[Fixt] [TiTS_0.8.090. Backers] Bug - With Shortstack Chemist's Hyper Dong + Enhance Snakebyte

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Aug 29, 2015
\\Hyper Dong\\

“Oh f-f-fuck I love nubby Error, invalid description for Anzu. Passed description call: “boyGirls” with argument: “0”!” the gabilani chirps while scissoring herself back and forth across one of your many nubby bulges, now a textured toy for the goblin to abuse herself on. “Doesn’t matter if it’s kaithrit, demon, or anything! It’s perfect for rubbing the inside of a pussy until it can’t help but get as fertile as a rask on motherhusks, and like this...” Her voice shivers into near whispers as your pulse drums a toy-sized bulge against her clit. “There’s enough fun for a whole tribe of gabilani! I should call my sisters next time so we can all take a ride! Imagine it,” she squeaks as a torrid, orgasmic splatter detonates against the tumescent, cunt-lodged nub, creating flows of fragrant bliss that wind across the surface of your textured shaft like streams through a forest. “Imagine how great it would be to sit there with a hundred of me on your cock, bathing every inch in fresh goblin pussyjuice, drunk on musk and lust until we can’t help but keep you around as our personal swollen, hyper-dicked toy.”


For a second, your body rebels. Focusing on her clit would force you to let some of the fluid treasure escape below! Sense asserts itself swiftly, however. Working on her bulging bud will help her cum, and when she cums, she’ll feed you more liquid joy than you know what to do with. Mumbling “yesh” into her snatch, you worshipfully ascend to her emerald clitty and get to work with your tongue{, looping up one side and down the other until it’s fully submerged in slick, folded muscle. Being long enough to thread the tip back into her honeypot is a bonus./, lashing up one side and down the other while you seal your lips and suck.} You vary your strokes to keep the sensations from being overwhelming, working the hood as much as the bulb itself. The oral service produces loud, wet-sounding squelches. Anyone walking by the alley is going to know there’s fucking going on inside, but that doesn’t matter. The gabilani’s pleasure does. She’s so close. You can actually taste it in her juices, fresh and plentiful as they soak into your skin.


Whimpering softly, the chemist slumps back, gasping at the sight of your face so thoroughly webbed with alien lovejuice. “We both needed that, eh love?” She fans herself, still breathing heavily as she watches you lap the tasty residue from your blue dick-pillows{ and sopping snout}. “Yeah you did.” Her smile is so much warmer than any you’ve seen on her face before. “I need to get back to testing, but I hope to see a lot more of you. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even let you skip testing to satisfy that thirst.”


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