Getting the "writing groove" back with these stories

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    Hi it's been a while since I've been able to post to these forums. I had written Zendra's Quest and it took a lot longer than I planned to get close to the end. Now that I have a bit of writing time I find that I don't have the same "spark" I did when I writing her quest before. So instead of trying to force the writing, just to finish it, I'm going to use this thread to write a few random scenarios until I feel I've gotten my "writing groove" back.

    For the curious Zendra's Quest is here:

    Scenarios will follow in the next posts.
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    Vallerie wanted to surprise Neal, her husband, by hiring a professional to give him a "special" massage for his birthday. She hid the gift card in one of the cabinets and hoped he wouldn't find it. A broken light bulb sent Neal searching through the house for a replacement and he found the card rummaging through the house. He saw the card and smiled. When Vallerie got home she was greeted with a kiss from Neal. "Nice to see you too babe" she says and explains that she's got something special planned for dinner. Neal let's her get on with preparing it while hiding the gift card in his pocket.

    During dinner she gets up, trying to hide that she's going to be looking for the card, and tries to casually look in the cabinet for the card to surprise him. "Is something the matter Vallerie?" "Oh no, no, just looking for something." "Might you be looking for this?" He says while taking the card out of his pocket. She looks over and just laughs "and here I was thinking I was going to surprise you! It's for your birthday in a few days. I know how hard you've been working and I wanted to give you something special." "LOL I look forward to it thanks." "Did you just say "LOL"?" He chuckles in realization "yeah I guess I did."

    Neal's birthday is here and he drives to the place. It's a bit unusual, looking more like a house than a massage place, but he doesn't think much of it when he gets to the door and it's a window door leading into a waiting room. He goes to the receptionist and redeems his gift card. She smiles at him while telling him to go into door 3 the masseuse will be with him shortly. He enters the door and lays down on the massage bed waiting. A few moments later she enters the room and she's dressed in a fancy looking white robe with revealing cleavage. She aptly says "I'm Nadine and I'll be your masseuse today. You should take off your clothes so that we can get started." Neal obliges her and strips down to his underwear and lays back on the bed face down. She takes his clothes and stores them she brings back the massage oils with her and gets some on his back.

    "Is this your first time getting a professional massage?" She asks as the relaxing music kicks in. "Yeah, yeah it is." He says enjoying the feel of her expert hands rubbing on his back releasing all the built up tension he's had from work. "So that's why you didn't strip completely. Not to worry I'll take care of that." She slides his underwear off of him and tosses it with the rest of his clothing. He thinks but doesn't say "Fuck yeah! 1 step closer to fucking her wild, if only I was single I'd fuck her and her big tits right now." What he does say aloud is "Oh I didn't want to presume." He relaxes and she gets back into the massage.

    As she massages his butt area he can't help but wonder how far she'll try to go with this. She instructs him to flip over and he's a bit hesitant to. With all the self control he can muster he makes sure that he doesn't have a boner when he faces her. She makes it difficult to resist, making him feel better than his wife ever did except when they were making love. A few minutes pass and Nadine starts stripping right in front of him. She takes off her robe revealing her lingerie and skirt underneath. He can't believe his luck and says "wow I really should get a massage more often." "Oh I do love repeat costumers" she says getting back into the massage.

    While Neal is lost in thought Nadine runs her hands up his legs and starts to caress his balls. He's so lost in thought that for a few moments he's not sure if that's reality or fantasy. When he realizes she's actually doing that he stops her "Oh, wait, wait, wait I have a girlfrien- I mean wife, I have a wife." Nadine can't help but laugh and says "I know Vallerie picked me out personally to give you the full treatment and that's just what I intend to give you." Neal can't believe his luck and excitedly says "All right! Let's fucking go!" then catches himself "I mean, far be it for me to deny my wife getting her money's worth." Nadine just laughs at the whole situation and gets back to work.

