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    Game downloads!

    Windows/Linux: Download
    Mac: Download

    Android: Download
    Alternate Downloads: Itch.io

    Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
    The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while primarily text based there is character art for many of the lovely ladies in game.
    Erotic content contained withing is primarily vanilla, M/F, femdom, and of course monster girls.

    In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!
    Now you must venture across the home continent of the monster girls, Lucidia, in an attempt to get rich, or get fucked into submission trying. Also defeat the Demon Queen. Maybe.

    At the start of the game you create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system, and must choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations.
    Gameplay functions similar to many standard turn based rpg games, but you utilize numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, all while not trying to give into the enticing pleasures they offer.
    Monster girls will have an array of status effects and temptations to throw at you, as well as the ability to put you into multiple sexual stances. They will probably also use their numbers to pin you down and fuck you silly!
    But you'll be able to get the edge of your opposition by leveling up and choosing perks to help define your play style as well as equipping various items to boost your sexual powers even further, or to help make up for a weakness.
    Or you could just say screw that, running forward without any planning, and get ravished into unconsciousness by the lewd monster girls.

    You can also spend time getting immersed in the games whimsical setting and (usually) upbeat tone as you get to know some of the monster girls.
    They might even hold your hand instead of trying to fuck you silly.

    Feedback on what people think of its current state would be appreciated.
    And please let me know if you find bugs.
    Or typos. Which I'm sure there is.

    I have the intent to allow the game to be relatively easy to mod. Which will allow people to make their own enemies, skills and items. Basically everything. Including adding images to enemies and scenes.
    Good luck if you decide to try modding it! There's a guide in the game's download for those interested.

    v23.c Change Log
    V23.c Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    For pre v23 saves - Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.

    -Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


    -Provided I set it up correctly, the game should now have a new executable icon on pc, mac and android. Special thanks to Feltcutemightcleanlater.


    -May have fixed a crash on some android devices related to the UI generating scrollbars.

    -Respeccing will no longer remove you sensitivities gained from perks to reallocate.

    -When respeccing your sensitivities cap to being raised (100->150) is no longer affected by your perks or gear.

    -Skills with crit damage boosters (Passionate Lovemaking) are now properly calculated, so they don't do absolutely ludicrous damage.

    -Fixed mod skills not updating and causing crashes, again.

    -Updated the tutorial convo with Elena about fetishes.

    -Avoiding a Salarisi's leaping attack in some way now stuns that Salarisi for a turn. This should make them less oppressive. Their stats have also been tuned a little, and the no longer have the schemer perk.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    V23.b Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    For pre v23 saves - Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.

    -Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


    -Fixed Kyra in the first encounter getting the Rut perk instead of the Anal Adverse perk.

    -Critical Damage boosting perks now properly increase critical damage.

    -Consico powder works again.

    -Fixed crashes in the second will trial.

    -Fixed an issue where if you repeced and go back a negative number of sensitivity points, you would then be unable to spend and adjust your sensitivities. This is now fixed, but when respecing you can't leave the menu with less than 0 sensitivity points, and must hit confirm stats to lock in your choices.

    -Fixed another instance where skills were not updating properly and causing crashes, including mod skills.

    -An issue where the map/explore menu would sometimes crash should now be fixed.

    -Feng takes off her clothes when appropriate for scenes.

    -Fixed a Layering issue with Feng's panic face.

    -Beris' new scenes now have appropriate music calls.

    -Fixed enemy skills with status effect requirements not functioning, at all, Ancilla and Sofia's sleep moves for example.

    -Fixed luck not being mentioned in the stat rolls as the one stat in it.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    V23.a Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    For pre v23 saves - Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.

    -Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


    -Fixed a clipping issue with Feng's face layer.

    -Fixed two minor issues with the perks list order.

    -Fixed holy headpat reactions on some enemies not functioning correctly.

    -Fixed a potential crash with trance.

    -Fixed int not being changed properly when changing difficulty during character creation.

    -Fixed energy and arousal carrying over when starting a new game in some cases.

    -Fixed the game not properly removing glamour and invigorate, leading to crashes.

    -Fixed the crit damage multiplier from not using decimals in it's calculations and rounding down to 2x even when it should have been 2.5x.

    -Fixed RemovePerkFromMonster crashing the game.

    -Using skills in the character menu uses energy again.

    -Fixed an issue where equipping items that altered power or int could have negative effects on max arousal and max energy.

    -Fixed an issue where you couldn't lower your points back down while mid level up if you had items boosting the stat.

    -Fixed restraint boosting perks crashing the game.

    -Fixed charm effects not working on turn one.

    -Fixed the elven ambush tech option not working.

    -Fixed a crash with the ghosts skill checks.

    -The perk and fetish screen on character creation and level up now defaults to the normal scroll box menu, this is due to the perk menu lagging really bad with the fancy one with how it's set up. A solution for this issue may be looked into later. You can swap back to the fancy one if you want to though, just use the filters or it will scroll very slowly.

    -Fixed very old saves not updating the skill database properly and imploding.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    V23 Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    For pre v23 saves - Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.

    -Also I'm very sorry, but I broke all the mods again.


    -Gren the frog girl, by Valentin Cognito, has been added to the game. She can be encountered via the "Ribitting Encounters" Forest Event, which is available after completing the Tutorial. This includes some new content for those that have already played the mod.

    -Beris has 2 new erotic scenes focused on roleplay, one requires demon layer. (The list for the role play will look a little bare right now.) By Game Salamander.

    -The Cuddly Imp scene and the Solo Elf scene at the Brothel have received edits by Valentin Cognito

    -Old save files get a respec ticket when updating their save files, I highly recommend you go to the guild(Elena) and use it.

    -You can now respec your stats at the guild hall after clearing the willpower temple (it will most likely be changed when it's unlocked at a later time). It gets very expensive if you keep doing it.

    -There's multiple new item drops from enemies, with rather high drop rates, such as loot items, and single use combat items.

    -Amber sells some new healing, and combat items, dependant on your main location progresion.

