the two women in the back punching my legs, he attempted to attack me with a baton, acting off instinct I fired half my pistol mag into him breaking his shields quickly before painting myself red with his blood, the split second I noticed I shot both the driver and passenger, I fired my second pistol into the sun roof and climbed out as soon as the jeep began slowing down. I leaped from the hover vehicle to another Jeep saying goodbye to the ladies in the process as they were left with their shitty situation, when I landed on the second vehicle, I noticed the others were having a shoot out with some of the other convoy jeeps.

    I wasted no time knowing that I was closer to the big truck now, I didn't bother with Jeep I was on and jumped once more, grabbing a hold of an outside ladder mounted on the side of the trailer, as I climbed up the ladder, I nearly fell off and let go as I felt a couple rounds of a gun slam into the back of my body armor, I turned back to the fuckers who could've shot me and shot the fuzzy Alien in the head." Fuck you asshole!" I screamed at the dude before getting on top of the trailer.
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  11. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    The Titan

    I watched as Yan slammed his van into the last hover jeep and sent it off the road an into the dense tree line, He sped up to the back of the trailer and let Noi slip out and climb up on the trailer, tied to her back was a thermal saw. I pulled the petite cat girl up, then let her put the diamond tipped blade to the trailer's metal, once she started it up I felt the radiant heat come from the buzz saw as it both melted the metal and sliced through it like a hot knife through butter. The second the metal plate fell through, I leaped into what looked like a small warehouse with crates on top of crates, I let out a long whistle before signaling Noi to come down.

    Before I could attempt to open the back doors to the trailer, Noi stopped me and pointed to a door and a wall made of what looked like glass, I let go of the handles before sauntering over to the door and the wall and knocking on it and then I realized something odd, the glass was shield glass, something only the Galactic Federation owned, it was similar to two way glass, on our side there was mirror like glass as hard as ship shields." Noi cut through this door we got more we're gonna take." I told her.

    She put a gloved thumb in her mouth looking at the other crates before asking me."How we gonna get everything out?" She asked." The other stuff won't fit with everyone else in the van."

    " We aren't taking everything, just the stuff that's gonna get us a ton of credits really." I told her before she started cutting through the door's lock, the second I slid the glass door open I spotted what looked like a furry face putting on the last of a heavy set suit of power armor, they pulled up a giant double barrel shotgun that looked just the right size for the armor but giant for someone like us.

    They fired the shotgun right into my body armor, knocking me right on my ass, once I hit the ground I didn't move feeling as if I just died or was hit by a fucking car, my vest began to slowly feel hot. I could hear the giant's foot falls close in on me and hear them stop right before me." Do you even fucking know who you're stealing from asshole?" They cracked back the chambers on the shotgun and unloaded two bright green shells before slowly loading in another bright green shell." You dumbass, you're attempting to rob Mishka you stupid fuck."

    The moment they flipped the chambers shut, Noi came to rescue cutting them at the back of their knee with the diamond saw before leaping on them and hanging onto them, as she distracted the giant I got a burst of energy and ripped my vest off with a single hand and with my other I fired at the powered armor giant knowing that I'd only burst their shields. When they threw Noi off their back and aimed for me again, I rolled backwards and onto my feet just as they fired off into the trailer, I ducked behind a crate before taking out my codex and calling Ven." Tell Ash to shoot the truck with a grenade."

    "Gaz, you and Noi are still in ther-" I cut her off saying." No shit Sherlock! just tell her to do it."

    Out of nowhere the entire trailer shook, a sharp ringing filled my ears, and everything, including the three of us began tumbling around the trailer dodging the crates full of shit that could be valuable or just random crap. Once the trailer stopped moving I found Noi under a crate, I kicked the metal box off her and shook her to see if she was still alive, once her bright gold eyes opened and locked in on me, I carried her out of the trailer on my back, we went back out through the hole she made and I began taking her to the Van, but when I got half way there, the back doors to the trailer blew open and the armored figure appeared again.

    I spun around dropping Noi to the ground before I drew both my hand guns and just unloaded all of my ammo into the power armored figure, coming to my aid out of nowhere Ash and Akira began firing on the armored giant." Someone call the survey corps!" Akira yelled out." We got a Titan." He fired his shotgun in their direction, then Ash crouched down before firing in burst at the giant.

    Right as I began reloading, the giant fell to their knees and dropped their massive shotgun. I sighed, then gave Akira a high five." Let's get as much as we can before their reinforcements arrives, we gotta work quickly their boss is Mishka." When I mentioned her name Akira put a hand on my shoulder and stared at me."I think we should.." He struggled with his words but I knew what he wanted.

    " No, it would be stupid, don't act dumb." I told him." We're taking all we can here before a shit storm comes down on us, when we're ready we'll go after her."

    He glared at me before simply nodding and helping Noi up and taking her to the van, before we got to the looting one of the drivers kicked open the truck's door before tossing out what looked like a server, they wobbly fell out, the driver looked like something of a deer-morph with antlers included. Once they laid eyes on us, they snatched up the server and made a break for it into the trees."Motherfucker!" I chased after the deer wanting the server he was holding, I know it could've held nothing, but like the crates it could've been something valuable, or hell it could help with taking down Mishka.
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  12. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Close and Far

    I felt my blood just rushing all around my body as I chased the Deer morph into the forest, as we entered the depths of the forest I noticed he ditched the big tower part that he was carrying." Just drop the hard drive and I'll let you go pal, I'm not gonna hurt you!" I leapt over a small rock that would've tripped me up. We both jumped over a small river before coming up on a construction site with robots operating most of the equipment, the deer leaped onto a fence right when I caught up and threw myself into it and knocked him down on the other side of it, I groaned in anger before quickly climbing over it and doing my best to catch up.

    Part of me was feeling the guy was scared on another level, he scaled up onto one of the cranes and began running up the machine's arm, at first I just watched before sighing and following the deer guy up onto the arm. Even though the guy had hooves for feet, he managed to balance next to perfectly as went all the way to the tip of the crane before leaping onto the close by partially constructed building. Part of me wanted to just say 'fuck this' then just leave, but I pushed myself and leaped right behind him keeping up with him." Damn, I'm starting to sweat man, just drop the shit dude, you don't have to do all this!" I followed him down a flight of stairs jumping down each one.

    Then, with a stroke of luck, I tackled him and punched him in the furry muzzle, he began fighting back trying to stick his fingers in my eyes." I can't let you have this hard drive!" He tried to wrap his hands around my throat." The crazy woman who owns this thing would cut my balls off." He tried to plead with me." You and your lot, don't even know who you're stealing from or who you're dealing with fuck nuts."

    I felt his hoof meet my groin, and an unimaginable amount of pain overwhelmed me, I doubled over in pain as he stood up and walked away from me. The second I looked up I saw him by one of the ledges with a rope going from the top of the building all the way to the bottom, probably, I saw him jump from our level, from fuck knows how high up. I quickly got up and went over to see him land in a bin filled with garbage and other waste, I spat into my left gloved hand and went off the ledge holding onto the rope mid way down I saw a fire ignite into the palm of my hand and I let go right when I landed ass first into the construction waste still alive.

    While I pulled myself out of the waste container, several of the construction bots surrounded me all telling me to wear a hard hat or leave the area, I pushed myself past the stupid machines before spotting my target once again, then the chase was back on again. The deer morph began taking me back to civilization on foot, the two of us ran up to an old twentieth century bridge. He kicked the door open to one of the side decks before running up to one of the side beams holding up the bridge, not wanting to give up I leaped up there behind him, keeping my balance on the thick beam before he crossed over onto a small pole and went to the other side." Oh fuck you, now I'm gonna beat the shit out of you."

    I crossed over to his side before, then we got to the other observation deck on the other side of the bridge and right when I could nearly touch him, he jumped through a window and I climbed through as quickly as I could before slamming myself face first into tiled, pavement and getting back up to my feet and keeping up with the chase. The deer ran down a flight of crowded stairs, and instead of doing that shit, I slid down the railing and knocked over an Zil boy on my way down to the bottom, I heard the bee boy yell at me from the ground as I kept going after the Deer.

    The both of us ran through a restaurant, as we passed a table, I snatched an ash tray from one of the tables and kept myself moving right behind him outside into what looked like a small outside market with dozens of stands. Yelling out "Fuck you asshole!" I chucked the glass ash tray into the guy's head and made him barrel right into a table full of books and knock the whole thing over, the moment I caught up and he began getting up off his back I kicked him in the face and knocked him back down hard enough to make one of his antlers break off.

    I picked him up by his shirt as people began surrounding us, I didn't bother dragging them this, I just let them assume what was going on, I shook the bloodied deer back and forth before saying." Alright Bambi, what's in the drive?!" I demanded an answer from him.

    He spat his blood on my mask before I pulled out my gun and put it to his forehead, the mix bag of alien people surrounding us began to quickly disperse and pulled back on the hammer for my gun to seem more intimidating." Tell me what's on the damn thing, or I'm gonna give you a one way trip to your mother."

    Behind me, one of the few only Ovir I've ever seen in the galaxy yelled out for someone to call for a Peacekeeper, the word itself made me panic more than I should've. I shot the deer in both his kneecaps before checking him for the drive, once I got the damn thing and looked it over for any damage. The big fucking Leithian Peacekeeper from the bank job appeared over my shoulder, my only reaction was to do the same as the deer did to me, run for it.

    As I felt the leithian woman close in on me, I could feel myself just, slow down and feel tired from all the shit I've been through with the deer morph beforehand, I didn't get a chance to catch a second wind. I turned down an alleyway feeling my breathing getting heavier and my legs feeling like they were the weight of cinder blocks, as I began slowing down and the woman began, reaching to grab me, I took a deep breath and looked back to her." Cap, I don't think you understand, how fast I really am." I let out a breath and began running again, this time just pushing my body to move faster and to just get away, I looked over my shoulder to just see the captain just standing there surprised that I could move this fast.
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  13. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    The Spoils
    I used the chameleon silk app on my codex to change the colors of my hoodie and jeans making them look like a track suit, I watched as small white hexagons over took my dark hoodie and jeans, replacing the old colors with a bright white and a deep crimson red, before I continued took off my mask in a nearby alleyway and pulled down my hood, taking in a breath of air after all the running. Once I emerged from the alley, I used my codex to call the others as started to head back to the hideout, when Ven picked up on her end, I stopped at a bus stop and laid on the vacant bench, she began telling me Yan took them straight to the fence instead of the hideout."Nice instead of potentially leading Nova securities to our hideout, let's lead them to our fence and black market contact, it's not like it's gonna bite us in the ass." I told her.

    "Well, when we left from the road, nobody was following us, and the police hadn't yet arrived. What happened with that Deer guy?"

    I groaned before telling her the whole story without sounding suspicious in public, I felt like I just chased someone all the way to the other side of the planet, then to the other side of the galaxy, my lungs felt like they were just cooling down from a ten K." I'm heading over there, I might be a while since I'm on foot." I said to her before hanging up the call.

    I didn't bother laying around any longer on the bench and got up, I shoved my hands into my pockets and started walking know where I was it would take me a while before I get there. I walked several blocks, crossed a couple bridges, and dodged the cops just in case my disguise failed me, It was when I made it to the suburbs, where the easy life is, that I was stopped by someone in front of some random store. The person wore an almost similar looking outfit to me, an all white outfit with red patches on the knees and elbows, he was a human just like me." Hey buddy, nice outfit." He complimented me, right before I could thank him, he spoke again." Hey pal, you're already dressed like one of us, how about considering joining Perfection?" He asked me, holding up a pamphlet and a flyer.

    I took the flyer and noticed that it was decorated with statuesque humans that looked almost like models standing in a uniformed line, all with the same outfit as the guy in front of me." The fuck is Perfection?" I asked not taking my eyes from the flyer. The guy smiled from ear to ear almost as if he wanted me to ask about it.

    "Oh man, what are we pal?" He sighed." Buddy we are the people who'll make the galaxy the way it should be, human only." He told me while putting a hand on my shoulder." We'll make sure those Aliens out there know who's the superior race and we will put them in their place under us." He said in more whispered tone.

    Taking his hand off my shoulder, I turned away from the guy."Yeah, no thanks pal, I'm fine." I balled up the flyer as I started walking away and tossed it into the street, not caring if he would get pissed about it or not, I didn't expect another cult to pop up this year, first it was the Followers of the Void, now these Pefection dudes. It wouldn't be long now till I got to the house, it was turning twilight about right now as I came up to the house and hopped the white picket fence to get into the backyard, I walked up to the back door knocking before someone yelled to come in.

    Once I was let in, I walked through the kitchen and into the dining room to see Ash struggling to open a metal crate with a crowbar and next to her was Yan popping one open like they were beer cans, the contents inside his crate were several white packets of what I could guess to be Terran cocaine." Damn it more drugs." Yan ran a hand through his short hair. Noi brought herself to the crate to see what was inside before sighing." Aww, it's not rush." She sounded defeated before grabbing one of the white packages and cutting it open with a sharp nail, instead of doing what most others would do, Noi instead began eating some of it.

    On the other side of the room, both Ven and Akria were working together to crack open an extra big metal crate with two metal poles before Yan came over to just pop the top with his crowbar, the two dug inside with Akria taking out a bulky laser pistol." Well damn these are all pistols, and suits?" He pulled out a bright white suit jacket. Ven on the other hand found an odd device that looked somewhat like a headset and placed it onto one of her head." Aww sweet with these, I can hook them up to info link and we won't have to use our codex to chat." She said aloud, almost as if she wanted the rest of us to hear her intelligence." Hey dumbass, we been could've used Infolink with our devices!" I shouted to Ven.

    Everyone looked at me and I noticed Cyn sitting in the corner of the dining room at the table, her giant drider taur self taking up the whole corner, it's a shock that brown chitin coated legs didn't knock anything over or reveal herself to me earlier, she was wearing her glasses and had her computer down here with her, probably wondering the cost of everything here would be. Before I could do anything else though, Noi charged me with her mouth covered in powder, she hugged me and accidently knocked my clothes back to their old color." Gaz I missed you, I was thinking you left forever!"

    Ven finally decided to yell back at me saying." W-well, I knew that, it's just now we can just. We can just activate it a little easier and don't have to go through all the other hoops and stuff, okay!" She crossed her arms before just calling me an asshole.

    " We mostly found guns, drugs, suits, and this unknown stuff." Yan pulled out a canister of fluid from the back of his cargo pants and tossed it to me. I did my best to catch it with Noi still clinging to me, once I brought the thing up to my eyes, I knew what was in the canister." Yan, stop boxing Dzaans and Leithains you should know what's in this." I threw the canister back to him." Now that I think about it, I know who all this shit belongs to, and I'm more than happy we stole it."

    Ash took a break from trying to crack her crate to sit on it and look back to me." Who?" She simply asked with the crowbar sticking up between her chitin covered legs.

    " Mishka and her fucked up ass kids, that's probably who and what's on this hard drive I took off the deer." I put the hard drive onto the dining room table." Where's Granny?" I asked while I pried Noi off myself.

    " She's in the bathroom trying her hardest to take a dump right now." She held out one of her lower arms." Lemme get that drive and I'll check it."

    I slid the thing across the table and as she began working on putting it into her computer, I went over to my favorite red Myr to help her with the crate she was trying to open on her own. Even though Yan could've helped her pop this thing open, she oddly enough, let me help her, we wedged the crowbar into a gap and push down attempting to open the metal box, once I began sweating trying to open the box I stopped Ash and took a breath to catch myself.

    Then I just thought, "fuck it." I slammed my left fist into the end of the crowbar and popped the lid of the crate, but also sent the crowbar flying across the dining room and hit Akira straight in the back and he dropped to the carpeted floor." My bad Kira, walk it off." I told him. He yelled out something in Japanese before I turned to see what Ash picked up, I was surprised to see that it was actually lined with thick bars of gold and silver, Ash placed her chitin coated hand over one of the silver bars picking it up and saying."This is Myr silver probably even gold as well."

