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How does Lunaris react?

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  1. He gets angry and gets dommy. They must have wanted to coax him up with this sort of torture!

  2. He mellows out and grows submissive. Everything is okay, and now there's sex.

  3. He gets offended and rejects their advances. He's a virgin, sure, but this wasn't cool!

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  4. Other (if you can conceive logic for a reaction and action, post below with your idea!)

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    "We run to her. I... I trust Darya. Maybe almost as much as I trust you, Solaris."

    Lunaris lowered his gaze, averting eye contact as the affirmation of trust was made. Believing Darya was against them... he was foolish to even consider the idea. The magus was too smart for such a slip-up to occur. She'd have at least warned him if it was a test, as both of them spoke languages no other in the whole city had been able to speak. Why wouldn't she warn him, knowing how he could be?

    The pair push down the road, Solaris jogging and having to adjust her pace for the huffing and slower-stepped Lunaris. But they made great pace over the next few hours, even though a few times they had to outright stop so the male could rest. But as the sun slipped away, with both of them now audibly aching from the spartan-like pace, they arrived. The crunching of lightly-trodden dirt gave way to a crunch, leading the blonde and her escorting servant to slow. Here, at the ruin, was a strange phenomenon.

    "Snow?" Solaris holds out one of her hands, the palm of her glove catching a few flakes. "But... it's the middle of summer. The isle doesn't get this cold until deep winter..."

    Lunaris quietly approaches her flank, uncertainly raising his staff. A dancing ball of flame whipped to life between them, a very simple spell to form a following light.

    It's not cold... this must be a magical effect. I imagine the snow is constant enough that even though it may melt, it stays packed. This could be the work of Instructor Darya, as a defense to keep others from disturbing the ruin... but it could also be part of it. I never heard her speak much of this place...

    Awaiting Solaris' lead, the pair started up the steps and into the ruin itself. They had no map, no way to truly locate Darya here... but she wasn't out here among the snow. The archway cast a shadow down on them from the moonlight, drawing Lunaris' gaze skyward before the night sky slipped away. The interior walls were beaten and ancient, much like the outside appeared, but steps guiding them downward and in were barren of the strange snow. Ordering the flame to the front of Solaris, the magus clutched that staff firmly in both hands to prepare for the worst. Ruins, after all, were generally home to all sorts of traps or new residents based on the books he had read back home.

    As they reached the bottom of the flight, they came into a large central chamber. Here, they found what they were looking for. The campsite of Darya... and a sight that drew a blush from Lunaris as Solaris marched ahead without a flinch. Because in the campsite, Darya had a tent, firepit, and a bathing tube that she stood in currently.

    For her age, easily as old as Lady Soldaria if not far older, Darya had defied human aging well with her magical prowess. Smooth, dark skin covered much of her body and devoid of hair thanks to multiple mastered spells. Her large ass, despite its size, was tight and toned so that it matched her large, perky G-cups well. It was the first time that Darya hadn't been wearing her clothing, giving him the first view of her ass-length silvery hair. She normally kept it tied and tucked within her robes or wrapped it lightly as a ponytail to act as a scarf. That familiar smile greeting both of them brought back vivid memories... all made more real as she turned those supple thighs and exited the tub.

    Walking barefoot, the nude magus greeted first Solaris with a wave of her fingertips. She was waiting for Lunaris to approach, those silvery eyes waiting.

    Gods... h-her body... why couldn't I have been bold? I... I loved Darya and now-

    "Lunaris, you're bulging again."

    Solaris didn't understand what Darya said, thankfully, giving Lunaris the wake-up call as he tugged at his robes to better hide his eager prick. The effeminate bodied lad was still a male... and with those dark, puffy nipples aimed at him among the front of the long-imagined pussy of his teacher was simply a bit too much.

    "I-Instructor, th-thank you... d-do you think you could-"

    "Dress?" Her interruption is accompanied by a smile, turning her gaze to Solaris. "I do not think mi'lady has the trust in me to even make the motion to summon my clothing. Tell me, Solaris... why do you carry your blade openly?"

    The lightly curved sword lifts up, the campfire's light within the chamber catching the blade and shining brilliantly as Lunaris looks with confusion at the blonde aiming her sword at Darya.

    "Because we know my mother is up to something and I can't be sure you're part of it. I would be foolish to not keep my blade aimed at you, Darya... I've seen you make armored targets explode from the sheer impact force of your spells."

    "S-Solaris, wait! W-We were supposed to ask for her help!"

    The blonde turns that red-eyed glare down to the black-haired male, cursing beneath her breath before returning her vision to Darya. The dark-skinned woman doesn't flinch, an unwavering smile of experience far beyond anything they could muster at her disposal. Slowly, she raised her hands up to take the blade in both hands and force Solaris to uncertainly take a step back. But Darya turned the blade toward her chest, smiling down the length of the sword without a moment's hesitation.

