Exhibiting Exhibitionism and the Glorified Glory Hole (Purple Infinity Episode 2)

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    Episode #2 – Exhibiting Exhibitionism and the Glorified Glory Hole

    Starring: Ana Douglass


    U.M.A. UQL=42

    Introducing: Essi GES-786



    Location: Biscaydes in dimension GES-786

    Producer: Essi GES-786

    Uma awoke Ana from the couch, luring her from sleep using a giant mug of French roast and a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich between Texas toast. Ana peeled her eyes open and blearily inspected the breakfast. There was even five little hash brown rounds and some hot sauce on the sandwich.

    “Is that a Big N’ Toasted with hash browns and Louisiana hot sauce?” Ana asked.

    “It is,” Uma replied.

    “How is it here? How is it anywhere? I thought that was discontinued,” Ana said. “Am I still dreaming?”

    “It’s here because I brought it to you. It exists because I made it for you. It was only discontinued in some locations. You are not still dreaming,” Uma rattled off the answers without a hint of annoyance.

    “Awesome!” Ana sat up on the couch they’d slept on together and took a monster bite of the breakfast sandwich and an equally voracious gulp of the hot coffee. “What are we doing today?” she asked around the unchewed food in her mouth.

    “We’re shifting dimensions to GES-786,” Uma said, sitting cross-legged on the coffee table next to Ana’s breakfast. “After you eat, of course.”

    “You’re quite the snack yourself, you know that?” Ana asked, losing interest in the food when she noticed Uma’s nude form.

    “Thank you,” Uma responded. “I’m your snack, but you might not want to eat me right now since you’re going to be on a dating show today.”

    “I thought I was already doing a show. Isn’t a show within a show like a hat on a hat?”

    “Or it’s like Shakespeare,” Uma said. “GES-786 enjoys live theater far more than television. The humans there unlocked inter-dimensional travel quickly, watched decades worth of inter-dimensional television and movies, and when they were sick of it all, they began only attending live performances. One of their favorites is a dating game show called Wall of Date.”

    “Wait, so Wall of Date isn’t a TV show, but my appearance on it will be televised on Purple Infinity?”

    “Correct. Think of it as being filmed doing GES-786 performance art.”

    “That’s so cool and kinda classy.” Ana took another monster bite.

    “Cool, yes. Classy, not really,” Uma said. “The premise of Wall of Date combines our dimension’s television show The Dating Game with glory hole porn, which is popular across many dimensions, not just ours.”

    “I’m sorry, what? How?”

    “You’ll see when you get there, but I assure you, no dirty men’s bathroom is involved. Simply an adequately sized hole in a clean partition,” Uma explained. “Is any of this going to be a problem.”

    “I don’t know, maybe? Which side of the glory hole am I on?”

    “Both, the hole goes both ways if you so choose.”

    “And on the other side would be…?”

    “People you would date and find attractive based on your extensive personality profile, wants and desires matrix, and romance compatibility algorithm.”

    “Wow, yeah, okay, I guess this could be fun.”

    “Great! I’ll go get your bikini.”

    Ana was going to ask why she would need a bikini for a dating show, but her answer came before Uma returned. The view screen they’d watched the movie on the night before activated and a short informational video about Biscaydes played. From what Ana could tell, the beach resort known as Biscaydes in dimension GES-786 was a lot like a Caribbean resort built around a dimensional gateway. It beat the hell out of the last episode where she had to stumble down a tube filled with metal hornets. She finished eating and headed to the onboard spa to get camera and stage ready.

    An hour later, Ana was fully bathed, buffed, adorned, and ready to step in front of an audience of inter-dimensional entertainment connoisseurs. Uma provided a beautiful, sparkling gold thong bikini with matching sunglasses and sandals.

    “Where’s yours?” Ana asked while slipping into the skimpy outfit that fit her like utter perfection. She slid the sunglasses up through her blond hair to sit on her head rather than wear them. She didn’t usually wear sunglasses—an oddity for a Las Vegas resident.