    This started to just seem weirder and weirder to me, first Hale federation shield glass on a Nova transport, now Myr silver and gold, before I could ponder on this any further Cyn cut off my thoughts." Well it would make sense." The drider woman spoke up.

    I picked up one of the heavy gold bars before turning towards Cyn." Cyn mind elaborating?" I asked her.

    " Well, reading through some of these docs here, I found somewhat of a list of the things they were transporting." She fixed her glasses with a thumb." The gold is a payment really, it says here 'Thank you for the "volunteers" the population need to be lowered, this time we're giving you a little extra.' I'm going to guess someone killed some Myrmedions, or if the darknet is actually correct, then this is payment for slaves."

    I shook my head at the thought of owning this, but it wasn't exactly mines to do anything with, it belonged to Ash." Ash!" I got her attention and most of the others from the shout." Are you fencing the gold and silver? Or do you want to get rid of it?"

    I watched as the heavy armored Red Myr look over a silver and gold bar in both her hands before giving her answer." Gaz, I fought enough golds at eighteen to hate them as much as I hate my people's government." She ran a hand over a silver bar and looked directly at her reflection." The Golds are worth their weight silver and well gold."

    It was clear what her answer was, I turned to Cyn asking her how much she could give Ash for the gold and silver, she told me a measly twenty thousand for each gold bar and eight thousand for the silver, seeing the angle she was playing I closed in on the drider woman and delivered a slap to her oversized bosom. I knew she was trying to cheat Ash out of her new found wealth, I slapped each of her giant boobs making her moan and wail in either pleasure or pain." You fucking cheapskate, don't be a greedy web spinning bitch!" She didn't bother fighting me back as blush appeared across her face.

    " Thirty!" She screamed.

    I stepped it up and grabbed her nipples through her shirt." Quit being so cheap, even it out mod junkie!"

    "Thirty five!?" She moaned.

    "Not good enough. Noi grab her balls, claws only!" The purple haired cat girl was quick to act and crawled under the drider woman only for Cyn to scream out.

    "Fine! Fine! An even fifty and a split down the middle for anything else I can get for the silver and everything else."

    Once I let go of her nips, she covered her chest with all four arms and stared me down mumbling." Fucking prick, how am I to buy a ship when I don't take a lot off the top." Then she let out a shriek and stiffened up.

    " Noi stop."

    Instead of hearing Noi agree with me, or even see her, I began hearing a wet sound and knowing Noi I knew she wouldn't come up till one or both of them were done." Make that fifty five for Ash, Noi bjs aren't free."
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  14. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Snake Hunt
    After we sold our score to Cyn, all of us came out with a hefty pile of cash, with Ash just cashing out with next to a million credits with no tax taken from it and Cyn skinning off only a tiny amount off the top, with my share I finally got a couple heavy turrets mounted onto the ship and a fresh coat of two toned chameleon paint to change its color when we need to lose the heat if they ever chase us into space. Right now, it was me, Ash, Noi, and Yan, as a treat I decided to take them to BigT's ranch on New Texas for some good old R and R, I would've brought Ven, Bates, and Akira along but sadly Ven had to work, Bates said he wasn't the type to sit in one place and relax really, while Akira had the nerdy excuse to go and attend a convention with people in lame costumes and play video games coming out later this year.

    I took up refuge at the BBQ joint wearing some normal clothes unlike my heist gear. I was wearing a simple leather jacket with the snake Jormungand on my back, some normal jeans and a different pair of sneakers that I don't usually wear. Ordering a big burger from Herman the chef, I looked over to some of the treated women on the planet, big bimbo chicks with giant curves, just smarter than Noi, but probably won't crack a safe like the dumb cat girl. Before I could keep ogling the titanic breast sized women, my Infolink began ringing and it was none other than Cyn, I moved away from the grill and went over to be alone before speaking to the drider woman.

    " Hey Gaz, that hard drive, it's info wasn't just a cargo manifest, it was also a cache of info about Mishka's kids, all of them." She explained.

    " The tailored suits and pistols was for Jiro, one of the older ones, that canister was for Marishka, the silver and gold was for the Youngest a gold Myr."

    I parroted her last words." Gold Myr?"

    " Yeah a Gold Myr, a good lump of the other stuff is split between Mishka and her oldest kid Crim."

    "I'll look into this when I'm back planet side, right now I'm enjoying myself."

    " Alright, just know you are fucking around with real fire here." She warned me.

    "Yeah, yeah." I told her as I hung up the call.

    Right when I returned to the BBQ pit to my burger, Yan appeared and tapped me on the back before I could even take a bite. Oddly enough Yan had on a green leather combat jacket, opened up with a black tank top to show off his hard worked for muscles, with some white leather trousers and some stylish cowboy looking boots." Gaz, I got a big surprise for you." He told me with a smile on his scarred face.

    The blonde bodybuilder made me put my burger down and raise out my seat before a chesty bimbo cowgirl almost knocked me down to get Yan's attention." Howdy there big guy!" She jutted her chest in an attempt to entice the guy with her massive tits." How about you and little old me go find a nice place where we could get to know each other.

    I wanted to deck the bimbo cow in the forehead, but I knew Yan's reaction would be enough to put a dent in this bimbo's ego or at least make her head turn. The short haired blonde was sweating in the woman's presence and had an awkward look about him, the cow ignored the look leaning in to press herself up against him and put her hands on the collar of his jacket." I really like your scars, big guy, I wonder if you'd show me more or if you're even bigger down there?" She asked.

    Yan quickly shook the bimbo cow away from him before yelling out awkwardly." I'm not interested!" Before hopping back away from her and breathing like he ran a thousand miles. The cow looked over to me," What's wrong with him?"

    " Well, my buddy Yan there." I held out a hand and shook it left and right quickly." He's a different kinda guy, into different stuff."

    The bimbo stomped her foot before saying." Jeez, Busky and now this Beef Cake visitor, it's like the universe is just meant to be cruel to us cows wanting a big hunk."

    After the scene that Yan made, we went outside and Yan brought me to BigT's office and outside the doors I stopped him." Whoa whoa whoa!" I told him making him hesitate to open the door." Hey, I don't mind a threesome with a couple cow girls and BigT, it's just I don't want to be in the middle of something you're into Yan."

    He turned to me saying." Nows not the time for jokes, be on your best behavior." He told me as if I was his child.

    "My bad dad, I'll be good." I told him.

    Once we went into BigT's office, I called out to the big dude." YO! Benji my dude Yan was saying he was gonna bend over for you?" The big guy chuckled as Yan folded his arms and had a bit of blush come across his face." Nope, He said you and a team could handle a problem for me and I'm willing to give a good reward for it too."

    Before I could speak, Yan stepped up." Yeah, but our team is currently enjoying themselves on your ranch right now, I figured you could show my boss the reward you're gonna hand over to us."

    BigT cracked a grin."Ah, I see ya didn't tell him, follow me boys." The big bull man walked us out, telling his secretary to hold his calls as he took us to a beat up looking small barn house too small to hold any horses or cows and unlocked the simple looking padlock on the door before opening up the doors to show us what looked like a car hidden under a dust cover.

    T yanked off the dust cover with his giant hands and revealed an ancient looking ground car." Holy shit!." I yelled out."This is an old school Lynx." I touched the smooth black metal of the hood and dragged my fingers across the lettering." Shit T, I didn't know you had a fetish of Luxury super cars."

    The big bull crossed his arms saying." It's got ground to hover conversion and it's a hard top convertible with comfy seats, I bought it when I was a youngin' to get the ladies, but with muscles like these." He flexed for a minute." And with the treatment, I found her gathering dust, Yan here heard about my problem from Zephyr and when he came in offering a solution he told me you and your lot could handle it.

    I looked T in the eye." Benji, I will kill anyone you ask on this rock and dump them into a black hole. Who you want me to get rid of? Zephyr? Ellie? Ogram?" I listed off a set of names.

    "No, No!" He held his hands up." I don't need, none of my people missing or anything. It's some crazy snake lady that messing about in the fields, word from the farmers is saying that she's taming the varmints, I need your lot to take care of her."

    "Right, Naga woman. Got it."

    "I'll meet you guys by the fields to pick up your weapons, you guys go pick up your team and I'll meet you there."

    Me and Yan walked away from Big T and the small barn, garage, The Hale man threw an arm over my shoulder before saying." I'll go find Ash, you go find Noi, then I'll race ya back to T. First one to him gets in the hot seat first."

    As he ran ahead of me, I chuckled." Oh you won't get behind the while motherfucker, I'm driving the Lynx first!" I yelled at him as he disappeared down the road, unlike him I knew where Noi was and would win this little race. I jogged to Miscreant Manor and quickly found my purple cat girl. Noi was in one of the many little sets of stocks set up, she was in the middle of being reamed by a big bull man, who bunched up her tartan skirt bunched up at her waist, with her polka-dot panties down by her ankles.

    The buzzer for the stocks to pop open were already open and the bull was probably just going for another quick pounding, he had a hand on the back of her head, holding her down as he was making a mess of her pussy. Once he blew his load and pulled out and cleaned himself, he delivered a slap to Noi's small ass before leaving, the purple haired cat girl pulled her panties up before fixing her skirt, and pulling down the hood on her bright red sleeveless hoodie.

    Once she laid eyes on me she cracked a smile." Gaz, I broke my record of bulls I had sex with before the stocks opened!" She sounded proud." I got to like 20 before it opened up."

    I stopped myself from patting her on the head." Alright sticky, we got a job, and I don't plan on losing to Yan come on fuckface."
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    Sep 16, 2015
    The hunt begins

    I beat Yan to the fields where Big T wanted to meet up with us, he was standing next to the fence and next to him was a smaller New Texan in overalls and a wide brimmed straw hat, once me and Noi showed up, Yan was running back with Ash on his back and sweating before letting cursing under his breath about being second. Ash was wearing something similar to Yan, a simple black tank top showing off her stomach and bright red chitin, with some matching colored gym pants with bulging spots on her outer thighs showing where her chitin is. Once T saw our little group he looked somewhat surprised,"Only four of ya?" He asked." I was expecting a bit more." He told us.

    "Eh, we can get it done just the four of us, you wouldn't believe what only two of us could do, the stories I could tell ya T the stories I could just tell ya."

    Before I could continue, Yan coughed and jumped into the starting conversation." Maybe save story time for when we're finished?" He cracked his neck, feeling ready." We got more important matters to deal with."

    " Right, I was trying to push through my set." Ash complained as a bead of sweat left her forehead and traveled down to her sizeable breast, she shook her messy, but short red hair back and forth in an attempt to get rid of the sweat, as I noticed I was staring Yan snapped his fingers in front of my face."Focus." He told me.

    I noticed BigT brought Amma from the customs office out here, she set up a folding table apologizing to us for her lateness, she brought us bin boxes filled with weapons forgotten by tourist who came and never returned to pick them up, mostly they were lame melee weapons." Sorry guys, I can't give you firearms." She told us. It was probably smarter for us to just take the weapons instead of going to our ship and getting our own weapons, someone could link Ash's light machine gun to the bank robbery we did a couple months back, I grabbed a metal bat with the New Texas logo as everyone grabbed what caught their eye.

    Noi grabbed a small knife, while Yan grabbed a big ass sledge hammer that looks more useful beating the crap out of people than anything industrial, lastly Ash just grabbed what looked like an old school baton that extends, once we all had our weapons I approached T."Alright big guy we're heading out." I told him.

    We jumped the fence, with Noi jumping over and landing face first into the dirt, I helped her up before we started looking for this Snake woman." So what are we doing in the fields Gaz?" Ash asked." All Yan told me is that he needed to win something then tossed me on his back."

    "We're hunting a snake woman, taming varmints, T's afraid she'll probably attack the colony, I'm guessing the PK's aren't coming fast enough or he wants to show that he can handle any problems that come his way." I told the red Myr. The four of us came upon a scarecrow with a stick jammed up his ass and a couple crops in the ground, Noi groaned as she was a foot deep inside of a gourd before Yan revealed why we're doing this." I brokered a deal with Big T and he promised Gaz one of his old cars, and it's not a piece of crap either, it's an uh Ocelot? It was something like that, right?"

    "Lynx, not an Ocelot, it's got ground to hover conversion, it's for people who like old school cars with wheels, the wheels come up into it and it's a hard top convertible, it was the most versatile sport luxury vehicle during its day and sadly the company that made them went out of business due to the cost of how customizable, it is, hell I even have seen upgrades to the thing to make the car fly almost like a gunship." I told them as my mind flooded with ideas of with the car T was offering.

    But before my mind could continue to think about the plethora of ideas for the vehicle, a varmint the size of a fucking Doberman hound slowly sauntered through some tall grass, and all of us immediately jumped into alert mode and readied our weapons before the creature just fell over, panting as if we all just smacked it around for a half hour." Nice work guys, didn't even need to touch the bastard to fuck him up, we're getting better at this every day." I complimented everyone for doing nothing." Noi, go check the spoils of our battle."

    The purple haired cat girl scurried over to the varmint sniffing it with her button nose before poking it with her furry fingers and called out." It's bleeding." Then she began rubbing her face on its wounds and leaned back up to us surrounding both her and the varmint, Ash crouched down collecting the creature's blood with a finger and examined it closely with her black eyes, she then pointed at a thin trail of blood." I'm guessing the snake woman is that way."

    The four of us were on the move, with a trail in front of us and a reward waiting for us back at T's ranch, I made sure we were moving quickly to take this snake woman down. The blood trail led us to a cave far from the Ranch, a heavy gust of air came from deep within the cave and I just took in a deep sniff before taking out my codex and using a flash app installed in it." Alright flashlights people, I can already smell the new car smell." I spoke aloud before entering the dark cave.

    " Keep together and watch out for the varmints." Yan warned us." This is the perfect place for them to ambush us."

    As we slowly moved in deeper, the darkness felt cramped and tight, before we knew it, I felt like we were on a straight path towards something, suddenly there was a light coming out of the ceiling of the cave, a natural skylight that brightened up the section of the cave with near radiant light. The four of us switched off our flashlights as we soon noticed the skylight was illuminating the naga-morph and varmint, the giant half snake woman constricted herself around a varmint that looked almost three times the size of the normal ones with her snake half, the four of us ducked behind of a set of stalagmite as we watched the woman.

    " Come, come drink from my bosom young alpha, I've taken over your little pack with ease, so accept this gift from me and I can promise you, that you wouldn't regret it." The massive snake woman pushed one of her massive teats in the face of the varmint attempting to breast feed it like a baby." Either you can accept this gift or you can taste what many of your foolish brethren before you have faced!" She yelled while the big creature whimpered.

    "So that's how she does it?" Yan whispered to himself." She must be feeding them silicone inside of her breast, weird."

    " She sure as hell has the boobs for it, they almost look like some of the gold's breast back on Myrellion." Ash mumbled.

    " How does she feed them with her boobies when their tongue burns when they lick you?" Noi asked not attempting to be quiet at all and like most times when we try to be stealthy, everyone or every creature was alerted to our presence."Come out show yourselves!" The snake woman yelled.
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  16. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    The Cobra's nest

    The snake woman began yelling insults at us, we hid in the shadows before Yan stepped out, something in his Hale blood must've caused him to do it. The massive bodybuilder revealed himself and pointed the sledgehammer at the snake woman before saying." You're surrounded lady, give up now and we'll turn you over to Big T. Resist and we'll take our time getting what's left of you back to the big guy when we're finished!" He sounded both excited yet very angry with his words.

    She dropped the big varmint before sizing up Yan and slowly walking, or rather slithering, near Yan looking down on him." Never, you won't take me alive." She said the old cliche." Why would I want to give up my babies?" She slithered closer with her varmints coming out of the shadows, Yan scanned the varmints and the snake woman with his eyes before the rest of us jumped out of our hiding spot and grouped up around the big guy." About time you guys came out of hiding." He told us.