    -Monsters should now all have responses to almost all skills, including new ones.


    -Feng now has art, by Jiffic.

    -Salarisi now have art, by Applehead.

    -Gren's art is by Jiffic.


    -New free use music has been added to the games files. Most of which is for Grens addition. Some for later use.

    Gameplay Changes

    -Fetishes now work on a scale from 0-100, with the number representing the direct amount of damage you will take extra, and the fetish levels for check and other effects being broken up into 25, 50, 75 and 100. Overall this will decrease the amount of fetish levels you will gain over time, and make it easier to keep track of.

    -The leg (thigh) fetish has been implemented into the game.

    -Willpower has been split into Intelligence and Willpower.

    -Int increases the duration of your own status effects by int*0.5%*effect duration so at 100 int, skills would last 50% longer. Keep in mind skills that last 1 turn will be increased to 2, as all effects also last the turn they are cast.

    -Damage reduction is now only calculated with Willpower.

    -Int also increases your base chance to apply all status effects, and will increases your chance to resist all status effects.

    -Existing items, skills and perks have been tweaked to accomodate the will/int split, specifically ones which had willpower before may now refer to int instead, but not all.

    -Every 5 points you put into power now gets you 10 extra max arousal, every 5 points of int gets you 5 extra max energy. Only counts rank ups, equipment and perks do not apply. Enemies do not get these bonuses to make measuring out hp values less of a headache.

    -Players do now start with about 10 less max arousal and 5 less energy to accomodate these changes. Old saves will have a bit extra because of this.

    -Power and Allure both increase crit damage dealt by (stat*0.525-2.5).

    -Stat caps no longer count your gear or perks for increasing your stats. (eg if you have 100 power, and lower it with an item, you cant increases it higher, but if you have 100 power with an item on increasing your power by 25, you can keep increasing until you get to 125)

    -Equipment and perk gained stats no longer count towards getting perks or skills (your base stats are displayed on the level up screen with no items to help display this).

    -Core skills now scale off int, power, allure, and tech, the equation has been updated to match the prior numbers more or less to accomodate the extra stat.

    -Skills focused on a single stat have had their percentage damage increase to base damage increased, and base damage increased as well.

    -Restraint and Sleeps scaling with stats now works the same as stat buffs/debuffs.

    -Sleep is no longer based on random chance if you wake up, and functions similar to restraints, only using mental stats (will and int + luck) to break free.

    -Stances now use an HP system similar to restraints, instead of random rolls, stances also now become harder to escape if you have a related fetish.

    Stat Checks

    -All willpower checks have been revised to be either Temptation checks or Intelligence checks, depending on the check.

    -Stat checks have been altered to be more balanced over a longer period of the game, and willpower will be less mandatory to survive temptation stat checks.

    -StatCheck now has Temptation as a type to check, which uses will*0.1 + int*0.1 + allure*0.1 to judge your mental fortitude bonus for the roll.

    -Normal Stat checks stat bonus are now based on stat*0.15, from stat/3

    -Luck bonus die is now maxed = luck*0.1 from luck/5

    -Bonus to stat checks from defending is unchanged. (5/3/1)

    -If you fail a stat check you may now choose to surpass it at the cost of energy, which scales with the difficulty of the check vs you stat bonus.

    -Many high difficulty checks have been toned down to be easier given the numbers you get are lower. Altough some checks have also been updated to become harder based on your fetish levels, Trisha for example.


    -You now start with 3 sensitivity points at character creation, down from 5. Easy starts with 5, hard starts with 1.

    -The food buffs have been revised to be a simple energy boost across all the meal types. This may change again later.

    -Pound no longer lowers attack as a status effect, instead if it hits three times in a row it will stun the target, regardless of resistances.

    -Restraints now work on almost all enemies, but bosses and some other enemies can now act the turn they break out of restraints.

    -Many skills stat requirements, and energy costs have been changed

    -Ear tease is now a foreplay skill.

    -Buffed Ancilla's fight, her counter now stuns, and she has a normal footjob starter.

    -All enemys level 20 and higher (including those who get buffed up to it by events) have had their exp drops increased from about 50-100, those in the 40+ range were increased even more, vili for example had her exp drop increased from 350 to 600, and sofia's thrid fight had its exp drop increased from about 900, to 1500.

    -Crit chance is now Tech*0.1 + luck*0.25 down from Tech*0.1 + luck*0.25. The base crit chance (on normal if all stats are 5) is still 5%.

    -Lucks affect on decreasing your chances to be hit by a crit has been removed, as well as the line if a crit is negated from these effects. Perks can still affect your personal rate of being hit by cirts.

    -Teleports base chance of success has been decreased to 75 from 90, keep in mind higher int will increase the chance of success.

    -Many level up perk requirements have been altered.

    -The heroic cumback perk now also scales with willpower.

    -Paralysis has been revised slightly, stats impact lower the chance to be stunned less, when the chance is below 0 it now says 0 instead of a negative number, and the chance to stun starts a bit higher, but also caps at 95, and then is brought down by stats and the number of turns you've been stunned in a row. Perks that.

    -Fairy circle ring now decreases your chance to be stunned via paralysis by 15, down from 30.

    -A lot of items have had their values altered, early game gear is overall cheaper.

    -Glamour and Invigorate have been removed from the game, you have been refunded you eros.

    New Player Stuff

    -New Player skills: Pin, Overlimit, Squeeze Ass, Breast Knead, Lovingly Rough Kiss, Smoldering Seduction, Smoldering Flaunt, Carrying Fuck, Favor's Misfortune, Agility Amplification, Massage Ass, Skillfully Passionate Kiss, Massaging Seduction, Anal Piston, Enfeeble, Misty Kiss, Arousero, Charm Wave, Cloying Mist, Channeling Thrust, Mass Seduction, Enamor, Placebo Pheromone, Disarming Appeal, Sensually Seductive Kiss, Fondle Ass, Breast Fondle, Passionate Lovemaking

    -New perks: Aphrodisiac Resistant, Aphrodisiac Enduring, Expert Tongue, Sensual Lover, Breast Expert, Ass Connoisseur, Steady Pacing, Expert Pacing, Pussy Lover, Serendipity, Calculated, Alert, Thoughtful Schemer, Insightful Schemer, Moveable, Uncontainable, Clingy, Grappler, Domineering, Restraining Expert, Escape Expert, Ecstatic Strike, Euphoric Strike, Enticing Touch, Melty Touch, Slippery, Evasive, Tricky, Insightful Wit, Studious, Meditative Caress, Predictive, Sensual Pace, Honey Trap, Sensual Mood Setter, Endurance, Mindful Relaxation, Resilient

    -The game now tracks you stat points and sensitivity points spent for potential later use. Much later use.


