minecraft roleplay servers?

Oct 26, 2015
does anyone know of any? I dont care about the mods as long as theres actual roleplay going on and it isint an "mmo" type server. I've been on quite a few and left....usually for reasons of corruption (Hollow World, Atheier, rise of kings and alaurin) or I left cause the rp is too thin/too thick (massivecraft) I might be making my own someday soon.....but I might not be able to, so, I'd like someplace to spend time


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Jan 1, 2021
Now there are few roleplay servers in Minecraft that are good. Now a lot of players are on servers with mini-games. It is great when you have some friends and create your own server. For a good host of the server, you need a good computer, but w paid some money and hosted it on https://ggservers.com. The most interesting thing about playing with your friends is that especially in survival mode is that you can do a lot of things together. We like raiding caves and towers, mining together. The only thing we haven't done is killing the ender dragon because it is very hard.
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Dec 9, 2021
There are just a handful decent roleplay servers in Minecraft right now. Many gamers are now playing mini-games on servers. It's fantastic if you have a group of pals and want to start your own server. A decent computer is required for a good server host, however we spent some money and had it hosted on GG Servers. The best part of playing with your buddies is that you can accomplish a lot of things together, especially in survival mode. We have a lot of fun storming caves and towers and mining together. check out ,We haven't yet killed the ender dragon since it is quite difficult.
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