    “I was going to stay on the ship,” Uma said. “I am not listed as required on this episode.”

    “Nope, I need you as a friend, a guide, and an emotional support guru,” Ana said. “Suit up, sweetie, we’re going beaching.”

    “I am wherever you need me to be, Ana,” Uma said, a genuine smile playing across her lips.

    “I’m going to need you pretty much by my side constantly.” Ana gave her a quick kiss on the mouth and a swat on the ass. “That’s an ‘until further notice’ sort of situation too.”

    Uma giddily selected a shiny, mint green one piece with cutout sides that flattered her ample curves in style and color. Again, Ana struggled not to take Uma somewhere private and spend hours doing every naughty thing she could think of until the deepening shade of purple in her own skin subsided.

    Getting used to being purple was one thing—realizing her horniness levels corresponded to how vibrant the purple got was a little mind boggling. She’d realized it after her particularly earth-shattering orgasm with Uma the night before had left her a pale lavender, but she woke up a deep violet color with an enormous erection.

    Ana and Uma stepped off the ship, hand in hand, walking down the disembarking stairs toward a skeptical audience of what would have seemed like normal humans if they weren’t bright shades of primary colors, purple being the most common. They studied Ana and gave half-hearted applause when she strutted down the corridor created by waist-high concert barricades.

    “What’s with all the skin tones?” Ana leaned over to whisper to Uma.

    “Faenai are popular visitors here,” Uma explained. “These humans under the influence of mood patches, like you are.”

    “A lot of horny purples here,” Ana said.

    “It’s the audience for a show about sticking genitals through a hole,” Uma reminded her. “This seems about right.”

    A tall, willowy, beautiful figure floated down the ramp toward them when they reached the stage. Unlike the Essi from Ana’s home dimension, the Essi of GES-786 had her floating hair tendrils in fiery waves that swirled around her entire upper body like a pyrotechnic show under water. She barely noticed the arrival of the Purple Infinity star and with her voluptuous robot BFF.

    “Um…hi, Essi,” Ana said.

    “Essi GES-786,” Uma reminded her.

    “Your fuck-bot is correct,” Essi GES-786 said. “I’m not your producer or friend. I’m simply returning a favor that I owe your Essi.”

    “Ah, got it, so should I…” Ana was cut off by Essi GES-786 raising an index finger while she stared at a glowing ball in her right hand.

    “Give me a second, I’m trading preferred rubber tree stock to acquire a monopoly in the lunar dairy futures market and…done.”

    “What does that mean?” Ana whispered to Uma.

    “No clue,” she whispered back. “I’m only programmed with Purple Infinity related information.”

    “It means all the milk produced next year by lunar dairy farmers belongs to me now,” the new Essi said. “Come this way, the humans in GES-786 don’t tolerate tardy curtain calls.”

    “Uh, great, congrats on the moon milk,” Ana said, too stunned to do anything but follow Essi GES-786 up the ramp to the back stage area.

    Behind the game show backdrop and curtain walling off the audience, Ana got a view of the most beautiful white sand beach, shimmering blue water, and crystal clear sky. Essi GES-786 beckoned over a tall, bright orange human in a panama hat and Bermuda shorts.

    “This is the director of the stage production,” Essi GES-786 said. “Talk to him. I’ll be in the director’s booth for the inter-dimensional telecast.” She floated away, her attention never leaving the glowing orb in her hand that Ana assumed was the GES-786 version of a cell phone.

    “Hi, I’m High-Pitched Screeching Noise,” the orange man in the tacky beachwear said, offering his elbow.

    Ana blinked at him.

    “Right, yeah, sorry,” High-Pitched said, retracting his elbow. “Don’t touch the talent if they don’t want to be touched. The laws are very clear on that. Anyway, your consent forms have all been handled by Essi GES-786 and we’re ready to start whenever you are.”

    “That seems problematic…” Ana began.

    “Oh, it’s pretty standard Faenai behavior,” High-Pitched said. “You’ve been stamped and claimed by a purple, so you’re pretty much what she says you are.”