    "If my liege's daughter and heir finds me lacking... then drive it through my heart. Anything less and I would not be slain. My body is supported by magic stronger than most healers achieve in their life... but without my heart I would die just the same as you. I've even lost my head and recovered... but not once have I taken a blade to my chest."

    She's lost her head, but-

    This close, they could see it. The true reason Darya must have worn her hair and worn such concealing clothing. From their initial distance and amidst the energy of the conversation, it had been too minuscule... but her body bore scarring over much of it. Small lines dotted that smooth skin, including circling her neck, and encompassed much of her body. Just how many times she had been wounded wasn't clear... but what was clear was the lack of scarring near her heart. The breast closest to it bore many scars, however... perhaps her chest had saved her life many times over. But now, she brought the tip to her chest and continued staring at Solaris with that knowing smile.

    "Do as you wish... mistress."

    Gods, what-... what if Solaris does it!? I... I...

    Reaching out, Lunaris is just about to touch the sword... but instead watches Solaris lower the blade and scowl. Sheathing it as the tension completely falls, the blonde turns her gaze to Lunaris almost at the same time his instructor does. Both women being taller than him compounded the moment of feeling small.

    "Lunaris, do you lust for Darya?"

    Wait... what?

    "S-Solaris... h-huh?"

    "I said do you lust for her? Enough so that you wouldn't find me attractive?"

    As if on cue, Darya brings both of her hands to her large bosom, turning and approaching Lunaris and coming so close he could smell the familiar lavender soaps she bathed with. The woman pushed her chest together, leaning in close with a smirk.

    "I-I don't... understand why you're asking me this! Y-You know that we're-"

    Wait a minute... why was Solaris unstrapping her breastplate? Lunaris took a step back to unsuccessfully attempt escaping Darya, the buxom woman wrapping her arms around one of his and prying his staff away. As it clunked to the ground, all the pieces started clicking together.

    "I-Is this... p-part of your plan!?" Lunaris felt his face growing hot with anger even whilst Solaris peeled her coat away, standing in only a bra and pants with the first falling away to reveal those B-cups. "You and Darya planned this! Th-That's why you were so scared! You thought I might overreact!"

    "Well, aren't you?" The blonde rolls her eyes, grabbing at her pants while Lunaris looks between her and the bare Darya tugging his clothes away.

    "I mean... trust me, when I heard about the priest, I was a bit shocked... but mother expected it. Vohmann has been feeling up girls all this time and mother had figured it out. When we included Darya into our planning, she pointed out one big thing for a magus like you. As long as you're a virgin, you're not going to be very brave or tempting fate. You're going to be so sure that you have more reason to live instead of be prepared to give your life to our throne. And don't take this wrong, we're definitely still going to need their blood, but for a different thing entirely..."

    This was absurd. Lunaris couldn't believe any of this! They'd set-up a plan to frame Vohmann, using him, and at the same time-

    "Hold on," his mind was catching up even as Darya pulled away his robes layer by layer, revealing his smooth and muscle-lacking arms and girly body, "D-Did you say-"

    This time, Darya spoke as she dragged him down to the ground and forced his back flat against the stone tiling.

    "My student, just how often do you fantasize about this? You should feel honored... I convinced her to give you her first time."

    As her lips kissed and trailed over his chest, Lunaris got a front-row seat to watching Solaris strip away the last of her clothing. True to her skills, her body had light muscle tone with just enough meat to be a proper woman when it came to those thighs and ass. Sauntering over whilst Darya popped his pants down and off as she tried to catch him up, the blonde's hands reached back to brush and adjust her massive hair while giving a full-view of her plump-lipped pussy. Taking the virginity of Solaris? This was... too much, right? A final bulging of his crotch drew the scarlet-eyed woman's gaze, lowering down as both women were greeted by a familiar sight.

    As Lunaris was stripped bay, the girly boy's shockingly above-average nine-inch dong was perfectly stiff and throbbing. Darya grabbed the shaft, looking to Solaris with a smile as the blonde lowered down to her hands and knees between those laid-flat legs. Darya on his left was there to keep him still... all while the blonde scowled and grumbled.

    "Urgh... why do I have to suck him off?"

    "An heir must be able to perform all roles of a noble." Darya coos to Solaris as she leans in and experimentally licks the shaft despite her complaining. "That includes knowing how to treat someone who can help you produce an heir. Besides... I read that journal of yours. It's far from the first time you've considered it."

    "Sh-shut up! Why would I want to put my mouth around someone so spineless and girly!? Gods above... I wouldn't mind sucking someone off who had some spine, but Lunaris is far from a hunky prince, come to make me his queen."

    With the two girls now discussing all this so casually, Lunaris found himself uncertain. Darya and Solaris had gone through this big scheme, setting them up. Those bandits were real, based on Vohmann's words, which meant they had to still go beat them. Not to mention the fact they still needed the blood. The quest was real, but none of the terror... he... he...

    How does Lunaris react?
    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: None
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.
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