"I have an idea-" Stop. Read this first.

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Magic Ted

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Aug 26, 2015
Hello. Your idea is bad.

The idea subforum is here for two joint purposes; first, throwing shit at the wall by a bunch of people who have no actual desire to go through with it and write it themselves. These people are just here to raise their post counts, as they certainly won't inspire anyone outside of, MAYBE, discussion on various abilities and other non-character/submission things. Second; for authors to refine their content in hopes of one day writing it.

As you might imagine we only really get one sort of poster here. Your would-be idea will likely be ignored if not outright mocked and, let's be honest here, even if you come in with a plan to actually do it you're going to flake, aren't you? It's a daunting task made all the worse by the variable nature of TiTs; if there was a single protaganist character you could write for? Sure! A faceless slate with potential-tits and naughty bits? Rather difficult, with the word count easily ranging upwards to five thousand at a simple minimum.

That's a lot of work. It's unlikely you're going to do it. That's fine, just temper your expectations and realize that, hey, you probably aren't gonna inspire anyone.
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