    " I'd like for once, we don't screw up our stealth Yan, and you chose to step out of cover!" I yelled at him before getting a look at the snake woman. She stood almost as high as the ceiling, she was completely topless exposing her massive milk dripping mounds, around her neck, she had an odd thick layer of skin that look similar to a hood of sorts like similar Earth cobras.

    The other part of her confirmed that she was somewhat based off a cobra with the snake skin on her lower body looking a dark yellow and brownish color." Tear them apart!" She screamed as the varmints charged at us, some even jumped over her massive lower body.

    Yan delivered the first attack nearly crushing a varmint with his sledgehammer, then kicked it back towards the snake lady, the others began surrounding us and looked as if there were more varmints than I thought. One of the varmints charged at me and leaped in the air to pounce on me, but acting quickly slammed the N.T bat into its muzzle and knocked it away.

    When I looked over my shoulder to Noi and Ash, I could quickly spot Ash punching a varmint in its jaw and kicking another one, then I noticed my purple haired cat riding on the back of one of the varmints looking as if she was having more fun than actually fighting, then she was bucked off the creature's back and before it could attempt to hurt her Ash tackled the dog sized alien.

    I quickly bashed a couple varmints in the head and jumped back almost into Yan, the big humanoid alien noticed the rest of us before putting a hand up." Everybody regroup!" He called out. Listening to the guy, all of us quickly slipped past the varmints as quickly as we could and gathered around Yan."Now what?!" I yelled as a varmint grabbed my bat with its teeth doing its best to pull it away from me." Easy duck." Yan ordered us.

    I kicked the varmint in the nose before throwing myself to the ground, Yan held the sledgehammer behind his head and quickly spun the oversized tool around, hitting over a dozen of the blue creatures before he stopped and made some space for us.

    The big guy dropped to a knee probably both dizzy and a little winded, I one of the few stragglers jumped up trying to pounce on Yan only for me and Ash to hit the monster, I helped Yan up the best I could, telling him." You aren't dying on me yet are you? You still gotta suffer with us."

    "Yeah, Yeah." He told me before I noticed that only one varmint remained standing, sticking more closely to the snake woman, it looked more like it was contemplating what it should do, but then it's 'owner' told it what to do." Attack! Damn it!"

    The four of us readied ourselves to take the last one out, but as it began charging us, the extra large varmint from before pouncing on the small pet varmint and mauling the small creature with its razor sharp teeth. The alpha varmint glanced at us before turning towards the snake woman." Cool he's on our side!" Noi yelled out.

    " Yeah for now." Ash added.

    I spun the bat around my hand and pointed it to the Naga-morph." Alright snake woman, give it up and come with us I got a car I want to drive!"

    " No! I won't, if I have to I'll take you all to hell with me!" She tried to sound big.

    " Dead or alive, you're coming with us!" I yelled.

    " We're not dragging a corpse out of here Gaz." Yan told me.
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    Sep 16, 2015
    Queen Cobra

    The snake woman slithered back and forth, shaking her fair breast left and right hypnotically with each of her movements, I was stuck staring at her tits before something bumped me in the arm, when I quickly looked over to them it was Ash." Focus." She told me, out of nowhere the alpha varmint attempted to charge the naga woman on its own, only to be simply slapped away by her snake tail. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thought of boobs from my mind before the snake woman moved in to attack us, she wrapped her long, giant, throbbing, snake end around Yan constricting him like an actual snake, oh wait.

    I acted quickly, slamming my bat into the long snake tail doing my best to free Yan, but the woman half of the naga woman scratched the side of my face with her long nails, jumping quickly to my aid, Ash delivered a punch to the snake woman's face, and thinking on his feet Yan bit the snake woman's reptile tail and she let out a howling scream before she let loosened up and let him go. Moving quickly as his thinking, Yan slipped free from the naga woman and she slithered away from us, probably in a vain attempt to see who was the weakest or the strongest, her eyes danced around all four of us, at the moment almost feeling like three of us with Noi not helping with the fight.

    Suddenly she struck, she began slithering towards Ash and in the charge towards our chocolate and scarlet chitin ant, she bitch slapped me and Yan with her tip of her snake tail, once that tail connected with my face, I didn't feel much pain, but what I felt was a shit ton of disrespect and loss of pride. The two of us flew into a stalactite or was it a stalagmite? Whichever one was pointy and emerging from the floor, I was starting to regret not brining my guns from the ship and wanted to shoot this snake bitch in the face, as I picked my sorry ass up, Yan put a hand on my chest and told me to wait.

    "Wait? Wait?! I just got tail slapped by some backwards ass snake woman who wants to control dog sized pest, and Ash is being crushed her!" I yelled at him." Don't tell me to wait."

    He put one of his big fingers into my chest and gave me the look a disapproving parent."Listen to me, calm down, Ash can handle herself, but right now, look at our surroundings." He told me. I noticed more of the pointed rocks on both the ceiling and floor, some close and others further apart." Make her follow you through the stalagmites and she'll get stuck, gimme the bat and I'll deliver the finishing blow."

    I calmed down and took a breath before handing him the bat and picking up a rock, noticing Noi doing her best to bite, stab, and claw the snake woman's reptile end, I sighed before chucking the rock at the snake woman's head and getting her attention." Hey! Fuck you bitch!" I yelled at her getting another small rock." Picking on a former soldier with PTSD and recovering from Shellshock." I threw the second one just as she began releasing Ash.

    Seeing her turn her sights on me, I began to turn tail and started running back and forth through the stalagmites with her just mere inches away from me and just out of reach." Come on, the varmints would've caught me by now!" I egged her on as she wrapped her snake end around the rocks and stalagmites. Once she suddenly stopped with a heavy jerk, she looked back to see her reptile end wrapped around several rocks and stalagmites."W-what?" she looked as if she saw death behind her with her eyes going wide.

    Yan emerged from the shadows with the bat raised." Night night!" He clubbed her over the head and she fell limp on the cave floor, once everything was done, the alpha varmint stared us down before simply walking away into the shadows out of sight, then I noticed that many of the other varmints that were in the snake woman's control disappeared as well, they must've gotten small really quickly once they saw their owner got knocked out. After forcing Noi to do her best to unstuck the snake end, the rest of us decided to finally help the petite cat girl and help her, it took a while, but we soon got her unstuck carried her out of the cave, once we got outside, it was twilight and the sky had a bright purple color to it.

    " Let's get moving people, we don't want to be caught out here when night comes, the varmints will be harder to spot and with this snake woman with us it would cause problems." Yan told us.

    " Yeah, Yeah." I responded as I kept section of the snake woman on my shoulder.

    It didn't take us too long to get back to Big. T's ranch, and once we got there, the Peace Keepers finally arrived."Oh about time you guys got out here, we took care of everything ourselves!" I complained to one of the officers.

    " You don't look like a New Texan, so I'm gonna guess you're a rusher. Apologizes for the long wait, there's just been a Crime wave going on and we were tasked with defusing a different situation citizen." One of them told me with a cold tone, one of the officers pulled out a credit chit and handed it to me before saying." I believe this amount should cover any injuries."

    I checked the amount on it and was surprised by the fifteen thousand credits she handed me, the moment they took they handcuffed the snake woman, and secured her tail end, she woke up and began hurling more insults than I could even pronounce or even knew of myself, I took a mental note of some before flicking the credit chit at Noi and pegging her in head with it before she caught it with her furry hands, once the space cops were gone T put a big burly hand on my shoulder and pointed a thumb back in the direction of the small garage barn with the car.

    The second he dropped the keys and remote into my hands, I hit the button to warm up the engine, it's engine hummed to life and once I opened the door, I was greeted by the new car smell and the soft seats." Damn T thanks for giving me a brand new car, it looks like you didn't even drive the thing man."

    The big guy chuckled." Well, I did get'er interior cleaned up before you guys came back, wouldn't want to give away the old girl with the stains of half the girls here on the ranch." The moment he said that I instantly felt the need to look into the back seat before he knocked on the hood." I'm kidding buddy, now you and buddies keep on having a good time on my ranch, ya hear."

    I simply nodded, feeling too excited to talk anymore, when I cruised back up to the main road, I spotted Yan counting for Ash as she did push ups while Noi was drinking a bottle of N.T milk with a crate of bottles in her lap, Yan turned to the car and took a big whiff of the interior as I brought the top down." Huh? I expected the car to smell like Noi after getting done with the racks."

    " Yeah!" Noi agreed before taking a moment to realize that it wasn't a compliment." Hey!"

    Ash wiped some sweat from her brow before leaning on the door and propping her breast upon the door, she let out a long whistle." Besides the car smelling weird, it does look better than the cars on my home world."

    "Eh, it's cool." I told them." Haven't tried the hover function yet and I can't wait to take her back home to Nar Koth, I'm going to tear up so much asphalt with this thing."

    The others hopped into the car with Noi nearly spilling her milk into the back seat as she leapt in." Noi you spill that milk, you better suck the milk out of the upholstery and wipe it down." I told her in a serious tone.

    " Got it!" She put her half drunken bottle to her forehead as if she was saluting."

    As I began test driving Yan began asking or rather begging me to let him take the wheel, then as we turned around Ash asked a question while looking kinda bored." I just realized Gaz, how come you like conversion cars instead of hover cars? Aren't hover cars faster?" She asked.

    I stopped the car as a minty haired busty cowgirl crossed in front of us, I looked to Ash in the rearview." Yeah and no really." I told her.

    Then Yan spoke, for me." Back on my home planet Hale, we have retro street cars and ever since I got Gaz into one something just clicked really."

    " Ash, hover cars do have more speed, but they don't have good momentum build up since they are hovering, they have all these safety measures so you can't go over the speed limit in certain spots and lock your speed. Then it's the fact that it's all about using weight and momentum." Then I noticed I was boring the fuck out of the red myr in the rear view." But at least the view is good." I told her as I adjusted the mirror to see tits better before taking off to the ship.

    " So you got a name for her?" Yan asked me.

    " Naw she doesn't need one she's the Lynx." I told him back.

    " Gaz a car like this needs a good name besides the manufacturer name."

    I took a minute to think about it and snapped my fingers coming up with a name."I'll name her, The Renegade."

    " Boo that name sucks." Noi chugged some of her milk.

    " Yeah, that name is kinda bad." Ash told me.

    " I could've named her better Gaz." Yan put a hand over his face.

    " Hey, Hey, it's my car, I'll name it whatever the hell I damn well want."
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    Sep 16, 2015
    Blood Gems

    It was another Monday morning and sadly I couldn't set up any jobs for us, most stores of the stores on our planet were beefing up their security and I didn't feel like stealing Gene mods for Doctor Badger on Tarkus, I flopped down on the couch in the hideout groaning knowing that I couldn't set anything up for us, I sprawled myself out on it as if I have been Noi just coming down from Rush and suddenly Akira showed up and threw my mask on my back." Yo Gaz!" He caught my attention." Gaz did you hear about the jewelry store downtown?!" He sounded excited.

    I grabbed my mask and noticed he was geared up." Yeah, I know dude, I've done the math and there wouldn't be an even way split between all of us. There's me, you, Yan, Ven, Noi, Ash, and Bates. Then Cyn take a fuck ton off the top as her "payment" for fencing everything so she can get a ship and join the rush." I told him.

    " Dude, they were donated some new gems from the planets in the rush." Pulled up a hologram flyer as evidence." We could do a quick smash and grab, Me, Ash, and Bates can get on crowd control and baby sit the hostages, while you and Noi crack the safe and Yan plays wheel man and Noi tracks how close the police are."

    I brushed off my mask before saying." Well, shit sounds like you got this one down pack, I remember when you were first asked me which you hold a shotgun, now look at you, criminal mastermind ready to take down any bank on our side of the galaxy."

    He chuckled before rubbing the back of his spiky hair." I learned from you and my big bro man."

    "I'll get the gang together, but this is your caper, I'll advise and give help, but I'm not in charge." I told him pulling up my info link to call the others. It didn't take long for everyone to get here, and once Akira told them all what the job was, everyone one was on board once they heard them about the high pricing gems and jewelry. We piled into Yan's suspicious black Van and as we drove downtown I told them all I wasn't in charge of this job, I could feel that the others were a little uneasy, but they didn't say much as we were almost half way there. Yan parked up around the corner of the store as we all masked up." Alright guys, little hand, says it's time to rock and roll." Akira stole the line I wanted to use.

    "Damn, uh. Remember why they call it money, because everyone needs it. Ah fuck it, imagine I said something cooler than Akira." I told everyone not even getting a chuckle. We hopped out the Van and rushed the jewelry store with a couple people on the street seeing us and avoiding us noticing our guns, I kicked the glass doors into pieces with my left foot and pulled up my hammer pistols aiming at the clerks and customers, with the others doing the same behind me." Reach for the sky or taste hollow points." The Jewelry store looked like I thought it would, shined up white floors, glass cases housing many jewels and accessories the wealthy and upper class would bring to their graves and die for.

    " Get on the ground!" Akira yelled out to the customers.

    " Lick the floor!" Ash ordered the others making them all hit the floor as fast as dead bodies.

    While Ash and Akira began zip tying people's hands, Bates smashed a display case with his cleaver and the store's alarms began sounding off, in response a security guard emerged from a small room behind the clerks and acting quickly Akira unloaded three shells into him and blowing him back into the room." Shit!" The weeb yelled.

    He looked back to me as Bates started to gather gems and watches into a bag, I sighed before talking over the blaring alarm." Ask where the safe is." I told him as Noi looked outside behind us, suddenly the info link opened up with a call from Ven." Cops are coming guys, you need to learn how to handle those hostages."

    Akira pointed the barrel of his shotgun at the clerk's head and did his best tough guy voice." Where's the uncut shit, the real gems, the nice shit, not these rocks out here." The clerk meekly told him across the sales floor, it was the door with the palm reader. Taking charge of the situation, I patted Noi and directed her to the palm reader, surprising me, she pulled it apart with her claws before hot-wiring the door, I rushed over to the door and grabbed its handle and right when I did, something in me felt like this was wrong, something here wasn't right, there was only one security guard and a palm reader guarding the high end gems, then it hit me this was was sting or a trap and it took me a split second to realize it.

    The moment when I turned my head to Akira to abort this, the door slammed into my face and knocked me on the floor, the alarm was turned off and my gas mask was cracked and ruined. The sound of boots touching the floor was the first thing I noticed, then it was Noi's voice." No." It was the only thing I got from her as a giant hand with burly fingers wrapped it's self around my bullet proof vest, I was lifted off the ground then another hand wrapped it's self around my neck. Through the cracks of my mask, I could recognize the long silver hair in an old school ponytail, one of the hands pulled my mask off my face forcefully and threw it onto the floor before stomping it with a heavy boot.

    " Huh? I thought I killed you Gaz." Mishka told me." But like a cockroach, your hard to kill."

    I stared at the massive aging, female, bodybuilder, my eyes were locked onto her sun baked skin and silver-hair getting in her left eye, I noticed she was wearing her simple black and red jumpsuit with her patched up battle coat." Jiro! Marishka! Get your asses in here!" She ordered. Before I knew it another giant emerged from the back room and tackled Bates into the wall before he could act and knocked him out cold, it was Marishka. Like her mother, she was rippling with muscles, but covered herself in black latex suit with a single green belt and a small butt pack just above her perfectly toned ass.

    Moving quickly, a man in a white suit kicked Noi in the face with his fancy shoes, he wasn't as built as Mishka or even as toned as Marishka, under his suit jacket he wore a silky red shirt. The guy was clearly Japanese and had the look of a harden gangster, it was written all over his face mostly in his eyes. He put his dress shoe on Noi's head and took a silenced pistol from his suit jacket and pointed it at Akira.

    " Brilliant Plan mother, lure the thieves out of hiding by appealing to their greed then slaying them when they come into the trap."

    " Quit being a kiss ass Jiro." She looked over her shoulder to something glowing in the dark back room." Karat, baby girl, quit hiding back there and come up to help Momma." She spoke in an odd motherly tone.

