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    Aug 27, 2015

    Check recent posts for the latest version!


    Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

    This is a remaster of Lust Doll (downloadable here: which I spent three years developing! If you've never played, do check it out! Note: You do NOT have to have played Lust Doll to enjoy Lust Doll Plus.

    At the start, you can customize your character's body to your tastes/preferences. Compared to the original, there's now vastly more customizations to choose from, such as height, furry/human body, type of cock (horse/dog), kemonomimi ears and tail, wings, teeth, even the colour of the inside of your mouth (for some reason!) You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body can be changed over the course of the game. You'll also find plenty of interesting, fancy, and/or sexy clothing/toys to wear. One big thing that the original game lacked is the ability to specifically equip things to your genitalia. So, if for example, you want to go through the game with a giant, vibrating dildo up your butt, that'll definitely be a thing you can do.

    You'll also be able to control much of the content you see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don't want to see a particular kink, then you can do that. Admittedly, the original game tilted heavily towards female partners and subbe content. This time around, I'll be making things more equal, so that those that enjoy male partners and domme content will have vastly more to experience.

    Kinks that can be toggled:
    Female Partners
    Male Partners
    M2F Transformations
    Cock Transformations
    Mega-sized Cock
    Breast Transformations
    Mega-sized Breasts
    Tickle Torture
    Futa Balls
    Limb Detachment
    Foot Fetish
    Genital Piercings

    More General Kinks:
    Orgasm Denial
    Sex Machines
    BDSM/ Sex 'Games'/owning your own private dungeon
    Public Humiliation/ Exposure
    Breast Milking/ Nipple Play
    Hypnotism/Mind Control
    Orgasm Overload
    Parasitic/Living Clothes
    Anal/ Spanking
    Loving Femdom/Dominant Girls

    (Since the game is still quite fresh, most of these kinks aren't in the game yet. That'll definitely change with time!)

    You have eight stats to manage:
    Strength - How strong you are. Influences weapon damage and actions requiring lots of power.
    Mystic - How in tune you are with supernatural/ metaphysical elements, and how good you are at resisting them.
    Nimble - How good you are at doing intricate actions, such as dancing, picking locks, escaping binds.
    Body - How much punishment your body can shake off, your ability to enter poisonous environments, how quickly you fold under torture.
    Speech - How good you are at understanding others and convincing them towards your point of view.
    Knowledge - How much intellect you have, which can allow you to interpret or figure out something that you've never seen before.
    Senses - How good you are at seeing hidden things, such as secret passages, places that you can climb up, traps, hidden people.
    Erotic - How sexy you are, and how good you are at dominating others sexually.
    Each of these stats grow the more that you use them. They can also be affected by your current states. For example, if you're drunk, your senses and nimbleness might drop significantly, but your speech and erotic might get a nice boost.

    I also want to highlight some specific differences from the older version. As mentioned, there'll be more male NPC's and domme chances (though it'll still likely skew more towards female NPC's just cause that's easier to write for me.)

    I'll also be putting more emphasis on a pregnancy system, and being able to be impregnated/impregnated others, which'll go well with having more male NPC's.

    Also planning on a slavery system, and being able to capture/imprison enemies for... 'fun times'.

    Finally, I'm also putting in support for furry content. The player and certain NPC's and enemies can have furry versions of themselves. For those who aren't into that, you can disable it, and it'll never show up for you in game.

    Check out my other games on Newgrounds!

    I’m running a patreon, if you would like to support me!

    Other places you can find my stuff:
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  2. AnonBacon

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    May 19, 2016
    Think you'll have an easier time with this one? And one of my biggest gripes about the last version was it felt too disconnected if that makes sense. Will areas and any stories included be more.... connected? (I.E overhaul of narrative or stuff)
  3. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Well, I'm definitely wiser, and more aware of what I'm capable of. And yes, this is built to be much easier for me to work with. Kinda like trying to chop lots of wood with an axe, versus a knife. It's that sort of feeling.

    Hmm, chances are most of the stories won't deviate too much from how they were in the original (there'll be differences, but the overlying arches will be about the same I think.) More likely, I'll add side stories/events for characters from not connecting storylines to mingle.
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  4. Marblak

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    Jan 14, 2016
    I like everything about this. Except that it is not done lol. Danke.
  5. Stemwinder

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    Jun 15, 2018
    There could be a bit more this-leads-to-that but part of what makes Lust Doll unique is the way it unfolds in episodes like that (and how it takes some searching to find the next step). It helps give the game its immersive feel.
  6. runingman69

    runingman69 Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2018
    What is your overall goal for lustdoll plus?
  7. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Haha, thanks. I'm working on it!