    “I don’t know what any of that means,” Ana grumbled.

    “It means she knows what you’re going to do before you do it.” High-Pitched waved his hand and guided Ana, without touching, across the stage to a large bubble floating above a pool of green liquid. “Have a seat.”

    Ana reluctantly slid onto the bubble and floated quite comfortably in the air above the pool of green stuff that somehow lit her perfectly. To her left was a wall with a crotch height hole in it. Uma was correct in her description of the glory hole. The wall appeared to be made of a translucent blue glass and the hole was a natural part of the structure, like a bubble that had been popped when the glass was formed and flattened.

    “It’s pretty standard dating show improvisation,” High-Pitched said. “Three contestants over there. You can’t see them, obviously. You get to ask them a question or they get to offer you something via the hole. Everything is by consent only, so don’t take anything you don’t want and don’t offer anything you don’t want them to have. Sound good?”

    “Yeah, sounds really good actually,” Ana said.

    “Great, then we’re on in 3…2…” High-Pitched walked backward toward the edge of the stage, ushering Uma behind him as he did. The shimmering white curtain of fog parted before he finished counting backward to one.

    Ana was left staring at a few hundred beachgoers in all sorts of vibrant colors, watching her with mild interest. A tall, bright yellow Faenai man wearing only a blue necktie floated down from the top of a palm tree and the audience erupted in raucous cheering and applause.

    “I’m Daggum GES-786 and you’re watching…” the Faenai man said, his voice amplified by an unseen speaker system.

    “Wall! Of! Date!” the audience chanted in unison.

    “That’s right,” Daggum said. “We’re lucky today to have inter-dimensional television starlet Ana Douglass with us today, and she will be picking her match and holing her sna…” a bubbly chime censored Daggum’s next word in the rhyme and he playfully covered his mouth to the delight of the audience. “Are you ready to meet her suitors? Let’s bring them out!”

    The audience clapped and Ana could vaguely make out three blurry dark figures through glass as they took up positions on what were probably bubbles similar to the one she sat on, but on the other side of the stage.

    “Contestant 1, why don’t you introduce yourself,” Daggum said.

    “I’m Scarpina,” a strangely echoing woman’s voice said from the other side of the wall, also amplified by the speakers, “and everything I do, I do in the naughtiest parts of your mind.” The quality of her voice shifted into a watery dimension and Ana’s brain followed it, giving her the distinct feeling of being drunk and euphoric. When Scarpina stopped speaking the enthrallment ended as abruptly as it had begun.

    “Oh my, some psychic singing from our first contestant,” Daggum said. “What about you Contestant 2?”

    “My name is Bastet and I take whatever I want, and whatever I want is mine,” her voice was husky, velvety, and had something of a vibrato quality Ana couldn’t quite place.

    “I just bet you do, Contestant 2,” Daggum said. “And last, but certainly not least, Contestant 3.”

    “I’m not giving my name because I don’t want to,” a vaguely familiar voice said.

    “We’ll just call you Contestant 3,” Daggum said without missing a beat. “Ana, why don’t you start us off with a question?”

    “Scarpina, would you say if you’re a take-charge kind of lady or do you take-whatever your date is giving?” Ana asked. The audience responded with a chorus of “ooohs” and even a few wolf whistles.

    “I like taking charge of any situation, but I’m more than capable of taking whatever my date can give,” Scarpina said. The audience cheered and threw starfish shaped light icons toward the stage that changed the color of the pool of liquid beneath Ana to a pleasant orange.

    “It looks like we’ve reached an audience surge already,” Daggum said. “Scarpina, do you have something you want to offer to Ana through the wall or do you want something of Ana’s offered to you?”

    Ana tried to smile while she listened to the soft chiming of what she assumed was the timer for Scarpina’s answer. Her heart fluttered and butterflies danced in her stomach—stage fright wasn’t remotely normal for her, but she found herself nervous about what she might be asked or offered, not because she wouldn’t want whatever it was, but because she might want it too much in front of so many people.

