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What does Lunaris pick/buy?

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  1. The sword.

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  2. The tome.

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  3. The hat.

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  4. The caged thing.

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  5. Multiple. If he doesn't have enough he'll have to find another way... [Post below what you vote on]

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    "... That's... not the worst idea, Corinth. Thank you."
    Whilst the gay birdboy gleamed in the praise, Lunaris carefully shifted and adjusted the travel backpack before handing it off to him. The harpy gave a small jump, wrapping his wing-arms around it in confusion before Lunaris gave him a single pat.

    "I'd like to get to know more about Miyoku, so do you think you can hold this for me?"

    "Huh?" The harpy boy's face turned pale, looking over at the monkey girl then back to his still fairly one-sided lover. "B-But... I... I thought-"

    Lunaris smiled and it instantly melted the argument right out of Corinth, the druid bubbling and gently squeezing the pack close as Lunaris trod over to the cloaked demonette and the ranger.


    The woman and Darniya turned, albeit the demon woman sighed and turned back to watch Solaris. Thankfully for Lunaris, the Strengen woman wasn't so prone to break their discussion; rather she put her hands on those wide hips and even put on that small smile she'd popped back in the house.

    "What is it? Corinth giving you trouble? I suppose he is a-"

    Lunaris shook his head, the woman halting mid-sentence and then furrowing her brow. But she wasn't content to give up on guessing.

    "Is it to do with what I said at the camp? I apologize... in my line of work, bandits aren't-"

    Again Lunaris shook his head, going a bit pale as he recalled that sinister and dead-eyed smile. Something he didn't want to do was get into her previous occupation. Thankfully for both of them, Lunaris took some initiative and spoke first this time.

    "It's nothing serious, but I'd like to go... er... shopping, I guess. I've got some coin and-"

    Before he could finish, Miyoku stepped close and leaned up right into his personal space. The smell of poisons and medicines on her was strong, the woman meeting his green gaze for a few seconds. Just like when they were dead and emotionless, there was a strength to them; almost curious that someone like Lunaris could even dare to speak to her. Back in Strengen, it must have been a place where social standing meant a lot. A mere servant like him must-

    "Very well. I assume you'll be paying for things since you want to go on a date with me?"

    The question shocked Lunaris silent, his voice catching in his throat; the idea of going on a date with a mother was definitely weird for him. Dating his adoptive mother was about the only frame he had going for himself; but he did also technically suck off Darya's father-turned-mother... so it wasn't as if the idea was entirely foreign. As if understanding where his mind was, the woman wreathed her bare hand into his gloved one's grip and started guiding him away from the busy street. They'd have a short walk to the commercial district, as even someone from outside of town would know, but the forwardness and motherly nature of the thing ensured Lunaris followed along quietly as Miyoku spoke.

    "Look, don't sweat it; my husband was someone I captured. He helped me bear sons, but there's never really been anything more than physical between us." Without looking back, her tail wreathed up and patted against Lunaris' stomach. "And trust me when I say that nothing with men is anything more than physical; I'd rather get that princess of yours on her back than go down on your cock... not that I don't think you're strapping. I had my sons, after all, because I got curious how a man's dick could fill me up."

    The rush of information threatened to overwhelm Lunaris for a moment, but as he began to calculate it he did trot faster and eventually catch up alongside the woman as they walked. Miyoku admitted to preferring women, but she found him attractive still? It wasn't like Lunaris set out to make this a date; he'd only wanted to go shopping with someone to provide some time to learn more about them. Learning that Miyoku's husband was effectively used only for his dick was... well, enlightening at least. The idea of what she could do on his became a lot more real with her easily open mindset.

    After walking for a few minutes, the streets of the residential district's dirt paths swapped to the smooth stone of the merchant district. The smells began changing too, shifting to those of the nearby piers and to the exotic mixes of herbs and ingredients. It was a place where Lunaris had spent a lot of his childhood, albeit it was at the actual docks.

    Miyoku had finally released him, too, choosing to walk alongside him with her hood down and her mask even tucked at her chin. The older woman didn't look at weapons or things to kill like he'd thought she might; she looked instead at jewelry and art stores. It made a bit of sense, given the ring she wore just to commemorate her children.

    "So, Miyoku." Lunaris began speaking with some renewed confidence, waiting for her to look at him before continuing. "That ring with the gems for your sons; why did you...?"

    The woman raised her hand, taking a moment to get the gist of his question before looking to it. They slowed to a halt to even allow her to turn the hand over and tap an inscription.

    "Because my boys, Minos and Midas, are the flames in my heart; corny as it may sound, I only could do my job thinking of how I protected them."

    The woman looked up at Lunaris for a moment, smirking as a cart rumbled past the pair of them.

    "You'll understand that soon enough; I spoke with your mistress on the way here. It sounds as though she may think she's pregnant. Something I doubt any other has got close enough to give to her but you. I think you could make a good father, albeit you'll probably be a bit squeamish at first."

    Lunaris took offense at that, scowling and turning to resume walking and lead them toward an open stall with plenty of food.

