Price for Freedom: Avarice

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  1. deck

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    Dec 21, 2017

    After 2.5 months of development, we release our first Tech Demo to the public.


    A fair warning, we didn’t have time to flesh out the combat due short time window, so we added “skip combat” button in bottom right corner. It will register as a win.


    Price for Freedom: Avarice is based on the webcomic series, in the same setting and region. The game will tell the story of another cast of characters, in another town, and another time. The format will allow our team to drastically expand on world lore, side stories, and overall depth.
    It is a top down RPG, heavily inspired by old games such as Baldurs Gate. So expect decent amount of text, and people to talk to.

    Story will take place during political conflict between two independant city-states, in this harsh times main character will have to make a living with adventuring and potentially avert the crisis. We will be accompanied by several sexy female companions, with their own motivation and stories.


    Demo contains: 3 locations, 1 companion, 1 short quest, 1 animated sex scene, some extra NPCs (with placeholder sprites), some extra dialogues, and potentialy lots of bugs we didnt even anticipate.
    Main Character: Male only(at least for now)
    Adult content: animated fullscreen CGs, conscentual, monster girls(and elves), vaginal, teasing, striptease, etc.


    If you consider this project promising, consider supporting us on our PATREON. 5 USD backers will have access to early builds, weekly/biweekly updates on progress, votes, discord role, and early PFF webcomic pages once I resume making them.


    Currently the team consists of:​
    • ArbuzBudesh (art assets, game design),
    • Deck (code),
    • Valaska (writing),
    • SomeKindofWizard (writing).
    In addition to this, feel free to join
    with bunch of other fans and shitlords.

    Next update infos HERE

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  2. CleansingFire

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    Aug 27, 2015
    Great news! Congratulations for the launch!

    So, there will be no Lady Wolf in this one, right? Not that I'm complaining, looking at that elf...
  3. deck

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Who knows ;)
  4. Woider

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    Aug 26, 2015
    So is this gonna be a permanent Alpha, because I don't many smut-games outside of barebones VNs ever finishing. Or are people actually working full-time and salaried on the project?
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  5. deck

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    Dec 21, 2017
    We started the game mid October and implemented most of the systems already. So we can now focus on the lore and smut. As for the amount of time we spend on it, it will obviously depend on the funding. The ultimate goal is full time, but isn't that the dream of every game dev?
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  6. Ethereal Dragon

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    Aug 28, 2015
    o_O whoa really? wow... didn't expect that comic would get a game. I'm behind on that comic, gonna need to go and catch up on it at some point.
  7. Kallutoceleste

    Oct 25, 2016
    I love this. I get that its a tech demo and that's maybe why I felt the writing was a little clunky, exposition heavy etc, but the art is already killer. Some of the best I've seen. Three thumbs up.
  8. Blaidd32

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    Apr 13, 2017
    The artwork is pretty nice and I like the dialogue-heavy approach of the Baldur's Gate era. However, there was very little meaningful choice within the tech demo. No character customization, no alternate dialogue trees, no influence on how the sex scene played out. I am curious as for how much player agency there will be in the actual game.
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  9. AnonBacon

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    May 19, 2016
    A few things I noticed:

    • Text is hard to read at points. I sometimes mix up options and what is being said
    • Guards at gate were not actually at the gate. They were about five feet to the left of it.
    • Combat (Which I know you guys didn't have much time to work on) needs ways to know what each option does and wtf is going on inside it.

      Unlike the previous poster, I dont feel like character customization is needed but I do feel like a few things need to be clarified. What are the pairings inside the game? Will male be the only option for pc (Sorry, just that sexual preferences do kinda play a big part in trying to get off in a H-game)? There isn't really a road-map and a lot is left unclear atm.
  10. deck

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Thanks for the feedback, it is really appreciated.
    Next update is around end of January for patrons, you can learn more about it there
    Other public builds are planned for later.

    The writing (and the rest) was clearly rushed for the tech demo, next update will be more polished.

    We will have meaningful choice dialogues and more branches next update. It's an important aspect of old RPG that we don't want to miss, which is why we are relying on two writers from the beginning.
    As for player customization it should come in time, but we don't want to spread our efforts too thin, and are focusing on other aspects for now, such as the lore/combat/smut.
    Female protagonist will also gradually make it, but we want to polish the rest first.