    “I think I’d like to offer her a thorough tonguing of whatever she wants tongued,” Scarpina said and the studio audience lost their collective minds.

    “We’re playing Wall of Date now, people!” Daggum said. “Ana, do you accept and consent to the offer?”

    “Yes! I wouldn’t dream of turning down that alluring offer,” Ana said with a smile and a wink that drove the audience wild. She walked to the glass wall, still working out in her mind what she wanted licked. A twisted fun little thought occurred to her, and rather than sliding her very hard, very ready cock through the hole, which was probably what was expected, she pulled aside the thong back of her bikini, bent forward ever so slightly, and pressed her ass to the wall, covering the hole.

    She didn’t know what to expect, although the audience sure seemed to as many ooohed and aaahed at whatever Scarpina was doing well out of Ana’s sight. In the next instant, a warm, wet, slippery sensation pressed between her cheeks, slid up and down it without the slightest effort, until it found the swirl of her ass and then slid right in like it was expected and invited, which it was.

    Ana had had her ass licked, tongued, fucked, toyed, and fingered countless times in her life, but nothing matched the sensation of the pulsating, swirling, enlarging and then contracting, warm and then cold, sensation of what Scarpina was doing to her. She pressed herself back against the eagerly exploring tongue and placed her hands on the wall to either side of her to hold herself up while she gasped and panted for breath, completely lost to the fact that she had an audience of several hundred people watching her edge closer and closer to climax, and then draw away when Scarpina’s tongue shrunk down again. Before she could cum, something Ana was desperate for after an interminable amount of time spent with Scarpina’s tongue thoroughly mapping her ass, the tongue pulled away and Ana was left a hot mess, leaning against the wall with an ample flow of clear pre-cum drizzling from her dick that had fully pushed out of her bikini.

    “Whoa, that was unexpected in the best way possible, eh folks?” Daggum asked. The audience mostly nodded and smiled, somewhat stunned by the display. “Now, would you like to ask a question of…?”

    “Offer,” Ana murmured, her higher functions only slowly coming online. “I want to offer.”

    “Well, Bastet, you’ve got an offer instead of a question,” Daggum said. “Ana, what are you offering?”

    “My cock,” Ana said. “And anything she gets out of it is hers to keep.” This brought a stream of laughter and applause from the audience along with another flurry of blue starfish made of light being thrown on the opposite side of the stage, most likely toward Bastet, if Ana had to guess.

    “Of course I’ll accept,” Bastet purred. “It sounds like just my flavor.”

    The audience lost their minds at this. Ana had lost hers awhile back. She scrambled up the wall and rested her forehead on it, fumbling to get her throbbing cock through the hole, a tighter fit than she’d expected, but made easier from the spit left around the rim from Scarpina’s tongue and mouth. Still breathing heavily and trembling with an overpowering lust, Ana waited with her palms flat against the blue glass, watching the dark shadow of a figure slink up on the other side.

    The first thing she felt were almost silken mittens softly sliding along her cock, followed by a rough tongue against the underside of her head. A deep, throaty purring emanated from the other side of the glass and even began vibrating the thick blue pane separating them. The rough tongue caressed the underside of her dick while the rest slid along a mouth that was almost too hot. All the while the two furry mittens with downy soft fur stroked her shaft.

    Ana was dying of lust and desire. She didn’t care that people watched her, that each moan and gasp of pleasure she made echoed through the speaker system, in fact, it excited her. She didn’t doubt for a moment that every person watching her had a rock hard cock or a sopping wet pussy from the show she was putting on with her lovely dates that she hadn’t even met yet.

    The ridge on the head of Ana’s cock rolled back and forth against the ribbing along the roof of Bastet’s mouth, drawing her farther and farther in with each stroke until she knew she had to be sliding down her date’s throat. She opened her bleary eyes to look down when she felt the hot, wet, rough tongue slide through the hole and scoop her balls into a warm embrace. She didn’t know how it was possible that the huge, powerful, flat tongue belonged to a woman when it could only have come from a lioness, and she didn’t care. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, she screamed in primal delight, and poured the entirety of her white cum down Bastet’s throat. The purring intensified and the stroking changed to an eager suckling, swallowing motion that pulled every last drip and drop from Ana’s dick.

