Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #31 (ST)

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What does she choose?

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  1. "Save my nation, beast. Impregnate me... make me fertile with my third child if you dare!"

  2. "I would betray the beautiful empire if it meant denying you! Just fuck me and get it over with!"

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    As Solaris descends the steps, she doesn't hear Lunaris following; she's going to be going alone for now, it seems.

    But that was fine; this was her task and not Lunaris' anyway. She had come this far with his help, but a woman destined to rule couldn't let her servant get in her way. Lunaris may be her friend, but he was always going to be her subject.


    Her right hand shifting up and carefully rolling a finger through her golden mass of hair, she tried to push such thoughts to the back of her mind. It would be another week or so before she truly knew if she was pregnant or not; what was Lunaris going to do if she was? If she became a mother... could she legitimize her child born before wedlock? If not, then should she marry him? Political power was all about doing what was best for the nation; even if it meant sleeping with some Yin princess so she could marry her brother and bear an alliance. It was always something she had been told would be expected of her one day; that her body may have to be given for the sake of her people.

    The soft thud of her feet as she descended the steps at last came to a halt. The crypt opened wide around her, grooves cut through the old earth so that coffins and urns alike could be scattered about. It was only marginally full; this place had been built to support centuries of life and death with careful and proper planning to treat and handle bodies.

    She had been down here only a handful of times with her mother; she now walked the same path as always, making her way through the surreal chamber and scanning the walls. Mother had always said that this place was a blessing and a reminder to the royal family; men and women who rested here had given their lives to Solfria's colonization and the birth of their nation. Without them, this place wouldn't be standing and none of them would be here.

    The air grew stale as she turned a corner to come face-to-face with a door bearing her family's crest; a kneeling man with a rose blooming from their back. It was a mixed bag that told the story of her ancestor's betrayal and alliance with the Strengen Empire yet also of her loyalty and faith that led to the blossoming of an entire nation and a way to move on through a new life there.

    She really was descended from a bad-ass; if only she could one day become that as well.

    Knocking on the door, she waited for what seemed an eternity before the door's lock clicked from within and it swung open.

    Lady Soldaria's smiling face met her daughter in all but a moment, the queen of the land moving forward and instantly wrapping her arms around Solaris and squeezing as tight as she could.

    "You made it back; that's good... I was getting worried that you would be distracted! I had heard from Darya that you and Lunaris were thinking of taking time to-"

    With a fiery blush that was easily as red as her eyes, Solaris pushed away and carefully put her hand over her mother's mouth. While Darya had ensured her plan to have sex with Lunaris worked, it was all but a requirement that they not tell her mother. The idea of her mother learning that her adopted son was pounding her pussy and putting a kid in her? It would be like a parent finding out their children were having incest sex; even if it wasn't nearly as deviant, it would likely greatly upset her to imagine the two naked on the floor of a temple fucking their brains out.

    "I-It's okay, n-no need to mention Lunaris!" Her hand pulled away as she pushed past her mother into the personal crypt of her family. "R-Really! He's not here for now, so... let's just get this over with, okay?"

    Soldaria's laughing stayed just behind her as her mother followed along and the pair pushed down to the most important grave in their rather small family section. After all; the only real graves here were the children and their spouses.

    The grave of her great-great-grandmother - Traitor Queen Solfria Hanlo - was the most simplistic graves of all of these. A stone sarcophagus without any true distinctive features save for the crest of a rose upon the lid. But it was raised on a small platform so that no one forgot which was hers; both of the women moved to its side and lowered to their knees. Mother and daughter, the pair of them bowed their heads and gently put their palms to the sides of the burial box. But for once, the sword-wielding daughter knew the importance of today.

    Today was the day she faced the challenges of her ancestor that allowed her to become Queen; today she would undergo the Rituals of Solfria so that she was eligible to take the throne as her small family had always done.

    Sitting up and staying still, Solaris closed her eyes and tried to ignore the hands of Soldaria grasping at her clothing and armor, pulling it away and leaving the fiery-eyed woman nude. All of her things were set down nearby before Soldaria lowered and gently clasped her shoulders.

    "You'll do great, Solaris." Her mother's compassion might have been lacking in the years but not today; today she pulled her daughter into a hug. "Do not fear anything you see or experience. It may touch your soul, but none of this will harm you... understand?"

    Solaris nodded, her eyes opening and watching her mother ascend to the grave before carefully cracking the surface. Lunaris not being here was for the best; he wouldn't have been able to get squeamish as Soldaria exposed the body of her ancestor.

    Lady Solfria's body was cold and pale, yet her skin had not rotted a day. Brilliant blonde hair spilled all over the tomb, her eyes shut in the state between life and death. Tira hadn't taken her ancestor because Lady Solfria's stomach-bore the dagger of Solfria; the blade that had intended to end her life yet put her into a magical stasis.

    Lady Solfria lived, albeit wounded greatly, and was still watching over their land. Soldaria's hand gently brushed her great-grandmother's cheek free of hair carefully grabbing the dagger's hilt.

    "Forgive me Solfria... for your pain is not yet over."

    The smallest turn of the dagger drew but a bead of blood that bubbled at its edge; Soldaria carefully scooped it up on her finger and turned to move and kneel before Solaris. She had explained this encounter to her daughter so long ago and Solaris had hardly believed it. It was only when she saw the body she had known destiny would bring her here; her hands gently clasping her mother's wrist and leaning in to lick the blood from the tip.

    And then the world grew dark...

    "So...lfri...a... Solfria!"
    And then there was light, Solaris sitting up in an expanse of nothing but white. Her eyes looked down at her heavy chest and its pair of H cups that were not her own; this was the body of a mother who had bore two daughters.

    She was her ancestor, Solfria Hanlo.

    Carefully getting up and moving her hands to her body, her face flushed. Solfria's hips were wide and heavy in the right places. This body had laid with an emperor and rode many a cock... and all of it made the whorish woman all the more lewd. Memories of countless men and women alike were shared to her, nearly a hundred faces and voices moaning and stuck in ecstasy. But one stuck out above all.

    In all the whiteness, a single figure appeared.

    Lunaris stood before her, the male stripped bare and his effeminate charm gone in place for harder muscle. It was her dream and her view of her childhood friend; the strength of the magus leaving the charming boy a stud yet attractive for the same reasons she loved him. As he walked, her eyes drifted down to his large cock. It was not the one that took her first time; this one bore a knot. She gasped as he grabbed her hair to tug her head back and expose her neck, pulling her close so her fat jugs pressed to his chest.

    "This is what you want, right? You filthy slut."

    This... was Lunaris? The male turned her and shoved her to the ground, her palms thudding against a bed. They were no longer in the void of white, but in a tent... and the sheets beneath her bore the Strengen emblem. Lunaris' hands grabbed her hips and she felt his fat, knotted dick crash between her ass; she wanted this... didn't she? The soft shifts of his hips let her feel his sack, trying to steal her focus as she grasped for whatever this reality was.

    And then he rolled her over, wrapping his strong arms around her thighs and pulling the sultry queen close so that he could let the cock rest on her groin.

    "Choose now, Solfria Hanlo; to watch your nation fall or to bear my child? Which is it?
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