    I will update the first post to detail a little more what the game is about.

  11. AnonBacon

    AnonBacon Active Member

    May 19, 2016
    Thanks for all the info! Looking forward to where this will go. And great job at taking it slow! A lot of game-developers on this forum tend to spread themselves too much. But yeah. Best wishes.
  12. Jash

    Jash Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2015
    Ooh, snektits!
  13. deck

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Right, so we released our first patreon build two days ago, which include the snek lady mentioned earlier. If you are not into patreon, we plan on releasing a public build later, possibly next month.
    We also started an open vote for patreons, to choose the next character getting a smut scene this month:

    New build includes completely new companion Hiho with own questline and a sex scene with 2 animated CGs.


    Two new locations.


    More random dialogues, a custom soundtrack, completed interface (options, save/load, gallery), and various improvement, such as animated foliage.

  14. deck

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Another month worth of updates, this time introducing Aya the monster hunter, and Verona the kitchen maiden, with their respective quests. As well as a bunch of other features.
    The build is available on PATREON for our 5 USD backers.

  15. Valaska

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    Feb 18, 2018
    I'll give this a shot up in here.

    Public Test Build 1: (No updates just yet! Sorry)
    Patron Build 2: (Aya & Verona)

    Patron Build 2
    (forgive's magic tool, leaves some of the white on for some reason! But ONE of these girl's don't mind)
    Aya & Verona.png

    It's a tinge light of an update, unless what you were looking for was two brand new lewd scenes! Veron's Saucy Cook and Aya's Monster Gambit dialogue & quest are currently available. These two gals were shown above and can be accessed through a quest where you need to wager and kill more monster than the other, or by being sneaky enough to get back into the kitchen after you've made a name for yourself in Kaldea! (Aka, complete a companions quest)

    What we have done which was pretty large was prep and begin utilizing our brand new node based dialogue editor I imaged above! It took the girth of our programming resources and should increase the quality of our writing from this point on by quite a bit! Give it a whirl with Aya and Verona and see if we've improved.

    Patron Build 3 Roadmap

    We have a bunch in store for whats coming in Patron Build 3, we'll be adding in the brothel and you can vote right now which girl will be featured first! Our next lewd scene with be with one of these lovely ladies,

    • Nailah the exotic nubian jackal girl from deep in the Redlands. Her oratory skill is only matched by her oral skills otherwise, women mastered in the pleasure arts such as her come rarely... and at high cost.
    • Terri, formerly a farmers daughter who got well sick of the farmlife, though finds herself unfortunately running the bulk of the Brothels errands and such as the new girl. Oh, and tan lines.
    • Katie, a plucky little scrapper who takes a measure of joy in her work. She's a veteran of the house and has served jovially for quite sometime.


    If you'd like to vote on your favorite you'll need our $5 and up patron, or just shout at me here. It might not do much for this vote of course but we'll take into consideration if we should consider the others as well. Programming wise we have a little work to do so we writers can generate JSON's on our own for the node editor rather than creating a JSON and then adding it too the tree.

    Combat will be a big part of our focus for Patron 3, its a lot of work to get it right so hopefully we'll be able to get it in for said update as well but it may delay into Patron 4 to get our combat system to what we want it to be. A big thing with this combat will be getting the UI to be very presentable and polished, and of course make it fun & challenging. Here's an early concept from way back in development, much has changed from it but it gets a feel for some of what we're doing.


    The enemy AI are the ones who use the card deck, there's bee A LOT of confusing about haha. They will get a deck at the beginning of combat which we are thinking will flash briefly for about 3-5 seconds so you can see what the first AI hand will be like, this will allow you to see and briefly prepare for the upcoming onslaught by the AI. Several monsters and enemies will have their own unique special attack cards... While bosses will have radically unique cards.

    It's an interesting bit to work into an AI for a game but we think it has a lot of potential. In general these are some points we want to touch on in our near future. Note the majority of these probably aren't in the next update of course, and I have generally written in the jist of mechanics we want in priority order.