    Bastet’s tongue retreated through the hole and the fiery cavern of her mouth slid off Ana’s drained cock, leaving her feeling almost cold. Ana fell to a knee, not to see through the hole, although she caught a glimpse of a feline snout, golden fur, and big whiskers when she passed by to practically sit on the stage, sweaty, spent, and satisfied…for the moment.

    “I was right, she was purrfect,” Bastet apparently bounded away on the other side of the wall, leaving Ana to wonder if she’d just been blown by a huge cat.

    “Well that was hot enough to make a Biscaydes summer feel like a Pluto morning.” Daggum fanned himself using a triangle of light from his glowing ball and waggled his eyebrows. “You seem a little spent, Ana, would you prefer to ask a question of our mysterious Contestant 3?”

    “My mind isn’t working well enough for that,” Ana said. The audience tittered. “What if she just tells me what she wants?”

    “Well Contestant 3, Ana has chosen to defer to you,” Daggum said. “What would you like?”

    “I’m going to offer her something,” the increasingly recognizable voice said. “To answer a question a friend has.”

    Ana thought she had placed the voice when she looked up from sitting on the stage and leaning against the wall to see a long, rigid, shiny purple phallus slide through. The shadow of two delicate hands pressed to the glass on the other side, followed by three perky breasts.

    “Do you want to help Contestant 3 answer her friend’s question?” Daggum asked in a low, game show host voice, perfectly tuned for drama.

    “After seeing what she’s offering, I really do,” Ana said, rising to her knees to gently run her fingertips along the length of the enormous purple phallus. She knew what it was. It didn’t belong to her Essi and she hadn’t seen it anywhere but in the fantasy implanted in her mind, but she still knew it was the enormous clit of a Faenai and she desperately wanted to suck it.

    She licked her lips, grasped the base with both hands, and plunged her mouth down the length. It was so smooth and slippery already that she was able to slide it through her mouth, swirling the slightly enlarged end against her tongue at the top of each stroke, and then plunge farther down the next time until she felt a good deal of the length bump against her throat and then slide in when she opened. Big members weren’t anything new for her. She’d blown toys about the same size and many of the largest trans girl cocks the world ever produced. She slid her right hand down away while her left continued to pump in rhythm with her mouth and throat. She could already feel herself getting hard again, her purple gift from Essi somehow feeding of the sensation she was giving to her inter-dimensional counterpart.

    Each pass of Ana’s mouth and hand down Essi’s length drew an almost operatic series of moans and high notes that reverberated musically through the glass. Ana matched the pace of her mouth and hand on Essi’s clit to the one she used while stroking herself. She could feel herself building again, deep in her stomach even as she could feel Essi swelling and warming in her mouth. Then she felt Essi climax, one hand balled to a fist and banged the glass, two more strokes of her own cock and Ana splattered streams of white across the glass to the cheers of the audience.

    The highly sensitive purple clit receded through the hole and Ana leaned her forehead against the glass to try to catch her breath. The live audience was still voicing their approval in shouts, cheers, screams, and applause, which Ana soaked up.

    Ana stood on shaky legs. The bubble came toward her to catch her before she could sit back down and she took a moment to compose herself, tuck away her dick, and smooth her sweat-soaked blond hair.

    “Okay,” Daggum said, “it’s time for the audience poll. Please make your selections now.”

    Ana pulled her sunglasses down from where she’d pushed them onto her forehead when a barrage of colorful light starfish flew toward the stage and vanished into the pools of liquid beneath the contestants on the other side of the glass.

    “The tally is in, and we’ve got…an elimination,” Daggum said.

    “Wait, I thought I got to choose.”

    “Normally, you would, but an audience poll that goes over two-thirds means the people have seen what you can’t and are trying to save you some heartache later,” Daggum said.


    “Let’s meet the contestant deemed unworthy of you by the audience,” Daggum said. “Please bid farewell to Scarpina!”

