Honey Pot (Trials In Tainted Space)

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    Story I wrote based in the lore a while back ago, Hope you enjoy it! ◠‿◠)

    Honey Pot

    On Adam's way back to Myrellion for some general exploration and probably another more than friendly chat with Liriel, he decided to stop by the bar for a quick drink and hopefully a quick snack too. Walking into the place he couldn't help but notice the person sitting at the bartender's counter; A particularly buff Zil. This in its self-was rather odd since the Zil he's encountered up to this point has lived a simple, pleasant tribal lives in the forests of Mhen'ga. He wouldn't have guessed he would encounter another so far from their homeland, let alone one that looks like he's been hitting the gym. Catching Adam's attention rather easily, He decided to take a seat right next to the built Zil, Placing his order while he was at it.

    While a bartender was busy carefully crafting Adam's drink, Adam fearlessly checks out his beefy Zil neighbor. His chitinous armor plates seem to mold around his form oh so perfectly. His hair to looked to be fade from a Shimmering honey-like yellow in the front into a richer gold like amber in the back. With masculinely chiseled facial features and eyes as pure in shade as onyxes; he stares blasély into his beer. Although he looked to be off in his own world he did steal the occasional glance at Adam as well, His expression shifting to more of a person waiting for something to happen. Adam ceasing the opportunity opens with a "Hey, New here?" in a successful attempt to break the ice.

    *The Zil smiles a bit*
    Zil: Yeah, First time here. Guessing you come here often?

    Adam: Yup, I come here now and again; I also 'Come' here now and again.

    The Zil a bit floored at the sudden introduction of Adam's lewdness couldn't help but laugh.

    Zil: Hahaha~ You sure don't waste any time do you? =')

    Adam: I sure don't haha, Why not make things clear from the star, ya know? =)

    Zil: True. Names Jon.

    Adam: Adam

    Bartender: Here's your drink.
    Adam: Thanks man

    *Adam takes a sip of his drink*

    Adam: Ah- That's good! So Jon, What's your story? What brings you to space?

    Jon: You sure you wanna ask that *He says with a chuckle*
    It's a pretty long story.

    Adam: *Rest head on hand* I already took my first sip so I'm not going anywhere tonight.

    *Jon lets out another small chuckle and begins his tale*

    Jon: My home planet is Mhen'ga and it hasn't been too long since I've left it to be honest. Back then I was one of the service drones for my tribe, Providing release for both females and males since I just so happen to be the weakest male of the bunch. Though what prompted me to leave my tribe and give space travel a shot wasn't that, Honestly I kind of like the feeling of being covered in honey day in and day out. It's just-

    *He looks over to adam*

    Jon: haven't you ever felt like there's more to this? More to life? Other things to experience, Other adventures to be had, Other things to fuck?

    *Adam chuckles a bit and replies beaming*

    Adam: I know exactly what you mean Jon, back in the swamps of Galotia I felt just like that while looking up at the night sky and seeing all those ships fly by.

    Jon: Yeah, That! I wanted that! As much as I loved being my tribes honey pot, I wanted to explore! So I've started to visit the City Square more and more. Looking for jobs a that I could do, That was about the time I ran into Dr. Julian Haswell and-

    What? What's with the look?

    Adam: Oh- Nothing, Nothing. Just having some flashbacks is all. Keep going.

    Jon: Alright... Well- Dr. Julian Haswell said that he would pay me if I came back regularly for a few of his test now and again.

    Adam: Alright, So how were they, The test I mean?

    Jon: Pretty rough actually, The man might look like a lightweight but he doesn't pull any punches. Honestly, I grew quite a bit down there from them and I was stumbling home a hot and bothered mess much to the enjoyment of my tribe. Things picked up between me and the other Zil about 10 times more since I've became the scientist's main guinea pig for whatever honey baced product he had in mind. Think it was about 3 months before I had enough credits on tap to finally hop to my next planet: New Texas.

    Adam: New Texas, eh? Is that how you go ripped?
    *Adam says with a chuckle*

    Jon: haha- Kinda Adam. While I did hit the gym pretty hard while I was there, That wasn't the main force that turned me into the armored beefcake you see now. On my time on New Texas I've spent my days fighting and Catching Varmints for credits; A far cry from what I've done up to this point.

