Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #14

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What do they find?

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  1. The exit. Darniya told the truth, bringing the adventure to an end.

  2. A trap. Darniya wanted to give them one more challenge.

  3. Something else. Darniya doesn't necessarily have to be involved, since the ruin might be unexplored!

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    "Fix Solaris!"
    Lunaris openly pouting ensured the tit-wielding Darniya had to look him in those big eyes and tell him no. At least much like Darya, the trick helps and makes the fat-cocked demon look at the blonde poking at her chest for a few moments.

    "The only mixture I had that could do that has a simple fix...so let's make sure she gets it."

    Solaris looked up just in time to get a handful of her hair grabbed by those wrist-bound hands, pulling her down and to the fat cock between the demon's thighs. Lunaris jumps in panic, but the red-eyed woman moans audibly as her scarlet eyes stare down the manmeat and her lips part to suck at the side of it. Her hands move to grab those scarlet and luscious thighs, climbing over the demon a bit so that her knockers bumped up against Darniya's thigh while the demoness laughed down at the noble.

    "Your friend has one of my lust combination drafts in her... the shock of growing breasts must have overwhelmed her." A lewd pop of a kiss came from below, drawing Lunaris' blushing face down as Darniya guided the quiet and slutty Solaris toward the thick crown of her cock. "She must be quite the slut, though... never seen someone moan like this before."

    "S-So how long will-"

    "Until I dump a load or two down her throat. So mind helping?"

    The interruption and request brought Lunaris to stare quietly, uncertain what to do. He wanted to help get Solaris fixed... and for all he knew, this stuff could end up being permanent if they didn't work fast. Big tits might be great on Darya, but the Solaris he had always known had a small chest and enjoyed it. Doing this, sucking a cock, was only for her. Lunaris couldn't let it be about himself. His heart wasn't going to belong to this demon's dick!

    Kneeling down and setting his staff on the ground nearby, Lunaris pulled his hood back and his scarf down. A teasing catcall came from Darniya, letting go of Solaris so she could stroke one of those girly cheeks of his and coax the boy forward toward her crotch. Solaris was now suckling on the tip of the demonic cock, so the black-haired lad only had two options. Pushing forward and resting his face against the base of that bumpy rod, his mouth settled on Darniya's sack. His left arm wrapped and hefted one of the demon's legs to his shoulder while the right pushed his hand beneath the weighty spunk-carrying balls and positioned his hand at her backdoor. To the demon's credit, she only grunted approvingly as a finger pushed into her backside and Lunaris licked and sucked at the smooth skinned testicles.

    "Gods if it's been too long... you two would have made fine slut... nnnf... more to the left... my left, boy."

    A moan rewards Lunaris moments later as he finds that pleasurable spot, the boy turning his head almost in-sync as the audible sucking started. Solaris bopped her way down as much of the shaft as she could without interfering with her servant's work, Darniya grabbing her huge golden locks and muscling her up and down, side-to-side. Every once in a while, the fat shaft thumped into Lunaris' reddened cheeks. In retaliation, a second finger pushed into the demon's hot backdoor. Studying it now, there were a few things that the magus noticed in their required demon partner.

    Her asshole, while flexible and soft, was hot and squeezed his fingers just like Solaris' pussy had earlier. Her cock and sack smelled of similar soaps to Darya, likely further compounding proof of just who this was, and seemed almost addictive to inspire someone to lovingly lap all day at it. The throbbing member and moaning from the demon made it clear what was on its way, though, drawing the studious lad's gaze upward as the moans grew louder.

    "F-Fuck... let me cum down her th-throat! Every drop can't be wasted, b-boy!"

    Lunaris reluctantly pulled away so Darniya could pull Solaris lewdly downward. A clap of her face into the demon's groin came an instant later, the bumpy and demonically mutated shaft buried away so deep that her nose was gently flattened against him and her eyelids fluttered. An audible gag came, but got quickly drowned out by a low, lengthy grunt from the red-skinned shemale. Based on the bulge of Solaris' throat and the writhing and squeezing tightness around Lunaris' still-wedged fingers, she was fulfilling her part. The blonde's own body shook submissively atop the bed, her legs bending back at the knees and pushing her coat wide so her still-clothed ass and pants were fully visible.