    Before Ana could formulate another incoherent question, she heard a splash on the other side of the glass, and then saw a huge mermaid swim along a pool that extended in front of the stage for the purpose. She was easily bigger than most sharks with an oddly feminine curve to her fish tail covered in beautiful pearlescent pink scales and an upper body built with powerful muscles and magnificent, perky breasts. Her hair was long, silvery white, and adorned with seashells and seaweed. She drew her top half from the water at the edge of the stage and gave Ana a sad smile.

    “I’m sorry we didn’t get to know each other better,” she said in the same suddenly hypnotic voice. “But I’m sure you won’t forget me anytime soon.” She stuck out her tongue which looked more like an octopus tentacle lined with suction cups along the bottom. She splashed back into the water and swam under the stage, probably back out to the sea behind the set.

    “That was a mermaid,” Ana murmured. “A mermaid ate my ass?”

    “She sure did,” Daggum said. “Oh, I’m hearing from the director of Purple Infinity who, as it turns out is also our mystery Contestant 3. So we’ll go to her now.”

    “Yes, I’m Essi GES-786, and I’ve satisfied not only my curiosity but that of my counterpart from Ana’s dimension,” the recently blown Essi GES-786 said. “I’m not in the mood for a date and the Essi who might be can’t come to this dimension, so I’m going to excuse myself.”

    Rather than float past to say a final farewell, Essi GES-786, left the stage by the other end without so much as a backward glance. Ana had been somewhat used and that felt dirty, but in a way she increasingly liked, especially when it came from Essi, any Essi as it turned out.

    “This isn’t the normal path of the show, but this hasn’t been a normal episode,” Daggum said, “so why don’t we meet the winner of tonight’s date, Bastet from Damietta, Egypt!”

    The glass wall slid back to reveal a six foot tall woman…lioness…womioness? Her entire body was covered in a thick, golden coat brushed and cleaned to a brilliant sheen. Her head appeared to be somewhere between human and cat, skewing toward cat. She had the paws and feet of a lioness with the four foot tail to match. While the general shape of her body was all woman, and a remarkably fit one at that, displayed fully in a black bikini. The only comparison Ana could conceive of was the ultra-athletic CrossFit women she’d occasionally fantasize about on ESPN.

    Ana stood and walked to meet Bastet halfway. She assumed the typical greeting when first meeting on a dating show was a hug, but Bastet had other ideas, scooping Ana into her powerful arms, dipping her, and kissing her in a passionate, but sloppy embrace that left Ana’s mouth feeling extremely full of tongue and her already sore jaw a little sorer.

    “Where are you two going on your date tonight?” Daggum asked.

    Ana had no idea. She didn’t even know how to date a half woman, half lioness, with remarkably cute hair. She reached up to touch the reddish side-shaved bob Bastet had styled her hair into. It was so soft and when her hands brushed along Bastet’s fuzzy, kitty ears, she made her date purr loudly. Oh, she liked that, a fuzzy kitty lover who purred when she was happy.

    “I think we were supposed to go to a restaurant, but I’d rather get our food to go and take her back to my ship,” Ana said. “I’ve got something better than catnip waiting for her.”

    “That sounds like a perfect evening,” Daggum said. “Enjoy your date ladies, and we’ll see you next time on…”

    “Wall! Of! DATE!” the audience chanted and broke into uproarious applause.

    “We don’t actually have to do the date part,” Bastet whispered to Ana while they waved to the crowd as the curtain closed. “There isn’t an audience for that part.”

    “Maybe there’s no audience for the stage, but there is for my television show,” Ana said. “I’m not going to make you do anything, and I seriously doubt I could, but I wasn’t playing to the audience when I said I wanted to take you back to my ship and fuck your brains out. I want you in the worst kind of way after that kiss.”

    Bastet nuzzled closer into Ana’s neck, tickling her skin with soft fur, gentle licks, and sensitive whiskers. “Nobody has fucked all of my brains out yet, but I’d just bet you’d be the one to do it. Let’s get going.”
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