    *Adam looks visibly surprised*
    Adam: Varmints? Jeez, I didn't think you had it in ya. Must have been tough too, Those things put up quite the fight and somes time travel in packs.

    Jon: Your telling me. *Jon says while stretching.*
    If it wasn't for my ability to fly, I would have lost a lot more than a few credits now and again. That was about the time a local suggested that I should take "The Treatment."

    Adam: You mean that thing that supposedly boostes muscle growth, Libido and a whole bunch of other junk?

    Jon: The same, At first I thought I'd just bulk up a bit and probably become a bit more assertive, I had no clue all of what did happen, would. For one I didn't just put on a few pounds but 10's of 20's as I couldn't help but spend every free minute I had working out, I grew even more down there and I got some new...Kinks too.

    Adam: New Kinks?
    *Adam says coyly*

    *Jon chuckles*
    Jon: Yeah, Kinks. The stuff might have reacted weirdly due to my Zil biology or might of just been a 1 in a million fluke but, My attitude in bed shifted from a totally submissive playmate to one who wouldn't mind giving or taking; I 've soon got a kink for Milking...males too.

    *Adam's smile widens*
    Adam: Oh? isn't it usually females?

    *Jon Chuckles*
    Jon: Yeah and it's not like I've had any particular interest back on Mhen'ga. I've milked more than my fair share of girls in my tribe but never thought of doing such a thing on a male. Not just that-

    *Jon takes a big swig of his beer*

    Jon: I've been wanting to be milk myself; Both from above and below.

    Adam: "Above?"

    Adam says inquisitively while craning his neck to check out the Zil's chest. Though the Gi the Bee wore covered his back, The front was revealing enough to expose Jon's firm, bubbly pecs and- "I'll be damned" nipples. Seeing the slime boy getting an eye full of his chest, Jon pitched a nipple, letting out a small grunt of satisfaction as a steady stream of honey leaked from the tip of his nip.

    *Jon noticing Adam starting to lick his lips at the display decided to catch some of the liquid gold on a finger, Presenting it to Adam*

    Jon: Here. Taste.

    Jon not needing to say it twice was pleasantly surprised and a bit turned on by how warm and smooth Adam's mouth is as Adam suckled Jon's digit ever so gently before breaking away.

    Jon: Damn, That's one hell of a mouth you got there.

    Adam: Hmm~ It's so sweet Jon!

    Jon: Haha, Thanks.

    *Adam rest his shoulders on the counter*

    Adam: So, you're a fan of getting milked downstairs, right?

    *Jon smiles*

    Jon: Yeah, Loved getting stroked like a cow.

    *Adam grins coyly*

    Adam: ever been milked from behind?

    *Jon looks at Adam a bit confused*

    Jon: From behind? Is that possible?

    *Adam could help but laugh a bit from how innocent that question sounded*

    Adam: Don't worry Jon, I can give you a quick crash corse.

    Just then a long tail of goo sprouts out from just above Adam's bubbly buns. The tip and length of the of this new goo tail began to change into something resembling an impossibly smooth uncut human cock that seemed to be able to make its own lube too. Sliding it under the flap of the gi the bee was wearing, Adam was presently surprised to find out that Jon wasn't wearing any underwear! Jon surprisingly onboard with appendage lapping at his unprotected hole ether from one too many or enjoying the feeling of the slick, prehensile cock tail hotdogging his firm cheeks; pumps his ass out as if to say entry from here was A.o.k. Adam not needing any more of a green flag nudges at the Zil's back door until the thick member slides into Jon! Working a moan of satisfaction out of him as the foreign cock starts to expand to its full size while still inside of him, filling every crevice with the gooey, warm stiffness that was Adam's tail. Now at its full size, it began to piston fuck the Buff zil's tight rear, pressing its head again and again onto Jon's prostate! Nearly doubling over from the sensation of being ravaged in such a way, he stammers out.

    Jon: A- Adam~ Is- Is this what you-

    Another grunt of satisfaction comes from the buff zil, The tail going back in so pleasantly that it made Jon buck hard enough to almost waste his beer. A think mucky amber dripped from between his thighs as the hot rod between them throbbed in time with Adam's tail's thrust!

    *Adam Chuckles*

    Adam: Yeah, this is what I mean.
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