How many staff members do Savin and Fen have now?


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May 14, 2018
The recent blog post mentioned @The Observer now being a staff member. (Congrats by the way.)

I just realized that I have abolutely no idea how exactly this whole thing works. I assume that CoC and TiTs are intellectual properties of Fenoxo, right? (Because frankly another repeat of the Breeding Season kerfuffle would probably give me a fatal case of brain cramps.) So does that mean staff members are the guys who get paid for the work rather than volunteers?

How large is FenCo? Does CoC2 belong to Savin or Fenoxo?


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Apr 16, 2018
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CoC2 Staff:
-Savin, Project Lead & Lead Writer
-UpcastDrake, Lead Coder
-Leyk, Coder
-Balak, Coder
-Moira, Artist
-DCL, Artist
-SomeKindOfWizard, Writer
-Wsan, Writer
-The Observer, Writer

TiTS Staff:
-Fenoxo, Project Lead, Coder and Writer
-Savin, Lead Writer
-Gedan, Lead Coder
-Lighterflud, Coder
-Gena, Coder
-Adjatha, Artist, Writer
-Shou, Artist
-Myself, Writer

Staff members work regularly and get paid for it. Volunteer writers are paid through commission and/or a patreon on the side. The blog could probably be updated with a new page or two for these kinds of things at some point.


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May 14, 2018
That's a lot more than I thought. Thanks! Yeah, I checked the patreon pages for both TiTs and CoC2 but there was no staff page.