    A gold myr emerged from the darkness with an apathetic look plastered on her face, the source of the glow behind Mishka, it was the four armed ant woman's large jugs, she stepped out of the room and faced down Ash with two eagle handguns, just for Ash to point her large machine gun at the gold ant woman.

    The gold myr looked starkly different than Ash, first off, she had a large ant like abdomen on her backside just above her ass and had four chitin coated arms unlike Ash's two arms, then there was her big breast that almost dwarfed Ash's. The gold was covered in an odd type of black power armor that showed her breast and arms, but also had an opening for her abdomen to wobble free.

    But my ogling had to wait as Mishka slammed me onto the floor and put a boot over my right arm." Mask off all of you." Miskha ordered them.

    Going against my rules, Ash, Noi, and Akira took their mask off, Mishka looked at them all before slowly remembering them all." Noi, you still have those furry purple arms and legs? You know Kaithrit don't have furry limbs you stupid junkie punching bag." She insulted Noi.

    " You." She pointed to Ash." I thought I starved you and that nosey ass soldier, I guess 4 months of nothing but hard tack chips must have saved your chubby ass."

    She then turned her attention to Akira not recognizing him." You look kinda familiar, like someone I killed a couple years back."

    " You killed my brother, you ugly bitch." He insulted her before Jiro fired a shot at him, the bullet took off some of Akria's lobe.

    Mishka looked down to me shaking her head." I remember sawing off one of your arms and then moving onto your leg, but I can tell you have some cybernetics, I could tell when you kicked the door into pieces. I'm gonna guess you have borg limbs wrapped in synthetic flesh because most people like to flaunt their robot parts."

    She put more weight on my arm." So you assembled a group with a wannabe two bit gangster with a dead brother, a junkie punching bag who can't focus on anything for more than two seconds, a serial killer, and a soldier suffering from shell shock. You're all just a group of dead failures."
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    Sep 16, 2015
    Shitty reunion
    As I waited for the others to rush back, I drummed my fingers against the steering wheel with an uneasy feeling stirring up in my guts, I looked back to Ven on her laptop, the holo screen had several different numbers and words scattered across the screen and it looked like another language to me. When the blue haired Ausar began turning to me, I looked back towards the street and wondered where the police was, usually they would be here by now, a jewelry store would have a fast response, the moment when I glanced back to Ven once more, all of the numbers disappeared from her laptop." Something's wrong." The dog girl barked.

    " Yeah, no cops, alarm went off and-" Before I could finish Ven cut me off.

    " No the alarm was shut off just a few minutes ago, so now the police will dismiss it and call in, Something isn't right, this was suppose to be a smash and grab, not a smash and let's dick around." She spoke quickly typing on her laptop." I'm calling Gaz."

    When the dog woman pulled up the commlink, there was someone else talking, it was a voice I was familiar with." Is that? No, it can't be her." I felt like running to the store and rushing in so I could save the others, but it would be stupid of me, and from the names she was calling out she wasn't alone.

    " Yan, who is that woman?" The ausar questioned me.

    " A monster that looks like a human, gimme that coder." I snagged the plastic and metal rectangular device and examined it, turning it back and forth." How do you?"

    She snatched it back from me with a sigh." It's a codex, not a coder meat head, and what do you want me to do?"

    " I need you to call someone for me." I told her. Part of me was hoping this guy could help us, or at least give us some words of encouragement before we run in shooting.

    Many thoughts were running through my mind at the moment, with each thought speeding by like a customized hollow point, I even began questioning my sitting position and rifle at the moment, right when I was about to re-adjust and force myself into a leaning position my headset came to life." You're being quiet, can you actually see me?"

    I looked down the iron sights of my ancient rifle and spotted my partner sitting on a bench in the middle of a hotel courtyard. She was wearing a black coat covering most of her body, and from this far I could still see the small details of her, her pale skin, bright blue eyes, small nose and flat chest, under that coat I knew she had an odd petite but muscular build." Yes Eiko, I see you now, our target is taking too long and the rooftop up here isn't exactly comfortable." I complained.

    "Simo last I remembered you were one of the best snipers in the galaxy, and here you are talking about not being comfy on a rooftop." She began messing with me.

    I got onto my gut, only to go back into my crouching position telling her." Last I remembered, I didn't get shot in the head and put into a coma for a year."

    Suddenly another voice came into my headset." Now, Simeon you shouldn't be rude to a woman, especially one that could floor you in a face to face fight."

    "It's Simo cowboy." I told him before wiping some sweat from my forehead, before I could continue talking, I felt a vibration in my pocket, I took my headset off and answered my codex's info link only to be greeted by one of the criminals I met a couple months ago.

    "Are you Simo?" A gruff man's voice asked.

    " Speaking, is there something wrong?" I gave him a question back.

    The gruff sounding criminal began to quickly fill me in on the situation, and I began to set my rifle down." I'm not too far by, but I'm in the middle of a contract with two other agents. I can't leave my position, but I'm willing to send them both to help you, but in exchange for their aid, you need to split your loot with them as payment to take down this mu'dak."

    There was desperation in his voice as he spoke to me, but he soon agreed." They will be there to handle the situation, Yawn." I hung up and put my headset back on." James, there's a nearby jewelry store being robbed, go save the robbers from the owners space cowboy, look for the guy with the white hair and dark skin. Eiko put on your combat rig and give him James backup."

    " About time I got some action, standing around was getting on my nerves, Colter out."

    "I'll tell the hog that I'm running late so you still get your chance, be sure to confirm the target's death, Eiko out."

    I finally took up a sitting position with the crook of my elbow, keeping the barrel steady, I peered down the sights and watched Eiko quickly walk away, I let out a breath of air feeling a little more comfortable with my new sitting position.

    A heavy punch to my face knocked me out of my daze and Mishka tightened her hold on my neck, she kept her grip tight enough for me not to get lucky and break free, but just enough for me to speak."Gaz, I never believed I'd see you again, but here you are, a gunshot wound to my back just annoying me." she broke my nose slamming her fist into my face again." But like every bullet it's time to remove you." She pulled her face close to mines and I could feel her fingers tightening around my throat but she then stopped and looked to the others." No, I'll kill you, but first I'll make you watch your failure allies die first."

    The giantess had turned me around with a hand on my head now." Choose Gaz, now which one of these failures of the galaxy you want to watch die first?" She asked me." The useless junkie? The brotherless wannabe criminal? The serial killer? Or the broken soldier?"

    I looked to the others before telling Mishka." None of them are failures Mishka, all of them bring their own thing to the table, something you can't see." She delivered a punch to the back of my spine and I could feel a pressure build up in her hand." Fine then, I'll just kill you first, doesn't matter to me what kinda trash you lump yourself in with." I grabbed her wrist with my hands trying to stop her, I dug my nails into her hand getting no reaction as she slowly crushed my skull.

    I closed my eyes and grimaced as the pressure on my head felt unbearable, nothing I was doing could stop her, clawing at her hand and trying to get her to drop me or even trying to kick her wasn't working, it was like trying to break down a ship's bulkhead with my bare hands. Suddenly, out of nowhere someone walked on the glass shards of the door and my eyes shot open.

    Standing in the doorway looked like a cowboy straight out of time. He had the hat, the duster, and the boots, right under his duster he wore what looked like some thin type of armor and dress pants, sticking out the corner of his mouth, was an old rolled cigarette. He laid his hands on his belt lined up with bullets and his gun on his hip saying." I heard someone call for a hero."
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    Sep 16, 2015
    Lucky break

    Moving as quick as lightning, the sci-fi cowboy yelled out "Draw!" and pulled out his revolver, he aimed his sights on Jiro shooting at him twice from the hip, the first bullet knocked Jiro's gun from his hand and the second broke his fancy looking pistol.

    Right when the Gold Myr woman tried to turn her sights on him, a vent dropped from the ceiling, hitting her in the head and brought her to her bronzed chitin covered needs, out of nowhere a small woman dropped from the ceiling and landed on Marishka's back, from my position all I could see was that the small woman was dressed like she was a high school girl of sorts with a thick bulletproof vest and tactical gear.

    It didn't take long for Akira and Ash to get a clue and go for their weapons, I could see the two set their sights on Mishka and right before they could shoot, she dangled me in front of the two of them in an attempt to stop them.

    Then Akira surprised me, instead of doing like Ash did, he actually fired at me trying to hit Mishka, the pellets from his shotgun ripped through the flesh in my arm and my only reaction was to groan in pain before Mishka threw me at the two." Jiro quit rubbing your wounds! Karat stop sitting around! Marishka stop giving that little bitch a piggy back ride, take down this cowboy and this girl and clean up the rest of them!" Mishka yelled at them before surprisingly enough, she began leaving.

    Once Akira noticed Mishka leaving, he jumped to his feet chasing after her." I'm not letting you get away damn it!" He shoved his way past Jiro and knocked over Karat before going after her. I tried getting to my feet with the world spinning around." Kira wait!" I tried yelling to him only to be pulled down just as Jiro was about to shoot me. Ash pulled me into her cold armored embrace, I could feel her hands shivering as she held me, as much as I wanted to, I didn't break free from her grasp, I didn't want her to feel scared even with all that armor on, I closed my eyes and only sighed hoping that Akira would be okay.

    " Hold on there china man! Your fight is with me." I heard James taunt the suited guy. I pulled out my knife stabbing the giant latex woman in the back several times before she jumped back first to the ground, I leaped from her and next to James on my feet.

    Then the suited man spoke up." I'm Japanese, you ignorant American." He drew another pistol from his suit jacket and shot off James' hat running towards him, the giantess then turned her attention to me cracking her latex covered knuckles." I'm going to rip out your spine bitch." She threatened me like a knuckle dragger then soon the two stood in front of us and I quickly asked." Want to switch?"

    " And risk dueling someone almost as good as me? It wouldn't be a fair fight." The cowboy told me with a bearded grin.

    I pulled a flash grenade out of a pouch on my rig and threw it at the two blinding the big woman and not effecting the suited guy, from a quick glance he looked like an old school Terran Yakuza, the anger in his eyes told me. Then I had to pull my attention back onto the giant woman covered in latex, despite being blinded, she charged in my direction, I swiftly rolled out of the way as James began leading the suited man away from the store shooting at him." Just try an' shoot me ya Jap." He sprinted off as the Gold Myr began getting to her feet and noticed her two allies gone.

    " Guys! Mother said clean them up, not run off and kill them in the public!" The glowing breasted ant girl screeched.

    Right when she laid her black eyes and antennae on me, she aimed all of her pistols at me, just when I thought I'd have to berate James for running off, one of the robbers wearing a blue jacket tackled the ant woman and tried to stab her. I turned my attention back on the big woman, she wiped out her eyes and stared down at me."Didn't think I'd need to use this on you, but I'll squash you like the skinny bug you are." She slammed a closed fist into the buckle of her belt and her muscles began rippling, latex covered veins began sprouting on around her black spandex covered, even her height grew taller, she matched the size of an ape on steroids.

    I got low to the ground, someone of her size would have to be slow, the massive hulking woman moved almost as fast as me, nearly crushing me with a giant fist and cracking the concrete pavement. I drew my knife again and dragged my knife across her gut while dashing behind her and expected blood to splatter along the pavement, but to my surprise her latex was tougher than I expected, I quickly jumped onto her back and tried to stab her in the back of her neck, just to be quickly grabbed this time and thrown up in the air.

    I thought fast grabbing onto a gutter pipe and clinging tightly to it before climbing to the roof, it didn't take long for the beast of a woman to launch herself onto the roof and nearly bring it down while landing on it, once we were face to face again, she began chuckling as I glared at her." Your little knife won't be able to cut through my body glove, it's a good piece of Hale federation tech boy."

    I sheathed my knife again." Fine then, I was trying to challenge myself. I pulled out my Salamander Smg from between my rig and my shirt." I guess I could just shoot you instead." I shove a magazine into the compact machine gun before I started emptying the magazine firing on the woman.

    Putting one foot in front of the other, I brought the well suited to a park where many of the dog people and some of my people let their kids play, but once they heard me fire off my revolver they grabbed their kids quickly and scattered like cockroaches. I Jumped over a sandbox as the Jap behind me reloaded his handgun for the third time while chasing me." Whoo boy, if you're running was like your shooting, I'd be dead by now." I taunted him.

    My well suited opponent growled before pointing his gun at me again, twisting my elbow and squeezing the trigger, I shot his gun out of his hand, again, I flipped open the cylinder emptying it out and putting in a speed loader, snapping it shut and dropping it back into my holster. The Jap cracked his wrist before simply taking out another pistol from his nice jacket and loading a magazine into it." You're pretty cowardice for a cowboy. Plus, you seem to be a couple centuries too far into the future, John Wayne."

    I had my hand hover next to my revolver." Well, you seem to be far from home mister Jap, are people like you cutting off pinkies and drinking rice wine?" I could see the anger welling up in his eyes and when he started aiming his gun I yelled out."Draw!" before grabbing the handle of my big iron.

    When the coast looked clear, I nervously looked back and forth as I crawled towards the store on my hands and knees hoping nobody spotted me. Yan gave me a ski mask before he rushed off following his nose, I felt a mix of anger and fear as inched myself closer to the store, and once my fur covered hand felt glass I spotted Bates trying to overpower a gold Myr before anything else. The ant woman threw the tanned human off her and grabbed a piece of glass trying to stab him, I quickly went for the fire extinguisher and clubbed her on the back of the head with it and knocked her out.

    After I knocked her out I remembered the small pistol Yan gave me and wanted to face palm myself for not using it." Ven." My name was called out. I looked over to see Gaz, but something was different about him, he was on his knees and clinging to him was Ash, she was shivering in her heavy armor before looking up to me with big worried black eyes." G-Black, Yan c-"

    "Stop it, just call me Gaz, Ven I need you to find Akira, you gotta find him, I need you to." He grabbed me with one of his hands getting a good grip on my jeans." Find him for me, he ran off after Mishka he wants to avenge his brother." He looked up to me, face covered in blood, red tears welling up in his eyes. " I-I'll find him." I told him.
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  21. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Blood and bullets
    I rushed out of the store pulling up my codex and began searching for Akira's signal before I began running in any direction, when I found his signal on my GPS, I began following it as fast as could and each time I turned a corner, I laid my eyes back on the digital map, then soon just had it in front of my face as I kept running, then I slipped on something wet, it was a spot of blood on the ground. Part of me wanted to scan the blood to know who's it was, the spot had a trail in front of it leading into an, I wanted to scan it with my codex to make sure it was Akira's but I didn't think about it and charged down the alley, hoping that I wasn't too late, the piss smelling alley let to a tiny empty lot with Kira's body sprawled out on the ground." Akira!" I shouted his name before a heavy thud landed on the back of my head.

    I went face first into the dirt and fell over limp before a heavy boot went to the back of my head and kept my face down, I soon saw the object that hit me be thrown on the ground, it was Akira's shotgun, then the person who bashed me in the back of my head spoke." Huh, I didn't think anybody was coming for this prick. Nice to see that it was a pup that came." I felt a meaty hand slap my ass before groping it and poking my asshole through my jeans." I got two other dog sluts thirsty for cock on my ship." I felt Mishka's hand pull on my pants and brought them down to my knees, and pulled down my panties, I closed my eyes before hearing a long zipper sound, my ears drooped down as I felt her hands meet my waist.

    I turned back to see the woman's thick cock, and one of her chocolate colored Breast. I quickly gasped when she smacked her dick into my pussy," I can't get enough of you dog bitches in the galaxy." She grinded it against me, rubbing it against my labia back and forth." Fluffy in right places." She swatted me on the ass." And curvy in the other places." She grabbed my head and forced me to look at Akira." I want you to stare right at your buddy while I fuck your brains out mutt." I felt her fat dick impale my vagina abruptly, she just forced her way inside and started to just roughly fuck me, I felt her entire lenght inside of me, streching me and railing me like some whore, my arms began shaking as she started to thrust harder into me.