    -The character menu descriptions of fetishes and their level now better reflects the 25, 50, 75, 100 stages. Originally they only had it in 3, 5 and 10.

    -There's now a confirm stats button when leveling up (or respecing) that you need to hit if you want to buy perks with your new stat points. This is to avoid people from circumventing requirements.

    -Renamed Desperate Struggle to Struggle!!! so it stops clipping into the escape skill menu.

    -Added a notification that you cant report back to elly about her quest yet.


    -Mod manual hasn't been updated due to something that's coming soon.tm. The patch notes will assist you in update your mod, and the text file on how to install mods has been updated.

    -Mod loader has been replaced completely and it's integrated directly into the game, additionally a lot of file loading has been restructured, Lists for example basically dont exist anymore. By, (and special thanks to) Feltcutemightcleanlater.

    -Check the new mods .txt in the mgd folder to learn more!

    -Simplified how fetishes are given as a perk to be, for example: "IncreaseFetish", "Breasts|/|5". Allowing it to be much easier to use.

    -Simplified how feitshes are added to monsters, from "Fetishes": [ "Cock", "Cock", "Cock", "Cock", "Cock"], to "Fetishes": [ "Cock|/|5"],

    -Added ChangeMonsterInt and ChangeInt functions.

    -Added Intelligence perk type.

    -Added GiveSkillQuietly and RemoveSkillFromPlayerQuietly functions.

    -Added EndOfCombat event type that triggers every end of combat. For specific skills in for the player.

    -Added RestraintBoost and StanceBoost perk types.

    -Duration is now automatically added to skill tool tips.

    -Added a RespecPlayer function.

    -ClearMonsterEncounteBossFight has been properly renamed to ClearMonsterEncounterBossFight

    -StatChecks now only take 1 stat check.

    -But they can now take ChangeStatCheckDifficulty before the check to alter the stat check's difficulty with these functions. This simplifies the prior method of doing this. Using the following functions. IfEncounterSizeGreaterOrEqualTo, IfEncounterSizeLessOrEqualTo, IfPlayerHasStatusEffect, IfHasFetish, IfFetishLevelEqualOrGreater, IfVirilityEqualsOrGreater, IfProgressEqualsOrGreater, GetAnEventsProgressThenIfEqualsOrGreater, IfChoice, GetEventAndIfChoice

    -The following function have been removed, (more specifically moved to the stat check function): IfEncounterSizeGreaterOrEqualToChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, IfEncounterSizeLessOrEqualToChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, IfPlayerHasStatusEffectChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, IfHasFetishChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, IfFetishLevelEqualOrGreaterChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, VirilityEqualsOrGreaterChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, ProgressEqualsOrGreaterChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, GetAnEventsProgressThenIfEqualsOrGreaterChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, IfChoiceChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty, GetEventAndIfChoiceChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty

    -ChangeNextStatCheckDifficulty and ResetStatCheckDifficultyModifer are still around to handle edge cases.

    -Added optional skill fields "requiresStatusEffectSelf", "requiresStatusPotencySelf", and "unusableIfStatusEffectSelf", which checks to see if the skill user has the listed status effect, then allows or dissallows the skill to be used. Works the same as the non-self version, _BlankSkill.json has an example.

    -Added the optional skill field critChance, which can increase or decrease that specific skills chance to crit.

    -Added the optional skill field critDamage, which can increase or decrease that specific skills crit damage modifiers, additive.

    -Added the optional skill field accuracy which can increase or decrease that specific skills chance to hit. Does not affect status chance, as that's a different thing.

    -Added the optional skill field initiative which can increase or decrease that specific skills turn order. Enemy decision making was restructured to allow this to work for them as well.

    -Out of combat stance calls, as well as counter attacks and end of round calls need to have the skill manually set for the fetish check, or it may use the players skill for the fetish application to stance durability. eg. "ApplyStance", "Anal", "SetAttack", "Assjob",

    -The skill fields: restraintStruggle, restraintStruggleCharmed, restraintEscaped, and restraintEscapedFail can now be used optionally as arrays if you want to have alternate struggle lines for a restraining move without needing to use monster file functions.

    -The skill field "removesStance" can now be optionally set as an array to remove multiple specific stances, like so. ["Sex", "Titfuck", "Slimed", "Slimed 50%", "Slimed 100%"],

    -The skill field "startsStance" can now be optionally set as an array to start multiple stances, like so. ["Sex", "Making Out"],

    -Added KissingAdverse perk type to tell the AI to get out of making out even if it has a skill for it.

    -The perk ypes 'Anal Adverse' and 'Sex Adverse' have been altered to be 'AnalAdverse' and 'SexAdverse' respectively.

    -Skill additions now exist and allow you to add on more to the following: fetishTags, startsStance, unusableIfStance, requiresTargetStance, unusableIfTarget, removeStance.

    -Added the optional skill fields "requiresPerk", "requiresOnePerk", "unusableIfPerk", "requiresPerkSelf", "requiresOnePerkSelf", and "unusableIfPerkSelf", these are primarily for use on enemey skills to reaact to perks the player has, like rut or pent up for example, or modded custom status effects. But could have multiple other uses.

    -Added two tentative monster functions, PlayerRecoil and PlayerRecoilA that check if a skill had recoil damage, then triggering a line after the attack, before the on hit line is given. Only works for player recoil based skills.


