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    Syri Petplay Repeats Kase Boarding Scene

    Can't quite give a file to show how this happened, but before going ahead and doing the Petplay scene with Syri, I idly recruited Kase via Anno onto the ship. I then took Syri's money through a series of bets and save state/load state scumming with high aim, and then proceeded to initiate the...
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    Spaceship recommendation?

    Generally speaking, I only ever pick up Yammi, Ramis (because they're basically the NT gym inside of your ship), Kase (who doesn't save a cute catboy from abusive corporations owned by the rival?), Anno (the best girl), and when I get Uveto unlocked for a little extra space, Azra and Mitzi...
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    Spaceship recommendation?

    Pretty much just move onto the next world, aka Zheng Shi, and steal the Sidewinder ship. Or just max out Kiro's trust, wait until Kiro Quest starts, but not only is that inferior to the Sidewinder's sheer capabilities (being able to carry more crew than there is actually crew), it's also RNG to...
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    How Do I Use Impulse?

    I'm trying to re-trigger a scene that I thought was removed. I'm assuming this was the Steph Irson scene on Myrellion, but I cannot actually check it because it won't proc again. Is there a way to trigger this again?
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    Impulse help

    I've been trying to do this too. I can't proc that Steph Irson scene for some reason.
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    Along with for some reason being unable to impregnate Tavros horse milf and the zil, the gold myr deserter is missing her bust. Current version as of posting. Edit: Apparently there was just massive lag.
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    Anno Maid Scene Doesn't Take Virginity

    Despite the fact I've banged Anno in the scene where you "fuck her good", my masculine virginity didn't go away, technically keeping me a virgin despite the male in female act. Tfw when you cannot lose your virginity to the Dorna sisters properly, no matter ass or penile... cannot insta-proc...
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    Eitan Sparring

    Kinda surprised that bug was still around. I was going to test it myself to see if it ended up staying after my own post. The HP defeat though isn't blank.
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    Laquine Ears Not Increasing Speed Properly

    I had been trying to increase the incubation speed for a while now. It went up by a hundred at first from 700, then all the sudden it was going off as if I had maxed out my pregnancy speed modifier in subsequent reloads. It also seems to be impossible to remove the ears. I think the bug may be...
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    Wall Slut Status Effect Bugged

    Does not actually increase minimum lust.
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    Potential Frostwyrm Bug

    An idea struck me recently to use the blue egg to expedite the pregnancy from the Frostwyrm, in spite of the fact that pregnancy speed modifiers (such as innate increases like Synth Womb, Laquine Ears, Motherhusks.) cannot be used to modify the rate of Frostwyrm pregnancy. Weirdly enough, the...
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    ship battle crash

    You probably should at least report the version you're on along with the bug. While I haven't for mine, that's cause I always play updated. I've never crashed when fighting in space.
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    Syri Petplay Cuddle Bug

    While I appreciate being able to keep virginity, I'm fairly certain it should be impossible to ride dick and remain a anal virgin.
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    Battle Skip Glitch

    I can still move around despite a battle attempting to initiate. Sometimes happens on Dhaal when fighting the gobbos, although that was a previous patch ago. Also, Eitan still doesn't regain his HP after a spar.
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    Incorrect Dialogue Issue

    The game says I've boned Shade without having boned Shade. I've met Saendra, but haven't done a lick with Shade, and just got done subjugating Taivara.
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    Hammer Shield Doesn't Drop (Nevermind)

    How do you get 0.32% chance with 1/4th but 1.15% chance with 1/5th. I'm not tripping here am I?
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    Hammer Shield Doesn't Drop (Nevermind)

    I have fought over 20 sex bots on Tarkus, and while the game doesn't seem to provide a statistic of how many I've defeated (save for hnngularity but it stops at 4 since you need to scan 4), I believe that somehow the Hammer Shield has been removed. Other drops such as Motherhusk still drop, but...
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    What are your gripes/criticism of TiTs?

    I'd have to say lack of play-style balance, especially in the endgame. As a tech specialist, I have NEVER been defeated, much less threatened against anybody except Janeria when I go pure melee and grab the B.D.S accessory from Badger. The enemy is either forced into maxed out lust in the...
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    Found another bug , with nuts

    Dhaal's Cybernetics Store, in Utility. Have at least 750K on you if you really want it, this thing will literally eat your wallet and then some. I'd personally recommend not freeing the slaves on Zheng Shi and farming the mining bots. Not only do they have a chance to drop savicite, which is...
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    Found another bug , with nuts

    Did you make sure to leave the settings as they were immediately after first installation? The crash always happens after that.