Design questions on Minotaurs, consistency, etc.

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    Sep 12, 2018
    I played the CoC2 demo, and gotta say I love what I'm seeing! It gave me the itch to try and create content myself, and after some ruminating on scenarios, I am looking for some info/opinions.

    I specifically have questions about Minotaurs, because I'd like to write an encounter with one, but want to be lore-consistent when I do. I'm aware a Minotaur NPC is in the works, so I figure there will be some guidelines spawned from him. The kind of questions I have being:

    • How tall are adult Minotaurs?
    • Do they have clans? Are they integrated into society in Savarra? Do they have their own society? Royalty or nobility?
    • What do their genitals look like?
    • Are they considered beast-folk or monsters (at large) by the remaining societies of Savarra?
    I figure that CoC2 is young, and this kind of info will be written down somewhere eventually. Or maybe it's already written down somewhere and I just haven't been able to find it?

    Some other questions I'd appreciate info or opinions if anyone is willing to proffer some:
    • The design document states that "half-breeds" do occur in Savarra. Ignoring the PC's peculiar condition, how far does the possibility of inter-species pregnancy extend? Going back to the Minotaur example, does an amorous half-bull need to worry about spreading bastard children around the land with other races?
    • The parser would lead me to believe that a 12-in dong is considered "average" in the world of Savarra. Is this viewpoint a hard requirement, or are writers free to move the window of "average size" back along the inches scale?
    I welcome info, opinions, or peanuts from the gallery if you have them! Happy fapping!
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    Aug 26, 2015
    Minotaurs are ~8 ft. tall. Cowgirls are probably closer to 6 ft.

    The minotaurs native to the region are one of, if not the, most civilized racial group. They're the local equivalent of the Romans, but from an underground city (called Khor'minos), complete with a colosseum and aqueducts and all that. The only part of their society that have actually been written down are some gate guards though. Minotaurs from elsewhere in the world could potentially be whatever. I want to avoid racial monocultures whenever possible.

    Minotaurs have horsecocks, same as CoC 1.

    At least in the Frost Marches, minotaurs are considered normal people.

    Yeah, a bullman would definitely need to be wary of that.

    You can but you'll need to specify your own cock ranges every single time. The parser size ranges exist to help keep things consistent.
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    Sep 12, 2018
    I appreciate the detailed response @Savin ! The link to that writing is especially helpful.
    I think consistency is key, so I'll think more on the whole endowment thing. Fantasy world, fantasy sizes!