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    [0.6.15+] CoC2 Save Editor v64

    Which flags do I need to change to "redick" Eryka? I first tried removing only the "Eryka_dedicked" flag, but that borked my save when I tried her sex scenes. It seems there are probably a few flags not directly related to Eryka that need to be changed... just can't figure out which.
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    Who can you have children with in the current game build?

    The wiki doesn't seem to be up-to-date on this, so this seems like the only place I can ask. I'm playing an "all kids" run where my PC has at least one kid from every species and all the unique ones; for example, there's a human kid in my nursery, but have no idea where it came from. I fixed...
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    What Content Would You Like Added?

    This isn't so much a scene, but a suggestion for a cheat option... I'd love a "Reset Ula" flag. I missed out on her and the entire Korgii Hold questline, and I'm too inept with technology to attempt a save edit (also too far in the game to start a new one). I've already broken the game once...
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    Uveto Content Discussion (GENERAL)

    Curious about something, would it be possible to add a "Reset Ula" flag into the in-game cheats? There's already something for resetting Wargii Hold, so an Ula reset would be nice. Particularly because I lost her and missed out on the Korgii Hold quest line - went back to the station to get her...
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    Can't have sex with Riya?

    Yeah, I removed the one on my PC and was confused why it didn't work. Turned out I just had to pop an Estrobloom to raise femininity (Edan easily accepted me with my normal femininity score, Riya apparently needs an even higher one). Oh, thank you, that explains it. Welp, save editing is pretty...
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    Can't have sex with Riya?

    ...That was weird. The wiki says you need to have over 40 femininity for Riya to treat you as a girl. Mine was at 85 and she still wouldn't do anything... I had to raise it to near 100 for it to work. That sounds like a bug, rather than intended. As in, Codex showed masculinity at 28% and...
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    Can't have sex with Riya?

    So, I started as a male character, then immediately went herm (my character is always one for "collection" reasons, I like to get at least one of each kid); then I got rid of the dick so I could get kids with Riya, but it doesn't work. She still responds with "sorry, girls only", even though the...
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    TiTsEd - A save editor

    I've been trying to use the editor with the newest version of the game... I keep getting "save file is possibly corrupted!" each time I try to load my save file now. It got so bad I had to start an entirely new game since my old save file just would. not. work. Got this error message, too...