Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #13

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What should Darniya be asked of/told to do?

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  1. Fix Solaris' chest. Her small chest was way better! Plus she might be thankful.

  2. Turn around and raise that ass. Lunaris isn't a virgin anymore, so why not enjoy this gal?

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  3. Start talking. Details about Darniya will be useful to determine the truth.

  4. Give something to Lunaris. It's not as if being greedy wouldn't hurt.

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  5. Leash Darniya. Lunaris can keep a pet and Solaris wouldn't mind, right? Bark!

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    Jun 24, 2016
    "W-What do we do, Solaris?"
    Lunaris' voice was at a whisper, trying to avoid being heard. Solaris turns her gaze down to him, then back to the demonic figure. It seems she was sizing the shorter demonic male up, weighing the options between seeing his "trust" by taking these drafts, facing him, or just trusting him. The noblewoman's grip on her blade's hilt shifts slowly, scowling at the figure as her weapon was brought up and the point of her falx aiming right at him.

    "We face him." Her voice and decision brought the demon to a small chuckle. "And when we beat him, we can figure the rest out."

    Lunaris gave a hasty nod, rising to his feet and securing his staff in both hands. If this was a magus on par with Darya, then there was the chance for victory in a team situation. The blood-colored man turns to face them, throwing away his robes and startling both of them. In a matter of seconds, they were now nude... and without those concealing robes, they could see two hefty D-cup breasts with both nipples carrying a silver piercing. Despite being topless, this breast-carrying father wore pants that did little to conceal a fat bulge. A hermaphrodite, it seemed, or just a guy who had grown tits. Either way, the demon raised both palms and smiled, power coursing from their body as lightning magic danced to life around them.

    "Well then, children... come impress me. It's been so long since I got to best someone... maybe I'll also fuck you both if you-"

    The demon was forced to go quiet in order to defend, bolts of lightning leaping forth to meet a quick-flung fireball from Lunaris. The magus instantly shifted his staff and raised it high, forming a simple icy wall as a counter was fired back at the pair. A meeting of elements, the ice shatters from the force of the spell akin to Darya's casting legend. A simple kinetic barrier sprung to life to stop the fragments, Solaris waiting until the ice shards ceased before yelling and charging forward with her falx. The distance between her and the pierced tits demon short, her blade was swung in high. A miss with a simple lean. Another swing, carrying with a downward return arc. Another miss, the demon side-stepping.

    Lunaris couldn't help but feel this felt familiar... akin to the Oroyan fighting style that even Solaris utilized. It was a style of simple motion intended to tire an opponent out!

    "Solaris, jump!"

    His hand formed a sphere of his own electricity, waiting to see the huge-haired blonde leap before firing a simple bolt outward. Unlike the easily dodged blade, those piercings drew his electric attack inward and coursed over the demon's body with a wince. In a battle between magus, it was difficult to judge one's effectiveness... but that's why he had Solaris. The red-eyed woman didn't hesitate to follow-up as she landed, shoulder-charging the demon and sending them both stumbling over toward the nearby alchemy table. Lunaris quickly gasps, starting to rush forward but ultimately failing to make it even a step before they impact. Vials fly, around, the pair of them vanishing as one even exploded a smokescreen outward.

    "Solaris! Solaris, are you okay!?"

    Silence. It was a few moments, Lunaris slowly approaching and waving his staff to help dissipate the smoke.

    But as it finally cleared, the pair of them were alive and well... mostly. The tits-out "father" of Darya was laying on her back, neck wrapped with a familiar collar that Solaris used to silence any magical ability Lunaris has. Atop her, the blonde was panting and pinning the male for a few moments. Her falx has been disarmed, left on the ground a few feet back. But it seems as if the demon definitely had the same issue as most magus of being incapable at close range! Approaching her side, he helped his companion up while simultaneously pushing that knotted staff against one of those plump tits to threaten the demon to stay still.

    "Solaris... I was worried. Why didn't you-"

    "Because I'm not." The woman's voice is made without even looking at him, drawing confusion from Lunaris as she reached to her breastplate. "Those potions... they... nnf... t-take off my breastplate, Lunaris... I can barely breathe."

    Still uncertain, the boy takes a few looks between the ground-resting male and his companion before finally shifting his staff to his backpack's strappings, turning and grabbing the straps of the noble's protective armor. Even though he wore none, he had experience handling it at this point thankfully. But as the first strap came undone, the plate simply shifts outward at the chest. Then the next buds it a bit more. Lunaris' face turns to a blush, continuing his work until the breastplate comes loose into his grip. Or, more accurately, gets pushed out so Solaris' new chest can breathe. The strain against her shirt is enough that her stomach is barely visible now, her hands going up to palm her own hefty pair of... maybe C or D cups?

    "Fucking bastard... I-I didn't need bigger tits! I might already be pregnant!" Growling at the demon, she moves to sit on the nearby bed and recover her breath now that breathing was an option. "Lunaris, strip this slut... that collar means that they won't be fighting us, but fuck... I'm too tired."

    Scowling as if she didn't even consider his side, Lunaris reluctantly turns to grab and heft the demon up and to the nearby bed as well. Sliding their pants off, the masculine tit-demon rolling their eyes from how cautious Lunaris is, the male at last reveals what was packed away. A fat, nearly foot-long human-like red cock with two fist-sized balls. The shaft carried bump-like studs, however, and the tip had a crown of barbs. The meaty dick wags and bops the scarf-wearing boy's face, sending him cursing backwards and drawing a laugh from the large-breasted captive.

    "Come on, boy. You've sucked a dick or two, right? It should be no big deal!"

    Lunaris couldn't help but glower, understanding every teasing word. He'd not sucked a dick before, despite his girly appearance. Solaris might have tried to use a strap-on with his face, but she ended up getting bored before it even passed his lips. Grabbing the weird cock by its tip, his other hand grabbed those nuts to give a lift. And there wasn't a pussy... but there was a spaded tail that booped his face from between the titmale's legs. Getting taunted and teased was at least worth understanding that this demon was a guy who just enjoyed having tits... maybe.

    "Give us your name, y-you... asshole. If you're really Darya's father, then-"

    The demon raised a single finger to stop Lunaris, quickly finding their wrists bound a moment later before rolling those violet eyes and speaking once both were now looking at them.

    "First of all, I might have impregnated her mother, but I'm more of her mother these days. Especially since when her birth-mother passed away and I decided to grow my tits back."

    "So... how do we-"

    The demon sighed audibly, getting a punch to the shoulder from the bigger-chested Solaris to stop any sass. It was time to get on with it.

    "Call me Darniya. And just treat me like a woman. I've viewed myself as one for nearly a century now."

    "Well then, Darniya, first things first..."
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