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  1. cobra

    Any new TF items on the way?

    Feels like forever since the last one.
  2. cobra

    Combat Rebalance Summary?

    Been hearing bits and pieces of a rebalancing for the combat system was wondering whats wrong with the current system as is and what changes might be made?
  3. cobra

    (0.4.41) Salamander Eye Color Bug

    Salamander eye colors seems to be fixed and can't be changed at least in the appearance menu.
  4. cobra

    CoC2 and Baldur's Gate 2

    So I was replaying BG2 after a decade of last playing it then after the first ten minutes it suddenly hit me. I was like "Holy Shit! Jon Irenicus is Kasyrra!" especially in terms of background, personality, and motivations as least what we do know about her at this point in the game. Just...
  5. cobra

    what does the Catalyst flag do?

    Its supposed to enhance magic somehow but I'm not noticing any difference..
  6. cobra

    (0.4.33) Anatomy discrepancy in Jasserian Bath scene

    My PC has bovine hooves, not feet or toes...
  7. cobra

    ((Claire's already straddling Claire on the bed)) [v.0.4.30]

    This don't sound right...
  8. cobra

    Balanced Blade and Swift Blade Identification

    Trying to identify these weapons beyond the vague descriptions, Balanced Blade sounds like just a katana but I could be wrong and the other I have no idea.
  9. cobra

    Microsoft buys Activison Blizzard.

    Holy shit...
  10. cobra

    Hyper Ball Sizes.

    This seems to be the part of high school special needs math I never made it through... I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what "inches around" and "inches across" means...does that calculate into circumstance? Pi? "inches around"x"inches across"=y? I can't find an online calculator for...
  11. cobra

    Any chance for a korvus expansion?

    I have to admit Arona is starting to be my favorite companion also I was reminded that the the barbarian background means you just been made clanless soooo... does that mean theirs a future storyhook for barbarian pcs to join a new clan provided you help Arona be Warchief?
  12. cobra

    [0.4.23] Demon Cock Description Dupe Bug

    For some reason the description for a demonic cock in appearance parses twice.
  13. cobra

    Gunpowder Weapons

    Been playing alot of EU4 lately and just had a thought... One of the great cliches of the medieval fantasy genre is a ubiquitous "No Guns" rule for whatever reason weather its because their considered dishonorable or the ingredients for black powder is rare to non-existent. I know the game is...
  14. cobra

    Curved Sword question

    Im having a hard time wrapping my head around trying to identify it exactly what kind of blade it is with description. A medium-sized bronze sword with a bent, almost axe-like blade. Curved blades are common among the pale elves of the Frost Marches, who enjoy their supposed gracefulness. This...
  15. cobra

    Super Male Vitality?

    I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds in wondering who the dev "Super Male Vitality" is on the Steam forums on Fen forum? Savin? Someone else?
  16. cobra

    Does anyone acctually wear headgear?

    It's a phenomenon Ive noticed for awhile now especially in rpgs that have stat boosting helmets but complain theirs no "hide helmet" in the options menu. I admit, I flip-flop on this though it depends more on the setting then anything else then it doesn't look good. Sci-fi or contemporary...
  17. cobra

    Arona's Fighting Style

    So, other then hand-waving, it their a reason Arona is able to fight with both a heavy two-handed hammer and wield a shield at once? This is impossible for similarity equipped player characters.
  18. cobra

    Corrupted Companions in the future?

    Just to shake thing up a little since all the current companions are pure for the most part. I think it might be interesting to have a demonic companion or two and what insight they might provide during the adventure.
  19. cobra

    [0.3.27] Ryn & Drinking in the Winter Palace.

    Drinking the wine from the WP after finishing the quest there still treats it as if Ryn was still in my party even when she's not.
  20. cobra

    [0.3.27] Can explore Hawkethorne during the tutorial?

    Call me crazy but I don't think I should be able to explore the town during the tutorial? Its supposed to be during a very bad blizzard with arcane demonic cult fuckery going on nearby yet everyone seems out and about like "Hoop-Dee-Doo such a beautiful day!"