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    Unable to access Crash Landing

    I can't access Crash Landing even though I'm standing on the elevator.
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    Pippa Yammi Threesome doesn't appear

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    Pippa Yammi Threesome doesn't appear

    Above are three screenshots showing that, despite Yammi and Pippa both being on my crew, the threesome option between the two is not present. I have talked with Pippa about herself and Yammi, and my character has a penis and isn't a taur, but still no option. Does it have to do with the fact...
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    Akane Bug addendum

    I realize now that I made a mistake in reporting a bug. The bug in question is a crash that occurs after selecting the "Allow Use" option with Akane. In particular, this message pops up after selecting "Next" (the first instance, if there are multiple): Version: 0.9.038-PUBLIC#2915 Message...
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    Akane "Allow Use" Crash

    I tried to allow Akane to use me, and this appeared: Version: 0.9.038-PUBLIC#2915 Message: pc.isMisch is not a function Stack: TypeError: pc.isMisch is not a function at Object.e ( at...