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  1. BouncingEel8

    Thoughts on the Alraune

    With the new update, I have decided to start a new playthrough, and I was wondering about what I should do with the Alraune. I have always spared her in previous playthroughs, but now I am wondering if I should kill her. I know that she is a fully corrupted creature, but I don't want to kill her...
  2. BouncingEel8

    Tanuki in Den

    This may be a dumb question, but is there a reason there are no Tanuki at the fox den? I know the den is a penal colony in all but name, but I thought that Tanuki would still be eligible to be sent to the colony's for infractions. I don't mean fully fleshed out characters, just mentions of them...
  3. BouncingEel8

    Character accents

    When you read the dialogue of the characters, what accent do you give them? I ask because I realized that I pretty much always default to an American accent rather than what might be more fitting to their background. Curious to know!
  4. BouncingEel8

    Sick Kinu event?

    I was reading a thread and someone mentioned an event with kinu where she gets sick and the PC can heal her, but I can't think of anything like that? Is it the event where kinu is bedridden and mai helps her? Because the PC has no interaction in that as far as I remember. Just wondering.