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Master Analmander
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Aug 26, 2015

Welcome to the CoC Mod Repository. Here you can find a bunch of mods for Corruption of Champions, as well as guides and unofficial expansions, fixes, save editors, and the like.

Please remember that everything here is unofficial. Don't post Bug Reports from a modded save in the Bug Reports main forum. Also be aware that save files may or may not be backwards compatible, and having modded content in your save could bugger up the Save Export feature at the end of CoC. Mods also may contain content not found in vanilla CoC, including fetishes you don't like. Use all mods at your own risk!

If you have discussion or questions related to a specific mod, please ask in that mod's thread rather than starting a new one. That way nobody has to ask which mod (or lack thereof) you have, and the forum doesn't get cluttered with random bullshit making the actual mods harder to find. Thanks!
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