    "lineTrigger": "PlayerRecoil",

    "move": "Thrust",

    "theText": [ "|f|ChangeImageLayer|/|Expression|/|Seductive|n||f|ChangeImageLayer|/|Base|/|Base|n|'Oh you look like you're enjoying yourself.?' The longer you swing your hips, fucking the alraunes pussy, the better it feels, you take X arousal." ]


    -Added RemovePerkFromMonster function.

    -You can now use "CallMonsterAttack" to call a specific attack from the monster and have it act like a normal attack, eg: "CallMonsterAttack", "SpecificAttack", "Charm", Just keep in mind that this wont use any one the monsters skill selection AI, so they may end up trying to use a skill that wont work. But this is a good method of having a combat event use a status effect check normally.

    -You can now buff or debuff stats with skills by a percentage by using "%Power", "%Technique", "%Intelligence", "%Willpower", "%Allure", or "%Luck".

    -Monster Dialogues 'move' feilds can now be made an array to compact same responses into one feild.

    -If a skill is typed as healing, and has a status effect, that skill will remove the status effect, All can be used to clear all.

    -Consumables now need a skill to be used, (check holy water for an example of not actually using a skill for a healing item. the hp, ep and sp feilds still work for flat values in this case.)

    -Consumable items can now give exp.

    -Healing skills can now use statusEffectScaling to alter how effective it scales with a stat, or set it to not scale at all.

    -Added PercentMaxArousal statType for healing skills, which heals the user based on a percent of their arousal determined by the power. eg 30 power = 30% of max arousal will be recovered.

    -ItemType healing has been removed in exchange for itemtypes: Consumable, DissonantConsumable, NotCombatConsumable, CombatConsumable, and Loot.

    Consumable - usable in and out of combat

    DissonantConsumable - uses the skill line in combat, and the useOutcome line out of combat (also checks for exp feild)

    NotCombatConsumable - only usable out of combat

    -if no skill is given it reads the use outcome line

    CombatConsumable - only usable in combat

    Loot - never usable, can be a sudo key item, if you want it to be interactable in some way, make it a not combat consumable and put some stuff on use outcome

    -Items that are Dissonant, or have no named skill read the text from their item's outcome line, but cant be used during any events or allow the player to open the menu during them due to some renpy stuff.

    -Counters can counter items based on their the items name, or the name of the skill they use.

    -Equipment with skills in their list will give those skills upon being equiped. This gets kind of janky with runes, as you can get multiples of a skill this way.


    -Fixed a pathing error on android that required .json files for the game to be in the renpy folder. With extra special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

    -Fixed stunning someone while they're sleeping completely stun-locking them as they couldn't wake up when stunned.

    -Fixed the game reloading the databases when you entered town for no reason when you just started a new game.

    -Fixed Galvi's titfuck scene giving sex fetish when you're working.

    -If you use the imp glory hole and run out of spirit on the first orgasm, you wont be given the option to pull out and start a fight at 0 spirit.

    -Fixed an issue where a test dream was actually being used as a normal dream, the 'you dream of big butt' one.

    -The game now properly takes into account if you're targeting an enemy who ends up orgasming via recoil damage before you manage to attack them when there's more than one enemy, preventing crashes and other oddness.

    -Fixed a crash if both you and your opponent both lose your last spirit at the same time.

    -Tweaked the end of some dream scenes to remove the wet dream aspects, so they are clear they wont remove the pent up status.

    -Fixed a potential crash when adventuring.

    -Fixed the bug where trying to go to the Guild at night, then getting sent to town, then attempting to adventure would send you to a town location, again, for realz this time.

    -Losing to Kaia now properly clears your status effects.
    -Paralysis description no longer clips off the screen.

    -A save name is applied to you file even if you skip the intro.

    -Location menus where NPC's are displayed now use arrows if there are more than 5 options avalible, instead of using the old jank menu options if there was more than 4, this mostly only applies to mods. But it's a good change.

    -Calling scenes then returning, as well as some other functions, now work properly when using location enter event types.

    -Combat can now be called during a scene call that returns to origin without the combat imploding and ending.

    -The ApplyStatusEffect function now users the focused monsters stats when applicable for scaling an effect against the player.

    -Condensed Player stance escape code from 2 variants to 1 cause past me did a stupid.

    -Fixed a bunch of bugs with adventure additions. Also if a deck for an adventure addition is blank, it will not replace the existing deck.

    -Fixed recoil damage not taking fetishes into account.

    -Jora and Mizuko no longer try to break out of the make out stance even when charmed.

    -End of round checks for monsters are now done before their status effect tick downs (this will stop one of the imps in the big group fight from being stunned an extra turn when you counter their group skill.)

    -Fixed an issue with |f|orgasm calls breaking orgasm lines (Vili and sofia mostly), as well as issues with calling |f| lines out of combat doing weird shit, like infinitely looping or yeeting you to town.

    -Energy now properly goes up and down when you spend points on energy instead of restoring it to full.

    -Streamlined some internal character menu stuff.

    -Fixed the sleep effect not working on turn one for monsters.

    -Skill tooltips now all run off the same dang function.

    -Clicking the spirit heart during menus no longer selects a menu option for you.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    V22.5b Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    For pre v22.5 saves - Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky.


    -Fixed a variable getting reset incorrectly in town square causing crashes.

    V22.5a Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    For pre v22.5 saves - Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky.


    -Fixed a potential crash when defeating an enemy when recoil damage makes you orgasm, additionally orgasms are now always called before any loss checks.

    -Fixed an issue where mod image backgrounds wouldn't change to night automatically.

    -Fixed a crash at game start if you try to rush off to go adventuring.

    -Removed the fetish and sensitivity gains in Jora's sex scenes out of combat.

    -Fixed an expression displaying as text in the campers quest.

    -Fixed an issue where overlays were turning themselves on, such as when Heather's tattoo was showing up.

    -The camper you're lewding with is now centered on the screen.

