[0.9.080-PUBLIC#4130] Zaika Hydra vs Airtight

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Nov 8, 2018
The Hydra’s fogged glasses slip down the brim of her nose just far enough for you to get a look at the unfocused pink eyes underneath. Wincing with the acute agony of her unsated lust, she leaps at you in a violent hug. Long, lean arms wrap around your body, pinning yours to your ribs in a monster of a bear hug! She presses impassioned kisses against any part of your body she can reach as she squirms against you. The heat of her body and scent of her desire floods your senses and your better judgment. (L: +7)
Twin jets of radiant spunk lance out of the hydra’s throbbing members and catch you dead center. Heated jizz splatters all over your Paragon Hazard Armor and fur, drenching you in the sticky, glowing slime. Despite the release, the girl still quivers with pent up desire and you can’t help but fantasize what it would be like to see her go all out.
Seems to me like they could at least use a text edit if Steele is wearing Airtight armor.


Aug 26, 2015
Adjusted for the next release. Airtight will also lessen some of the tease damage done by about half since I think the total damage comes from the scents and such, at least from how it is described in the text.
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