Imagepack Issues

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Aug 26, 2015
I'm starting to see a variety of different issues showing up with the image pack in our crash captures. There's a handful of common issues that I'm going to need to figure out ways to better handle and present properly in the game, some of them are going to take some real Big Brain Thinking to handle.

In the mean time, if you want to help out, when you run into issues trying to download, update or otherwise install the imagepack, try running the executable through a commandline and doing the download/upload/install again. This should possibly spit out some more logging information in the console window that might give me better direction to cleaning up whatever specific issue is impacting you.

Issues on Windows:
There's two common problems I've been seeing on Windows, one has an easy workaround, the other I don't know what the cause is yet.

The game needs to be able to place copies of the downloaded images under the folder structure alongside the javascript files. If you put the game somewhere with restricted permissions (for example, under Program Files), the game will not have permissions to write to this folder, so it can't put the images where they need to be. Move the game somewhere else.

Sometimes the game fails to write a version indicator for what imagepack manifest was used to install the current images. I don't know why this happens yet, but closing the game and deleting the file TiTS\resources\app\resources\installed.json should allow the process to complete and write a new file there, and if not, it may expose the actual underlying issue as to why this file can't be written by the game.

Issues on Mac:
The only issue I've seen under MacOS so far has involved "App Translocation" which is a security feature that the OS sometimes applies to applications downloaded from the internet. Once the OS starts doing this to a specific application, the suggestion is to move the app away from where you downloaded it (either into Applications or somewhere else - just not wherever you first downloaded it to) and remove the Quarantine flag. You can do this by running xattr -d /path/to/ in a terminal window.

App Translocation does some indirecting behind the scenes and stops the game from being able to write the images to the path they need to exist in for the game to be able to load them when it needs them.
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