    -You now need to have had the conversation with Elly about clearing the temple normally before the other sigil convo can occur when entering the guild.

    -Made the unnatural night mention at the forest inn a little more clear that it wont end until the next day.

    -Fixed a bug where going to the guild hall at night, being booted back to town, then trying to go on an adventure would then put you back in the town menu, or crash the game.

    -Some assorted edits and tweaks to Venefica's content with special thanks to WilliamTheShatner.

    -Added a pre-splash image to android builds. (I think.) With special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater for adjusting the games banner for it.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    V22.5 Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.

    -Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky.

    -Additionally all mods will be broken at the launch of this game version, and will need to be updated. I'm very sorry for this.


    -Galvi now has a Titfuck scene, written by Subject Alpha. It will always trigger on your second time with her (or next in the case of save file that have met with her prior), and after wards you'll get given a menu on subsequent meetings with her on which scene you want.

    -Ive gone through and updated all of the camper trio's erotic scenes. Some more than others.

    -The succubi campers now have a shortcut to their location once you've completed the quest.

    -After completing Jora's quest you can easily visit her.


    -The camper trio, Jennifer, Heather, and Catherine now has art by Otani.


    -Simplified the ChangeProgressBasedOnVirility function to be a base line Virility x 0.1 before the multiplier set by the user. This is to make the function less confusing and easier to understand how fast it will act.

    -I've revised the pent up perks build up via Virility, and it should ramp up slower later, but faster earlier on in Virility amount, overall it should be less punishing until you get past the 500 and 800 marks.

    -Recoil damage can now make you and enemies orgasm.

    -Increased the Alarune and Nicci's resistance to sex and anal by 10%, as well as their resistance to recoil damage by giving them the Pacing Perk.

    -The wait command now restores 5% of your energy.

    Systems and Modding New Stuff

    -Added the HoldCurrentVirility function, which grabs the current virility of the player and uses it for all checks until HoldCurrentVirilityEnd is called.

    -There's now a .json file in the perk folder with a list of all perk types and their effects, neatly organized, with special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

    -When using DisplayCharacters, you can now use the names of the characters instead of the number they are in the speaker list. eg: "DisplayCharacters", "Belle", "Nara", "Vivian", "EndLoop",

    -Added 'Speak' Function that allows you to put in any name and have it be used as a speaker, even if not listed at the top. eg "Speak", "Vili and Nara", "Give us hugs!" or "Speak", "Trisha", "Hi", and it will use the given line as a speaker and then the following line as a line of dialogue similar to the speaks function, just keep in mind speaks always gets the first speaker from the supplied list in the file, while speak needs you to give it a name to use. Speak will also be handy when handling multiple characters talking given it can be a little hectic with 3 people talking.

    -You can now use 'EventJump' in menus to jump right to the event you want without needing to make a scene for it. eg "EventJump", "'Bon Bon Bun'", "MenuOptionName". I have also added the ability to specifiy a scene to jump to. Eg. "EventJump", "'Bon Bon Bun'", "ThenJumpToScene", "StoreMenuReal", "MenuOptionName". These can also be used with the "FinalOption", function if desired.

    -Added the CallSceneThenReturn Function which allows you to jump into a scene then return to where it was called initally. These can be called inside eachother as well. Exiting one of these calls is the same as ending an event, leaving it with no jump. Be sure to end a call or weird shit will happen, like rewinding time. Check TimePassed.json or EndOfDay.json for examples of its use.

    -Added CallNextSceneJumpThenReturn which turns the next scene jump into a call and returns to where it was called from, works the same as CAllSceneThenReturn, but you can put a check with it, eg: "CallNextSceneJumpThenReturn", "IfFetishLevelEqualOrGreater", "Breasts", "3", "quickTiddyCheck", - This is NOT to be used with event jumps. The jump must be called directly after this is called or it will fizzle.

    -Added CallEventAndSceneThenReturn which funtions the same as CallSceneThenReturn, but allows you to call a new event. ed: "CallEventAndSceneThenReturn", "Enter 'Amber's Adventuring Shop'", "AmberEventCallTest",

    -Putting "ShuffleMenu" before any option in a menu will randomly shuffle the entire menu every time it's seen.

    Systems and Modding Overhauls

    -All game .json files have been moved out of the renpy folder and into the game folder, then reorganized to be easier to look through. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

    -IfDealyingNotifications is now properly named IfDelayingNotifications

    -The "ApplyStatusEffectQuietly" function has been removed, and should be replaced with "ApplyStatusEffect". It functions the same.

    -"ApplyStatusEffect" no longer is able to display a line of text from the skill itself in outcomes, and has been made permanently queit, move and skill text you may have been using into the actual event. Note that this only occured out of combat, and in combat it never did this, because it was jank.

    -EndRandom in JumpToRandomScene calls has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.

    -EndStances in IfPlayerHasStances has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.

    -loopEnd in PlayImagePulseLoopingList, PlayImagePulseLoopingList2, PlayImagePulseLoopingRandom, and PlayCustomBarrage has been chaned to EndLoop for consistency.

    -endStoreMenu in SkillShoppingMenu and ShoppingMenu has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.

    -endSwap in SwapLineIf has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.

    -EndMenu in Menu has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.

    -End for display characters has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.

    -The "questComplete" function is now "QuestComplete". For consistency.

    -The following text functions have been capitilized for consistency (example: thePlayerName->ThePlayerName): thePlayerName, finalDamage, damageToPlayer, damageToEnemy, attackerName, attackerHeOrShe, attackerHisOrHer, attackerHimOrHer, targetName, targetHeOrShe, targetHisOrHer, targetHimOrHer, targetYouOrMonsterName, attackerYouOrMonsterName, attackerName2, attackerName3, attackerName4, attackerName5, sexWords, sexAdjective, displayPlayerChoice, displayMonsterChoice, playerOrgasmLine, progressDisplay, playerMoney, pink and colorEnd.