    • Node Dialogue 2.0
    • Combat Mechanics
    • Combat AI Decks
    • Inventory System
    • Fully Animated NPC Sprites
    • Relationship Tracking
    • Tarot Reader (Tells you stats etc)
    • Game Introduction (With CG)
    On our "Maybe?" list we have these.
    • Environment Hazards
    • Multiple Outfits
    Not too sure if we want to actually work on these just yet. We've bounced the idea around for these options and even have a little gimmick in to show us if we want to work on a detection/sneak mechanic. These are all very theoretical. Nothing too crazy yet but we'll see where we get with this list. Also expect more music to come!
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  16. Miscellaneous Forum Viewer

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    Apr 6, 2016
    The comic seems cool, and so does the parts of this project I've seen. If I were financially capable of supporting further I would, but I'm broke. I only played the public part but even with just that, I can tell that if you actually complete this project, it'll be quite popular.
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  17. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Thanks a ton! We are looking to touch on combat within the next few updates to get it in a much more stable state that will more properly represent how we want the gameplay to look within the game. After we get a bunch of our basic mechanics done it'll be a lot faster to put in quests and such, the main narrative arc has only been slightly teased in Hiho's companion quest which is currently on our Patron build I realize as I write that out hah.... Sorry. I am interested to see if anyone catches the foreshadowing!

    I think once we get a lot of these foundational steps out of the way and finally get the "first 15' into the game which will include our introduction, set-up for the main arc, tutorial fight, and possibly a brief CG to accompany... I think the project might gain a lot more traction once that hits too. This is definitely a project we aim for the long run and are looking to release a steam SFW version even.

    We appreciate any support even if its vocal support! We love to hear from you all.
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  18. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Patron Build 3 has just hit our Patrons with a public update to follow in a week or so!



    We are introducing our the first brothel of Avarice, the high class and sophisticated Velvet Oasis! Esther has given the name Velvet Oasis based on the particular "qualities" of the girls she likes to keep in stock, which are almost completely Aeylmen, Aeylvish, or Aeylgre!

    "In the hell is an Aeyl, Valaska?" Glad you didn't ask but I pretended you did! An Aeyl is the prefix added to the myriad of mysterious hybrid species in the world of Price For Freedom. The origins of the Aeyl aren't understood by the vast majority of people in this world but there may be a few scraps of knowledge to be found on them in the future. Suffice it to say, the velvet soft featured they tend to have paired with the fact this is a respite in the hustle and bustle of Kaldea aptly name the Velvet Oasis. It will be in a temporary location until the trade district is finished.

    The Velvet Oasis will have a NPC's you can speak with but the only two with any depth right now are Esther, the buxom dark madame and propriety of the Velvet Oasis. The other being Katie! Who will have a couple CG's with lewd scenes. She's a girl for hire though so expect to pay!




    This build marks our very first combat pass. This essentially means we are now beginning to build the proper mechanics, balance, and improve the user experience with the UI etc. Sound effects are definitely a part of the user experience that will be coming in the future as well.

    We've included:

    Initial Balancing

    Abilities now work

    Card Interactions (Remove, view)

    Card Removal (Only AI use Cards btw!)

    UI Overhaul

    Our most visible is definitely our UI updates so I'll give you a view of our new tooltips window with a beautiful dissolve effect!


    This is a massive overhaul in letting our players understand the mechancis and all the hard work that Deck has put into the backend. You will be able to see what attacks do which and for how much and really get a feel for what we are moving this game towards in terms of combat!

    Public Edition News

    Soon these changes will all be hitting the public edition along with some tweaks and tuning to the text and dialogue. Samara has gone through re-writes to more unify her personality as it was kinda discombobulated before. The Patron Edition will get a hotfix for the dialogue too! This is coming up very soon too, we want to have a better degree of polish on a few things for you guys and I will be posting you all a direct link. It will have essentially everything the Patreon version does but with a few of the sidequest girls not included.

    General News:

    Our Knight tier is current available! Have your character in the game world with a massively high details 3/4th dialogue post with a few facial expressions and an in world animated sprite! An example of the 3/4th quality is;


    That's it for now! I look forward to bring you guys the public edition, sorry its taken awhile but we all at the team want to have a good showing for you guys.
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  19. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018

    We just put out our second public build if you guys and gals are interested in that! We do very much intend to support both sides of the community so there are all but two scenes in this build. Pick it up here;

    I will be assembling a picture guide for our combat, and you can see some of our easter egg plans upcoming for the game!
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  20. marsup

    marsup Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2016
    Really fun game looking forward to seeing more.