    Thanks. I'm glad people enjoy the episodic feel.

    Well, I plan to develop it past where original LD ends, while revising and adding new content. Lots of stuff that I didn't really get into in the original, like succubus queen, the watchers, etc.
    That's the plan for now.
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  8. thedoubleyew

    thedoubleyew Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2015
    This is a welcome surprise. Still waiting on that broom fetish tho.
  9. thelemon

    thelemon New Member

    May 13, 2019
    What happened to the Grey/White hair colors? will they be added back?
  10. NitroHamlin

    NitroHamlin Member

    Feb 23, 2019
    Holy smokes I only just get back to playing this a few days ago then I see this. Quite the surprise, a positive one at that, I look forward to seeing more content added :)
  11. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Thanks! Broom fetish?

    White will be in next update

    Awesome, glad to hear!
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  12. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015

    Lust Doll r2.2 released!

    Note: Had to change some core systems, so previous savefiles don't transfer over. They will from this version onwards however.


    -Fixed eyebrows appearing at game start
    -Fixed menu button not showing when loading game
    -Fixed underground ring fight with certain opponent being treated as male when lewded
    -Fixed brown hair/eye graphics
    -Revert to no version number in title (to allow android version to transfer saves)
    -Fixed bug preventing winning against Wildcat scene from showing
    -Made changing hair color during chara creation not change head ears or tail color
    -Fixed Lust Tonic not giving arousal status
    -Fixed clothing sizes being reset when leaving equip menu

    -Revised dark and belly white colors
    -Added black skin color
    -Fixed bug causing multiple exotic dresses to appear in inventory
    -Fixed bug preventing player from giving food to Cassie/homeless person
    -Changed item selection so that only 'effective' items will be displayed
    -Changed so that if paid for massage, won't let you pay for more till you've had one
    -Fixed so that slime anal encounter reduces lust after climax
    -Cancelling in battle menu now opens passive menu
    -If defeated, fixed so that large list of changes will show after returning to spawn point
    -Changed so that fishing advances text to choice regardless of catching or not
    -Fixed bug where stored msg doesn't get cleared
    -Fixed bug where trying to get a massage can cause 'length' error

    -Added title/logo graphics
    -When surrender, enemies will defeat faster
    -Fixed bug where adding/removing credits during chara creation resets choice selection
    -Fixed bug where gaining credits shows exp gain message
    -If lose more credits than you've got, it'll show you losing the credits you have instead
    -When obtaining clothes, now shows where they can be equipped to
    -Fixed bug where attempting to wear causes 'visible' error
    -Fixed bug where npc portrait remains after battle
    -Improved portrait functionality
    -Fixed bug where preggers belly disappears sometimes
    -Revised portrait system
    -Added red, black and white color sets for hair, eyes, mouth, and skin
    -Redid white skin colors
    -Fixed bug related to opening main menu before setting chara portrait
    -Allow for only use of first name
    -Fixed black screen not fading on new game
    -Fixed preview of clothes not going away
    -Added Forest Park
    -Fixed sanctum overriding return point
    -Switched so that skipping scenes does clear lust
    -Added New Ark Slums
    -Fixed Strength being mislabelled when boosting stats
    -Added Attraction/Repulsion Sprays
    -Changed combat item menu to only show usable items
    -Added poses for masturbating. Made so that you put your clothes back on after masturbating.
    -Fixed tickle torture shrine changing wrong settings
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  13. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Here's the public release of Lust Doll+ r3.2!


    If you want to transfer your save file from LD+ r2, you cannot do it the usual way! Instead, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Open LD+ r3, and make a save file anywhere.

    2. Go to your computer's file explorer, and go to your appdata folder and locate Lust Doll's save folder.

    Windows: /(username)/AppData/Local/UserData/Default/Lust Doll Plus

    Mac: /Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Default/Lust Doll Plus

    Linux: /Users/(username)/.config/KADOKAWA/RPGMV/Default/Lust Doll Plus
    (May need to sudo nautilus if you don't have access to .config)

    Also, pasting L2.2 save files there didn't make them appear ingame, though I could watch saves being created there appear, and files in that folder that were deleted no longer appeared ingame.

