[Fixt] [0.8.094] TypeError during a drone attack on Krymhilde

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Mar 17, 2018
You land a hit on Krymhilde with your aegis light machinegun! The attack directly impacts Krymhilde! (H: -44)
You land a hit on Krymhilde with your aegis light machinegun! The attack directly impacts Krymhilde! (H: -4)[Uncaught TypeError]

Something bad happened!

Please report this message, and include any prior scene text or a description of what you did before seeing this message:

Flash Player: StandAlone - Windows 8
Flash Version: WIN 20,0,0,267
Game Version: 0.8.094

Error Name: TypeError
Error Mesg: Error #1009
TypeError: Error #1009
at classes.GameData::GroundCombatContainer/doCombatDrone()
at classes.GameData::GroundCombatContainer/processCombat()
at classes.GameData::GroundCombatContainer/executeSimpleAttack()
at classes.GameData::GroundCombatContainer/selectSimpleAttack()
at classes::GUI/PressButton()
at classes::TiTS/pressButton()
at Function/()
at classes::BoundControlMethod/ExecFunc()
at classes::InputManager/ExecuteKeyCode()
at classes::InputManager/KeyHandler()

(Access the main menu to start a new game or use the data menu to load a previously saved game. The buttons are located in the lower left of the game screen.)

I tried to fight Krymhilde for the first time on this save after installing the tail implant. The fight went well, but the final hit triggered this error.
I retried a few times, it seems to trigger when she's defeated a turn or two after defeating one of her turrets, or when the tail implant defeats her while you KO a turret.
It doesn't seem to happen when both her and her turret go down the same turn, when the turret is defeated last, or when she doesn't summon her turrets at all.

I'm playing as a Tech Specialist, Mimbrane covered and Buttbug infested. I have a combat tail and the lactation inducers implants installed. I'm wearing a fully(?) upgraded Nova.

Save file right before the fight and screen of the final state of the game when the error triggered the first time:
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Aug 26, 2015
Looks like you can reproduce it by setting your drone to wait, and it will crash every time. Any time the drone target became "null", things were breaking because I wasn't making sure the target was valid first (well, valid that way. I was making sure it wasn't defeated, but that was actually the line that crashed!)

Got it fixed for next patch.
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