[0.9.000-PUBLIC#1940] Olympia tailcock, wrong type descriptions


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Jan 20, 2022
Not sure if it's character specific or a side-effect of a more widespread issue with tailcocks, but instances of [olympia.tailCock] in her sex scenes produce descriptions of a human penis, regardless of what type she actually has equipped:



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Nov 8, 2018
It's definitely a more widespread issue and it's not limited to tailcocks. Tail genetalia always report as pink human, regardless of what they're supposed to be.


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Mar 13, 2022
I think this is because of a universal shift from defining the tailCock/tailCunt with:
  • this.tailGenitalArg (Racial Type (e.g. Terran))
  • this.tailGenital (forget what this was used for honestly, I'm assuming if it's a tailCock or tailCunt)
  • And this.tailGenitalColor (The colour of the tail gentials)

To instead creating a new Cock/Vagina object for the tail.

I'm assuming this allows for much better support for different types of tail genitals (e.g having 2 tails with 1 being a tailcock and the other being a tailcunt)

The reason why some transformatives aren't working correctly (Like the Pleasure Palette Permapaint) is because they weren't updated to work with this change.

For example: The 'Stats' screen on the Codex has completely ditched this.tailGenitalColor for this.tailCock.cockColor so TF's that were coded before this change will change this.tailGenitalColor and therefore nothing will change on the 'Stats' menu.

this.tailGenitalArg = 0; //Unused as of this writing, but could be used for anciliary data, like a cumtank for a robotail.
this.tailGenital = 0; //Unused as of this writing, but could be used for anciliary data, like above. I see no reason to kill it... yet.
this.tailGenitalColor = "pink"; //Ditch it, use the cockColor and vaginaColor of tailCock and tailCunt

// What it was changed to.
this.tailCock = new Cock();
this.tailCunt = new Vagina();

For Olympia's problem I'm thinking the code is actually changing her tailGenitalArg instead of doing:
Olympia.shiftAnyCock(Olympia.tailCock, [Insert type here])

And the same problem for her tailGenitalColor:
Olympia.tailCock.cockColor = "Colour here"

Because the default value for new Cock() or new Vagina() is pink, human. Which would explain why it defaults to that in her scenes.
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