PSA: Getting Your Bug Reports Addressed


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Nov 8, 2018
If you posted a bug report a while ago, but it hasn't been fixed, I strongly suggest bumping it. Jacques00 has been very active recently, so now's probably the time.

There are 166 pages of reports, most of which are repeats and/or already fixed at this point. Do them a favor by moving unaddressed issues to the top. (Please do verify your issue hasn't been fixed in the meantime, even if your report wasn't responded to. Especially typos.)
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Jun 17, 2023
I really wish the Fenoxo team would invest in a proper bug tracking system and make it available to at least backers, preferably verified forum members as well. It's a lot easier to search Bugzilla or Mantis to see if your problem has already been reported than searching the forum. It's much easier to manage the lifecycle of a bug (reported/verified/accepted/assigned/started/fixed/fix confirmed/completed/released) with a tool than with an ad-hoc system like a forum - and it also takes less time and effort on the part of the developers. It's much easier to have categories for issues (e.g. "Paige", "Ship Combat", "Tarkus") so that bugs get filed against the correct item.