Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #11

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Where does Lunaris aim?

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  1. The head. It may or may not be guarding and defending itself, but it's a monster! Kill it!

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  2. The body. A strong attack from his magic's affinity would immobilize this beast but spare it.

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  3. Between the two. Maybe Lunaris can get Solaris to back down and they can see what the beast does.

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    "Well... we can get it and figure it out then."

    Lunaris isn't sure whether or not using the vial is the right answer right now, but the sealed sphere containing the vial was valuable enough to at least fight for it. Waiting for Solaris to catch her breath and steel herself, the male finally reached down and grabbed her butt to help slide her up and off. The hot sensation of spunk and girl-cum feels astounding on both ends, the pair blushing all the way until Solaris was sat down in his lap with his cock resting between her thighs and up her tight stomach. The red-eyed girl looked down, releasing his right shoulder and caressing the softening shaft.

    "H-Hard to believe you took me... but I guess now we know it's not just some pathetic cock you can't use properly." Solaris is met with a scowl, but comfortingly smiles to try and push through Lunaris' anger. "I meant that in a good way... most magus that aren't women end up so pathetic because they don't want to wield a blade or wear proper armor. They end up scrawny or lazy when it comes to the physical. But you didn't."

    Stumbling up to her feet, the huge-haired blonde started over for the bath tub whilst Lunaris watched her reddened ass and dripping cunt the whole way. They had to clear this place... but he couldn't help but smile as all of this finally sank in. It was one of the first times in years that things had felt so even between them. If only it hadn't taken him possibly knocking his childhood friend up to get some respect, they wouldn't be faced with having to best all this mess just to get a possible choice. But both could use some rest from all the traveling and now all this... might as well prepare properly.
    A few hours later...

    After some rest and clean-up, both of the two are dressed and ready. Lunaris snapped, allowing his magical fire to return after withering out long ago. There was only one way forward through this chamber, but only visible to a magus. Lowering his staff and aiming it toward a magically marked door while Solaris stood with her sword in one hand, Lunaris let loose a simple but well-trained fireball. The flames smashed into the mark, the wall groaning as his magically-trained eyes saw the rune flicker. Slowly sliding upward, stale air mixed with the exposed air of the main chamber, a simple path laying ahead of them. The noblewoman gives a confident grunt, raising the hilt and grasping the lengthy falx-like design in both hands before starting forward at a walk. Lunaris waves at her back, letting the orb attach itself and provide lighting for the myrmidon as he took up the rear.

    Walking down the halls was eerie, each step of their boots thumping and echoing within the tight walls. The design of this place was similar to modern building despite its age... perhaps it had been part of the Strengen empire's undocumented original landings of the isle. So long ago, the Imperial nation had been quite pleased with chartering voyages to new lands. That was the whole reason this island was deemed worthless beyond land and trade access and given to Solfria. The long-dead hero, however, definitely hadn't been here... these ruins and the rune that had been back there were designs from older magical theory texts. Lunaris gently tugged his scarf up so the familiar material could provide some comfort at just what this meant. Anything could be down here... and that was before considering-

    "Monster! Lunaris, at my side back!"

    The swordswoman shifts her stance back as her servant runs up to her left rear flank. Ahead of them was certainly a monster alright, but not the kind the magus was expecting. A hellhound, a beast of older legend, growling and trodding forward. It was easily almost as large as they were, muscle-packed and blazing with hellish flames.

    "That's a hellhound, isn't it?"

    "Yes," Lunaris swiftly moves his free hand to his staff's knotted end, tracing his fingers into the runic mark of ice to quickly attune his staff to best work with the intended spell. "I've heard they used to exist before the old empires... back when demons had breached our world. We might be seeing one of the first ones in... hundreds of years."

    The blonde smirks, shifting her curved blade up and back slightly over her shoulder. A fitting first battle for them in her mind, even if she had no idea that Lunaris was taking this threat very seriously. As far as she was concerned, earning that vial was more important that getting worried about some big mutt.

    "Then let's take it down. I'm going to charge in, you use that icicle thing you can do!"

    Lunaris can only nod before Solaris lets loose her regal battlecry, running forward and right at the mutt. The flame illuminating the area rises up to the ceiling as the beast swipes its clawed paw at her, missing horribly when she bounds away and to the nearby wall. Magical movement training by myrmidon soldiers of the Oroyan continent lets her stay there, sticking to the wall and drawing the eyes of the hellhound all but a moment too late for the fiery dog. Jumping off the wall, her curved sword cleaves a vicious cut across the demon's back and earns a pained howl. Fiery breath rose to its maw, ignoring the magus in the distance entirely as it let loose a stream of flame inches too far to score a hit on the mobile blonde. Her agility was a powerful tool against a big monster like a hellhound, somersaulting mid-air to firmly plant her feet on the next wall before rolling along the stone surface to escape the chasing heat.

    But Lunaris was ready, the staff emitting an orb of raw magic into the air before his free hand reached up and brushed through the body of energy. Frothy winds gusted along after his fingers when they passed through, the mass going from white to icy blue. The mass instantly began shifting into a sharp and pointed shape, hardening into his best-used spell for precision strikes. But watching the pair particularly the hellhound that hadn't so far moved from its spot, there was something in his mind. What if this beast wasn't here to fight, but was trying to protect this tunnel and ruin? Killing it may be unethical... wounding it, thanks to how resilient these things are supposed to be, should be enough right? However, killing it means that he could likely harvest part of it for some equipment. But wounding it or sparing it might let him found out more about this ancient beast. Maybe it's not just some generic beast like the books say. These were essentially the pets of demons or something, after all.

    How does Lunaris aim his deadly precise attack?
    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: None
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.

    Adventure: Decisions Suck: Best the Strange Ruins and earn an abortion filtre, to choose whether or not to keep Solaris' child.
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