    "I won't be squeamish! I just... I've never really been... tough. I rely on my magic, so it's not like I can protect Solaris if something bad happens and I get my powers limited."

    "Then perhaps you should learn to do more than magic."

    The woman's answer had been so short and simple, it left Lunaris glowing hot red and grumbling. She wasn't wrong - Miyoku carefully grabbing an apple from the stall and handing over a single coin to the vendor - but learning to fight wasn't exactly simple. Even if he found a proper weapon to learn to use, he'd never be as good as someone trained from birth. Not unless he found a way to learn things much faster, but there wasn't any sort of known magic that could help with that.

    But as he thought and Miyoku chomped into her treat, the sound of clopping came right up behind him. And then a large, tanned hand thumped onto his shoulder and turned him face-to-face with a familiar sight.

    "Salutations!" Necrimos boomed down at Lunaris as the effeminate male gave a startled jump. Miyoku simply crunched down a mouthful and stared up at the large centaur. "If it isn't my new boss and future wife!"

    Lunaris didn't even look at Miyoku; he was already well aware she was looking at him with a cheekful of fruit and a smirk befitting a monkey.

    "I-I'm not going to be your wife! My name is Lunaris, servant to Lady Solaris and-"

    "Yeah yeah." The man waved a hand to rudely interrupt the magus, leaving him so shocked he didn't even try to talk. The rudeness of the horse was still bad! "Now would you hurry up an-URK!"

    A loud thud sounded around them, the centaur staggering to the side and then collapsing to the ground. Eyes fell on the trio, but most of them were on Miyoku. She'd taken a few steps to the side and thrown a kick; one that she hadn't lowered her leg from yet. She'd kicked the stud right in the cock, the bulge barely visible in the wraps of his horse half but no doubt shriveling a bit from that pain.

    "His name is Lunaris you cocksure pony." The woman threw her already mostly-gone apple at the man, Necrimos raising an arm feebly and his ears lowering. "Now, stop trying to make him your wife!"

    The crowd was ablaze in laughter even if Lunaris was unsure whether to feel grateful or embarrassed. Whilst the centaur recovered and slowly rose, Miyoku simply sat both her hands on her hips, looking to Lunaris patiently. Nodding at her and quickly moving over to help Necrimos, the boy waited until he was unsteadily back on all four legs.

    "Apologies... b-but you heard her. Right?" Unfortunately for the merchant horse, he couldn't speak yet; fortunately he could still nod. "Good... sorry about that. But since you got your place all set-up, could you take us there? I want to see what you have available for purchase.

    Another nod and a beckoning to follow him later, the trio were moving through the market district. It wasn't too far of a walk, but it did take a while since the rude horse was still unable to quite walk properly again. And as they reached the store, Lunaris almost felt compelled to ask Miyoku to kick him again.

    With a sign of a pregnant ponytailed human being cradled by a centaur (of which could only be Lunaris and his still gender-confusing merchant), the Vlandestrian Emporium was open for business. The doorway was easily entered by any species and likely had to be to allow a centaur entryway.

    Passing inside, they saw many things that all looked quite intriguing...
    • A lightweighted falcata, with a glimmering blade of bronze and a hilt wreathed in green. [Main Hand]
    • A spell tome, a compact and more modern tool that allowed one to channel their power faster than a staff. [Off Hand]
    • A dark green, wide-brimmed and feathered hat. Fitting for a smuggler or maybe even a magic user wanting to keep the sun and light out of their eyes. [Head]
    • A cage containing a small, doll-like humanoid with protective scales on their back, curled into a ball. A slave of some new species, maybe? [???]
    At long last - as he trots around the desk - Necrimos finally grunts out to the pair.

    "A-Alright... p-pick... anything you like. The f-first one... i-is free. F-For my... sponsor."

    Well... Lunaris could pick anything he wanted. It had cost him 50 gold back when they met, so it was only justice he get something for free, right? Anything else he gets, though, he'll likely have to pay for...

    What does Lunaris buy?
    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: Strange Symbol-marked Ancient Cape [Feather-Foot]
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 50
    Darniya's Clothing: A set of form-concealing robes, worn by Darniya to cover their whole body and appear masculine.
    Quest: Mark of Questions?: Find out someone or something that can help you figure out what the symbol on the Ancient Cape represents.
    Optional: Find more gear and artifacts bearing the symbol.
    Slave #1 - Darniya Gul
    A 5 foot tall red demon shemale. Her genitals consist of a bumpy-shafted and prickly-tipped foot long dick. The tight backdoor between her pert derriere is untested by Solaris, but is expected to fit any cock and lacks its virginity. Her perky D-cup breasts sport silver stud piercings through her perky nipples. Silky black shoulder-length hair (messily styled) and red-skinned with purple eyes help complete her effeminate looks. Her tone is fairly dusky and mature, allowing her to pass for a male when properly concealed.
    Currently Wearing: Gagged, nude, with her cock in a cloth-wrapping chastity cage.
    Item Equipped: Silencing Collar (prevents magic)
    Starting Class: Magus
    Enslaved during the Adventure, Decisions Suck
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    Take the cage thing for free and buy the sword.
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