    3. Copy your save files from LD+ r2 to this new location. Make sure to copy everything, including global.rpgsave, or your save files might not appear!

    Note: You can also force the game to work the way it did before (localizing save and config files to the game folder.) If you hold Shift on the title screen, then load or start a new game, it will set the game to this behaviour (a chime will also ring to signal that it worked.) You'll need to do this each time you start up the game, but only once, on the title screen.


    This release opens up New Ark City, and brings with it a buttload of clothing options!

    I've also added content to the slums: you can do the Gentleman's Club events now. Lin Lin as well, has a new revenge scene if you beat and 'humiliate' her in the ring. You can also get a battle skill from her if you defeat her physically. You can get a drink at the Devil's Drink for a stat buff. As well, the tattoo shop is now open.

    As mentioned, the attraction spray mechanic has been removed. Instead, you can now trigger encounters with the 'Seek' button, or by pressing Shift.

    Finally, I've added a secret encounter somewhere in Forest Park.
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  14. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Holy carp, is this compatible with Lust Doll saves?
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  15. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    original Lust Doll? Nope, unfortunately since its now being coded in a different programming language. I do provide a stat modifier at the beginning, if you want to transfer stats though~.
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  16. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Awesome, I am extremely stoked for this project. I got to... Dua? Drua? The tree chick. I should finish the game up haha, one thing I really wanted was some content with Pixie or vanilla content with Edith, lots of that! You did a good job in writting settings and locations, stepping out into the street was unironically my favourite part of the game. I had so many questions about what the disaster was, the state of society, etc. As someone who is writing a text heavy game I was impressed by quite a few moments in Lust Doll.

    One question, I quicky tried out Plus (I will probably wait for completed to play though!) and I was wondering, if you turn furry on... does, every character default to furry?
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  17. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Glad to hear! Hopefully will be able to do some fun things with Pixie/Edith, yes. And generally yes, if you have furry enabled, anyone that has a furry portrait will default to it, though of course you'll be able to choose for NPC's after the first meeting.

    Good luck with your game as well!
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  18. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Oh I see, I am the kinda guy who likes characters to be what the writer intended so that messes with my OCD haha. Furry Cazzie was cute though haha. Will there be more story etc in Plus?
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  19. runingman69

    runingman69 Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2018
    What's the most exciting feature (in your view at least.) looking forward to adding?
  20. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Mmh well, if the character's race is important to their story, then they'll only have the one version available. And yes, furry Cassie~. And also yes, the story is being revised and improved for plus!

    Probably private dungeon I think. Have some ideas on how to improve it compared to the original.
    Also certain bodily transformations that I won't spoil for now~.
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  21. lurker01

    lurker01 Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2015
    Thats a nice one :)
    Great thinking with all the sanctum options for "boring" peeps like me ;P

    Sum questions, a possible bug and a possible exploit:

    Was a lil surprised my gal did not had the option relive herself when winning the fight highly aroused against these horny wildcatboy enconters. Pussyjob denial to go along with the handjob in the making for poor gals in need?
    A hint on how to deal with the giant plant? I feel I tried everything by now; so far to only way to pass was loosing combat; and thats a rare case of loosing the game.

    One of my desperate attempts with the plant was to have my gal charge it butt naked and 100% aroused to see if a instant surrender with full HP & arousal made a difference. Doing so results in nothing happening. As in after confirming surrender the game just drops back to the map as if my gal made an escape.

    edit: also: Nothing happens when drinking devils milk. I think. Arousal does not get up; reads like it should.

    Also plant related. Since it is not meant to loose in physical combat (at least I guess) with enough overdamage its quickly locked into regenerating. Since its overpowered the avatar could pummel it forever, escape and after the next random encounter gets like 10 million strength experience (slightly over-exaggerated; but getting 100+ really ain't much of an effort).
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  22. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Glad to hear~. I can certainly come up with something for the wildcat encounter. No way to beat the plant yet (I'll make this more clear and fix the exploit.) Surrendering to it actually gives you a bad end, but it's female partners related. Otherwise, it's treated as a normal defeat. Thanks, devils milk will be fixed!
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  23. lurker01

    lurker01 Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2015
    Good to know! And thanks also from my avatar which is happy to have the plans "Charge the plant naked in full arousal while wearing a butt plug & egg vib at the same time while singing the national anthem backwards next" been skipped :D

    Surrendering in normal combat does; but insta surrender because arousal does not trigger the bad end; it just ends the combat as if one retreated. Maybe too much sexual aggression intimidates the plant? ;)
  24. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Ah, thanks. Looks like that's a bug. Will fix!
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  25. ralanr

    ralanr Member

    Nov 27, 2015
    Did the apartment change locations in plus? I got into the city but can’t find a place to hunker down.