    I do have one question though: It seems we will be able to customize our character in the beginning of the game. My question is to what extent?
    Will we always be an elf or can we choose a different race?

    Hope to see more soon.
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  21. Nnxx

    Nnxx Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2017
    Alright, I've just discovered that a Price for freedom game was made, damn, I absolutely love the comic that is ongoing so I was really happily surprised to discover the game, I'll take a look at the patreon build next month
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  22. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Haaah! Caught that did'ya? Yes, there will be customization but it will be more for outfits and appearance options for Redic and, most likely, the companions in the future. However I do have to apologize that we won't be able to change Redic (Main Character) much from his current looks as all these CG's are hand drawn and rigged! I won't disclude if this will always be true as perhaps someday we'll figure out a way to implement changes in an efficient and expeditious manner... Well I would expect the changes to be more minor than body type or gender changes.

    We aren't really at the stage to bounce this ball around too much at current though, as we are still in the architectual stages and we don't want to go into the realm of future creep! We're not star citizen here, we very much intend to release a game in this century :D. Haha, I am kidding, only to cover up the crushing pain of all the money I have in star citizen ._.

    Howdy! Thank you for your wonderful compliment! I'll be sure to send them along Arbuz. See you next month!
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  23. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018

    Nailah vs Terri wrapped up! Nailah was the clear winner this time around, she was almost in the last update too but lost out by about three votes. This time we are mixing it up a bit, we in the dev's couldn't honestly decide which of these foreplays were our favourite so right now if you're a patron you get to vote and for the first time affect the scene you'll get to see in the game.


    Thigh job was my favourite due to the transition in the scene that will come up. But can't deny Nailah's freaky feets are interesting!
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  24. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018

    Our 4th Patreon Build is live! This comes with several content additions and QOL changes.

    NPCs & Writing:
    • Her lewd encounter is added, and serves as an experiment in multiple ending CGs!
    • Her first pass dialogue has been implemented, there will be a lot more to come with the Jackal girl.

    Our first Patreon Knight pledge thanks to 'LegoJohn!"

    Background NPCs:
    • Slave Master Kalid
    • Slaver Guard
    • Pesh the produce merchant
    • Quips from Guards
    • Many more to come.

    Animated Sprites:
    • Hiho's tail is more responsive with accurate shadows
    • Dee front&back animated sprite
    • Vaehill front&back animated sprite (you can also push her to make her walk)
    • Rodwin Tillbert animated sprite
    • City Guard front&back animated sprite
    • Slave girls
    • The main characters now have back facing sprites!
    Back End & Features
    • WebGL Build
    • Interact Key (E to interact with nearest NPC/Object)
    • Custom character name
    • Difficulty Settings
    • Ironman Perma Death

    Dialogue Editor
    • ALT+E allows you to bring the games dialogue editor up!
    • Context Menu
    • Portrait Builder
    • Cross Dialogue References
    • Quest Objectives
    This is an extremely powerful tool which may allow people to make their own mods and content for Avarice post-launch. We will be exploring the possibility of more tools and assets.

    • New main menu
    • Framework for the HUD ((quests, money, inventory, bestiary, abilities) this is extremely WIP)

    Our studio has also finalized our public face, allow me to show you all the Team Dead Deer logo! It may not seem like the biggest deal but this really is part of legitimatizing and making our team a formal entity.


    As always, we'll be bringing much more for you all to see in the future. The next one should have a heaping pile more of dialogue for our NPC's, and another dialogue quality pass on much of our first bits of writing, possibly the entire writing will get a dialogue sweep soon.
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  25. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    It has been very busy so I am just going to copy paste our general patch notes.


    Characters are now traveling the city. Although this is still primitive, more advanced behaviours will be added soon to bring life to the city. We implemented the money, inventory, quests, experience/level/abilities systems. Even if their interfaces is still in a placeholder state. Another notable change is the new cheats options menu, which allow to access some game breaking settings (obviously not recommended).

