[0.9.001-PUBLIC#1993] Mini portrait scaling inconsistency


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Jan 20, 2022
There seems to be two different pieces of code which govern the display of miniportrait, generating two different results. One executes when image is initially generated, and the other on subsequent uses of what am guessing is a cached image?

It's most visible when it comes to pictures like starships:

initial image of Sidewinder after "Fly" button is pressed the first time after the game is loaded:


after the mouse is moved around, hovering over the menu buttons and other UI elements, the miniportrait switches to:


this zoomed in/cropped variant is then used persistently, until the game is loaded from a savefile. Then the cycle repeats -- the image is initially shown with correct scaling, and then switches to zoomed in/cropped variant until the next reload.

The zoom in is less noticeable for images like character portraits, but it's also there, if you look for it.

For what's worth, the enlarged version of the portait pane doesn't display this behavior, but instead shows the zoomed/cropped variant from the get-go.