    The giant brute began slamming their fist into the tiles and roofing materials as I pelted them with burning energy ammunition, I quickly dodged out of the way of her large fist as she smashed an AC unit, I ejected my empty mag before slamming another one in my SMG, smoke was rising off the massive woman as I got ready to empty another magazine into her." Hold up!" Yelled a gruff voice followed by two shots from an Eagle handgun. One of the shots hit the woman in the belt and the other hit her belt buckle making a loud hissing sound, behind me a large man quickly jumped to help me." She's mainlining something in her belt, it makes her the way she is, now that it's broken we need to wait for her to shrink down." He spoke as if he knew the woman, but now wasn't the time question someone coming to my aid.

    Long almost endless streams of a bright orange substance came from the woman's belt as the hissing noise grew louder, the monster looked to the both of us before ripping out a ventilation duct with her shrinking hands, she hurled the mangled metal at us, and in the heat of the moment, the large man stepped in front of me and let his shields take the blow, his shields crackled and fizzled out taking the blow he stood in for. I quickly got in front of him before I started firing at the slowly shrinking body builder, steam began to rise from her body glove as I emptied the entire magazine into her suit, with each connecting shot more steam began to rise from her and she decided to just jump off the roof and to the street below, I didn't bother chasing after her and looked to the guy.

    " You won't be a bother too will you?" I asked him, pointing my empty gun at him.

    He held his hands up before telling me." What! No, I called one of you to help us." He told me.

    " Well, I expect you and your group to pay me and my partner well for this." I told him before briefly thinking about James.

    Once the Jap fired, we both shot each other, apparently he wasn't that bad of a shot as I first thought, the two of us got an arm shot on one another and his bullet nearly made me drop my piece, dived and rolled behind a slide and turned on my shields. Whatever bullets he was using made my wound, burn hotter than Ausaril during summertime, I put a hand over the wound before peeking out at the guy and nearly losing my head peeking. I leaned on the slide before saying." You're pretty good." I spun my revolver around my trigger finger, then I rolled out of my playground cover to nobody being there, he just vanished into thin air." Damn, gone already." Suddenly I had a feeling something was behind me, instinct kicked in and I spun with my revolver first only to have my hand stopped.

    I spotted the well suited guy out the corner of my eye, he put his gun to the side of my head and pulled back on the hammer."Sayōnara, Space cowboy." Before he could send me to the great desert in the sky, he hesitated and pulled out his codex. On the other end there was someone yelling."Damn it!" The Jap yelled before someone else stepped into my execution and shot my would be executioner, the sound of the rifle was none other than Simo, then his voice buzzed in my ear." If the director saw this he'd kick you back to your old ranking, your lucky he's not a target."

    The Jap held his fresh gunshot wound before he surprisingly turned invisible before my very eyes." What in the Hell?" I heard his footsteps move away from me before hearing his voice once more.

    " You live today cowboy, if we meet again on my, I'll be sure to show you I'm better than 'pretty good'." He told me before I heard him run off

    " You got lucky James, this will stay between the three of us."

    I thanked him over the communicator.

    " You also should also need to work on shooting from the hip, next time just aim down your sights instead of going for style." He lectured me, I didn't bother trying to explain it's not just style, it's much more than that.

    One of Mishka's thumbs was deep in my ass while she pulled out and shoved it deep into my ass, I stiffened up and jerked myself upwards and screamed, and right in the moment she shoved her thumb into my mouth." I hope you like tasting what you ate." she moaned before I felt her dick twitch deep in my colon and pump me full of her jizz, when she pulled out, she kicked one of my legs knocking me into the dirt before she stood up and I felt a stream of liquid hit my back while Mishka let out a long sigh.

    The woman spat on my back before she started walking away." Get more experience at Beth's mutt."

    I slowly pulled myself together, hoping the smell of ammonia piss wouldn't get into my fur and spitting into the dirt, I had tears in my eyes, but I wiped them away Once she was gone, I crawled over to Akira and I laid a fur covered hand on his bloodied face, I wiped some of the blood off his face and he coughed to life.

    " Kira!" Pulled his head into my lap." Are you okay?"

    He struggled with his words, breathing them out."I...I can't move." He told me between breaths." My..My neck hurts Ven." Bloodied tears streamed down his face.

    It took me a while before I could get Ash and Noi to the Van, with Ash clinging to me like a scared child, and having to drag a depressed Noi. When I pried Ash off of me, she curled up into the van with Noi just looking as depressed when I first found her. Personally, I felt like someone slapped me in the face with a dick and I felt like I couldn't do anything about it, then I had that feeling of anger welling up in my stomach that made me just wish I could the entire heist over again but this time know what was coming and handle it or just have us abort the whole thing.

    I put my hands on my face before taking a deep breath and focusing on the situation, I checked the van noticing Yan was gone, I couldn't leave him behind, plus he had the keys to drive the damn thing, Bates on the other hand just looked pissed." Noi look over Ash." I told her before calling Ven hoping she wasn't dead or was too much of a coward to actually do as I said.

    When she answered she sounded like she was in the middle of getting her ass kicked and sounded scared, she was babbling too quickly for me to process anything and I told her to."Calm down."

    Once she took a deep breath, she told me."Mishka, she...She hurt Akira and she hurt me too."

    " Is Mishka there?" I asked.

    " No, she's gone."

    "Okay, when I see Yan we'll make our way." I began hearing sirens." Shit! Alright, we'll meet you when we can."

    "So now the cops finally get off their fat asses to do something." I reached into the Van and pulled out a Laser shotgun, but before I could do anything, Bates just took the shotgun from me." Gaz I'll lead them away from you guys. Ash isn't in any condition to fight, I'll send them on a goose chase, lose them, then meet back at the hideout."

    I was about to stop him, but he was already dead set on his idea and ran off towards the sirens. Then, almost as if it was scripted to happen or just fated to, Yan and the small schoolgirl both arrived, when I laid eyes on the blonde body builder, I gave him a 'where the fuck was you!' look and he just crossed his arms and told me."Hand over the loot Gaz."

    " What?" I told him.

    " I said, hand over the loot, knowing you, even if this turned into a shit show, I know you snagged some loot, you at least have one bag."

    Not wanting to argue with him I grabbed the single bag filled with something me and Bates scrapped together before leaving, I gave the bag to him and he handed it to her." It's probably not much, but I think it covers our lives."

    The school girl un-zipped the duffle bag looking inside of it and zipped it shut." I guess it does." She told us in an almost apathetic tone before walking away.

    "Yan we have to get to Ven, Akira's badly hurt, we need to go get him."

    " What about Bates?" He asked.

    " He went to go distract the cops, he'll meet us at the hideout."

    The two of us got in the Van and tracked down Ven, when I got to the alley a million things filled my head, I wanted to yell at the fucker for running after Mishka, I wanted to feel sorry for him, I wanted to punch him in the face, but the one thing I wanted most was to just get him out of that alley. I slowly made my way down to the small empty lot and spotted Ven cradling Akira's head, I didn't know what to say to him, I just stared and he looked back at me just coughing up the word."Sorry." then coughed again. "I'm sorry."

    I grabbed his legs while Yan grabbed his arms and put him in the Van, when Yan started up the engine, Ven asked me."What are we going to do with him?"

    "We're gonna take him to the hospital, take off his body armor and get rid of anything that will make him look like a criminal." I put a hand on Akira's shoulder and looked down to him." I should've just listened to your brother, told you to get an education be smarter than us, don't be like us. But I was too fucking stupid to listen."
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    Sep 16, 2015
    Horrible send off

    When me and Yan got Akira into the hospital, nurse droids and doctors put him onto a stretcher before taking him down the halls and out of sight, one of the nurse droids soon approached me and Yan, she began asking what could've happened to Akira for him to be that injured, I quickly came up with something to tell her." He got into a bad fight with a couple guys in an alleyway, I don't know if they were trying to rob him or kill him, we just found him that way and he couldn't move and I wanted to just kill the bitch that did this to him."

    "Sir, please calm down, we will report your friend's assault to the local police and they can make an investigation."

    Once she began heading to the front desk, I stopped her." Wait, when can I see him?"

    She looked up to the ceiling as if she had to think about it for a second then told me." Around an hour, sir." The gynoid told me." But I'll be sure to tell you when you can visit him, but right now I need to proceed with procedures in my programing sir."

    I let the robot woman go before sitting down in the waiting area, Yan put a hand on my shoulder telling me that he'll take the others to the hideout before he left, once he was gone, I sat on a bench for what felt like hours, I watched people come in and out, watching people argue with the nurse droid about random things or the paperwork she'd give them, then saw another person just, vomit when they came in, then another person just arrived to get a prescription filled. Once the nurse droid waved me over for what felt like hours, I walked over to her and listened to her tell me Akira's room number and after running down a couple hallways and past many patients and doctors, I found Akira.

    He was bandaged and lying in bed with one of those EKG machines connected to him, he looked over to me as I pulled up a chair to the side of his bed." I fucked up didn't I?" He asked.

    I wanted to be casual with him and tell him that he did more than that." Forget about that, did the doctors give you something to help you? They tell you when you're going to be out of here?"

    He looked over to me with his eyes before saying." I don't know."

    I leaned forwards asking him."What do you mean? You don't know?"

    " Dude, They told me my neck and back are broken, they told me something about vertebrae in my spine being out of place and my neck being broken, they said that it was like my neck was in a vice."

    I held back tears sighing before telling him." Fuck, I'm sorry, I guess no more anime cons or rouges for you then."

    His eyes went wide." W-what?" If he could get up, he probably would." I can't be in the gang anymore man?"

    I stood up, looking down at him." You can't walk, you have a broken neck and vertebrae in your spine." I walked over to the chart by his bed reading what was wrong with him." Even if you recover from your broken neck you'll be paralyzed from the waist down."

    " I, I could get like a pair of walking pants or get some cybernetics and have robotic legs like you, or get some prosthetics, I can still be with the gang, you don't have to kick me out."

    I set the chart down."If your brother was alive right now, he'd be beating the shit out of me and crying his eyes out at the same time, and I wouldn't blame him for doing it. He never told you, but he wanted you to be better than the both of us, he wanted you to go to college and make something of yourself, but the both of us were in over our heads and Mishka reminded us, it's all fun and games till reality kicks you in the teeth." I put a hand on his shoulder."I'm." I swallowed my words."I'm sorry man, but you're out."

    He didn't cry, he was probably holding back his tears and just told me."I-I understand."

    "I will make sure your money gets to you." I told him.

    I began turning around to leave, but then he told me something else." Gaz, it's not your fault, I was stupid and now I'm paying for it."

    Standing in the doorway, I looked back to him." No, it wasn't Kira, everyone I care about around me dies, you got lucky."

    As I left him with that and walked down the hall, I felt surprised with how far we are in the future and can't yet fix a spine properly, medical tech must've come far but not far enough for spinal and neck injuries. Then in the corner of my eye a familiar old small Asian woman came into my sight and came right for me, she grabbed me by my hoodie with her tiny hands, I instantly knew who the woman was when I saw the wrinkles on her face and graying hair."Gaz, I told you not to involve my boy in your stupid little gang. I already lost Akihiko because you boys wanted to play gangster and joined a gang. I told you I didn't want Akira playing with you anymore."

    I could see the tears in her eyes." Now I got one boy in the grave and one in the hospital because of you!" She screamed at me.

    Looking down at the mother I told her."I wasn't with Akira, he doesn't even hang out with me Ms. Itō I-."

    " Don't you bullshit me boy, you might be able to fool the stupid girls around your little block and the ones you play around with, but you can't bullshit someone as old as me, Akira would talk non-stop about how cool you were and the things you would do." Many people in the galaxy would eat up my lies as if they were candy with others being able to see right through them, Akira's mother was the small minority that could see through my sweet words as the bullshit that it actually was."I don't want you to go near my boy again, I don't want you to talk with him at all."

    I didn't argue with her, I knew it was the right thing."Don't worry, I won't get near your son ever again Ma'am." I told her in a sincere tone.

    She had a surprised look on her face as she let go of me."T-thank you Gaz, I just want to make sure my boy has a future in this big scary galaxy is all."

    "I know, I didn't see it till it was too late, I didn't take Akikhiko's words to heart and ignored what he wanted and used him to my own agenda, no amount of apologies could express my regrets or quell any pain towards you or Akikhiko's spirit." I started to sound like I turned Japanese.

    She left me alone to go see her son and I took my time walking out of the hospital, the first face I met once I got outside of the hospital, I noticed Ven sticking around, probably waiting on me, I was surprised that she was here of all people.

    "Gaz is he going to be okay?" She asked."He looked as if he was going to die."

    "His neck and back are broken, he may not fully recover and his mother told me to never speak with him or see him again. He's not a part of the team anymore, I told him that he's out."

    " Gaz, I-I know how you feel about Mishka, when I.. When I found Akira, she was still there and overpowered me, she had.. Done things to me, she took advantage of me." Her furry hands began to shake as she paused, she looked as if she couldn't continue and I pulled her into a hug, I wanted to tell her that she'd be okay, I wanted to lie and say Mishka would never anyone ever again, or even go the distance and say that she'd never see the big woman again, but I didn't." You got a taste of how we felt Ven, how Noi, Ash, and I have felt, the pain we endured when we met her."

    "Most of us lost something, I guess it was about time you lost something as well." I told her.

    "W-what?!" She shrieked and pulled herself from the hug." You're gonna tell me that I only got a taste of the pain you and the others felt?!"

    " Yes." I simply told her.

    Her face twisted into a grimace, her face turned red." Gaz you really can be an asshole you know that, you tell someone who's been raped, that they don't know what kind of pain you felt is?!"

    I pointed at Ven and glared at her." Did Mishka rip your tail off? Did she shove you into a box and burn you? Did she hold you down and cut off your arm and leg after torturing you for hours? Did she starve you half to death before giving you the option of suicide before someone came to save you? No, she didn't, she held you down and let you go when she was finished." Part of me just wanted to give in and punch Ven in the face instead of giving her an option to respond, but I held off on doing it and just took a moment to catch my breath before I lost my head.

    "This isn't an Olympics of how much shit we've been through and what equals up to being the worst. You now know why most of us have this hatred for Mishka."

    The ausar woman didn't respond to me, she just turned away from me and walked off, part of me hoped she was in the wrong, once she was gone I stood outside as a thunderstorm rolled in. I stood in the rain, calming down and just thinking about ways I could've turned everything around, I began wishing I could just go back in time and tell myself to do prep work, scope out the store, maybe we could've found out Mishka was there, or hit it a day where she was out elsewhere.

    But Greed and excitement, the idea of having gems from unknown planets roll out of my hands and Cyn giving me dozens of credits for them made me rush in, I forgot the rule of not letting greed get a hold of me and blinding me.
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  23. Violent_Peace

    Violent_Peace Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2015
    Breaking barriers
    After that jewelry store job and getting manhandled by Mishka, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth, my mood turned into shit and my ego was kicked in the teeth. I kept second guessing my thoughts of future jobs, I felt like the others either shrugged it off or moved on thinking that the job was just bad luck, but I felt as if was some sort of sign and not just a sign that I fucked up and got someone crippled for life, no it felt bigger than that. I felt my robotic left arm shake while sitting in the hideout, a lingering fear that Mishka will be here and just end everything I built up, then I heard the door swing open and instinctively turned to it reaching for my guns but only having my hands greet empty holsters.

    A dark silhouette of Mishka walked into the hideout, a fire sparked up around the warehouse and I felt frozen in fear, screams began filling my head, the images of Akira and Rika flashed in front of my eyes before Mishka grabbed me up by my neck, my eyes didn't meet normal eyes, but met hollow white sockets." Gaz, your nothing but a one armed bandit." I felt an immense amount of pain in my left arm as she pulled it out of my shoulder and threw me to the ground." See?! You're nothing but a fucking failure! Everything you touch dies and those fools will die along with you."