    • Hera 2 part quest, portrait, animated sprite and smutting.
    • New AI system allowing NPC crowd to walk around town and do tasks, chat, buy, move objects, patrol, travel...
    • New Alchemy shop location in the trade district.
    • New Order shrine location in the old docks. World map (WiP).
    • Add Order priest sprite and dialogue.
    • Add Dee's master dialogue.
    • Add Lin portrait, animated sprite (front + back), and dialogue.
    • Animated sprites with modular parts for random NPC (front + back).
    • Pesh animated sprites. Improve the chatter system, allowing
    • NPC to talk to each-other, using the dialogue editor.
    • Add the items and inventory system, take and drop items from containers.
    • Implement levels and experience system: gain exp, unlock/manage party abilities and slots (temporary UI).
    • Add cheats to the options menu: Set player money and level, quests states, unlock portrait, smut settings, player location, companions in the party, possess any character.
    • Implement the money system, taking the game difficulty level into account.
    • Zoom key shortcuts: +/- and page up/down.
    • Implement the new quest objectives and hints system in all the quests.
    • Allow to disable quest hints in the new game window.

    Dialogue editor:
    • New properties: skip, fallback, break, singleChild, never, random response direct reference, or condition.
    • Properties value auto completion, characters history, max width.
    • Add money related features: addMoney, isMoney, <$money> Add experience related features:
    • AddExperience.
    • Allow to add comments to nodes.
    • Metadata properties (key/value pairs).
    • Fix response properties copy/paste, add copy/paste properties shortcuts (Alt+C Alt+V).
    • Allow to edit the smut scenes settings via the setStage method.

    I'll have a more in depth post about some of our cool stuff and videos of new features, formation walking, crowd and desnity, other bitties too! So keep your eyes peeled for that noise.

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  26. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    We are having a vote between two new characters over at our Patreon right now, and at the same time introducing a new race to the universe!

    Iski and Katrina.png

    Kobolds! Kobolds are their own subgenus of LizardFolk and aren't simply the diminutive "orphaned" lizardfolk. They have a history of being nocturnal pack hunters and have evolved along those lines, which gives a kobold an extraordinarily quick wit and a high degree of situational awareness. The vote is between Isiki or Katrina and you can check it out over at our patreon right now.

    Crepuscular and clever, they'll be in our game soon!
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  27. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Hello everyone, our team has been hard at work making the next update which we hope you all will be playing soon.

    In the meantime, I would like to show you all some of the work we've done!

    (Uhhhh for some reason this forum and this forum alone is refusing to upload so... here!)

    Our programmer, deck, has been hard at work creating our intelligent lighting and shadows system. This fog of war will be used to occlude far off rooms and area's to create a feeling of tension and allow you to actually explore the map instead of just click to the area that most likely looks like your objective.

    The system is dynamic so we can use it for contextual situations for fading consciousness, debilitation, blindfolds, nighttime... not stroking my own ego here but I want to get across how amazing of a job deck does, without you man, this isn't possible. Seriously, I bought the guy Stellaris as a surprise thank you gift but that wasn't enough, the man deserves an entire steam library for the stuff he does.

    Anywho I hope you guys and gals enjoyed this little tech example. You all take care out there, there's a lot of forest fires and air quality is poor on the west coast! Keep it in mind when you are doing physical activity, I myself had a minor asthma attack because the smoke suddenly got so thick.
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  28. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018

    Today we celebrate two milestones, the 20th anniversary of Baldurs Gate which has gone on to inspire developers and writers for years, and our one year anniversary of development! Here’s to many more years, and tribute those who laid the groundwork for this all to be possible!

    We had no idea we shared our beginning development date with one of our biggest inspirations! Here's to another year, and hopefully delivering something that we can be proud of and you all will love. Thank you so much for being a part of this on our journey. We the whole team want to thank you all for sharing this journey with us. Our deepest thanks from;

    And a special shout-out and thank you to all those who have helped us along the way with support, a helping hand, funding, or just plain old interest in the project and enjoying what we've done! We could not do this without you all backing us up. Named like August, Aoiichi, Psypup that we've contracted and worked with directly... thank you all so much too. Here's hoping we can create a legacy of our own!
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  29. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018

    Hello everyone, we’re happy to bring you all Public Build 9! This build is fairly mighty in terms of content! Some of our older content is being shifted into the public stream now so we’re happy to hear how guys and gals feel about the game. This version is essentially the same as the Patreon one, but without Katrina, Iski, Terri and Katie scenes. We plan on releasing public builds more regularly in the future, so stay tuned for that.

