Making A CYOA But I Want Some Opinions On Something

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Jun 17, 2019
So, I'm starting up a little project for myself a sort of CYOA based off a design, based off my PSO2 character. But I'm kinda stumped on where to go with it.

Don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but if not, I'll just take the posts down and just figure it out on my on.

1. Strongest being goes to sleep after winning a gigantic war, thousands of years later, they wake up and transform into (picture below), awoken to a world where sex is such a casual activity that people often fuck complete strangers in public just to pass the time. Despite being capable of grinding a city to dust, she has recognized this new world has no place for her strength. Despite this, she is quite curious, and instead of returning to her slumber, decides to venture out into the world to see things with her own eyes.

2. After the battle against the demon king has ended, a powerful dragon achieves a human form and marries her longtime companion, the hero that saved the world. They decide to retire to a small village to live quiet and humble lives, to their surprise, the village is filled with nothing but beautiful women and muscular, old. or fat men. What they don't realize is the men in this village are all capable of bending a persons will through sex, and all the women were once loyal wives or lovers who, after being fucked, willingly abandoned their loved ones to live in the village and be used as their sex slaves. With the hero being incredibly dense, and the dragon being naive about sex, and extremely credulous, this would be an Nice Time for Roo focused story.

3. After being slain by the hero, the dragon king finds themselves on the bed of a regular man, after being defeated, they were sent to a completely different part of the world, where they were luckly picked up off the alleys by a well-meaning young man. Although wary at first, she quickly grows accustomed to living a humble life with the young man, until one day she decides to repay him with her body. A very vanilla, romantic story.

These were the concepts I was messing around with, and I'm quite indescivie when it comes to these things, so thought I could see if I could get some insight from any of ya'll.

Dragon king character sheet.pngDragon king character sheet2.png

Think you can tell from the art what kind of things I'm into lol. Again, if this isn't the right place to ask this, I'm perfectly okay with just taking this thread down if needed, and I apologize if I caused any mods undue trouble because of it.
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Sep 11, 2017
It sounds like you are going for a mind break hero to zero deal. I'd advise you to write a chapter in each, say ten pages. Go with the concept that resonates strongest, the one you're most willing to see through to finish. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.