    Are there new ways of triggering Arlene?

    Can I get to the forest park from the city?

    Edit: nvm, I got to the park.
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  26. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Condo is the new apartment, and it's not ready yet (you can set a spawn point in the capsule hotel in underground mall for now.) No way to get Arlene to do stuff yet either.
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  27. Valaska

    Valaska Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Drua is te end of content in the original Lust Doll, right? So I have a question... where do you wantr to take the end game for Lust Doll Plus? Are you going to expand it further?
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  28. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Yes! Not just Drua, but the succubus queen, a route specifically for Pixie, more to the milk farm sequence, more stuff to do with Arlene, preggers with named NPC's, etc.
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  29. Indivi

    Indivi Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    Here's LD r4.1!


    I've opened up Transylvania and Succubus Tower, and made changes so that when you rescue Rinny, she'll give you directions to Transylvania. If you've already rescued her, you'll just be able to go there directly (it'll give you the option when you leave the city.)

    Added a cream pie victory scene with bandit girl, a non-cock related revenge scene with Lin Lin, a victory scene with giant worm, and a victory scene with three fairies. With three fairies, it now works to use lust tonics against them.

    People were having trouble with the outfit sets erasing/duplicating clothes. I've recoded them using an easier to understand method. Give it a go, and if it's still bugged, let me know and I'll try to figure out why.

    I've also added some purchasable items to the nursery, orange windbreaker and pink hair/tail

    -Fixed bug where triggering an encounter in Transylvania with male and female partners disabled softlocks the game
    -Fixed bug where outfit sets get reset on loading a game
    -Fixed graphics bug with gloves and sleeves
    -Fixed top ears disappearing when loading
    -Fixed bug where hair clips under clothes
    -Fixed gloves clipping over boobs
    -Implemented several one-handed keyboard control schemes. Added option to check control schemes in sanctum
    -Fixed bug where last name still appears when only using first name
    -Fixed pubes showing through undies
    -Changed how milk pump works (can now pump without removing lactation status)
    -Added Angel/Devil Milk to usable combat items

    -Added victory creampie scene with Bandit Girl
    -Added non-cock revenge scene with Lin Lin
    -Added victory scene against Giant Worm
    -Opened Transylvania
    -Opened Succubus Tower
    -Fixed requisites for Lin Lin's revenge scene
    -Fixed bug where multiples of same keywords didn't change after the first
    -Fixed bugs related to things showing when hiding portraits
    -Fixed bug allowing chara to be created without a cock or pussy
    -Fixed bug allowing you to buy a lifetime gym membership with not enough money
    -Fixed certain portrait priority settings when fapping
    -Fixed bug where clothing preview won't erase when pressing back
    -Fixed bug where last text disappears if no step events
    -Made android button hitboxes bigger
    -Fixed bug where Devil/Angel Milk didn't raise/lower lust
    -Revised sorting algorithm. Items now on top of clothes
    -Re-coded how outfit sets work
    -Fixed bug causing blank slot to appear in wrong place when equipping
    -Changed Giant Plant HP to 999. Improved healing for it.
    -Revised code for glove wearing
    -Revised portrait priorities to fix sleeves clipping under thumbs
    -Fixed colors for dog cock
    -Fixed gloves not showing fingers during preview
    -Fixed lactation being off when boobs pressed together
    -Fixed bug where surrendering to Giant Plant at max lust causes a normal defeat
    -Fixed bug where can activate encounters during bad ends and in sanctum
    -Added victory scene against 3 Fairies
    -Added Milk Pump and Fertility Pills to Nursery
    -Added Golden Apple to Forest Park
    -Added Orange Windbreaker
    -Added Pink Hair/Tail
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  30. Dolphi

    Dolphi Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2017
    Hey indivi, would just like to say that I love your work and I think Lust Doll is definitely one of the better games I've played.

    Thank you for your work!
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