    I snapped away in my room in a cold sweat, I looked at the synth flesh on my arm seeing it still attached before I got out of bed. I jumped into the shower thinking about if I should leave the group myself, when I got out and donned my favorite hoodie and some jeans, I managed to lay back on the couch before someone came into the hideout. Unlike my dreams, I broke out my hammer pistols and aimed at the figure standing in the doorway, but when I noticed the big wolf ears, I put the guns down as Ven walked in with something wrapped up in her hands." Void damn it Gaz! Why are you so jumpy?"

    As she walked closer to me closing the door behind her I questioned her." What are you doing here today?! Don't you have work or something?"

    "No, I have the day off, so I decided to get something for you." She unwrapped the object and showed me my gas mask." I went back to the store and decided to get it back for you. I was thinking about what you said a couple days ago, and I'm sorry, you are right, I haven't felt the pain you and the others have felt and in the moment I was just angry."

    Once she handed me the gas mask, she apologized again and I stared at the cracked plastic and beat up looking respirator, I saw my reflection in the remaining plastic before I let out a smile. I couldn't explain it, but something calmed me down a bit and made me feel a bit better. I took the broken gas mask and slapped Ven upside the head with my left hand mostly hitting her ear, her face twisted into a scowl." What the fuck was that for? I did something good for you, asshole! I got your mask!"

    " Yeah, but at the cost of almost getting caught by the police, what if the cops saw you and followed you back here?" I told here?"

    Her face changed from a scowl to a look of surprise and fear she put her hands on her ears, she started sweating." There... There weren't any cops there, there were a couple drones, and a small area set up with evidence and stuff, I snuck around the drones and took the mask from the evidence table and nobody saw me, I'm sure, I know that nobody followed me, who the hell wants to follow someone as boring as me?"

    I plucked her on the nose before telling her."If nobody saw you then you shouldn't be worried about it pup."

    Suddenly I heard chitin covered feet on the upper level of the warehouse and looked up to see Ash leaning over the railing in just a tank top and her panties." What are you two yelling about?" The myr questioned us.

    "Furball here went back to the scene of the crime and got my mask back, and I'm taking the ship." I pushed myself past Ven heading outside to see Bates and Yan talking." Big guy, I'm going on a journey." I told him." You're in charge, so do fuck any guys at the gym for too long and make sure Ash doesn't get lazy and lay around too much."

    I headed over to the garage passing the Renegade and laying eyes on the ship, I slammed my fist into the button and opened the garage ceiling before Yan and the others chased after me and stood behind me in the garage doorway." Gaz where are you going?" Yan asked." A soldier should inform his squad of his actions."

    "Yeah, how do we know you're not just up and leaving us?" Ash asked.

    Looking back to Yan and the others, I gave them a warm smile."One, Yan we aren't soldiers and we're aren't a squad of them." I told him." Two, why would I leave you guys? I'm just going on a quest, might take me a bit of a while to get back though. But have I ever steered you guys wrong or too wrong?"

    Bates chimed in."Well, there was the last job we were on."

    "Bates shut up, that was a bit of bad luck really." I defended myself.

    I turned to the ramp and went up inside the ship, I made my way past the small common area and into the cockpit to see Noi in the co-pilot's chair, she had her face shove into a small pile of bright blue powder covering most of the dash, I could instantly tell it was Rush, Noi's favorite nose candy. I snapped my fingers twice getting her attention, she pulled her face up and I got to see her nose and cheeks just covered in the blue powder, she leaned back in the co-pilot seat and looked blissed out of her head right now with some drool coming out of the side of her mouth before she pulled herself together." Gaz! Gaz!" She yelled my name twice and grabbed my crotch with a furry hand." Can I? Can I?" She asked, looking desperate as if she really wanted it.

    I swatted her hand away." No, bad cat. Get out of here." as she began scooping up the powdery substance I changed my mind." Wait, wait. Finish up, I don't want us to be stopped by some Peace Keeper with a stick jammed up their ass."

    " YAY!" She cheered before snorting the rest of her rush and cleaned the dash off, she leaned back in the seat as I started up the ship, she looked relaxed as a furry hand slipped into the front of her short shorts." Where are we going?" she asked sounding completely out of it.

    " On a quest Noi, but I first we got to find them before we start this journey. And don't get your cat girl juices all over the seats, other people sit there." I told her.
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  24. Violent_Peace

    Violent_Peace Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2015

    Ghost hunting

    I had us drift around in space for a bit as I access the Darknet to get more info on the person I needed to find, it took me hours before I began getting anywhere, Noi began playing around on the ship cutting the gravity on and off and floating around the low gravity before turning it on and having a number of things just hit the floor. I ignored her before I found the planet we were heading off to." Noi, get your furry butt up here and stop playing with the gravity." The purple cat girl rushed into the cockpit and jumped into the co-pilot's seat before spinning around in the seat." Oh where are we going?" She asked while trying to spin herself around faster in the chair.

    " Easy, the Sol system, we're going to Earth, L.A to be more specific." I told her.

    " Cool, we're going to the blue planet!" I stopped her from spinning anymore in the chair.

    Turning off the ship's internet computer, I cut off several ships before going straight for the warp gate out of the system and to Earth, before I could think about how the planet would be, Noi blurted out my thoughts asking me the same thing I was thinking." Gaz how is Earth?" She asked.

    " If I'm right, it should be like Koth is, has different seasons, cities, towns, humans and probably even aliens as well. The planet is the origin planet to all human kind, but I've never been to Earth myself and people who are fancy like to call it Terra."

    I noticed Noi cock a purple eyebrow at me and look at me curiously, for once she looked as if she was using her head." Wait." The gears in her head were starting to turn." If you have never been to Earth that means you're an alien Gaz, you're not a human, you lied to me." And they didn't turn far enough.

    " No, I'm Human Noi, just not from Earth, so I'm not an Earthling, I'm from a planet like New Texas out on the fringes, I'm from New Finland, it's probably gone by now, though, it's a human colony so I am a human, just not from Earth." I explained to her the best I could." Like how you are a modded Kaithrit, but you aren't from their homeworld Rosha."

    She started to get it slowly nodding as the Earth came into view."Whatever happened to your home world?" She asked.

    " That's a story for another day Noi, the planet's right there." I quickly hit the exit door to the conversation. Now that we found the planet, I needed to find where the place was, the blue planet looked more like a planet that was green, blue, white and brown, not too much blue more of a blend of other colors with blue being the base of everything. I pulled up a hologram of the planet and searched for the state? Or country that we were looking for as Noi sat in the co-pilot's thinking up a badass game plan for when we land and meet the person I'm looking for, quickly glanced in her direction and noticed her groping her own tiny breast as she was coming up with the plan and blankly staring at the planet as we closed in on it.

    Once we were planet side and in the air, the planet looked a little bit greener, but that probably was just from the area we were in, the second I found us an uncertified area to land, just a patch of empty land, I debated getting Noi a leash so she wouldn't run around and get lost or hop on people randomly, I shrugged before dragging her along with me outside the ship and locking it up.

    The second we began our search and saw a couple people, I slowly began regretting coming here. Some of the first people we encountered was a human couple with their child sitting in a park, they were giving their toddler mods to change up their appearance and very being, part of me felt it was kind of messed up for parents to do that to their kid, but I felt it wasn't enough of my problem for me to do something about it.

    Me and Noi moved on from the park and eventually stumbled upon a dog park, where people were leashing up Ven's people and walking them around as if they were animals, also they were having normal Earth dogs play around with other normal dogs and somewhat avoiding the Ausars. As we watched the dogs, one of them a massive husky breed caught my eye as it sniffed an Ausar woman's butt before it's owner yelled something in Russian."Pyatka!"

    The dog leaped back from the canine woman before running to its owner. It was the woman that helped us at the jewelry store, she was wearing a thin hoodie with the hood up on her head and some small shorts, Noi followed me as I walked through the growing crowd of Ausar and pups playing with each other, once the dog owner spotted me and Noi, I could tell by the way she looked at us that she knew who we were.

    " Hey, I need your help with something important, and only you and your people can help me." I told her

    The pale petite woman looked back and forth at the people around us subtly without drawing attention to either one of us." Listen bank robber, I'm not a thief like you, I don't rob banks and fight waves of cops. If you need my people's help then you use the Darknet to make a contract or get in touch with the academy." She spoke in a whispered tone.

    I crossed my arms and watched Noi cuddle up against the woman's large husky, rubbing her face into it's groomed fur." Well, I was just asking where I could get my pet cat there euthanized, but I guess you just look too busy."

    She glared at me with big blue eyes." That's a really messed up thing to say."

    " No, what's messed up is what happened back on Koth." I told her." We all were nearly "euthanized" and I need help to prevent something like that from happening again."

    She put a hand on her forehead before saying." Let's take this conversation somewhere more private?" She groaned." I'd rather not have this conversation get attention."

    I grabbed Noi by the back of her cat collar and pulled her to her feet as we left the park, the woman took us up the side of hill before taking us to her home, it looked somewhat like a small mansion with a couple houses nearby. The second we got inside I looked around before she went into the kitchen and poured a dog bowl filled with dog food, not surprising me, Noi rushed over along with the husky to eat some of its food and try to push the dog away from his own meal, but the dog growled before nudging her away and started eating." Noi bad cat, leave the dog alone." I told her like a pet owner berating their pet for doing something bad.

    The woman set down a bowl of water before pulling a pistol out on me and I instantly raised my hands." Alright, now I know how this may actually seem, but I want you to know this is how most people like me, and others I know speak. So now, I'm going to ask questions and you're going to answer them and once I get answers I like then I'll put the gun away."

    " First question, how did you find me?" She asked.

    " Easy Darknet, if you ask the right people they can find anything, no matter how stupid it is or dangerous." I told her.

    " Second one, why did you find me?"

    " Like I said before, I don't want us to have another situation with Mishka like that. I need to be tougher, stronger, I need training and from what I know, the academy is the best without me having to join a military outfit or become some wannabe merc. I need to be better to take her down."

    She stared at me for a minute before lowering the weapon, she sighed, looking me, I hoped she didn't think I was trying to lie to her, she walked up next to me saying." I'm not a teacher." Before walking behind me." But I can help you." She told me before hitting me in the back of the head and I dropped to the floor, I struggled to stay awake before my eyelids grew heavy and soon darkness overtook me.
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  25. Violent_Peace

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Criminal among killers

    I don't know how long I was out, could of been days, or just a mere amount of hours. The second my eyes slowly opened I was in a different area, it looked a little like the hideout, but the floor was stone cold concrete instead of wooden planks, as I rose off the ground slowly, a female's voice behind me yelled out." Freeze!" I stood still going full statue mode. Behind me were heavy footsteps, almost the same as Mishka's boot steps, but the voice that yelled for me to freeze was too feminine to be hers and too feminine for the woman that knocked me out.

    " Now turn around." She told me. I turned around standing as if I spun around a million times and took a step to balance myself and was greeted by the sight of a giant. She was a bright caramel colored giant, with breast were bigger than my head and hers, on her face were a small pair of glasses, She wore what looked like simple black jeans, and a bright yellow sweater hiked up to her shoulders, her stomach was gravid and massive in size, she looked as if she ate a couple people before telling me to stay still, latched onto one of her tits was Noi, she was being cradled like a tiny child suckling from a mom's teat.

    I took a moment to collect myself before I asked her where we were, she held out her arms before announcing." We're in the backdrop!" I stared at her surprised she could speak so casually with a cat girl hanging off her mega sized tits.

    " Backdrop?" I parroted." Backdrop of what?"

    Before the giant could answer, a door at opened by my side and I instantly turned towards it." It's the backdrop of an ancient fun house." The new guy said to me. He wore a dark trench coat with stylish sunglasses while we were indoors." Personally, I wouldn't care what Eiko does in her spare time, but this is a breach in security, you should not be here." The guy spoke with a mix of calm anger, I could see that he was attempting to ignore the giant and Noi.

    Before I could even have a chance to defend myself, another door opened up, for some reason I didn't hear the water of a shower running because, at my back, this time was a door leading to what looks like a shower room, coming out was the albino I met the almost nearly a month ago. He was wearing only a towel around his waist and looking confused about the situation." What's happening here?" He asked, it was like most ,didn't mind the sight of Noi just drinking from the woman's milky teats.

    The guy with the trench coat pointed a robotic carbon fiber finger at me before saying." Eiko is breaking one of the rules of a safe house appointed by the Director himself. She allowed a bank robber inside of the place and now she's nowhere to be found." He still sounded calm but angry.

    The albino stared at him with calm red eyes for an awkward amount of time, then simply told him." So." Adjusting his towel he continued." I trust Eiko, I doubt she would bring someone here and put our lives in danger John."

    " I don't like this, I'm reporting it to the director." He turned around and left the room and before I knew it, another person walked in. A lanky woman with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail, she was wearing a burgundy vest with a black dress shirt and matching colored pants, peeking out from her rolled up sleeves were snake tattoos, she had a toothy grin that a cat would be jealous of, speaking of cats." Where's Eiko?"

    Great, not only was the person that took me here to help me vanished, but she took me to some random location with my traveling companion. Suddenly the blonde woman slapped me on the back and grabbed my shoulder." Eh, don't worry buddy, Ei-chan will be back, she went chasing after her big ass dog."Out of nowhere she slapped me be on the ass and pulled herself close to my ear." But I guess we could waste some time before you get down with Ei-chan."

    I pushed her away from me and she gave me the smile of a goblin from a video game ready to get down to business." I think I remember you buddy boy." She told me." White hair, dark skin, hoodie." She put a hand on her pointy chin and stared down at me with a malicious grin." Jiro would be really happy if I brought you to him." She mentioned Mishka's baby boy, the space Yakuza." But Fuck him, I care too much for Ei-Chan to go against her."

    Before anything else could happen, the woman of the hour showed up, by her side was her dog soaking wet." Your cat got mounted by my dog and he rolled rolled around in some mud I had to clean him." She told me bluntly."W-What the hell?!" She reacted to Noi suckling from the giant like a baby with almost no stopping.

    Looking back at the caramel colored giga tits, and Noi latched onto the pink nipple and swapping to the second teat with a squirt of milk flying over my shoulder I looked to Eiko saying." What you never see a cat girl guzzle down boobs filled with milk? She'll suck those puppies dry by the end of the day." I told her." Cat girls from Hardy get crazy over milk."

    " Enough!" She snapped her finger a second time." No more of this small talk, we need to get down to brass tacks. You want to be tougher for that monster you need to kill right? Well, these people can help you."

    " Not this person." The albino told us as he sat on a couple ammo crates." I'm a sniper, I don't get in people's face, I shoot them in the face from miles away." He finished before drying his hair with another towel.

    " I know something that could toughen him up." The giant told them, she yanked Noi off her chest and composed herself.

    It didn't take long before me and the pregnant giant took a journey out the back of the safe house, the two of us took a trip down a hill and to a waterfall and she sat down on a massive stump just big enough for her." Alright strip down to your undies big guy." She told me while cradling her belly.

    I looked at her as if she spoke an unknown dead language before she waved one of her hands." Oh come on, it's not like you don't have anything I haven't seen before." She then thought about it before saying." You don't have anything I haven't seen before have you?"

    I shook my head telling her don't have anything before taking my shirt and hoodie off and taking off the rest of my clothes." Wow, you sure have a body that tells some history." She commented on my form." Alright, go stand under that waterfall." She told me." The water is extremely cold this time of year and it should make you tough."

    Thinking about it, I almost didn't want to do the damn thing, then the thought of Ash clinging to me in fear and the feeling of being manhandled by Mishka popped into my mind, the thoughts of everyone around me being dead or dying came to mind. I leaped onto a rock and without hesitation stood under the waterfall as freezing water came down on my head and shoulders, I felt an odd feeling in my head as an endless stream of cold water came down on me, I could feel my skin turning numb to the water and as I struggled to stay under it the giant lady spoke.

