[0.9.097] Kiona can't count (much numbers, wow)

Der Maskierte

Feb 24, 2019
When bartering with Kiona for savicite, the Savicite already in the inventory won't be counted when checking out, resulting in all Savicite being destroyed when receiving any Savicite from her

This happens for both the Toys and Piercings shops that barter for Savicite

Also, this is not a bug but what may be an oversight: when donating Savicite to her, she will rarely give a piercing Set, which can be bartered back to her for 2 Savicite, creating an infinite wealth loop as long as you donate all savicite and trade all piercings in one go to avoid the checkout bug
If that was not intended, either removing the sets from the possible rewards or adding a separate button to donate 2 Savicite and moving the sets to that second option should do the trick to solve that