    She rubs his shaft and it doesn't take long for Neal to get hard now that he's not holding it back. Nadine takes off her red bra letting her C cup breasts free to take Neal's dick between them. Pre-cum jizzes out while Nadine tit fucks him well. "Fuck yeah!" he lets out enjoying the tit fuck that Vallerie would've never given him. Neal tests the waters to see just how far "full treatment" is and reaches over the side of the massage where Nadine's standing and runs his hand up her skirt. "Go ahead" she says noticing "I'm fully prepared for anything you might want to do." His hand continues and he expects to feel some underwear but instead he's touching her clitoris. He starts to rub her clit while she continues to jack off his cock in various ways.

    He slides two fingers up her wet cunt and this elicits a sudden moan from Nadine. "Oh yeah stallion! Get me nice and ready to take you for a ride." At that he finger fucks her cunt making her nice and wet for him. She gets really into it when she remembers she's there to service him.

    "Ok stallion time to take you out for that ride." She lets him remove his fingers and pirouette's on top of him, her skirt flares out from the maneuver adding to the visual style. She takes his dick under her skirt and he can feel himself sink into her inch by inch. Nadine starts out slow and sensual. "Fuuuuck I love that Valleria paid for this!" He yells out and Nadine lets him hilt himself in her. "Oh! I love that too!" Nadine lets out in the moments that she's begun to thrust herself on him.

    It's not long before the room is filled with grunts and moans from their wild fucking. The pace of their thrusts become a blur of motion and the skirt has long since been tossed aside. Neal gives a few more mighty thrusts into her wanting pussy before giving into orgasm. He fills her womb with a copious amount of seed. She manages to keep him inside her for a few last wanting thrusts and orgasms before letting him slip out. A small trail of cum leaks out of her before she's able to do her due diligence and clean it up.

    They say their good byes both hoping that Vallerie will want them to do that again.
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    Time for another scenario!

    The mansion estate​
    Heartbroken, Alina calls up her best friend Jill and explains that her boyfriend just broke up with her. Upon hearing this Jill gets an idea but lets Alina vent about her feelings over the phone first. Once things are calmer and Alina's feeling a bit better Jill tells her to get ready for a girl's night out. Alina begrudgingly agrees and trusts that her friend knows a way to cheer her up now. She dresses in some clothing that's pretty revealing, tight pants and cleavage showing off her B cup breasts. When Jill arrives, and she's showing less than Alina, she comments on her choice of clothes. Alina explains that it's laundry day and that's her best clothes that were clean. Jill says "oh no worries. You're well dressed for the night I've got planned for us! Tell you what I'll leave it a surprise until we get there!"

    With Alina's curiosity piqued they get into Jill's car and they drive up to a part of the town that Alina's never been to before. "I gotta wonder what kind of night you got planned" Alina says while Jill made sure to have Alina's favorite songs on the radio. They get to a weird mansion like estate and a valet takes care of the car as they go inside. "This place is run by my boss's sis" Jill starts to explain "and after we met a few times she offered to let me use this place, and it's services, as much as I wanted." Alina's still not quite sure what this place is exactly.

    They enter one of the rooms and it leads to a loft area overlooking the floor space below with stairs leading down. They hear moans and grunts. Alina cautiously looks down at the main floor and she sees two naked chiseled men, with a camera crew surrounding them, one of them pounding his cock into the other. It's clear now what kind of plans Jill had and Alina takes a moment to think about whether she wants to do this. She whispers to Jill "are they going to film us!?" Jill whispers back "not unless you want to. Look I can tell you're worried about doing this but I've seen you mope too many times, getting over guys, for too long. Why not be adventurous this time!? Besides you might get a new man out of this. Hank is single." Alina expresses disbelief that either guy down there would want a relationship with her. "Oh that? Hank's actually straight he just gets with guys for the camera. It's why he got it in his contract that he gets to be the top everytime." Alina's still apprehensive about this but she know's Jill's right "maybe it won't be so bad to try this out?" She thinks as they hear the guys climax below and they wrap up the shot.

