a small idea for those who go goo


Jul 5, 2022
just something small since all the tags already exhist, not sure how hard this will actually be, but my idea is, for goo players, since we can shift traits in goo, how bout the ability to go full protean for those TFs we have taken, like able to change our limbs and skin and such into forms we have taken TFs for, say i take the frostwyrm TF able to shift body type into scales, frostwyrm body parts, wings and so on, since the TFs allow us to change forms into those anyway the info already exhists so no need to write new info there, so i wouldnt think that would be overly hard compared to creating a lot of new content, and as to the changes maybe keep that as basic as the already exhisting shift text stuff down to at most a single paragraph for each. im not trying to say this is completely easy im just saying far easier then totally new content since id argue about 80-90% of it already exhists in code and text
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