I wrote an R.K Lah apology+anal scene

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    Jun 28, 2020
    I was frustrated that I couldn't sex R.K Lah if I don't have a vagina, so I wrote up a whole anal-only scene for him. I also felt bad for him and wished there was an apology option or something, so I integrated it into the anal scene. I don't wanna spoil anything in case it DOES get approved, but I wanted to ask the forums first if they'd like this idea?

    I'm almost done with it. All that's left is to copypaste and modify the dialogue for all encounters after the first one (apologizing every single time would be pointless), and of course I gotta get the parsing in order. I've used brackets and stuff for whatever I thought needed parsing, but they're absolute crap and I'm planning to study the parsing document thoroughly then parse everything properly. If I don't know how to parse something, I'll leave a note in round brackets next to it. (I don't know squat about coding, and I hope I don't fuck it up).

    Also, is anyone willing to proofread it now while it's got my crappy offbrand parsing?


    Edit: I finished the follow-up scene. It took longer than I thought it would, I ended up changing a lot of stuff on the way. Haven't done the parsing yet though.

    I realize now that IF my scenes get approved, I'm gonna have to alter the rest of R.K Lah's original dialogue, since well.. Steele apologized to him and stuff and they're no longer enemies.

    Thank you.
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