    After what seemed like a minute almost too long, with Solaris almost purple in the face, she was finally pulled off and allowed to fall face-down against those red thighs, Lunaris worryingly withdrawing his finger from the still-hard demon to instead cradle and gently shake his childhood friend.

    "S-Solaris? Are you okay? Take deep-"

    A loud gasp cut through the air as Solaris snapped to reality and understood oxygen was viable to breathe again, her tits already shrinking as she pushed up to her hands and knees atop the bed. Her chest shrunk and shrunk, her shirt growing almost formless compared to the bulges before. Sitting up on her knees, the blonde looked down and grabbed at her chest with her gloved hands, laughing despite the fact she had cum leaking from the corner of her lips.

    "I-I... I'm normal again. Thank the Seven! Lunaris, we-"

    Lunaris cut her off, pulling her into a kiss for Darniya's viewing pleasure. Of course, the other part was to skillfully lick at the corner of her lip and help take some of the spunk from her tongue. The salty nature was expected, but there was a sweetness to it? Parting and being forced to swallow the marginally small load compared to what must be in Solaris' stomach, Lunaris gently cradled his friend's face.

    "I know... don't be so reckless next time, okay? I can't protect you if you get changed like that or worse."

    Shockingly tender with company nearby, Solaris flushes bright red before giving Lunaris a shove and sending the lad stumbling away from the bed. No words, only a quick and single nod before she turns her attention to the smiling observer.

    "As for you, you're my slave from now on. I... wait. I'll reward Lunaris with you. That seems fitting for him... h-helping me. You will get your clothes back when he deems fit!"

    Darniya laughed, but turned her gaze to Lunaris with a smirk.

    "So I serve your boy? I suppose that's not all that bad... maybe I'll convince him to let me make him my cute boyfriend and take my cock. But I suppose Darya will be pleased if she sent you here... having me as a slave will probably be something she hadn't considered."

    As Lunaris refitted his pink cloth and hood, his eyes turned to the demon's things. Gathering them up was easy enough, finally turning to the nude demon and those pierced nipples. Removing those likely wasn't worth the effort.

    "D-Do you have other clothes you can wear in the meantime?" Rising with the added weight in his pack, the boy turned his gaze toward the rest of the room. "I assume there's something for your-"

    "My precious Flame? I trained him, I don't summon him. But I had him go back to his bed to sleep, so he should be fine for another fifty years or more." Darniya at least was ahead of the curve, wagging her cock impatiently as Solaris rose from the bed and started toward the doors. "The door you're both wanting is the one in that corner over there... and yes, Lunaris, there's a pair of tight shorts and a tight cropped top over there."

    The use of his name in Marshwarki drew an unexpected blush from Lunaris, particularly because the shemale threw in just a hint of an attempt to mimic her daughter. If it wasn't for the attitude, red-skin, and pretty much her entire appearance, the large dicked demon might actually pass for Darya. That was some serious fetish fuel for another moment, though, quickly moving to retrieve the clothes for his new slave. Once he had them and dressed a rather compliant and still demon, he gently unbound Darniya. Removing the collar wasn't going to be possible unless it was Solaris who did it... so there was little concern that the slave would pose a real threat to them. Recovering his staff, all three of them started out through the door suggested...

    As the group makes their way down, they come across...

    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: None
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Darniya's Clothing: A set of form-concealing robes, worn by Darniya to cover their whole body and appear masculine.
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.

    Adventure: Decisions Suck: Best the Strange Ruins and earn an abortion filtre, to choose whether or not to keep Solaris' child.
    Slave #1 - Darniya Gul
    A 5 foot tall red demon shemale. Her genitals consist of a bumpy-shafted and prickly-tipped foot long dick. The tight backdoor between her pert derriere is untested by Solaris, but is expected to fit any cock and lacks its virginity. Her perky D-cup breasts sport silver stud piercings through her perky nipples. Silky black shoulder-length hair (messily styled) and red-skinned with purple eyes help complete her effeminate looks. Her tone is fairly dusky and mature, allowing her to pass for a male when properly concealed.
    Currently Wearing: Tight shorts and a cropped top.
    Item Equipped: Silencing Collar (prevents magic)
    Starting Class: Magus
    Enslaved during the Adventure, Decisions Suck
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