    They're cleaning up the scene while the stars get some towels and make small talk before heading to the showers. Jill guides Alina down the stairs and the crew instantly recognize Jill. The greetings and following conversation make Alina more at ease with doing this whole thing. When Hank returns from the showers, with a pair of black pants on, his blue eyes meet with Alina's brown eyes. There's an undeniable connection there and he extends his hand "Please tell me your my next scene partner." He says hopefully. Alina gingerly shakes his hand and doesn't say much leaving Jill to explain things. "Well Ms. Alina I'd be more than happy to be your first step into being more 'adventurous' as Jill put it." He says and Alina's been convinced. She grabs his head in for a sensual kiss and then says "thank you! In fact, you think your crew would mind working overtime? I'd like to look back on our 'adventure' together." The crew are all for it, they get paid anyway, and Hank mentions the garden set and they all go there.

    The garden set is full of beautiful plants, a bed, and a pool area. Once the crew are set Alina takes the initiative once again kissing on Hank. Hank uses this opportunity to reach a hand up and push her cleavage aside to reveal her right tit. He grabs onto it while they make out and the crew get a close up of her breast being caressed. Jill's enjoying the show, remembering her first time with Hank and how happy it made her that day. Alina starts to strip out of her clothes during a lull in their make out session. All she's got on is panties when they go back to kissing on eachother. While their tongues dance together they make they're way to sitting on the bed and Alina starts to unbuckle Hank's pants. She kisses down his chest until she reaches his crotch and pulls down his pants and underwear.

    Hank's fuckstick is rock hard already, and Alina starts to rub his cock. "Already ready for me huh? I thought it'd take longer since you were just with someone." "Darling, I'm a professional." He replies back "besides, you're hotter than he is." At that Alina starts to lick his shaft and take the head of his cock into her mouth. As her head bobs onto Hank's shaft she forgets the cameras are even there for a moment until they look down at her, catching the shot from Hank's perspective. Surprising even herself she doesn't care about the extra attention. In fact she getting a bit more turned on the more attention she gets. Jill was totally right and she needed to be more adventurous.

    In a swift move she discards her panties and climbs onto Hank's manhood and rubs her clit on the head of Hank's cock. She thinks she's dominating him while Hank's been through this kind of thing before and grabs her hips. "Let me really get your motor running." He uses his cock like a third hand and rubs against her entire cunt making sure not to penetrate her just yet. Alina's practically about to beg for him to fuck her and he knows it as he makes her clit dance against his cock. His cock is driving her insane already and he hasn't even entered her yet. She looses track of time but she's been seduced to the edge and gives into her first climax of the night all before being penetrated. "Did you like that?" he asks as she calms down for a bit. "Oh fuck yes!" She screams wanting more.

    "Good because we're just getting started" he says right before taking her by surprise and finally driving his expert fuckstick up her vagina. She lets out some breathy moans as she feels his cock pleasuring her in all the right ways. He changes the position up so that he's on top plowing into her. He gives a signal to the crew and they oblige him and give him a flower from the nearby bush. Hank slows his pace down enough to present the flower to her. The sweet smell of the flower adds to the sensations as he encircles her nipples with the petals. Jill, watching on, notices that Hank's being more sensual with Alina than he was with her. She made a good match with those two.

    Alina's enjoying every bit of this "Oh Hank! Hank! Yes! Yes! Yesss!" She screams out as Hank undoubtedly finds her G-spot. Hank can tell he's on the brink of cumming so he uses a few techniques to make sure she cums too. A little clit rub here, a few decisive thrusts there, and before long Alina's moaning into her second orgasm. Having made her cum again he takes this opportunity to be more selfish and just grinds his shaft in her harshly pounding away. In these few moments he's not caring about the crew around them, Jill watching, or even Alina, all he's after is unleashing his seed deep into her pussy like one of his sex toys. He fucks her hard and fast and with one more hard thrust he cums deep into her filling her up with his jizz. After he cums he thrusts into her a few more times before departing.

    Alina's exhausted and one of the crew gives her a towel and offers to help her to the shower. She accepts the help and they all get to cleaning up. After their showers Hank and Alina chat and they get along well enough to decide to give a relationship a try. Before Alina leaves the mansion with Jill she gives her a big hug and thanks while she looks forward to her future dates with Hank.