    Reach us on discord if you have any issue with this build.

    Here is the change-log since the last public build:

    • - Nailah smut scene.
    • - Katrina sprite / portrait.
    • - New companion Calypso with quest / sprite / portrait.
    • - New big village location (Toreign).
    • - 3 smaller interior locations in Toreign.
    • - Ability to skip the prologue in new game.
    • - Blood effects in combat.
    • - Merchants and trade system.
    • - Sell and Buy items UI.
    • - Goldra sprite / portrait.
    • - Alistra sprite / portrait.
    • - Chickens!
    • - New village soundtrack.
    • - Ambient track with three variants.
    • - And two other ambient tracks.
    • - Gallery portraits randomizer.
    • - Companions relationship system (currently doesn't affect gameplay but will have effect later on).
    • - Campfire location (day/night variants).
    • - 20 new animated foliages types.
    • - Ability for characters to sit.
    • - Corpse sprite Thugs and Bandits.
    • - Includes a save to access the new content directly (PatreonBuild9).
    • - Iski sprite / portrait.
    • - Thief guild location where you can find her after, location will later host a vendor as well.
    • - Hiho quest updated to work with the new location instead of placeholder dialogue.
    • - Misc bug\typo fixes.
    • - Fast game loading and reduced memory usage.
    • - New animated splash screen.

    With this comes our first new town-hub outside of Kaldea. There is lots to do in fleshing the location out and exploration, so keep an eye out for changes in future updates. Here are a few of our big points I’d like to mention more in depth:


    Toreign was once a thriving fishing and agricultural hub. In its hay day it happily fed hundreds in the region… but recent tensions between Kaldea and Atlathka have all but killed off farming for Toreign, in it the stead of crops have sprouted dozens of passing by mercenary companies hoping to capitalize on the situation.

    Thieves Guild

    I want to give it a proper name in the future, like a syndicate or such but until then this location will be utilized quite a bit. Hiho’s quest properly enters the location and a couple other quests will come to a head here. There are also fences here that allow the purchase of sometimes rare objects… prices could be cheaper than somewhere else but they’re out to make a profit!

    In the future we may have it more randomized and have surprise deals in these vendors. Keep an eye out as we develop our mercantile systems.


    Toreign represents a new step for our original soundtrack, with 3 different ambients based on the same track and will play in a contextual driven manner. We have a couple more tracks coming as well. Having custom made music for this game is extremely excited and we can’t wait to see how it is received!

    Merchants and trade

    We’re making the basic foundation of our mercantile system, don’t expect too much from just yet… but we are really looking for people to abuse/break this system and report back to us.

    Relationships & Standing

    We plan to utilize a somewhat basic, yet functional, relationship system that will play out behind the scenes. If you do something that one of the characters will disagree with you may get a small hit… but we are trying to reserve negative impacts to extremely heavy circumstances where you go completely against a characters core beliefs/ethics.

    Typically we won’t have the fallout “X liked that Y Z disliked that” system. There aren’t too many situations that you will gain with one character and lose with another, that’s extremely frustrating. Also characters who are not present will not magically find out you picked a lock 2 kilometers away.

    Positive gains will work similarly… but they will be much more natural in that, listening to advice or just simply talking to your companions will be the best way to get relationship gains.

    Other uses of this system may play into actual story events and change how certain factions react dialogue plays out. This isn’t concrete and we are not sure how well we can utilize this system with the resources we have, but if we can streamline the process we will definitely try and do it.


    Campfires will be scenes that play between travelling from time to time. This will allow you to get to know your party and what I think is a twist on the system… allow your party to get to know YOU. I’ve never seen this in CRPG’s before, so I want to experiment with having the player learn more about Redic’s history and past through your party members actually taking an interest and asking.

    You can decide to open up and explore your past with the party members or just shrug it off and completely cut these scenes short if you have no interest in them. But I think it's an interesting twist!


    End game content confirmed…?

    And last, but hopefully not least… our thanks!

    Thank each and every one of you out there be it supporters, fans, interested onlookers, what have you - we are eternally grateful to you all.
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