    She pushed up her glasses on her face before saying." Humans on Earth, use to do rituals similar to this, they would have special waterfalls with special water, they would do this for martial arts and Pilgrimage, they-"

    She stopped the second I fell out of the waterfall's current and nearly landed face first into the rock I was standing on." Maybe this isn't for you." She thought to herself before we headed back.

    Once we were back in the same room from before, and I was in slightly wet clothes, I got a good look of the room, there was ammo lining up some of the walls of the room, some boxes stacked to the ceiling and others sitting badly stacked. Then out of nowhere the Agent Smith with the trench coat walked in and approached me this time he looked a little different." Listen, since you're not asking for training, I'm willing to help you quote un-quote toughen up, Follow me."

    He brought me out to the rest of the fun house backdrop where there were long hallways, he brought me out to long massive room with targets set up, mostly cardboard cutouts of what must've been the fun house's old occupants. Nearby shooting from the hip was the cowboy from the other day, he was bandaged up and firing a revolver at some of the cutouts, he was fanning the hammer of his revolver with each shot, getting head shots on the cutouts, when he noticed us he emptied the cylinder." Who's this snake on stilts fool?"

    I wasn't sure if he insulted me or complimented me, his old western jargon was something I didn't understand correctly." He's a bank robber." He stood in front of me before putting both hands on my shoulders, his hands were clearly robotic and had some weight to them." I use to be a bodyguard and still do it from time to time, so I'm going help you not get knocked down so easily, or not stunned as badly as you usually would be from some attacks."

    I cocked my eyebrow, thinking about how he could help me, he went to a corner of the large room and grabbed a wooden plank and placed it on my shoulders," Keep that there." He told me before grabbing two ammo boxes." Alright, this is some of the heaviest ammo we have, due to my augmentations, I can heft these up without trouble, for you it will be the weight of your team."

    Before I could ask him how does he know my team, he put one box on then the other and it felt I was holding Yan and Ash on my back." Now that you're carrying the weight of your team on your back, imagine I'm everyone you hate." He told me before slugging me in the chest with his carbon fiber coated fist, all of the wind was knocked out of me, I almost fell as he threw another one and hit me in the chest as hard as he could.

    " Don't fall, endure the pain, get angry and let it fuel you." He told be before slamming his metal fist into my gut and then into my shoulder in his best attempt to make me drop this heavy shit.
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  26. Violent_Peace

    Violent_Peace Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2015

    It felt like I was being slugged in the chest and gut for hours, the pain of his metallic fist just felt like pokes to me at this point, pokes with a very massive finger, then I remembered that this guy wasn't supposed to help me, and this shit here was starting to feel stupid, I threw the ammo boxes off my back and heard them break open as the guy stopped punching me." What's wrong?" He asked, as if he didn't think that I would catch on to this."You're just fucking with me aren't you?" I asked." You accepted this to just punch a guy you think is a piece of shit didn't you?" I asked.

    He looked away from me back to the perforated targets the cowboy lit up with his revolver, then looked back to me." No, I didn't do this because I wanted to slug you in the chest, If I really got off on giving peoples' pain, I'd be like Chi smiling like a fool." He went off on me in a strange calm rage." I did this so someone doesn't get the upper hand in slugging you in the chest, it dulls the pain of your stomach, you never know when someone will punch you in the gut and try to bring you to your knees." I turned away from him going back to the room with the giant and Noi, I slammed open the door to see the Giant and some of the others laughing." Alright, Eiko, I don't want your buddies giving me tips like standing under a cold waterfall naked or taking some punches to the gut, I want you to give me some training, I need to make sure my team doesn't end up dead, I came to you for help, not them."

    Eiko sat on a large crate rubbing her big fucking dog's coat, she stared at me the same way the albino guy did for a second before getting up." Fine, you're right, you did come to get my help, so I'll give you the help." She hopped off the crate." I can't exactly train you." She told me again." I'm in a different weight class as you, I focus on different fighting unlike you. You shoot guns with two hands, I leave one open, and use a different style, so I think I got one last ditch effort to help you Gaz."

    " What?" I asked holding out my hands."Knocking me out and moving me to a different spot?"

    The moment I said that she pulled a gun on me, Noi leaped into action only to be held back by the giant woman and be put into a headlock." Yes, just exactly that." She squeezed on the trigger and instead of a loud bang, the only noise was the gun's trigger. I looked down to see if I was hit by her gun only to see a dart jutting out of my chest, I felt my body growing heavy and the last thing I could feel was my shoulder hitting the stone cold floor.

    The moment I woke up, I noticed that this time I was in a dark room, I slowly got to my knees as a red light appeared in a corner. The floor felt very metallic instead of like stone, then an intercom creaked to life." Good finally you're awake, best that you are, we're nearly at your drop off." Eiko's disembodied voice told me. Then I realized where I was, I was on a ship, and from Eiko's words I could tell that she was that I was in the drop bay." Where the hell are you dropping me?!" I yelled in a hoarse tone.

    "We're dropping you in at Hardy." She answered." It's a test by me, if you pass or fail, I'll do my best to mentor you if you want, but it will take a long time."

    Right when I was about to answer her, she cut me off without realizing and the light changed to green." Oh, we're over the point get ready for drop."

    " Wait, what?!" The bay doors began opening under me and soon I was dropped out of the ship, massive winds whipped past my head, my eyes nearly teared up as I spotted the ruins of Hardy from above, the place looked like it was asking to be demolished. I reached around my back as quickly as I could, hoping that Eiko didn't just drop me into the retard cat kingdom to die hitting the ground, my hand met a pull string and the situation felt a little bit less tense. I yanked the cord and felt the parachute pull me back as it deployed and slowed my descent, before I even touched the ground, one of the worst smells in the galaxy hit my nose and I wanted to just puke, I suppressed the urge to vomit from above and watch where I was landing.

    I passed by a water tower before landing in Hardy's main street, the town was small and filled with beat up old buildings, I ditched the parachute once my feet hit the ground and in almost seconds, a number of cat girls swarmed the parachute, many of them smelled it and licked it as if it could be food, before a number of them began fighting over the chute to keep it for themselves. It was like a town full of Noi with all of them almost rabid, I made sure to get away from the gang of cat girls fighting over the parachute. I ducked down an alleyway to keep away from them, probably a dumb idea for me to do as they would probably be coming down here any minute once the winner of the fight gets away with the chute and goes home, I thought on my feet, climbing up a fire escape I went to the roof of the building with the water tower and chilled out on the roof.

    Suddenly my codex vibrated to life, turning the device's screen on I noticed Eiko made a contact for herself, then I noticed she sent me a picture of a medium sized lot surrounded by buildings, the picture looked familiar, it wouldn't take me long to find it, she also attached to the photo."Don't catch Furpies." I read aloud.

    Pulling myself off the roof, I went to the ledge, part of me thought about jumping for a split second and knew it was a stupid way to die, I began looking around from above, I first spotted a trio of cat girls surrounding a stack of cartoonishly thick waffles, from what I could guess from the trio in the alleyway they were arguing before two began clawing at each other and the third took the chance to scarf down the food as fast as she could. Taking my attention off them, I looked from a different part of the roof and spotted the winner of the cat girl gang, a really tough looking petite cat with her kitten child following her as she pulled the chute away from the bloodied scuffle.

    Looking away from that, I began concentrating on where the empty lot could be, then it hit me, I knew where it was, I knew the place I needed to go and leaped down onto the fire escape and raced down to ground level and began following my memory, I ran across the main street, stepping over the knocked out cat girls before heading into another alley way and nearly running right by the narrow back alley leading into the empty lot. Stepping into the empty lot, it oddly looked better than the rest of the town, it was dirty sure, but it had less dirt than the rest of the place, I looked around to see some trash in the corners, but nothing else, before I could wonder why I was here, my codex buzzed again, it was another text from Eiko, she just told me to wait.

    Walking further into the lot, I looked up to the cloudy gray sky and hoped I wouldn't be here overnight, the clouds had no opening to show the sunlight, just an endless expanse of of the puffy gray stuff, I started to feel glad Noi wasn't just dumped here, then the sound of metal on asphalt broke me away from my thoughts, I turned to come face to face with who I hoped was Eiko, I was wrong, the fully armored being standing at the only exit of the empty lot was someone completely else. The armored being had to be a Hale, the armor was different from the other troopers, his was a dull pale gray color the same as the sky, mounted on his arm was a metal shield, in his other hand was an odd pistol, one I've never seen before." Bates! I'm here to bring you in." He told me through the helmet.

    He put his shield in front of him and aimed his pistol at me from behind his shield, I wanted to yell fuck you to Eiko, right as drew my pistols and looked around for cover because shooting this guy was gonna be a bitch.
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    Sep 16, 2015

    Neither of us wasted time in a stare down, I ducked and rolled, firing as many bullets as I could at the guy, but most of my shots just ended up hitting his shield." Fuck you and your Shield!" I yelled out as he began firing his pistol from behind it. His gun oddly enough was an automatic, it blasted out rounds in a three shot burst, he was putting more bullets in the walls instead of my shields. I quickly reloaded my guns as the guy tossed his metal shield on the ground and pulled out a second pistol like his first, why a guy with full armor and helmet would need a shield was beyond me, the both of us began trading shots, with him missing each of them as I kept moving to avoid staying still.

    Each of my shots hit the guy's armor plating, with each hit ringing out with a loud "CLANG!" As my ammunition began to run low, I could feel the guy behind the helmet was getting angry with me. He pulled a grenade from behind his back and slung it at my feet, before I had the chance to hop back from it, the thing flashed and I felt a shiver run up my legs. I looked down to see ice creeping up my jeans and soon I felt it run up to my waist and chest, once it got to my neck, I couldn't move, I struggled against the ice coating my body with my limbs shivering.

    The armored Hale approached me putting a finger on one of his gauntlets." Suspect Apprended." He spoke. The idea of taking the wrap for Bates began entering my mind, I wasn't going to jail for that serial killer. I don't know what kinda energy was in me, but pushed myself to break out of the ice and shake off the cold feeling it gave me. The Hale jumped back telling his gauntlet." Suspect resisting!" The armored Hale put his fist up and threw a punch at my gut, I returned the favor slugging him with my left hand knowing that it would be enough to actually hurt the guy.

    He retched himself forwards in pain from the punch before bringing his dull colored metal fist across my face, I held my breath before punching him in the chest with a left hook, then smacked up his helmet, revealing his black body glove mask before punching him in the nose and knocking back and almost off his feet. The guy pulled his helmet down before standing up straight and breathing heavily right with me, I couldn't see his face, but I could tell from the heavy breathing that he was out of breath. Suddenly the guy charged at me and tried to deliver a head butt, but at the last second I moved my head out of the way, grabbed him in a bear hug and slammed him on the ground, knocking his helmet off.

    Taking advantage, I punched him across his masked face several times before I stopped and felt like my lungs were on fire. I felt sore all over before taking a knee next to the guy and instead of punching him again, I put a hand on his shoulder and looked down at his masked face, I looked the guy in the eye before saying." You should use semi automatic pistols, not fully automatic, due to their small size and small magazine you'll end up spitting all your ammo into the walls and environment instead of your target. Sure full auto works when you're surrounded, but against one guy, it's stupid, stick to semi autos. Besides that, you're pretty good, you could've actually arrested me."

    "Pretty good?!" He groaned. Out of nowhere the guy had a burst of energy and tried to grab me with one of his arms. Thinking quick, I pushed him down into the ground with my arm and his eyes squeezed shut, then he groaned again before letting out short breaths.

    The moment I stood up, I realized a couple things, in that fight I went all out, doing the best I could in order to avoid being caught by that guy. Then I also realized I just gave a guy who's gonna probably try coming for my ass in the future tips on how to better kick my ass. I left the alley way and went back onto the main street thinking about how much I was worried of Mishka killing me, then I thought back to my crew. Then something hit me, where the hell was Noi? I yanked my codex out only to see Eiko had texted me saying."Nice job in that fight back there. Now do you want that training?"

    I quickly texted her back."No, I want my cat back damn it!" It may have taken me a bit of time to realize it, but I forgot what I told Ven back at the hospital, this isn't just about me, it's about the whole team. When Eiko texted me back she sent me coordinates and a picture of a location, I pocketed my codex before jogging to the coordinates she sent, I was fucking up hard being away from the crew and not giving them anything to do. As I closed in on the Harbor, I began thinking I was turning into one of those dorks from one Akira's mangas or Anime he watched so god damn much.

    At the coordinates, there was a backpack, I picked it up and looked it over noticing it had strings like the parachute. Before I could think too long about why Eiko would give me a fucking parachute she sent me another message telling me it was something along the lines of a Fulton recovery device, just put it on and it will take me into the sky. Thinking twice about being sucked into the sky by a balloon, I put it on and tug on the cord. I only had a second to look back as a group of white orbs erupted from the backpack and quickly inflated in seconds, I felt my feet be lifted off the ground before being pulled into the sky.

    After passing through the clouds and watching the ground grow smaller and smaller, I looked around danging from a string thousands of feet in the air as if my surroundings would change, then in the corner of my eye I noticed a dark colored starship cut through the clouds and close in on me. The ship flew right for me, and the moment I expected it to slam into me and just kill me, the ship caught the string between me and the balloons and pulled me along for the ride and I ended up behind the thing, I felt the cold wind and the speed before things began to slow down and I began to thank whatever gods watched over us that the pilot slowed down.

    The back of the ship soon opened up and I saw who I could guess was the pilot in an all black jumpsuit and flight helmet, it took me a while, but I managed to swing myself into the back of the ship and took the damn Fulton backpack off. I looked to the pilot as they closed the ship's cargo bay, I called out to the guy feeling somewhat out of breath." Hey do you have a cat girl on board? One with a single tail, Purple fur, probably very annoying and trying to grab your crotch."

    They took their helmet off before revealing that they were Eiko, the petite pale woman who likes to knock me out." Of course I do, but I had to restrain her, several times."

    "How many times Freckles?"

    She glared at me taking notice to the freckles going across her nose before telling me." Seven. She wouldn't stop trying to grope my breast and touch my crotch."

    "Well, she'll be fine, take me to my ship, I want to go home and back to my team." Looking to her chest, I noticed she had nearly no boobs, then mumbled." Like you got any tits to begin with."

    She glared at me asking me what I said, and I repeated myself saying." It's not really like ya got any boobs to begin with." I told her clearly.

    The skinny Asian woman continued to glare at me before shoving her helmet on her head." I don't get how your team endures you? I'll take you back to Earth with your slut cat girl, but it's gonna be a bit of a ride."
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    Split second

    Once I got back to the hideout with Noi, Yan had done some prep work to a job, it was kind of a big job, or at least big by my standards. He began going over the heist in front of the white board filled with blueprints, pictures of the place, and several drones that hovered around outside." Okay, listen up, double for you Noi." He pointed to the hectic cat girl." This job will have us split into two teams with Gaz the leader of team two and me the leader of team one."

    As he said that I raised my hand as reclined into the couch."How come my my team is team 2? I want to be team one."

    " Gaz we can fight about team names later I'm going over the plan."He tried to get back on track." Team one will be Me, Ven, and Noi at a shipment hanger getting the containers ready for you guys."

    I raised my hand a second time." Hold, Hold up. I want Ven this time around, she's with me I'll trade her for Ash."

    The red myr woman leaned forwards to look at me giving me a sour look."Why? What does Ven bring that I can't?" She held out her arms probably feeling confused.

    "Well, thinking about it now Ash you don't really do well when the situation is stealth." I thought of a word to say besides, she's still kinda chubby and the armor is loud, then I thought, fuck it." Plus Ash you're still chubby and that armor is heavy and fucking loud if you haven't noticed." Noi began laughing."All you hear is a just a series of heavy footfalls then security is calling the cops because of a fat myr is running around in heavy armor with a light machine gun like she's gonna shoot up the place."

    "Fine then, you bastard!" She crossed her arms

    "He's right, you know, plus you might actually be more use than Ven would be, we might get into more of a shootout than the other team will." Yan attempted to calm her down." Now team 2, you guys will be sneaking into the car shop and looking for the keys for the show cars."

