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  1. Fenoxo

    [0.9.098-PUBLIC#4894] Uveto Storm Warnings

    Yeah that system is completely unconnected to Nayna.
  2. Fenoxo

    [Implemented] Sidewinder Room Descriptions

    These rule, added :3
  3. Fenoxo

    [Not Bug] [0.9.087-PUBLIC#4457] Can't Get Bodily or Dexterous Psi Aim

    Instinctive Pysfocus is a prerequisite to picking up Psi Aim and such. I loaded your save and slept a little bit, got bodily psi aim a night or two after instinctive psifocus. Instinctive Psyfocus requires higher libido, so if you neutralize your libido, you won't pick up instinctive psyfocus...
  4. Fenoxo

    Nerf Stun/Bind Effects

    The hyperbole is a little thick here. I had to hack through it with a machete to pare it down to the sensible bits. 1) Tainted Rusher combat design could use looking over. It was written & conceived by a community writer and implemented by a volunteer coder, so likely some rough patches that...
  5. Fenoxo

    [Fixt] [0.9.080-PUBLIC#4130] Lust Weapons & Crit Bonus

    Good news everyone! I'm gonna let them have a 1.5x crit mult (normal is 2x) I also improved the output so the slut ray texts show up in the same block.
  6. Fenoxo

    [0.9.080-PUBLIC#4130] Booster Pack Tune-Up

    Hi, I've talked with J on and off about this while he was working on it, but it was on my to-do pile and got the lucky straw today! So a fun quirk of percentile math is that the more you have of it, the better a single percentage point of it is. For example, if you have a 0% evade chance...
  7. Fenoxo

    [0.9.086-PUBLIC] Game doesn't open on MacOS

    I can confirm it does not work on my mac either.
  8. Fenoxo

    [Fixt] [0.9.080] Lust-crazed Rusher on Tarkus has overpowered disarming attack

    Raw damage on thrash reduced from ~55 on Mhenga and ~100+ down to.... about 10 on Mhenga and 15 on Tarkus. Next patch o7
  9. Fenoxo

    Psychic Armor not stacking?

    If your defense from items is lower than your level, it grants your level as defense, otherwise it adds +1 to the total. if (this.hasPerk("Psychic Armor")) { if (temp < this.level) temp = this.level; //If defense is over minimum, add 1 :3 else...
  10. Fenoxo

    Account lost backer status help

    Shoot me an email to about this using the email currently associated with your account. Include mention of the old email address that was used on Offbeatr in the message. I'll send 2-3 warnings to the old email to verify you're not trying to steal someone's address, and if they...
  11. Fenoxo

    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    All three should be fixed for next patch. Run away text fixed. Could you clarify what you mean by "fails"? Because I glanced at the code and didn't see anything height related that would make them crash.
  12. Fenoxo

    Flying and tripped

    I'm going to have the lift off effect remove tripped. However this attack will retain it's fly grounding, cause if there's one thing that can trip you out of the sky, it's a tentacle lashing out, grabbing your ankle, and yanking you down.
  13. Fenoxo

    Twilit Tf?

    Twilit is the name of the Zaika TF item. Dhaal is a tidally locked planet with all the civilization on the twilight zone between scorching heat and freezing night.
  14. Fenoxo

    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Flight/Trip Talk: A lot was driven on "canFly". Tweaked so we have "canFly" and "isFlying". Added a "hasTripImmunity" function. Flying grants trip immunity - but the function also allows us to ignore the flying component for some checks. For example, Feruze's electro-stun tail can still trip...
  15. Fenoxo

    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Got levitation button getting overwritten fixed for next patch.
  16. Fenoxo

    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Yeah not being able to fly in the cave/climbing situations is definitely worthy of bug reporting for the individual places/things, and if you've got a save at the right spot for it you can attach, all the better to make fixing & testing a breeze. RN I'm focusing on the bigger combat bugs now...
  17. Fenoxo

    [Fixt] Enemy confirmation-based lust attacks not displaying text

    Thank you much for reporting the issue and following up to let us know it was no longer relevant. You a fuckin' champ, my dood.