    -The following perk types have had their spaces removed (example: "Foreplay Energy Regen" -> "ForeplayEnergyRegen") for the sake of ease of use.: Foreplay Energy Regen, Foreplay Arousal Regen, Foreplay DefDown, Get Out Of Stance, Remove Restraints, Run Chance, Better Prices, Buy Prices, Sell Prices, Damage Reduction, Recoil Boost, Allure Recoil Boost, Recoil Damage Taken, Crit Chance Boost, Crit Damage Boost, Out Of Stance Evade, Loss Exp, Eros Boost, Item Drop Chance, Treasure Find Chance, Give Sensitivity Points, Gain Spirit, NonPen Magic Boost, Breast Boost, Seduction Boost, Kiss Boost, Sex Boost, NonPen Sex Boost, Ass Boost, NonPen Ass Boost, Pain Boost, Penetration Boost, Baseline Allure Flat Buff, Baseline Allure Flat Percent Boost, Virility Boost, Trance Stun Chance, Orgasm Energy Drain, Aphrodisiac Turn Cure, Stance Stuck, Crit Chance Boost Self, Crit Damage Boost Self, Aphrodisiac Amp, Initiative Bonus, Sleep Amp, Status Chance Boost, Paralysis Amp, Exp Boost, Status Icon, Multiply Spirit, Removed on Orgasm, Gain Energy, Gain Arousal, Stun Res, Charm Res, Aphrodisiac Res, Restraints Res, Sleep Res, Trance Res, Paralysis Res, Sex Sensitivity, Ass Sensitivity, Breasts Sensitivity, Seduction Sensitivity, Magic Sensitivity, Pain Sensitivity, Holy Sensitivity, Unholy Sensitivity, Increase Fetish, Decrease Fetish, Oral Boost, Monstrous Boost, Feet Use Boost, Breast Use Boost, Ass Use Boost, Foreplay Boost, Indulgent Boost, Sex Toy Boost, Resist Final Orgasm, Semen Energy Drain, Semen Heal, Semen Attack Boost, No Anus, No Chest, No Mouth, No Pussy

    -The perk type: Start Deeper in trance, is now StartDeeperInTrance, and Cant Break Free of Trance Without Items is now CantBreakFreeOfTranceWithoutItems

    -The following line triggers in monster files have been capitilized for consitencey. eg: "hitWith" -> "HitWith" List of altered functions: hitWith, hitWithA, usesMove, escape, lowHealth, playerLowHealth, onSurrender, onPlayerOrgasm, stanceStruggle, stanceStruggleComment, stanceStruggleFree, stanceStruggleFreeComment.

    -restraintStruggle, restraintStruggleCharmed, restraintEscaped, restraintEscapedFail have also been capitilized for line triggers, just be sure you dont accidently apply the capitilization to a skill file by accident.

    -Removed the "CallEvent" function, trust me you weren't using it.

    -CallEventThenScene has been changed to CallCombatEventAndScene for the sake of clarity and sanity.


    -Fixed Elena and Elly's normal intro scenes not displaying unless you got all their special intro scenes.

    -Fixed a spacing issue in combat menus involving items (or skills) with very long names.

    -Time now properly advances with Elena's bar event if nothing lewd occurs.

    -During the forest inn event if you win the combat it now properly returns to day if it was day when you got there.

    -Fixed a song not playing when you touch Venefica's ears.

    -Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when timed perks wear off.

    -The succubus glory hole event and Venefica's milking job now properly check for the player's Virility prior to the first orgasm, so pent up perks properly apply to the end result.

    -Fixed Mara paying u even if u didn't work for the bar in one specific instance.

    -Ancilla's service scenes, and the one imp bj during a cleaning event, now have proper orgasm calls.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    V22.4a Change Log

    Remember to update your save in town.


    -Altered character menu displays to space out long names of items or perks better.


    -Increased size of scroll bars on android.

    -Restructured the layering of the buy/sell shops to decrease chance of clicking an item instead of the middle scroll bar.


    -Fixed a crash when trying to shop.

    -Fixed a conversation with Venefica constantly repeating while wearing a collar, it will occur one more time then stop.

    -Added some missing orgasm calls to Venefica's scenes.

    -Fixed being left with 0 spirit being able to happen when first meeting Vili.

    -Aiko now drops eros when you beat her.

    -Fixed an issue where Camillas face layer was clipping over her outfit.

    -Assorted typo fixes and editing.

    Feedback on what people think of its current state would be appreciated.
    And please let me know if you find bugs.
    Or typos. Which I'm sure there is.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dev Blog




    Wiki (WIP)
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  2. TheDarkMaster

    TheDarkMaster Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    There's definitely potential here, but there isn't much yet and I think the project has a long way to go. I'm not going to bring up balance, since that's probably not really a consideration yet. However, I will mention that there seems to be a bug that causes you to use up all items in a stack when you try to use one. I do like the character creation system you've got.
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  3. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    It most definitely has a long way to go, I just want early feedback on the combat system and early first impression.

    and bugs to be found if I missed them, like the item thing, which I should go fix.
    Edit: Should now be fixed.
    #3 Threshold, Aug 2, 2017
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  4. TheDarkMaster

    TheDarkMaster Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    In that case, I do have some suggestions for the combat system. The first big issue is that it's really hard to make a deep combat system if you get one action per round. Especially if you have to burn that action on removing status effects like grapples. The most common way that games help deal with that is to have you play with parties, since then you get one action per character. Another option is to have action points on your turn, which you then spend on different things effectively making you a 'single character party'. You can also add depth to that by slowly increasing the number of points per turn the player has to work with over time and having some actions which cost more than one point or may use up all remaining points on their effects.

    Another important consideration is that it feels really bad as a player to be lose turns entirely due to status effects. So be careful about how you're using those. The full bind and stun are the only major offenders in the current demo, but I'd suggest striving to avoid situations where the player can't do anything on their turn regardless of what your final design is.
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  5. Bronzechair

    Bronzechair Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2015
    I'm always interested in BF games, but your link appears to be dead right now.
  6. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    Oh I guess mega doesn't keep the same link if you overwrite the old file, good to know. Link should live again.