    For the first time, I was actually surprised that Bates actually said something." Wait aren't show room cars just fakes? Or are they gutted?"

    Just as surprised as I am, Yan took a second before he answered." No, showroom hover cars are actual cars on the they take from a lot. Now before you Ask Gaz, I paid an inside guy to fuel them up and get them ready, we're only stealing a couple of them."

    "Yeah, no shit when there's only six of us." I brought up.

    "Unless you can find someone to take another spot to help us, then I doubt it will help us." The big guy told me.

    Thinking about it, I did know one person that could help us, but I couldn't tell if they were ready or if they were well enough to help us."Actually I might know somebody that may help us and not those fucking assassins."

    Yan put a hand on his chin, thinking about it."Are they trustworthy?"

    I thought about it a second time and decided this is probably not the job to bring them in on." Yeah, but we shouldn't bring them for this, might be too much for them in their current state."

    "Fine then." Going over the plan one last time and telling us to finally shut the fuck up, Yan went over the new improved plan." Alright, here's the plan, Team one will be at the Hanger and securing the area and making sure nobody ruins the plan or stop us from shipping the cars into the containers. Team two will be at the car shop getting the keys and stealing the show room cars, remember this must be done without the cops showing up, no matter how much we could try, I doubt any of us could tell Aliens that bullet holes, warped metal, and melted paint are a feature of these cars. Anything else I need to go over?"

    All of us told the large man, "No" at the same time before we geared up and piled into the van. The drive to the car shop Yan told us about was a short ride it felt a bit different though, once we hopped out of the van, I grabbed a gym bag before he took off to take care of his part of the heist. Once he was off, Ven stared at me before looking at the store for a brief moment." Uh, Gaz I should've said this earlier, but I don't think I'm exactly. Uh stealthy."

    "What?! But how did you get my mask back?" I asked." Wait are you just getting some performance anxiety? You can tell me."

    The dog woman shook her head with an honestly worried look painted across her face." That was just something I got lucky doing and got even luckier nobody noticed me or noticed I did anything." She tried to play down what she did before.

    I pointed to the car shop across the street." Don't worry Ven, me and Bates will sit back and watch you from across the street." I told her.

    " I can't do all the work you jerk!" She barked at me before I plucked her nose."Stop that!" She rubbed her button nose.

    "No shit you can't do everything, fuzz butt, that's why you'll be setting up the short cut for us." I pointed to a small section of the street nearby with construction cones and small hologram barriers, it was lucky that the street was vacant and the place looked like it was about to close up." Me and Bates will move in through the back entrances of the shop while you get rid of those barriers and set up the explosives, when you're done we should have the cars and I'll speed over to pick you up." I told her.

    The Ausar took a deep breath before nodding and taking the gym bag from and slinging it over her shoulder, the dog woman pulled her mask over her face and jogged over to the small construction spot to work on the part of the plan I told her. I looked into my old mask considering to put it on before I put the cracked gas mask over my face.
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    Fast and Furious

    While Ven started setting up the short cut for us and Bates disappeared decided to go around the back through the shop's employee parking lot. The cars around the back weren't as flashy or good looking as the cars inside, and I'd rather not fuck with them at the risk of breaking the stealth at the moment. I crouched down between two of the hover cars as Bates spoke into my earpiece."I found the key box." he told me before Ven spoke into the piece next." Okay the charges are set up for the short cut, what am I to do now?" She asked. I put two fingers in my ear telling the ausar."Just wait for the signal and run inside, make sure you aren't next to or standing on the charges so you don't blow yourself up." I told her.

    I don't know if she felt angered by what I said or insulted, but."Do you think I'm Noi or something? I'm not that stupid." I then shushed the dog woman as I closed in on a back door and started fiddling with the lock." Don't start yelling and barking you'll break the stealth for me and Bates, and someone might come around on the block and see you, we don't need the cops arresting a crazy ausar foaming at the mouth and yelling at the sky." I told her as I unlocked the door and pulled myself into what looked like a trash room. I didn't need to see Ven's face to know she wanted to yell at me over the link, but she knew I was right and shut herself down, if I could only see her face it would've made me chuckle.

    The trash room led out into a stairwell, and there was a door leading to the rest of the first floor, I began picking the lock knowing that the door leads to the showroom floor, as I heard the lock click I felt someone behind me and soon they touched my shoulder and acting quick I spun around throwing my back to the door with one of my hammer pistols drawn, but it was only Bates he wasn't bothered by me pointing a gun at him and just moved it away from his face." So that's how you got in here." He spoke casually. I put my gun away before asking him how he got in." I climbed up a pipe on the other side of the building and went across the roof."

    He cracked the door open slightly to get a look at how many people were outside the showroom, he closed it quietly telling me there are mostly civilians out there, but too many for the three of us, I started to wonder if Akira was here we could tie everyone up." The box for the keys aren't that far, if we act fast and get into the manager's office we could get the keys, but we'd have to get Ven over here."

    I groaned before pulling my guns out."Fuck it, fast and furious it is then." I kicked the door to the showroom down and rushed into the room, I fired off two shots into the ceiling getting everyone's attention." Alright, everyone be cool this is a-" from the second floor a guard shot me in the chest and threw me off my feet, the wind was knocked out of me and quickly Bates threw what looked like a knife at the guy's head and helped me to my feet; it was moments like this I was glad to have bought a bulletproof vest. Once I got back to my feet, Bates sprinted off to the manger's office as if his ass was on fire, and soon Ven arrived with her lame ass laser pistol, and what felt like a split second, Bates came back and threw a set of keys at the both of us.

    I caught my pair, as Ven's pair smacked her in the face and hit the ground." Blow it!" I yelled to the Ausar as she fumbled with her keys, she pressed a button on her codex and the ground shook as the three of us jumped into the sports cars, we charged the hover cars through the glass and down the hole Ven made; it took us down into a series of snake like tunnels with more construction equipment sitting idle, I took up in front of the two leading them to the shipping yard. Wanting to tell Yan on how well we did, I called him up on the info link." Yan we're heading to you guys now have the containers open and ready." Instead of hearing his gruff voice on the other end I just heard static, I shrugged knowing that whatever the problem was Yan could handle. Once we came to the end of the tunnel and to the shipping yard. The first thing I spotted when exited the tunnel was a figure in some sleek gray tactical body armor, a pair of dark goggles; in one of his hands he held a black modified ZK rifle with a silencer attached to the barrel, tight in his other hand was a long dark baton; at his feet were the bodies of Ash, Noi, and Yan, all three of them taken down by this spooky looking motherfucker.

    Slamming my foot on the gas, I remembered that I would need to thank Yan Later for having us steal hover cars instead of ground ones, I aimed the car for the night ops looking motherfucker and he jumped over my car as if he was clearing a hurdle or just leaping over a small gap. I hit the brakes just as he landed on Ven's car filled the hood with bullets and making her car lose control and crash into a wall of containers; I stepped out of my car as the spec-ops dude hopped from the car, and Bates pulled up and hopped out of his car knife at the ready, in the middle of us stood the guy still holding the ZK rifle in his one hand, he glanced at me, then set his sights on Bates.

    If this guy was another Ranger, I would have to reconsider Bate's position on the crew, but if he was a Ranger I'd have to wonder why he has a gun; But before I could keep thinking about who he could be running with, I noticed that he threw a grenade my way. I pulled both my guns and fired at the guy before a bright flash of white light blinded me, my eyes burned like a roaring fire like somebody put a lit cigarette out in them. Tears began streaming down my face as I felt a heavy object hit me in the shoulder and make me drop like a sack of loot, when my vision came to I spotted the guy with his baton raised high about to hit me again, but right as my eyes cleared up Ven pounced on the guy's back and nearly sent him tumbling to the ground.

    I took the moment to get to my feet and wanted to shoot the guy, but with Ven getting a piggy back ride, I didn't want to hit the fluffy girl, she had work tomorrow. I put the guns away rushing the guy, only to run into a kick to the face and get Ven thrown on me, the both of us tumbled to the ground with the goggled agent towering over us; then he surprised me by turning away from the both of us to be greeted by Bate's knife to his stomach.

    The knife only slid across the fabric of his clothes, before Bates could even act, the guy delivered a punch to Bate's nose and shot him in the shoulder; instead of hearing the crackling of shields, the bullet from the modified ZK rifle ripped through Bate's shoulder leaving a nasty wound, he was using shredder rounds. I tossed Ven's furry ass off my back and ran in for a sucker punch, but the second I got close to both of them, he swung his baton my way, keeping the blunt weapon out towards me, but." You should work smarter, not harder." A heavily robotic like voice emerged from the guy as he slightly turned his head my way.

    I tried to quickly draw my pistols ready to shoot the guy in the back, only for him to kick me, back onto Ven and put a foot onto my chest." Listen here, I've got this drum solo I've been working on!" He raised his baton high and before he could club me with his baton, or I could shoot him; Noi surprised me with her saw, she cut the baton in half with a clean slice then sliced the guy's stomach with the energy infused saw. The spec ops guy leaped away from the cat girl and aimed his rifle at Noi only to hesitate for an awkward amount of time and put his sliced baton away."Wow, that was a nice workout! I think I'll have a protein drink and hit the showers!"

    Before I could shoot the guy, he pulled some weird glassy cloak across his body, the moment he disappeared, I fired several shots where he was only for each bullet to hit a wall missing him." The fuck just happened!" I yelled out.

    Yan pulled himself off the ground covered in bruises."No time!" He spat a bloody loogie before telling us."Get the two cars into the marked containers, The cops could be on their way to our position right now."
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    Winds of change

    After our string of bad luck lately, I decided that we should take a bit of a break from all the robberies and shootouts to wind down and get our footing back before we get back to it. Not having much to do today, I bugged the hell out of Ash and dragged her to the Gym Yan spends next to all of his time at; the red myr groaned and complained as we entered the air-conditioned gym, I pointed her to the locker room and waited for her to come back. When Ash arrived back she was wearing a tight tank top that stopped just below her tits, and a pair of shorts that could barely contain her ass, hell it looked as if they would split if she did a squat, the dark red chitin on her arms, legs, thighs, and gut had skinny gaps where her joints were. I poked the alien woman in the gut right in between the chitin asking her."Alright, chubby what do you want to start with?"

    Ash took a moment to think about what she wanted to do first before I decided to step in and make the choice for her."We'll start with push-ups first, then move to sit-ups." I grabbed her by the arm and took her to one the spots on the main floor. I told her to face down and start with ten, as she started lifting herself off the ground, I stopped her and told her to do it over again." Oh no, just because your boobs hit the ground first, doesn't mean it's counted as a push-up."

    She blushed before starting over and pressing her breast into the floor as much as she could before pushing herself off the ground. As she got going and sweat started dripping down her body, I could tell Ash was warmed up and I stopped her again, she was huffing and puffing and sat on her thicc bottom." Alright, Ash ready for some sit-ups?" I asked before she either sighed or exhaled. She nodded before laying on her back and looking at some of the others lifting weights or using other equipment, I got a good look at Ash's underboob before she put her arms behind her back and attempted to do one sit-up but give up halfway.

    Out of nowhere, Yan popped up behind me, the Halion bodybuilder looked down on us with his black and blue eyes, then asked me."Spotting Ash?" he asked.

    "Yup," I answered as Ash attempted another sit-up and give again.

    "Come on! Ash, you can do this!" Yan screamed at her as she tried lifting herself again only to fall on her back and have her tits jiggle.

    " Yeah, Ash! You got this!" I joined in cheering her on and getting a firm hold on her ankles. She tried again for the first one and finally had her boobs hit her knees and she told the two of us."One." Then almost feel back on her back before Yan caught her by her head.

    "Don't give up now, you have just one more to do." Yan tried encouraging her, she landed on her back before she going for two and reaching her knees again." Alright, One more!" He yelled.

    The red myr nearly whimpered going down and lifting herself up again for the third one,"Nice, now one more." Yan told her again. I started chuckling as she went for four and before Yan could tell her."One more" she went for another one, and then another, till she was just going on her own and then I just lost count." Alright, Ash, you're done."

    The alien woman dropped on her back, her body was soaked in sweat and huffing again, I stood over her and told her." Nice job Ash, you only had to do ten."

    "She got to twenty-two." Yan counted.

    " Well for going above and beyond the call of duty Ash I'll take you to Lunch, but only cheap food and I get to choose the place."

    She then managed to form some words to respond to me." Fuck you Gaz."

    "Gladly, hey if you really want it, I'll drag you ass first to the locker room," I told her reaching for her leg, she somehow managed to muster up some strength and kicked my hand away, then pulled herself up from the sweat puddle nearly dripping." Hit the showers Ash, I expect to see you here often if you want to get fitter." Yan ordered her.

    When she wandered back into the locker room, Yan told me she had a long way to go if she wanted to get fit the right way, he then told me about some drink called Amazona, he mentioned that it would give her a hard body and probably give her more than her old soldier body. I kept the name of the drink in mind to give Ash an easy way out of exercising or something she could work towards for a reward or something, hell maybe I could pick her up some today.

    The moment Ash came back to us in her normal clothes I patted her on the back and told her."Nice job." I felt she deserved it since she at least got out of bed and out of the hideout to do something today, I kept my word and the two of us headed over to Mega burger, and as I drove us there, I noticed a couple new Aliens on the streets. They were mostly big and tall, most of their bodies when I got a look of them, were covered in large dark coats, their faces were a steel like gray, two demon-like horns protruded from their heads some curved into circles like a ram, while others had horns that stuck out forwards. The race of these aliens was unknown to me, I've never seen people like theirs before, it was a strange site, I then told Ash." We're being invaded, by giants with horns."

    " What are you talking about?" She asked me.

    " The aliens, the ones that are big and gray, and with the horns."

    She looked out of the car wondering what creatures I was talking about, but couldn't spot one them as we showed up to the restaurant. Passing the glass doors to the slightly crowded fast food joint, I stepped in line with Ash at my side and waited for what felt like an hour before we got to the counter and met Ven. The blue haired dog woman took a deep breath and forced a smile." Welcome to Mega burger, how may I take your order?" She asked us.

    " Ash only get something from the dollar menu." I told the red ant woman, then I changed my mind." No, wait, Ash order a number sixty-nine. No, ask for the secret menu."

    Before I could tell Ash to order something, Ven slammed her hands down on the counter and glared at me." I don't know the secret menu, there is no order sixty-nine, there is no dirty Sanchez toy, there is no Doggy style doggy bag, no Cowgirl milkshake, and there isn't a bareback burger, so Gaz quit messing with me at my job."

    Sadly Ash agreed with her." Gaz I don't know what you're trying to do, but I'm actually kinda hungry."

    I sighed before crossing my arms and letting Ash order then decided to put in an order as well." Ven, I'll take two of the number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives one with cheese, and one large soda."

    The Ausar woman stared at me before pressing a couple buttons on the register." You're getting a mega burger and you're liking it, I'm not putting up all that stuff, the moment I do you will decline the order and make me put a different order in."

    She started to understand my lack of respect for people in her field of work but didn't understand that she should quit and do what made her happy, almost as quickly as we ordered it the food was on a tray and handed to us and we found a booth to sit down at. As Ash dug into her food, I thought back to the new alien I saw wondering if someone discovered these aliens during the rush, I tried to not put too much thought into it, it could've just been a member of sub-race of beings, probably the Dzaan, it would make sense with the horns, but the gray skin would have to come from somewhere.

    I tried to put them out of my mind and enjoy my burger, but my thoughts were soon split from my greasy fast food sandwich to one of the restaurant's vid screens. It was switched from the usual restaurant's jingle and to a newscaster, they went on about how the winds of change were coming to our small planet, a new government was taking over, but things would still stay the same, not much will change besides the people that will protect the innocent and serve justice. Then the Newscaster named the government that was taking over the planet, The Halion Stratocracy was the government he named, I set down the mega burger taking in the info.
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