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    Jul 28, 2020
    It has come to my attention that you guys code your CoC 2 with javascript. My question is do you guys have any sources that you can point me at for learning how to save and load work in a text-based RPG game? I learn that it is not possible to use javascript/jquery to load a file due to it be used as "hack" so it was blocked and that is only possible through server means but it does not seem that you guys actually use server beyond cloud saving but even then you have the whole save to file system. Where do I go to learn it? most that I find seem to point at reading from HTML... I may or may not have taken some coding "inspiration" from your free source file for the original CoC 1. Granted, I change it into my version as Flash programming is different from javascript, and you guy using Flash only Object as means to save, where I cannot find Javascript version of this.