    The grapples and hindering status effects did seem like the could be a problem, especially with larger enemy groups. Cause as getting perpetually stun locked isn't really that fun.
    As a side note the system can currently support up to three enemies, only due to visual constraints, later I should be able to make it support as many enemies as I want.

    The use of an AP system/extra actions isn't a bad idea and I will definitely keep it in mind. Only problem that could arise from it is that when fighting singular enemies, like a boss, It might then be too easy.
    Making it increase from level would probably be the best option, and would probably cap at three actions.

    Alternatively, I could make the player temporarily immune to hindering effects/grapples for a short time after breaking out of one.

    I will most likely add status effect resistances based on gear/equipment which should help offset the problem slightly.

    And I may let items be used in more situations so you can actually get rid of the action hindering effects if you have the item to deal with it.
    That or have items that auto use themselves when a specific effect hits you to prevent the effect.
  7. TheDarkMaster

    TheDarkMaster Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    Enemies could also have extra actions, depending on the encounter or enemy type. It's all a question of complexity and making the system interesting and enjoyable to use. There are also other ways to make the system interesting, that's just one option that I'm familiar with that I think can work well.

    Stuns and grapples can also be better if they limit your options or take away actions, rather than taking away your entire turn.
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  8. Bronzechair

    Bronzechair Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2015
    First off, I found a bug: https://pastebin.com/xfqQK2py Otherwise, I have no strong feelings or thoughts that haven't already been covered, so here's a quick overview of some typos and whathaveyou.

    • Disabling ass and sex fetishes uses "your" when it should use "you're".
    • The description for the spirit stat says "If this runs runs you wont ...". It should say "runs out" and "won't".
    • There's a missing apostrophe in the description for the magic stat.
    • The ellipsis (...) doesn't end a sentence, so you don't need to capitalize the first letter of a word following it. It's also always three dots long. I didn't copy down every instance of this error because they were numerous, but there's one example featuring both errors when you mouseover Surrender in combat. This may seem like nitpicking, but consistency and polish will make your product look much more attractive.
    • You occasionally (and inconsistently) capitalize the first letter of a word after a comma, but that isn't necessary.
    • There's a lot of tilde (~) usage in the dialogue that I don't understand, but I'm going to chalk this one up to stylization.
    • There's a good amount of comma misusage that I glossed over because it's tedious for both of us, but it's something you might want to keep an eye out for in the future.
    • When failing to run away: "couldnt" should be "couldn't"

    • When defeating the Alarune: "crys" should be "cries". The bits about "female orgasms" and "female is sent back into the dream" (Or whatever. I didn't write it down) is strange too. Placeholder text?
    • The message for Alarune's nectar says "20 arousal gained" instead of "X was aroused by 20", as every other attack says. Consistency and all that.
    • Alarune: "were just getting started" should be "we're just getting started"
    • "begin fog over" should be "begin to fog over"
    • "sesnsitivity" should be "sensitivity"
    • "The sticky nectars" should be "The sticky nectar's"
    • "Were not stopping" should be "We're not stopping"
    • "... you can almost feel your ball refilling ... " should be " ... you can almost feel your balls refilling ... "
    • "orgasam" should be "orgasm" (also note the five-long ellipsis in that passage)
    • You sometimes write the name Alarune as a common noun and sometimes as a proper one. It seems to be a generic type of monster, so you probably want common (Then the alarune lightly kisses you) instead of proper (Then Alarune lightly kisses you), but you should pick one and stick with it.

    • "Tounge" during the elf's Deepthroat should be "tongue".
    • "Your about to" should be "you're about to"

    When they defeat you:
    • There's a subordinate clause pretending to be independent near the start. I didn't write it down, but it's something about her looking up at you.
    • "estaticaly" should be "ecstatically"
    • "tounge" should be "tongue"
    • "spazms" (appears twice) should be "spasms"
    • "... you balls" should be "your balls"
    • "quckly" should be "quickly"
    • "moveing" should be "moving"
    • "definitly" should be "definitely"
    • "She quickly decends taking your full length ... " should be "She quickly descends, taking your full length ... "
    • "Were making sure" should be "We're making sure"
    • "hights" should be "heights"
    • "completly" should be "completely"
    • "mescechiviously" should be "mischievously"
    • "edgeing" should be "edging"
  9. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    I'm sure as the game gets further along It'll be more clear on what to do to avoid stun lock hell.

    Currently the charm effect removes your ability to run/struggle, defend, and use items.
    Restrained will probably need some more work, and stunned will probably need to be a sparsely used effect.

    Thank you for all of that.
    The bug fix and the typos/whathaveyou. Will be in the next game iteration which will probably be a while from now. With a town, npcs and an actual intro. So probably more typos and whathaveyou.
    I should probably start throwing stuff through a spell checker so you have to suffer less from my horrible writing tendencies.

    Responding to the more unique typos/whathaveyou you found.
    I didn't actually know how capitalization worked with (...) so thank you for explaining that, but i think I might have capitalization after it because I think it looks nice, if people disagree I can always go through and change it to how it's technically supposed to be.

    I don't know why I do the capitalize after comma thing, but I'll do my best to catch those.

    Okay I overused the hell out of the (~) so I toned that the hell down. But its still around, I'm currently using it as an accent similar to how some use hearts or musics notes.

    The 'female orgasms' bit was supposed to be she, but I accidentally left old code floating in that part so it overrode it.

    As for the naming part that's due to it pulling the name into the line from Monsters data.
    So currently a generic enemy name is treated as an actual name when its pulled in and not hard written.
    Overall I will need to go back over some of the flexible text aspects to make it less jank.

    In the loss scenes it currently will use, you/your, but in combat it uses the characters name, and I'm not sure if I should set up the combat to be able mix it up, just stick with one.
  10. Bronzechair

    Bronzechair Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2015
    Don't worry about that. I've had a decent amount of experience in proofreading and editorial work, so a lot of errors naturally stand out for me. I want to say I only spent about an hour on it, and it wasn't a particularly suffering experience.

