Do we know who's responsible for the price inflation in Khor'Minos?


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Apr 24, 2017
Besides the obvious answer of the siege slooowly bleeding resources out of the city, I just procc'd the Hobgoblin mob for the first time on a new character and, well, I kinda wanna know if I should connect the dots between this diatribe and recent revelations about the Royal Family from the Khor'Minos Ball.

"Look, you just pay the hobgoblin toll, and we can pretend that we didn't see you, okay? Or if you'd rather, we can do this the hard way."

The hobgoblin toll, huh? And what would the hard way be, out of sheer curiosity?

"Look, sister. I don't want to fight you — trust me on that, I really, really don't. People might get hurt, and pretty badly at that. But you know what I don't want more? To simply curl up in a slum gutter and wait to die of hunger because food's costing far too much thanks to the slum lords."

Brint grunts and folds his arms. "If you haven't noticed, there're demons wandering the roads. Imps and other nasty things."

The lead hobgoblin waves him off dismissively. "If you haven't noticed, brother, there're a lot more people inside the city as of now. You're fine, the king and his cows look out for citizens like you. We slum trash, he thinks his glorious city would be cleaner without useless eaters like us, so screw him."

"Is that really what you think of King Kelsaz?"

"You wouldn't know, would you, bull? When bread costs five to ten times what it used to? The charges sure aren't enforcing his price controls in the slums, and wages aren't what they used to be. Not like there's any call for porters or tunnel guides within the walls, either. Demons? I might die from demons, I will die from starvation. Those are odds I'm willing to take.

"Now then. Are you going to pay us, or what?"

What's he looking at?

"I don't know, you look pretty rich, what with your Izkanti dress, Chrysanthemum Petal and all. Wealthy folk like you, a handful of coin isn't nothing to your coinpurse — how about we call it 300 EC and leave it at that? Feed me, my crew and our families for a little bit? That used to be thirty mugs of beer in the slums. Now, it's maybe eight on a good day."

So obviously, quarantines come with certain unavoidable drawbacks, as we've all learned too well in the last couple years. But is that all there is to this, or did NPC dialogue or the banquet quest offer any more insight on that front?

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Sep 16, 2021
Clearly, this is all the fault of Vitra. Her unending taps of Rose Red and Ember Lager means she could undercut all the other taverns, plus not paying taxes and duties on the import of such things, meaning that the excise and customs taxes had to be increased for everyone else to make up for the shortages, thus requiring other business to raise their prices to cover the import taxes (or pay blackmarketeer smugglers), or lower their prices to try and compete but end up going out of business.
It's all on her. Economy is very simple and straight-forward. It's always one thing, never a combination of intertwining factors. It's not the siege, it's not the demons, it's not hobgoblin 'toll collectors'. You can trust me on this, or my name isn't 'Honest Ace'. Down with Vitra!
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Feb 12, 2020
It's probably mostly genuine supply shortages, because the bulk of the places that supply food to the city are abandoned. Savin's said that the city has made provisions for non-citizens to the best of its ability. It's just... that ability isn't all that great.


Now, whoever it is on the inside in KM could be interfering to make things worse but it's probably mostly just a consequence of supply lines not being so much strained as cut off entirely.
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Dec 11, 2022
I honestly never noticed that they mention your gear. I wonder if their dialogue is any different if you have really shitty gear, like the rusty knife and just comfortable clothes?