    Regarding the ellipses and tildes: That's fine. Technical accuracy isn't a huge deal, and it's something of a controversial subject for the English language anyway, as it has no authoritative body, only opinionated publishers. The vast, overwhelming majority of players aren't going to notice or care about these details, so the only reason I bring it up is for the sake of good presentation; The cleaner your product, the better. In fact, my favorite style guide recommends that the ellipsis is written with a space on both sides of each period and followed by the appropriate ending punctuation. It looks terrible though, so I never do that . . . !
  11. TheDarkMaster

    TheDarkMaster Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    The most important thing is consistency. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that you maintain the same style throughout the game.
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  12. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    Once I actually have a more along version of the game that has actual content should I rename/edit this thread or post it in a new thread?

    Darn crazy english language.
  13. Bronzechair

    Bronzechair Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2015
    Just edit this thread. The forums would quickly become overrun with outdated versions of games if everyone made a new thread for every update of every game, to say nothing of raising the difficulty of discussion.
  14. A-Grubby

    A-Grubby Member

    Apr 2, 2017
    Just want to say from what I saw this looks really good! Can't wait for more!
  15. A-Grubby

    A-Grubby Member

    Apr 2, 2017
    Hate to double post but I was just wondering if there was any news about the game?

    I really enjoyed the first demo so I'm hoping that we might see more.
  16. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    Short ver: Soon. Hopefully new ver this weekish.

    Longer ver:
    -Next version of the game will most likely still be fairly empty, but progress has been made.
    -Been laying the framework for a bunch of stuff in the game, hub town, NPCs, Shopping/Skill Acquisition, status screen, inventory and the actual adventuring part of the game (this is the part I'm currently working on).
    -Fixing bugs I find as I go, like some catastrophic saving and loading issues.
    -Might be some other stuff I did that I've forgotten to mention.
    -Haven't had the time to work on it as much as i'd like.
  17. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
  18. A-Grubby

    A-Grubby Member

    Apr 2, 2017
    Nice, I like the new stuff! In particular I found the 'explore deck'(?) really interesting.

    My only concern is that it gives the player a pretty sizable amount of control over what they find when they leave the town. I feel like as more things get added it could become pretty easy to cheese out xp and eros by only putting easy to handle cards in there. That said, the game doesn't really have a fail state as far as I know so there is no real risk as off yet but it might this problem of stacking the deck might be something to consider when moving forward.

    All in all though, good stuff, keep up the good work!
  19. TheDarkMaster

    TheDarkMaster Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    Something glitched the download link. You can't click it, but you can copy/paste it.
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  20. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    No idea what I did wrong to cause that, but it's fixed now.

    I'll probably be renaming the deck to pages/grimoire so it is less disjointed from the actual story/world i'll be adding in.

    And yeah, I'm going to keep an eye on the control thing because it could become a problem. Stuff with it will probably change overtime.
    I will eventually be adding a quests tab to the adventure build deck screen, which the options there will either add a boss at the end of the adventure, or have its own preset deck of events/monsters/traps.

    Currently there is no bad ends or game overs, but in a future update I will be adding lasting consequences to losing fights, getting finished off by traps, or failing events.
    Such as increasing sensitivity to the players body, adding fetishes or increasing existing ones (fetishes only boost damage currently, but they will do more eventually), and at some point i'll also be adding enemies with level drain. (Not soon.)

    And really if someone really wanted to cheese the game they can mod it to give themselves broken skills or items. So there's that.

    I should probably make a blog or something where I can put a road map of what I actually plan to do...
  21. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
  22. crimsiden

    crimsiden Active Member

    Jul 4, 2016
    Well its a pretty fun game, there are too few monster girl games like this so i will fully support anyone who makes them lol
  23. Nnxx

    Nnxx Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2017
    You're asking too much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  24. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    New game version, v3


    I'm glad you enjoy it!

    That's a dangerous mentality to have, or the best one. Good luck!
    #24 Threshold, Oct 2, 2017
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  25. Pazz

    Pazz Active Member

    May 27, 2016
    This game has a lot of potential. Definitely keeping an eye out for this one. Keep up the good work.
  26. gordo.shota

    gordo.shota Member

    Oct 12, 2017
    An example of happy modding, probably a little buggy :)
    New location: "Sinner Village",
    Monsters: ["Succubus", "Brainwashed Cutie", "Brainwashed Bimbo"],

    unzip the game in a new folder in order to not corrupt the original one.
    copy renpy.zip in renpy folder
    unzip the content there.
    launch the game and create a new char.

    you'll lose a lot at level 1, be ready :D

    Attached Files:

  27. gordo.shota

    gordo.shota Member

    Oct 12, 2017
    One thing about the game:
    I like a lot the flexibility and the modding potential. Enven a lazy coder as me did something in very short time.
    Potentially the engine could be used for a wide amount of text, fight based RPG.
    If you don't plan to make money out of it, it would be great to share the code: someone could help you make the thing even more fun.

    Regards :)
  28. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    v4 is here!
    Windows: Download
    Mac: Download
    Linux: Download

    I'm actually really shocked and happy somebody has actually tried modding the game. Well, and shared it.
    Sadly you will need to update the enemy files with a new bit, or just start a new one and port the information over. Either way shouldn't be too hard to update.
    Though you may want to throw the text through a spell checker, I should know, working in the code makes you forget to check if you got everything spelled right.
    You also reminded me I should get around to adding a tit fuck attack to the base game.

    I'm glad you like the games potential! :D
    I wouldn't mind making money off it. Kinda funny this is the update I made the Patreon...
    Even if I don't I plan to try and keep working on it. I do have a story to tell. Just gotta get all the systems in place.
    #28 Threshold, Oct 17, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  29. MotoKuchoma

    MotoKuchoma Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2015
    I had tried the mod and when applied it no longer showed the Forest in game. I was gonna wait for a more stable version before trying my hand at modding.
  30. Threshold

    Threshold Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    ...I should look into that.
    Thank you for saying something.